Write Your Way To A Visionary Life! A Mentoring Mastermind Writing Retreat

Dearest, most beloved Mentoring Clients,


As promised, we are finally planning our first ever mentoring retreat! Because so many of you are writing books, blogs, online program content, sales letters, and teleclass scripts, I want to support you!


My intention for this retreat is to:

  • Introduce you to the sisters who are certain to be your new BFF’s (Really. I’m not kidding. Every one of you is SO FULL OF AWESOME! I can’t wait for you all to meet!)
  • Offer you the chance to network and mastermind with each other about the visionary businesses you are creating
  • Create the sacred container for your great work to flow through you with ease so that you know you are safe being as vulnerable with your writing as your soul is ready to be
  • Use our energetic superpowers to invite in the writing muses
  • Share tips for writing from the heart
  • Give you the opportunity to write, share what you write, and get feedback and guidance from me and the other retreat participants
  • Help you establish writing rituals, discipline, and regular practice
  • Make myself available for group Q&A so you can pick my brain about book proposals, agents, self-publishing vs. conventional publishing, sales letters, or however else I can be of service
  • Practice together tapping into Martha Beck’s 4 Technologies of Magic as a way to call in the visionary writing that wants to emerge from you into what Martha calls “The Everywhen”
  • Introduce you to my new team member Anne Davin, PhD, who was the spiritual mastermind behind Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts for 8 years before she joined my team, and who will bring her genius background in depth psychology, Native American spirituality, and tribe building to the sisterhood we will build together
  • Offer experiences that foster your creativity and ignite your true writing voice
  • Help you heal yourself so you can heal the world
  • Fill you with inspiration, encouragement, love, and courage
  • Have a boatload of fun at the just-for-us mansion in California’s beautiful wine country!


So here’s the skinny. We are planning this 4 day, 3 night retreat for November _________.  Because we want this to be super intimate (and because the mansion  we’ve secured can only sleep 13 of you in premium style), we only have space for 13 participants in this retreat. Since there are 24 of you, that means that if you want to be there, you need to let me know right away.


Secure Your Spot Here (link)


What Will You Get By Participating In This Retreat?


You’ll love meeting the people who will be there. I promise. And you’ll love where we’ll be. It’s gorgeous, the food and wine are top notch, the property where we’ll be hanging out will knock your socks off, and your body, mind, and soul will be rejuvenated upon your return.


After this 4 day retreat, you will:

  • Have 13 new best friends
  • Have the opportunity to divide into optional self-guided mastermind groups that you can continue for as long as the group wishes to continue. Being part of a mastermind group completely changed my life- professionally, personally, and spiritually. I honestly credit much of my recent success to how I grew from being part of a 5 person group that offered me professional advice, accountability, spiritual guidance, and deep friendship. We’ll teach you exactly how to make your own mastermind happen.
  • Feel inspired to write more often, go deeper in the level of vulnerability in your writing, gain confidence in your ability to express yourself with the written word, push the edges of your writing comfort zone, and embrace the courage it takes to put your writing out in the world
  • Rest, rejuvenate, unplug, commune with nature, and tap into your body and your Inner Pilot Light
  • Have the chance to explore California’s beautiful Sonoma County wine country
  • Take home actual content you’ve written during the workshop (you will surprise yourself with how awesome your writing will be when you’re all fired up with the energy of a group of women gathering together with the intention of healing, writing, and supporting each other.)


Why a writing retreat?


In April of 2008, 9 months after I left my medical practice and 1 year before I launched my blog, I signed up to take my first ever writing retreat at Esalen Institute in Big Sur. It was called Writing From The Heart with Nancy Aronie (who is now a dear friend) and this retreat saved me. I can trace the beginning of my current professional life back to what happened in the 5 days I spent at Esalen.


In just 5 days:

  • I got my medically-conservative, shut-down doctor mind blasted open by the kick ass alternative medicine practitioners who attended the retreat
  • I found my authentic writing voice, the voice you would now recognize as mine but which I hadn’t found before that retreat
  • I met the woman who became Owning Pink’s first editor
  • I got introduced to Rachel Naomi Remen and her work
  • I found my calling and after hearing the call of my new career and dealing with my initial resistance, I tearfully accepted the call from the Universe
  • I found the first footsteps of what became my spiritual path
  • I wrote the first two chapters of the book I was working on
  • I met 15 people who became my life preservers at a time when I felt lonely, traumatized, isolated, and scared
  • My broken heart started to heal in the wake of my Perfect Storm
  • I learned the power of vulnerability in writing, both as a means of healing myself and as a means of establishing connection between individuals gathering with the intention of healing


They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And I was SO ready for that writing retreat. Because that writing retreat influenced me so profoundly, I’ve been inspired to lead a writing retreat ever since. But this is the first time I’m actually doing it- and I’m making it available only to YOU because I know the energy of all of you collectively gathered will ensure that this retreat is as powerful for you as my first writing retreat was for me. YOU are what will make what we co-create possible.


What’s included:


  • Single or double accommodations in our wine country mansion
  • Fresh daily green juice
  • 3 healthy meals per day will be included (let us know any food restrictions)
  • Unlimited homemade raw chocolate (okay, maybe not unlimited, but I’m making a super big batch!)
  • Optional guided wine tasting trip or hike in the redwoods Friday afternoon (your choice)
  • Optional spa trip Saturday afternoon to Sonoma Mission Inn Spa. (Sonoma Mission Inn is the only luxury resort in the US with its own historic natural thermal hot springs source. Seriously, this place has a Watsu pool with healing 98 degree mineral water where you can float on two noodles while listening to angel music that they pipe in underwater. I’ve decided this is what heaven is like. And if it’s not what heaven is like, just let me die in that Watsu pool thank you very much.)
  • Shuttle service for the optional afternoon trips


What’s not included:

  • Transportation to and from SFO or Oakland airport
  • Transportation from the airport to the wine country mansion (It’s about 1 ½ hours from the airport to the mansion. Options for getting there include renting a car, taking the “airporter” to Santa Rosa and then grabbing a cab, or hiring a driver to take you door to door. We can help you arrange these details.)
  • Wine tasting and spa fees


How much?


The total investment for this writing retreat is:


$2497 for double occupancy (you’ll share a room but you’ll have your own bed. There are only 2 double rooms so let us know right away if you want a double.


$2997 for single occupancy (you’ll have your own room but some of you will be sharing bathrooms)


As you can imagine, the cost of putting on a retreat like this is expensive, but I wanted to give you the chance to really treat yourself- because you deserve it! I know many of you have already invested everything you have to participate in the mentoring program, and if you can’t afford to join us this time around, don’t worry. I hope to do this again only for mentoring clients, so if things go as planned, we’ll make this an annual event.


Remember, we only have room for 13 of you. So if you want to join us, please don’t wait to sign up!




I am beyond excited to be putting this retreat together. I just know you all will absolutely adore each other, and selfishly, I’m just super psyched to have so many of you gorgeous souls in one beautiful mansion. There will be hugs galore. And so much love. And so much beauty. And so much laughter and pajama time and good healthy food (I’m even going to cook for you just because I adore cooking and I adore you!)


I’m infinitely grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to get to really know every single one of you, and I feel crazy blessed to have you in my life. I plan on doing some of my own writing on this trip (my next book The Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage As Medicine For The Body, Mind & Soul is due in February!) So I anticipate receiving as much inspiration as I give. Thank you for being in my life, thank you for the visionary work you’re bringing into the world, thank you for being a Team member, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with your heart.


With love and boundless gratitude,