Are You on a Healing, Transformational Journey, Walking the Spiritual Path, and Seeking Your Soul Tribe? 

There is a Providence that brought us here and gave us to each other at this time. In and through us, a greater tapestry to creativity is being woven. . . . The great traditions tell us that community somehow already exists. When we come together in compassion and generosity, this hidden belonging begins to come alive between us. . . . Perhaps community is a constellation. Each one of us is a different light in the emerging collective brightness. A constellation of light has greater power of illumination than any single light would have on its own. Together we increase brightness.
—John O’Donohue

In May, 2016, Lissa Rankin, Rachel Naomi Remen, and Karen Drucker joined forces to participate in a social experiment. We wondered . . . what would happen if we gathered people together with the intention of creating a Soul Tribe focused on healing? For one night, 120 of us gathered together to explore this experiment. We sang together. We meditated. We told stories. Lissa’s 11-year-old daughter sang Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. One man performed an original song he wrote about soul tribes. We invited everyone in the tribe to contribute their wisdom. We laughed together. We cried together. We joined our hearts in a coherent field of pulsing vibration and performed a group energy healing. It was pure magic.

After a year and a half of gestation, now it’s time to deepen the experiment.

Join Lissa Rankin, MD and Luminary Guest Teachers as we discover together how to co-create our Soul Tribes, cure the epidemic of loneliness, heal the cultural wound of disconnection, practice authenticity and vulnerability, and come together to find our callings, restore health and happiness, deepen our spirituality, grow together, uplift one another and foster a sense of belonging in a sometimes bewildering world. Soul Tribe will begin as a month-by-month subscription service offering teleclasses, a private Facebook forum, breakout sessions to explore seed topics with fellow Soul Tribe members, and connection-building resources for supporting you personally, as well inspiring you to create your own live, in person Soul Tribes in your neck of the woods. Soul Tribe is intended to facilitate the gathering of the tribe of lightworkers who yearn to transparency and intimately commune together, heart to heart. In this Soul Tribe, our intention is that you will find yourself—and each other.


Your vibe attracts your tribe, so let’s uplift ourselves and one another! Our intention is to create a vibe that magnetizes those who are ready to create a space where unity consciousness is the guiding principle that binds the tribe together, where tribe members are spiritually and psychologically mature enough to give to and receive from the tribe in equal measure, and where love flows like a river between the hearts of everyone who participates.

Soul Tribe is for you if:

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    You are ready to be part of a global experiment intended to bring people together, first in person, and then online, so we can co-create ways to unite Soul Tribe community offline in your neck of the woods.
  • check
    You’re interested in creating safe, sacred space so every voice in the Soul Tribe matters and gets heard.
  • check
    You refuse to participate in “the story of separation” so widespread in the world right now. You choose to be a force for unity, not polarization and divisiveness, even if your opinion is challenged.
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    You’re tired of communities polarized solely into either practice (like yoga or meditation) or purpose (activist communities) and you yearn for a community that marries the two.
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    You sense that participating in a Soul Tribe will deepen your quest to find and fulfill your calling.
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    You’ve read Mind Over Medicine, you’re struggling with a health issue, and you sense that Soul Tribe will be part of your healing Prescription.
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    You consider yourself “spiritual but not religious,” but you’re yearning for the benefits of the kind of spiritual community you might get if you resonated with organized religion.
  • check
    You’re devoted to a particular religion, but you’re curious about exploring authentic spiritual community—free of dogma or judgment—outside your preferred religion.
  • check
    You yearn to relate more intimately and authentically with others on the spiritual path.
  • check
    You’re craving a safe place to bring up some of your trickiest challenges, knowing that every issue is Divine (even sex, money, and politics!).
  • check
    You have a sense that there’s a deeper, more fulfilling way to let your life unfold than trying to strong arm your way through life with control and force.
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    You had experiences as a child to opening to Divine Love and you long to recreate that feeling of connection again outside of dogma and rigidity.
  • check
    You want to practice practical ways to open to, receive, and discern spiritual guidance.
  • check
    You’re exhausted from trying to get what you want—and it’s just not working.
  • check
    You’re a disciplined spiritual practitioner but you’re still missing out on the experience of a very intimate relationship with the Divine.
  • check
    The spiritual circles you’ve hung out with have a tendency towards “spiritual bypassing”—using spiritual practices to try to bypass painful feelings and conflict in a way that interrupts basic human kindness and true intimacy You’re looking for a Soul Tribe where all your messy human emotions are not only tolerated but appreciated.
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    You’re ready to see that spiritual community can be FUN.
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    You commit to giving and receiving respect to/from all Soul Tribe members.
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    You’re done trying to “manifest” everything your ego wants, and you’re ready to surrender yourself to Divine Will—and would benefit from support from others who are committed to the same.
  • check
    You move quickly through your victim stories and are committed to gleaning the soul growth from life’s inevitable challenges.
  • check
    You’ve done enough psychological and spiritual work to show up in Soul Tribe in a healthy, reciprocal way without unnecessary drama.
  • check
    You’re willing to offer and receive both gentle, compassionate tenderness and fierce love when needed.
  • check
    You’re committed to taking responsibility for your own triggers, cultivating self-awareness of your needs, communicating with non-violent communication in order to get your needs met, and showing up with the intention of meeting the needs of others in your Soul Tribe.
  • check
    You’re willing to commit to your Soul Tribe, avoiding the tendency for “drop in intimacy” that can keep relationships too superficial.
  • check
    You’re not looking to rescue anybody or be rescued.
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    You’re overflowing with love and looking for a place where your love may be of service.
  • check
    You know how to resist the temptation to blame, shame, and make people “other” if you don’t agree with them.
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    You’re committing to honor and respecting healthy boundaries.
  • check
    If you have attachment issues from childhood abuse or abandonment, you’re actively working on healing these barriers to intimacy that make healthy community challenging.
  • check
    You’re willing to show up, be seen, participate, and contribute your spiritual wisdom, rather than just sitting back and expecting others to take the lead.
  • check
    You’re interested in more than just comfort. You also want to grow and help others grow.
  • check
    You have a spirit of generosity and wish to not only get your soul needs met, but to show up for your fellow Soul Tribe members.
  • check
    If anyone in your Soul Tribe gets bullied for being different, you commit to standing up for your tribe members and keeping the container of unconditional love safe.
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    You’re willing to keep your sense of humor intact and help lighten things up if things get heavy! (Soul growth can get heavy sometimes . . . and we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves and each other. We humans are adorable.)
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    You realize that experiments can get messy, and we will be learning our way through this process together imperfectly. You’re interested in being part of the Discovery Model that co-creates something that serves a collective need, and you’re okay with contributing your feedback, constructive critiques, and wisdom to the co-creation process.

“How we need another soul to cling to.” ―Sylvia Plath

Soul Tribe is not for you if:

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    You’re lonely and you expect to get spoon-fed by a tribe without doing your part.
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    You’re an energy vampire looking to suck the life force out of well-meaning but often overly generous and discernment-handicapped tribe members.
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    You’re stuck in your victim story and not interested in getting out of it.
  • check
    You judge, shame, or belittle those who don’t share your spiritual beliefs or world view.
  • check
    You get off on being righteous and condemning those who aren’t as “spiritual” as you.
  • check
    You’re allergic to the word “God."
  • check
    You expect spirituality to free you from all painful human emotions.
  • check
    Your spiritual beliefs lead you to care more about “truth,” “enlightenment,” or being “right” than about being kind, gentle, tender, and open-hearted.
  • check
    You’re a died-in-the-wool “law of attraction” practitioner and you’re more interested in using your spiritual superpowers to get what your ego wants than in surrendering to the mystery and uncertainty of Divine Will.
  • check
    You can’t see (and aren’t interested in seeing) how your unhealthy (but loveable!) patterns get in the way of intimacy, connection, and tribe.
  • check
    You have a long history of co-dependent relationships and aren’t interested in breaking those patterns.
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    You will not be capable of welcoming into the Soul Tribe someone who voted on the opposite side of the current political divide than you did.
  • check
    You have a personality disorder (narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, etc) and you’re not actively seeking treatment with a qualified therapist/physician.
  • check
    You have a current mental health disorder (major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD) and you’re not actively seeking treatment from a qualified therapist/physician/trauma expert.
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    You’re not capable of asking “What is it like to be you?” when you disagree with someone.

What Is a Soul Tribe?

A Soul Tribe is a group of heart-centered individuals who are walking the spiritual path together, at various stages in our journeys, coming together with the intention of marrying practice and purpose. Many communities gather together to engage in spiritual practice—through meditation, prayer, yoga, dance, singing, and praise. Other communities organize around an activist cause, like saving the rainforests or civil rights. Our intention as a Soul Tribe is to bring the two impulses together, since practice without purpose can lead to a kind of spiritual narcissism. (“It’s all about me and my meditation practice.”) On the other hand, purpose without practice can damage the very causes we’re passionate about devoting our energy too. (Think the “angry activist” who demonizes the very people whose help we need in order to effect lasting change.) When we stop polarizing Being (practice) and Doing (purpose), bringing the two together in nondual awareness and surrendering our separate minds to Divine mind, personal and global transformation becomes not only possible; it activates a kind of white magic that can make real life miracles accessible to anyone.

Our intention as a community is to commit to:

1) PRACTICE: We intend to grow, transform, learn, and restore a deep, meaningful, authentic, soul-based connection with Source and with other members of the Soul Tribe. We devote ourselves to the spiritual and transformational practices that allow us to show up fully as healthy, contributing Soul Tribe members.

2) PURPOSE: We intend to take the transformational, evolutionary impulse and channel it towards a mission beyond the Separate Self, taking the love and heart-opening that arises from our practices and alchemizing it into compassion in action.

How Would It Feel to Be Part of a Soul Tribe?

Imagine meeting someone you’ve never known before in this life, and you feel a strange, instantaneous sensation—“I know you. We belong together.” Imagine being in a community of spiritual seekers where you feel safe to be truly yourself, even if you disagree with the dominant narratives of the tribe. Imagine a community where you feel free to play, laugh, sing, dance, meditate, pray, celebrate, engage in ritual, and share meals together. Imagine a safe haven where you can seek support when you’re in crisis, and you can offer support when your tribe members are experiencing life challenges, and your boundless, generous, service-oriented love is looking for a place to land.

Imagine a place where spiritual principles can be safely shared, explored, and challenged from a place of compassionate curiosity, where open, respectful, safe dialogue and free but kind expression is welcomed and valued by all, where those who are unable to tolerate diversity of beliefs and opinions are held accountable by the group, and where unity is encouraged and polarization is gently but firmly brought together in the open heart space. Imagine a community committed to helping each other grow, gently but fiercely illuminating blind spots and exploring shadows, where we acknowledge, accept and are gentle with each other's wounds, but we don’t coddle them in co-dependent ways.

Imagine a community with healthy boundaries and shared values but without rigid dogma, where you can feel safe to keep your heart open, and you’re not at risk of getting shamed for being different or questioning the spiritual leadership or the group’s teachings. Imagine a spiritual community where you are not asked to follow the compass of someone else who has caused you to believe that your spiritual compass is broken, where you retain your free will, your intuition, your right to speak up, and your sovereignty.

A Soul Tribe Is Not a Religion or a Cult

A Soul Tribe is not affiliated with any particular religious background. All religions are welcome. Those with no religious affiliation are welcome. Those who don’t believe in God but are seeking the Divine spark within are also welcome. Those for whom nature is your church are welcome. This is a strict “no judgment” community where dogma and rules will be thrown out the window. If you have a genuine desire to be more in alignment with Spirit, you are welcome here. This will not be your typical spiritual gathering. There will be four letter words. There will be tattoos. We may talk about sex and money and health and romance and astrology and past lives and angels and spirit guides and Jesus, so if you’re allergic to any of that, you’ve been forewarned. Nothing is off limits in the Soul Tribe except small-minded thinking or being critical of anyone else’s individual spiritual beliefs or practices.

A Soul Tribe is not a cult. In a cult, people relinquish their autonomy and give their power away to a charismatic leader who holds a particular view of reality, one which, if you question it, leaves you at risk of exile from your tribe. A cult depends upon dogma, fear, disempowerment, manipulation, and threat of rejection in order to keep the cult unified. If anyone questions the often sociopathic authority figures, they are shamed, belittled, and threatened with exile.

On the other hand, a healthy, spiritually mature Soul Tribe is more like a gimbal, the mechanism used on 16th-century sailing vessels to hold a candlestick level on shifting seas. When this candle flame is the only light you’ve got to steer your ship in the darkest of nights, and when a fallen candle could burn up your whole ship, you depend upon the steadiness of the gimbal that swings freely and keeps the candle upright, even when the ship is pitching in stormy waters. Centuries later, after the advent of safer electric lights, the gimbal was used to float a compass upright.

A Soul Tribe functions the same way, calling forth the light/compass gimbal in the hearts of every individual in the tribe, so that no one leader, not even the leaders, can tip over and burn the community so that no single outlier can lead the tribe astray from True North. Each one of us is necessary and must be trusted to hold the flame of a spiritual community upright when the ground seems to shift. This is where true safety lies, and this is what has gone off the rails in many spiritual communities, whether in the realm of conventional religion or spiritual cults.

A Soul Tribe Is a Place Where You Belong

Knowing that you have a Soul Tribe protects you and helps you protect your loved ones. If you’re in crisis and you feel lost and broken, you can count on your Soul Tribe to hold the vision of your wholeness until you remember again. Knowing that your Soul Tribe has got your back in a world that can feel hostile and scary is a blessing more wondrous than words. READ MORE

“Serving is different from helping.
Helping is not a relationship between equals.
A helper may see others as weaker than they are, needier than they are, and people often feel this inequality. The danger in helping is that we may inadvertently take away from people more than we could ever give them;we may diminish their self-esteem, their sense of worth,integrity or even wholeness.”
—Rachel Naome Remen​

Why Do You Need a Soul Tribe?

People used to gather in spiritual community at the church, the temple, the mosque, the sangha, or the sanctuary. Many still do, and they are getting their need for spiritual connection and soul community met from these conventional religious gatherings. But what if you consider yourself “spiritual but not religious?” What if you suffer from what Reba Riley calls “post-traumatic church syndrome?” What if conventional religion is only meeting part of your soul’s needs? What if you’re yearning to devote yourself to a Divine force of love, while retaining your authenticity, sovereignty, and freedom to express yourself? READ MORE

“We are each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing each other.” ― Luciano De Crescenzo

Finding Your Soul Tribe Improves Your Health

According to an AARP study, approximately 43 million adults over age 45 in the United States are estimated to be suffering from chronic loneliness. This kind of loneliness not only inhibits spiritual development; it causes disease. One meta-analysis involving 148 studies representing more than 300,000 participants found that greater social connection is associated with a 50% reduced risk of early death. Another meta-analysis involving 70 studies representing more than 3.4 million individuals found that social isolation increased the risk of premature death as much as obesity. Another study found that air pollution increased the risk of death by 6%, obesity by 23%, alcohol abuse by 37%, and loneliness by 45%. Loneliness is as dangerous for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes/day.

These numbers are not meant to scare you. They’re meant to change the conversation about what predisposes you to illness and what true wellness requires. A healthy lifestyle requires more than a nourishing diet, regular exercise, and toxin-free habits. We must also have healthy, nourishing, growth-filled, spiritually mature relationships in community as medicine for the soul.

“She was a collector of reflections looking for souls that could see deeply inside her soul.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Finding Your Soul Tribe Helps You Find Your Calling

Global change is afoot, and many of us feel the call to participate in what’s happening. How can we tell what we’re being called to do? For many of us, this requires a sincere shift in how we orient our lives—from ego-driven to soul-led. Many of us are surrendering our lives to Divine Will, asking to be shown our life purpose and committing to finding and fulfilling our calling. To learn to open to, receive, and discern spiritual guidance is a practice, and we need our tribe to help us learn to listen deeply to the quiet (and not-so-quiet) whisperings of the soul. Together, in community, we can help each other make decisions in a new way, one that is less analytical and more intuitive. Such spiritually guided decision making can feel uncomfortable when you’re the only one you know operating that way. Having a community of practice committed to living in alignment with Divine Will, even when it requires letting go of what your ego wants, helps facilitate this vital shift.

Finding your Soul Tribe can also help you find and fulfill your calling by putting you in touch with those in your “karass,” who are here to help you complete your spiritual mission. READ MORE

What People are Saying About Lissa's Workshops & Programs:

This workshop was pure magic. As Lissa and her team taught the group how to tune into their own inner guidance and tap into the magic all around us for support. We literally watched the physical world line up to join in on the fun in support of each of our journeys! Songs played spontaneously, windows banged at the mention of a certain presidential candidate, and it even culminated in an impromptu wedding! What can always be guaranteed with Lissa is a safe space, lots of heart, and an internal shift in oneself towards the deeper knowings we all have and hold and just need permission to let guide us in each and every moment.

Emma Harper

Renewed sense of myself, ability and confidence to actually teach others about "true" healing (not what I have been doing in medicine for 21 years), a deeper connectedness to the One, a commitment to the world in carrying out this work and a commitment in myself to always listen to my inner pilot light. I am more HAPPY and JOYFUL, for sure!

Jennifer Wood Haiman

I thought I knew what I needed and wanted to get from spending such valuable time with Lissa, what I got was nothing I was expecting. Instead, it was so much more. And, it was exactly what I needed to transform myself both personally and spiritually. I recently read a quote in a book that describes perfectly what it was like: “The role of spiritual guides isn’t to help people know anything. It’s to help them not know—to hold the space of not knowing so that the deeper wisdom of the heart space can make itself felt” (From the book Your Soul’s Compass, by Joan Borysenko and Gordon Dveirin). Lissa held the space of not knowing for me (which was a scary place for me to be!) so my heart wisdom could emerge and propel me forward on my journey. Lissa's guidance has been a huge blessing in my life and enabled me to transform my life in ways I never imagined possible.

Andria Corso

Working with Lissa has been nothing short of transformative. I felt deeply heard and incredibly supported. Not only did she help me reflect on my personal and professional goals, but also catalyzed within me a connection to what is most meaningful in my life. I have found and strengthened, a place of profound peace within myself. I now “get,” in my very bones, that I am capable of living my life in alignment with my deepest truth. Words cannot begin the express my gratitude. 

Joanna Garritano-Roger

The Workshop literally changed my life. I was not anticipating the powerful, soulful journey that was to mark the beginning of a new life for me. The expert leadership and complete dedication to creating a dynamic and safe place for everyone attending created many personal revelations and heart openings for the whole group. Through deep soul searching, the love shared by the group and gentle skillful guidance by Lissa and her team, I experienced what it is like to hear and trust your intuition, face the fear of uncertainty with grace and excitement, and know the unconditional love that connects us all. By the end of the week, I was able to begin to recognize and anticipate the beautiful way the universe leaves clues in my daily life leading me to the manifestation of my higher calling and higher good.

Mike Hopwood

The healing that I have experienced through this period of deep contemplation is what I will always remember. Gratitude for the support to be vulnerable, still, awakened, and transformed in my professional practice. The journey now continues . . .

Pamela Dietrich

What Does the Soul Tribe Program Include?

Join Lissa Rankin, MD and other leaders in the fields of health and spirituality as we embark upon a mission to re-create Soul Tribeoutside the boundaries of conventional religious communities.

Soul Tribe will be an evolving journey which begins as a virtual, online community of practice and transforms into live, in person Soul Tribes across the globe as we co-create together.

60 Minute Live, Interacting Teaching Teleclass with Lissa Rankin per Month

These monthly calls will be based on a series of inquiries, and the Soul Tribe community will be invited to contribute their wisdom, both during the calls and on a private Facebook forum where topics can be discussed with live chat during the calls. Each month’s topic will be chosen near the time of the call based on the Soul Tribe’s emergent needs. A list of questions to ponder will be sent to you beforehand, so you can spend some time in contemplation around each month’s inquiries. Sample topics may include:

  • What Are the Operating Principles of a Soul Tribe?
  • How Do We Follow Spiritual Guidance?
  • How Do We Make the Shift From "Communi-ME" To "Communi-WE?"
  • What Does It Take to Clear Blocks to Divine Abundance?
  • What's Working and What's Not in Intentional Communities?
  • How Do You Find and Fulfill Your Calling?
  • What Is Sacred Medicine?
  • How Do We Open to the Muse & Activate Divine Imagination?
  • How Do We Heal the Trust Rift between the Masculine & the Feminine?
  • What Is Sacred Sexuality (& How to Spot Its Fakers)?
  • How Might We Interrupt the Drama Triangle?
  • How Do We Cultivate Discernment on the Spiritual Path?
  • Are We Blind to Our Spiritual Bypassing?
  • How Do We Navigate Relationships on the Spiritual Path?
  • How Do We Transform Conflict into Soul Growth (with Good Boundaries)?
  • How Can We Heal From "Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome?"
  • How Do We Balance the Divine Feminine & the Sacred Masculine?
  • How Can We Get Our Needs Met without Being Narcissistic or Co-Dependent?
  • [FILL in the BLANK—YOU Will Contribute to Inquiry Choices!]

60 Minute Live Call with Lissa Rankin and Guest Teacher

These monthly calls will be based on a series of inquiries, and the Soul Tribe community will be invited to contribute their wisdom, both during the calls and on a private Facebook forum where topics can be discussed with live chat during the calls. Each month’s topic will be chosen near the time of the call based on the Soul Tribe’s emergent needs. A list of questions to ponder will be sent to you beforehand, so you can spend some time in contemplation around each month’s inquiries. Sample topics may include:

  • Native American Lawyer Del Laverdure, who served in the Obama administration as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs at the Department of the Interior
  • Harvard religion scholar Sera Beak, author of Red, Hot & Holy
  • Artist SARK, author of Succulent Wild Woman
  • Energy healer Brandy Gillmore
  • Psychologist/energy healer/ Sufi mystic Asha Clinton, PhD
  • Integrative medicine physician Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, author of BodyWise-“Idea Architect” Doug Carlton Abrams, who co-wrote The Book of Joy with Bishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama
  • Mind/Body Medicine pioneer & psychologist Joan Borysenko, PhD, author of Your Soul’s Compass
  • Lisette Schuitemaker, Chair of the Board of the Center for Human Emergence in the Netherlands and the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland
  • Psychologist Maja Apolonia Rode, PhD, who helped create conscious community with Adyashanti for 17 years
  • Psychologist and EFT teacher Dawson Church, PhD, author of The EFT Manual
  • Sarah Drew, author of Gaia Codex
  • Musician Karen Drucker, who uses music to gather tribe
  • Energy healer Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine
  • Futurist and philosopher Charles Eisenstein, author of The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible
  • Transpersonal psychologist & spiritual counselor Ted Esser, PhD
  • Chris Guillebeau, bestselling author & creator of the World Domination Summit tribe
  • Equine therapist and Soul Tribe enthusiast Diane Hunter
  • Psychologist Christine Hassler, author of Expectation Hangover
  • Rwanda genocide survivor Immaculee Ilibagiza, author of Left To Tell
  • Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, author of Kitchen Table Wisdom and founder of The Healer’s Art
  • Debbie Rosas, founder of Nia Technique
  • [FILL IN THE BLANK—Who would YOU like to learn with?]

Private Facebook Forum 

A moderated forum will give you the opportunity to connect personally with other Soul Tribe members, as well as discuss topics of tribal conversation, as seeded by the teleclasses and the forum moderators. This safe space will allow you to deepen your relationships with each other, ask questions of one another, explore topics of inquiry, and make suggestions for future teleclass conversations and inquiry topics.

Monthly Soul Tribe Newsletter

Each month, Soul Tribe members will be offered a monthly newsletter containing ideas for leading your own Soul Tribe at home, as well as content to deepen your individual journey as a member of the Soul Tribe.

Each newsletter will include:

  • check
    An original Soul Spark written by Lissa exclusively for the Soul Tribe.
  • check
    A music playlist of the month, curated by Lissa (under her alias “DJ Zaza”), to be enjoyed on your personal music playlists or used in your Soul Tribe gatherings. Song choices will be separated into Cuddle Puddle songs, Dance Party songs, and Meditation Music. 
  • check
    Ideas for Soul Tribe activities that can deepen your experience with your gatherings.
  • check
    Soul Spotlight on Soul Tribe members who have epiphanies to share, Soul Tribe gathering wisdom to offer, or developments on the cutting edge of how to bring together communities of purpose and practice.

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What’s the Investment for This Program?

Monthly Subscription

Pay one month
at a time.

3 Month Subscription

Pay up front and commit to 3 months   (10% discount, $53/month, save $18)

6 Month Subscription

Pay up front and commit to 6 months   (20% discount, $47/month, save $71)

One Year Subscription

Pay up front and commit to one full year (30% discount, $41/month, save $213)

More questions: contact and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!
*Note: Subscriptions auto-renew until canceled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of technology will I need in order to participate?
All you’ll need is a computer (or a smart phone or tablet) and access to call into a conference line in order to participate.

What if I’m interested in being part of a Soul Tribe but I don’t want to be a group leader?
No problem! Being part of an evolving Soul Tribe Group Leadership program is optional. While we hope some Soul Tribe members are interested in facilitating in-person gatherings, this is not a requirement for participation.

What if it’s midnight in my neck of the woods when these sessions take place?
Obviously, you can only participate in the interactive parts of the program if you’re participating live. But all sessions will be recorded so you can download the recordings onto your mobile device. If you happen to live in another time zone or if you just can’t make it live, you’ll still be able to soak up the juicy teachings and spiritual energy of the gathering anytime it’s convenient for you.

You Will Know If You're Meant to Be Part of This Soul Tribe

Some intuitive part of you will cry "Yes! Yes! Yes! These are my people!" Your mind might try to talk you out of it. "It's too expensive. I can't take the time away from my commitments. I don't deserve this." Go ahead and listen to what your mind says so you don't do something reckless. But remember that the mind makes a wonderful servant but a terrible master. Let your heart be your guide. This will be one of the core principles of Soul Tribe. Those of us who gather together will commit to ourselves and each other to let our souls guide the way, even when our minds think we're doing something impractical, irrational, or crazy. As you decide whether A Soul Tribe is right for you, experiment with all the ways you can let your intuition be your guide. Let someone muscle test you "A Soul Tribe is aligned for me right now" or "A Soul Tribe is not aligned for me right now." Try checking in with your body compass. Pick an oracle card. Surrender the decision to Divine Will and ask for a sign. Ask a tree for guidance. Seed your dreams before you go to sleep and ask your subconscious to help you. Intuitively pick a book off the shelf, open to a page, and choose a paragraph. See if it helps you know what is most right for you. Be open to synchronicity. This is the first step to preparing to participate in A Soul Tribe, so you might as well start the process with how you make your decision about whether or not to participate!

Regardless of whether or not this is right for you right now, our prayer is that the right Soul Tribe finds you soon, and that you prepare yourself to be ready for that kind of belonging. Know your worthiness. Trust your yearning to connect, grow, see with magical eyes, and be seen by the "Inner Pilot Lights" of others. Find your tribe, wherever you are, and know that no matter what, you are safe. You are loved. You belong.

With so much love and gratitude,


My prayer is that every person on Earth awakens to his or her Inner Pilot Light and has the courage to find and fulfill his or her calling so that together, we can ignite our hearts and come together in unity consciousness. I hope that all spiritual seekers become spiritual finders, since there is no “there” there. There is only here. I’m passionate about helping people view adversity as an opportunity for awakening. I’m fired up about healing our broken health care system, one empowered patient and one conscious health care provider at a time. I doctor not just bodies, but souls. I’m on a grass roots mission to put the “care” back in health care, to reunite healing and spirituality, and to inspire sacred activists to participate in the transformation of consciousness that is revolutionizing the world with acts of love, compassion, and kindness. I am a love revolutionary, praying that we can end the story of separation, stop polarizing into “us” versus “them,” and bring our hearts together in service to Mother Earth and our beloved planet.

I believe that the key to living a long, vital life is an optimistic attitude, the willingness to love expansively and receive love in return from a wide circle of people close to you, engaging in work that lights you up, tapping into Source, allowing your creativity to flow boundlessly, being unapologetically Who You Really Are, avoiding toxic people, environments, jobs, and substances, moving your body in ways that make you smile, and drinking as much green juice as you can.I relish helping spiritually-attuned visionaries find their callings and realize their visions. I’m inspired by people brave enough to transmute adversity into spiritual growth, vulnerable enough to let their imperfections be witnessed, and courageous enough to keep their hearts open, even when those hearts are at risk of getting hurt. I’m moved by hiking in redwood forests, skiing in fresh powder, live music of all types, painting with beeswax, singing with my Soul Tribe, and dancing barefoot.

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