Healing Soul Tribe
A Community of Practice, Purpose, & Belonging For Those Committed To A Self-Healing Journey

Are You on a Self-Healing, Transformational Journey, Walking the Spiritual Path, and Seeking Your Soul Tribe? 

To say that you can heal yourself is a bit of a paradox. 

You can heal yourself; but you can’t do it alone.


The Healing Soul Tribe Is Here To Help.

After several years of discovery and experimentation, the Healing Soul Tribe is a place for healers and those in need of healing to come together with the intention of healing, connecting, and thriving- in conscious community.

This community of practice, based on the wellness model of the Whole Health Cairn from Lissa Rankin’s Mind Over Medicine, offers a place for people who are on a self-healing journey or are practicing the 6 Steps To Healing Yourself. In this Healing Soul Tribe, you can find each other, offer and receive genuine emotional support, give your healing gifts, receive healing intentions, safely share vulnerable disclosures, heal from life’s inevitable traumas, compare Prescriptions, and learn how to find and create live, in person Healing Soul Tribes in your neck of the woods.

Given all the scientific data proving that loneliness is the #1 hidden public health issue contributing to epidemics of chronic illness, cancer, depression, and soul sickness, Healing Soul Tribes is medicine!

I Have A Dream . . . (Physician Lissa Rankin’s Vision)

Let me share with you my grand vision. I have a dream that people in need of healing—from physical illness or injury, from trauma, or from emotional wounds—can receive healing in a cost effective, widely accessible way. It’s already hard for people to afford paying for conventional medical care. But we know that even if your insurance covers your drugs, surgeries, and doctor’s visits, true healing rarely happens without addressing the underlying causes of what makes the body, mind, soul and spirit vulnerable in the first place. For real, lasting cure, we have to face life’s inevitable traumas and go deep into the root causes of what makes us sick and wounded so we can transform these challenges into soul growth—and make the body ripe for miracles!

But many people don’t have the resources to pay cash for one-on-one psychotherapy, trauma healing, energy healing, energy psychology, shamanic healing, or spiritual healing. Most insurance plans and government health plans do not cover the costly hourly rates of masterful healers, yet more and more of us are aware that this is what it takes to achieve permanent, lasting cure.

I believe that healing should be a right, not a privilege. Yet in modern Western culture, such healing modalities are often accessible only by the financially privileged. My vision of Healing Soul Tribes would help bridge this gap, making the Whole Health model of healing more accessible to a wide range of people in need.

I have a dream that we can start here—online—so we can take this vision offline, where you can actually come together with those your Healing Soul Tribe and give yourself what you need in order to optimize your natural self-healing mechanisms.



What if the healing benefits of therapy, energy healing, trauma work, shamanism, authentic, loving, intimate emotional expression, and safe, soulful community could be widely accessible to those in need? What if YOU are one of the leaders who will help bring this much-needed vision into being?

What if all it takes to activate the body’s natural self-healing process is a circle of open hearts and generous loving connection that can open the coherent collective healing field, so that everyone who participates in creating the healing field benefits from it, whether you’re offering your healing gifts or benefiting from the healing gifts of others?

What if you are the one you’ve been waiting for, and the people who will help you heal yourself and feel more “on purpose” in your life are only one open heart and one email away? What if a circle of healing intention can activate the collective field, which has access to all the love, connection, mysterious healing power, and ageless, ancient wisdom of those who have been practicing this kind of healing for millennia?

What if these in person Healing Soul Tribes that we could create together could be available to anyone who is aligned with the intention of coming together to heal and be healed? What if these kinds of Healing Soul Tribes spread into something like 12 Step programs- available all over the world, easy to reproduce and lead, available at low cost, based on a simple structure and a shared purpose?

What if this is what will help us restore the feeling of community, especially for those who wouldn’t qualify for 12 Step programs because we’re not healing from addiction; we’re healing from physical illness/injury or the wounding of growing up and trying to survive in a very sick culture? What if these healing circles are not focused on your dysfunction but on thriving? What if we come together so we can Heal, Connect & Thrive together?

What if YOU are one of the leaders who will start a live Healing Soul Tribe in your own living room? What if this online community will help you figure out how to create this vision?

What if . . . ???

“One secret of life is that the reason life works at all is that not everyone in your tribe is nuts on the same day.” –Anne Lamott

The Healing Soul Tribe is for you if:

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    You’re on a transformational healing journey as the result of illness, injury, trauma, or a major life transition like divorce, the death of a loved one, or unexpected unemployment
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    You’ve been in therapy, seen an energy healer, done your trauma healing work, or worked with a spiritual counselor- or you’ve wanted to, but you just can’t afford paying out of pocket for this kind of transformational support
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    You’re a therapist, energy worker, spiritual counselor, shaman, or you offer trauma healing, and you’re looking for a place where you can practice and attain mastery of your art
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    You’re not professionally trained, but you know in your heart that you have healing gifts and you feel called to share those gifts with those in need of healing
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    You’ve had a hard time finding a safe place to be truly authentic and outrageously self-expressed
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    You’re a bit unconventional, so you tend to socially isolate because you just can’t find a place where you feel you belong
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    You’ve longed to belong, and you’ve tried opening yourself to intimacy in community, but you’ve been hurt, judged, or ostracized, so you’re a little tender and skittish around the whole thing
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    You’re worn out from people who gather to rehash their victim stories and dysfunction, and you’re looking for a place where people are intentional about THRIVING together
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    Tribes with messy boundaries and lack of safety have interfered with your ability to sustain real healthy, healing, soul-based community
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    You consider yourself “spiritual but not religious,” but you’re yearning for the benefits of the kind of spiritual community you might get if you resonated with organized religion
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    You’re interested in creating safe, sacred space so every voice in the Healing Soul Tribe matters and gets heard
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    You’re craving a safe place to bring up some of your trickiest, most potentially triggering challenges, knowing that every issue is Divine (even sex, money, and politics!)
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    You want to practice practical ways to open to, receive, and discern spiritual guidance, especially as it regards to healing yourself and others
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    You’re looking for a tribe where all your messy, adorable human emotions are not only tolerated, but appreciated
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    You’re ready to see that spiritual community can be FUN
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    You’re capable of asking “What’s it like to be you?” when you disagree with a fellow tribe member, rather than “othering” someone different than you
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    You are ready to be part of a global experiment intended to bring people together as a kind of group energy healing, first online and then—if you feel called to help create it—in person tribes that gather in people’s living rooms in your neck of the woods
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    You realize that experiments can get messy, and we will be learning our way through this process together imperfectly. You’re interested in being part of the Discovery Model that co-creates something that serves a collective need, and you’re okay with contributing your feedback, constructive critiques, and wisdom to the co-creation process

“How we need another soul to cling to.” ―Sylvia Plath

A Healing Soul Tribe Improves Your Health 

According to an AARP study, approximately 43 million adults over age 45 in the United States are estimated to be suffering from chronic loneliness. This kind of loneliness not only inhibits spiritual development; it causes disease. One meta-analysis involving 148 studies representing more than 300,000 participants found that greater social connection is associated with a 50% reduced risk of early death. Another meta-analysis involving 70 studies representing more than 3.4 million individuals found that social isolation increased the risk of premature death as much as obesity. Another study found that air pollution increased the risk of death by 6%, obesity by 23%, alcohol abuse by 37%, and loneliness by 45%. Loneliness is as dangerous for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes/day.

These numbers are not meant to scare you. They’re meant to change the conversation about what predisposes you to illness and what true wellness requires. A Whole Health lifestyle requires more than a nourishing diet, regular exercise, and a toxin-free habits. We must also have healthy, nourishing, growth-filled, spiritually mature relationships in community as medicine for the soul.

What Does the Healing Soul Tribe Program Include?

1, 60 Minute Live, Interacting Teaching Teleclass with Lissa Rankin per Month

These monthly calls will take turns focusing on each of the “stones” in the Whole Health Cairn wellness model Lissa teaches in her TEDx talks, in her book Mind Over Medicine, and in the Whole Health Medicine Institute.

Each month, we will revisit one of the “stones” to explore how to be healthy in all areas of a Whole Health life.

Sample Teleclass topics include:

  • INNER PILOT LIGHT: Connecting With Your Inner Pilot Light & Opening To Spiritual Guidance
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Interrupting The Disease-Inducing Narcissist/Co-Dependent Dance
  • WORK/LIFE PURPOSE: Find Your Calling Without Self-Sacrifice Or Hooking Into Your “Savior Complex”
  • CREATIVITY: Creative Expression As A Trauma Healing Modality & Medicine For The Body
  • SEXUALITY: Authentic Sexuality As Sacred Medicine
  • SPIRITUALITY; Crafting Your Authentic Spiritual Practice
  • MONEY: The Impact Of Financial “Dis-ease” On Health
  • ENVIRONMENT: Making Your Living Environment Your Medicine
  • MENTAL HEALTH: Heal Your Trauma By Falling In Love With Your “Parts”
  • PHYSICAL HEALTH: The Yoga Of Eating (Or How To Find The Diet Your Body Will Love)

1, 60 Minute Live Call with Lissa Rankin and a Guest Teacher

Guest Teachers Will Be Chosen Monthly Based on Perceived Tribe Needs.

Possible Guest Teachers:

  • INNER PILOT LIGHT: Joan Borysenko, PhD & Gordon Dvierin, PhD, authors of Your Soul’s Compass
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Robert Augustus Masters, PhD, author of Spiritual Bypassing and Transformation Through Intimacy
  • WORK/LIFE PURPOSE: Gregg Levoy, author of Callings
  • CREATIVITY: Artist SARK, author of Succulent Wild Woman
  • SEXUALITY: Saida Désilets, PhD, author of Desire
  • SPIRITUALITY: Harvard religion scholar Sera Beak, author of Red, Hot & Holy & Redvelations
  • Mind/Body Medicine pioneer & psychologist Joan Borysenko, PhD, author of Your Soul’s Compass
  • MONEY: Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics
  • ENVIRONMENT: Lisette Schuitemaker, Chair of the Board of the Center for Human Emergence in the Netherlands and the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland
  • MENTAL HEALTH: Richard Schwartz, PhD, founder of Internal Family Systems
  • PHYSICAL HEALTH: Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, author of BodyWise and The Multi-Orgasmic Woman
  • [FILL IN THE BLANK—Who would YOU like to learn with?]

Healing Soul Tribe Manual

All Soul Tribe members will be given a copy of the original Soul Tribe Manual, which Lissa wrote as a way to ensure that we all agree to the same Rules of Engagement, boundaries, and invitations to heal, connect and thrive. This manual includes:

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    Basic instructions for how to start your own live Healing Soul Tribe
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    The Introduction To The Whole Health Cairn PDF
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    The Healing Soul Tribe Group Agreements PDF
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    Tips for how to run your own groups
  • check
    Thoughts on how to recruit Healing Soul Tribe members
  • check
    Things to consider regarding whether or not to charge for your groups

Private Facebook Forum 

A private forum will give you the opportunity to connect personally with other Soul Tribe members, as well as discuss topics of tribal conversation. You’ll have the chance to share about your self-healing journey, talk about how you’re interacting with the Whole Health Cairn, troubleshoot what’s working and what’s not in your live Healing Soul Tribes, seek guidance from other group leaders, find those who live close to you so you can connect in tribes together, deepen your relationships with each other, explore topics of inquiry, make suggestions for future teleclass conversations, and feel safe to share your true feelings, knowing that you will be loved, supported and not attacked by those who may be triggered by your unique opinions. (In a time of increasing polarity and divisiveness in social media platforms, this kind of safe space to explore edgy topics is medicine in itself!) You’ll be free to safely talk about politics, sexuality, racial issues, and all the other challenging topics that may come up because you’ll be protected by the Healing Soul Tribe Group Agreements.

Monthly Healing Soul Tribe Newsletter

Each monthly newsletter will deepen your understanding, direct experience, and ability to help facilitate each stone of the Whole Health Cairn. You will receive not only tips meant to help you on your own self-healing journey, but also ways to take what you’re learning and share it with your in person Healing Soul Tribe, should you feel inspired to become an optional group leader.

Newsletter format changes depending on the needs of the tribe, but past newsletters have included:

  • check
    An original Soul Spark written by Lissa exclusively for the Healing Soul Tribe
  • check
    A music playlist of the month, curated by Lissa (under her alias “DJ Zaza”), to be enjoyed on your personal music playlists or used in your Soul Tribe gatherings. Song choices will be separated into Cuddle Puddle songs, Dance Party songs, and Meditation Music. In live workshops, Lissa uses music for “cuddle puddles,” when we all lie on pillows on the floor with our eyes closed, lounging and snuggling like little lion cubs and letting our nervous systems relax in that feeling of safe touch and belonging. We use “dance parties” to celebrate, uplift the energy, shake off intense emotions, and facilitate embodiment, allowing a deep teaching to get into the body. Meditation music can be played as part of a conscious sitting or moving meditation.
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    Ideas for Healing Soul Tribe activities that can deepen your experience with your gatherings
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    Group Leadership tips—This section will offers simple tips you might use as a group leader to help you hold a sacred space for any group.
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    Soul Tribe Practices—These practices can be used as individual or group practices. You may use this section to craft your personal Prescription, or you might use these practices in a Soul Tribe you lead yourself.
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    Reading Of The Month—Quotes, poems, or other readings that might be read as part of your live Healing Soul Tribe gathering, or you might use them as fuel for discussion on the Facebook page, or just to take in for your own self-healing journey.
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    Soul Spotlight on Healing Soul Tribe members who have epiphanies to share, Soul Tribe gathering wisdom to offer, or developments on the cutting edge of how to bring together communities of purpose and practice.

Optional Tribe-Led Breakout Sessions

Those is the tribe who feel inspired are free to self-organize into breakout sessions so more one-on-one communication is possible. Prior Soul Tribe members have experimented with Zoom calls among small groups of people who want to connect without Lissa or the other teachers, and the results have supported healing, connecting and thriving! Lissa and the team don’t get involved in this part, so it’s up to the tribe to create this if there’s interest. Part of being in a Healing Soul Tribe is learning to speak up, be vulnerable, and ask for what you need. If you desire more intimate connection with your online tribe members, just make your desires and your volunteer efforts known if you wish to be part of breakout groups!

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What’s the Investment for This Program?

Monthly Subscription

Pay one month
at a time. 


3 Month Subscription

Pay up front and commit to 3 months – Save 10%, $35/month, save $12    

Save 10%

6 Month Subscription

Pay up front and commit to 6 months – Save 20%, $32/month, save $47

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One Year Subscription

Pay up front and commit to one year – Save 30% $28/month, save $141  

Save 30%

More questions: contact info@lissarankin.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!
*Note: Subscriptions auto-renew until canceled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of technology will I need in order to participate?
All you’ll need is a computer or a smart phone in order to participate.

What if I’m interested in being part of a Healing Soul Tribe but I don’t want to be a group leader?
No problem! Being part of an evolving Healing Soul Tribe Group Leadership program is optional. While we hope some Healing Soul Tribe members are interested in facilitating in person gatherings, this is not a requirement for participation.

I want to be a group leader, but I don’t know where to find the people who might participate. How can I find my tribe?
You might find these people in this online community! Announce your intentions in the forum and see if there’s anyone near you that wants to get together. Otherwise, tips for how to find the people for your first live Healing Soul Tribe are in the Healing Soul Tribe Manual.

Is the Healing Soul Tribe only for sick people?
Absolutely not! Offering healing to those in need has been proven to be excellent preventative medicine. If you’re a therapist, health care provider, energy healer, shaman, or someone untrained but gifted at loving and just looking for a place for your love to land, you’re SO welcome here. Many people find that offering healing work heals YOU as you heal others.

What if it’s midnight in my neck of the woods when these sessions take place?
Obviously, you can only participate in the interactive parts of the program if you’re participating live. But all sessions will be recorded so you can download the recordings onto your mobile device. If you happen to live in another time zone or if you just can’t make it live, you’ll still be able to soak up the juicy teachings, healing intentions, and spiritual energy of the gathering any time it’s convenient for you.

You Will Know If You're Meant to Be Part of This Healing Soul Tribe

If you’re meant to be at this Healing Soul Tribe, some intuitive part of you will cry "Yes! Yes! Yes! These are my people!" Your mind might try to talk you out of it. "It's too expensive. I can't take the time away from my commitments. I don't deserve this." Go ahead and listen to what your mind says so you don't do something reckless. But remember that the mind makes a wonderful servant but a terrible master. Let your heart be your guide. This will be one of the core principles of the Healing Soul Tribe. The wisdom of your Inner Pilot Light is the foundation of the Whole Health Cairn, so tune into this inner healer and trust this guidance.

Regardless of whether this Healing Soul Tribe is right for you right now, our prayer is that the right community finds you soon, and that you prepare yourself to be ready for that kind of belonging. Know your worthiness. Trust your yearning to heal, connect and thrive. Find your tribe, wherever you are, and know that no matter what, you are safe. You are loved. You belong.

With so much love and gratitude,


My prayer is that every person on Earth awakens to his or her Inner Pilot Light and has the courage to find and fulfill his or her calling so that together, we can ignite our hearts and come together in unity consciousness. I hope that all spiritual seekers become spiritual finders, since there is no “there” there. There is only here. I’m passionate about helping people view adversity as an opportunity for awakening. I’m fired up about healing our broken health care system, one empowered patient and one conscious health care provider at a time. I doctor not just bodies, but souls. I’m on a grass roots mission to put the “care” back in health care, to reunite healing and spirituality, and to inspire sacred activists to participate in the transformation of consciousness that is revolutionizing the world with acts of love, compassion, and kindness. I am a love revolutionary, praying that we can end the story of separation, stop polarizing into “us” versus “them,” and bring our hearts together in service to Mother Earth and our beloved planet.

I believe that the key to living a long, vital life is an optimistic attitude, the willingness to love expansively and receive love in return from a wide circle of people close to you, engaging in work that lights you up, tapping into Source, allowing your creativity to flow boundlessly, being unapologetically Who You Really Are, avoiding toxic people, environments, jobs, and substances, moving your body in ways that make you smile, and drinking as much green juice as you can.I relish helping spiritually-attuned visionaries find their callings and realize their visions. I’m inspired by people brave enough to transmute adversity into spiritual growth, vulnerable enough to let their imperfections be witnessed, and courageous enough to keep their hearts open, even when those hearts are at risk of getting hurt. I’m moved by hiking in redwood forests, skiing in fresh powder, live music of all types, painting with beeswax, singing with my Soul Tribe, and dancing barefoot.

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