A Soul Tribe Is A Place Where You Belong

A song from the Broadway musical Even Hansen touches the nerve of how desperately we want to belong.

Have you ever felt like nobody was there?
Have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere?
Have you ever felt like you could disappear?
Like you could fall, and no one would hear?

Well, let that lonely feeling wash away
Maybe there’s a reason to believe you’ll be okay
‘Cause when you don’t feel strong enough to stand
You can reach, reach out your hand

And oh, someone will coming running
And I know, they’ll take you home

Even when the dark comes crashing through
When you need a friend to carry you
And when you’re broken on the ground
You will be found

So let the sun come streaming in
'Cause you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again
Lift your head and look around
You will be found.

Yes. You will be found. But don’t misunderstand! This doesn’t mean that you’ll be magically rescued from the aftermath of life’s inevitable traumas or that you can just sit back and wait for some mysterious “other” to come and save you. As true as it is that we humans are inter-dependent beings and we need each other, you won’t be found by your Soul Tribe because you’re not a helpless victim, broken on the ground, unable to get up. You also will not be expected to rescue other weakened, broken Soul Tribe members when they’re struggling. Those patterns of garden-variety co-dependence can harm more than they bless. As part of a Soul Tribe, you will serve and be served, but you will not rescue or be rescued.

In a true Soul Tribe, you will find within the Soul Tribe everything you need—love, support, wisdom, confrontation, and accountability—to find YOURSELF. More accurately, you will find the Divinity within you, and this wiser, unconditionally loving, expansive part of you will find, heal, and transform the smaller wounded parts that live within us all.