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Welcome to 2018, dear ones! May this be the year that you unblock whatever might be getting in the way of you and your greatest, most fulfilling purpose on a planet in need of your love. As I wrote in The Anatomy of a Calling

“You are a hero. I am a hero. We are all, every single one of us, on what mythologist Joseph Campbell calls “a hero’s journey,” carrying within us a Nelson Mandela or Joan of Arc or Luke Skywalker or Mother Teresa or Helen Keller. We are all Bilbo Baggins and Erin Brockovich and Oprah and Harry Potter. Like all of these classic heroes, we are all little sparks of divinity on a mission to step into our true nature and fulfill the Divine assignment our souls chose to fulfill here on earth. But if you’re like most of us, you may not yet realize what a hero you really are.”

How will you be a hero or heroine this year?

Those of you who saw Oprah’s #TimesUp Golden Globe speech can probably feel how quickly the tides are turning in our culture. We’ve had it with people who abuse their power—at the workplace, in the churches and temples, in the political office, in the hospital, in the schools, in spiritual communities, in our homes. We’re done, and those of us who have the courage, the access to our Inner Pilot Lights, and the devotion to being in service to Love are going to stop it. If you’re ready for this call to action, we need YOU to help.

So…let me do my part to try to help you do yours.

In case any of the homestudy online programs I’ve created will help you heal whatever is blocking you from contributing to this fierce grace Revolution of Love, we’re offering a Pay What You Can option for all our online programs—for 3 days only. Sale ends Friday, January 12 at midnight PT!

Which Program Might Help You Prepare To Do Your Part?

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    Visionary Ignition Switch—Maybe you know your calling, and you’ve said yes to the call, but your vision isn’t coming into fruition—and you’re still the world’s best kept secret. If so, Amy Ahlers and I created Visionary Ignition Switch—the spiritually-oriented online business course for visionaries about building a platform, networking with other visionaries, writing and publishing your book, filling workshops, getting paid for public speaking, and launching online programs. (retail value $1,497)
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    Find Your Calling—If you sense that you're being called to serve, but you don't yet know your calling, Martha Beck, Amy Ahlers and I created Find Your Calling to help you tune into how to hear the call and find the courage to say YES when your call to action arrives. (retail value $297)
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    Relationships on the Spiritual Path—Many who are on the journey of awakening, committed to living a life of purpose and authenticity, struggle as they grow with partners, family members, friends and colleagues who would prefer that you not grow. How do you handle the challenges that arise as you walk your spiritual path? How might your relationship itself be your greatest guru? If love is not some sentimental, "happily-ever-after" story, then what is real love, and how can you learn to give it and receive it? Such are the inquiries we dive into in Relationships on the Spiritual Path, which Lissa co-teaches with experts like Joan Borysenko, Robert Augustus Masters, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Tosha Silver, and Charles Eisenstein. (retail value $247)
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    Medicine for the Soul—So many of us are comfort-deficient, struggling to feel meaning, safety, connection, and peace in a world filled with pain. Lissa and her mentor Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, author of Kitchen Table Wisdom, offer solace for dark times and tools for moving through such times with grace, wisdom, and loving connection with others in your tribe. If "soul sickness," depression, anxiety, or loneliness are holding you back from bringing your gifts fully into the world, Medicine for the Soul might be just what the doctors ordered. (retail value $197).
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    Coming Home to Your Spirit—Perhaps you’ve lost touch with your Inner Pilot Light, you're having trouble making important decisions, you can't seem to tune into your inner guidance, and you're running from one workshop or spiritual teacher or self-help book to the next trying to find "the way." Coming Home to Your Spirit with me and Martha Beck is intended to help you discover that you already have all that you want—right inside the sanctuary of your own heart. (retail value $197)
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    40 Day Whole Health Challenge—This program, based on bringing to life the 6 Steps to Healing Yourself from Lissa's NY Times bestselling book Mind Over Medicine, supports anyone struggling with physical illness, loss of vitality, or mental illnesses like depression. Especially if you've tried everything Western medicine has to offer, and you still haven't found relief, this program could change your life. (retail value $147)
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    The Fear Cure—Based on the 6 Steps to Cultivating Courage from Lissa's book The Fear Cure, this program is aimed at helping you get out of your own way so you can do what you must to become who you're meant to be. Focused on how you can let fear cure you—allowing fear to be the rabbit hole of your own spiritual growth—offers practical tools to practice surrender and trust, listen to intuition, and offer radical love to the parts of you that are still afraid. (retail value $297)
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    The Shadow of Spirituality—Abuses of power in spiritual circles are nothing new, but the time is up for us to tolerate such abuses, especially in the name of Love. This program also addresses how certain spiritual teachings can actually be damaging and how "spiritual bypassing" can get in the way of real healing and intimacy. (retail value $19.95)

Because we use InfusionSoft for payments and InfusionSoft doesn’t have a way for you to individualize your price, we have to give you multiple choice price options. Hopefully, we’ve included enough of a range that nobody can say they can’t afford to get unblocked! If you have the resources and can pay full price in order to help support someone else who doesn’t, please consider your full price payment a donation to support someone else’s call to action! InfusionSoft does allow you to purchase multiple programs—though they will all be delivered to your inbox and can’t easily be gifted to someone else’s inbox. So feel free to add every program to your shopping cart if you feel like it will support your Love Revolutionary journey!

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Note: No Refunds on Sale prices. All Sales are final.

Visionary Ignition Switch

Visionary Ignition Switch: Fire Up your Message, Money & Meaning in the World

The world needs your vision and your unique voice. Getting your message out there doesn’t have to be a struggle . . . Join me and Amy Ahlers for this power packed go-to business program for Inspired Visionaries.

Find Your Calling

Awaken Your Life Purpose, Clarify Your Vision, and Do Your Soul’s Work

Lissa Rankin, MD, Martha Beck, PhD, and Amy Ahlers teach how to awaken your calling and life purpose and make peace with the process of bringing your vision to life.

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Relationships on the Spiritual Path

Relationships on the Spiritual Path is a 9-module teleclass featuring Lissa alongside guest teachers: Anne Davin, PhD, Joan Borysenko, PhD, Robert Augustus Masters, PhD, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Ted Esser, PhD, Tosha Silver, and Charles Eisenstein. This class is perfect for those who have embarked upon a spiritual path and find that, when they start transforming old patterns, open their hearts, and busting old beliefs, their relationships may get shaken up! It’s also an invitation to upgrade your relationships, let your relationships be your guru, and open yourself to deepening illumination as you go to “the plane of love” and experience the Divine through the eyes of other human Beloveds, whether they are lovers, friends, colleagues, your family, or strangers at the coffee shop.

Coming Home to Your Spirit

Coming Home to Your Spirit is a profound and sincere invitation for those who are ready to take a deeper dive onto the spiritual path. Whether you’re following a religious path or you are “spiritual but not religious,” all road lead you back home to the same deep love of the imminent and transcendent Divine, within yourself, within all others, and within All That Is. This teleclass is filled with practices meant to guide you back to that inner homecoming. If you yearn for more peace in your busy life, you’re in the midst of a life transition that has left you with a hunger for a deeper connection to Spirit, and you sense that there’s a light within you that’s finally ready to radiate unapologetically, this teleclass is for you.

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40 Day Whole Health Challenge

Free Yourself from Pain & Suffering and Reclaim Your Life!

Learn the process of making your journey through illness a spiritual practice while reclaiming your vitality and healing yourself.

Medicine for the Soul

Reconnect with Your Soul’s Wisdom, Guidance and Healing Power

Make the commitment to yourself and your soul and give Lissa and Rachel Naomi Remen, MD the chance to help you find within you what is needed to reclaim your true life.

If you'd like to learn more about Lissa's programs, please visit here.

The Fear Cure Program

The Fear Cure Virtual Program is designed to deepen the experience of Lissa’s book The Fear Cure. This 8-module teleclass features Lissa offering a teaching regarding the Four Fearful Assumptions and how to shift them into the Four Courage-Cultivating Truths. Each teaching is followed by a guided meditation and closes with a relevant song by Karen Drucker. This program is for you if you have a tendency to avoid uncertainty at all costs, you’re so afraid of losing what you cherish that you’re paralyzed and afraid to take risks, you’re in the midst of major life decisions that have you feeling confused, and you feel like you keep getting in your own way. 

The Shadow of Spirituality

The Shadow of Spirituality UNCENSORED: Straight Talk on How Spirituality Can Harm You & How to Heal Those Wounds 

This virtual workshop will explore 10 popular spiritual teachings that may be harming you—and invite you to consider 10 healthier alternatives.

The spiritual path is no joke, and if you’re not aware of the landmines, it’s easy to feel blindsided. This class is intended to hone your discernment, sharpen your awareness, grow our compassion for those who harm us inadvertently, and protect your vulnerable heart so you can grow even more deeply in love with the Divine in all forms.

Sale ends Friday, January 12 at midnight PT!

Note: No Refunds on Sale prices. All Sales are final.