Inner Pilot Light Group Coaching

Do the thoughts of these fan your flames: 

  • Lighting your fire & learning how to hear the voice of your Inner Pilot Light?
  • Bringing your business vision to life?
  • Releasing fear and making faith-based decisions?
  • Knowing your authentic self?
  • Being the love you hope to attract?
  • Becoming a clear channel for Divine work and creativity?
  • Freeing yourself from the ways you create your own suffering?
  • Making clear, conscious decisions in business, relationships, and life?
  • Mustering the courage to take leaps of faith with an open heart?
  • Attracting intimate friendships?
  • Consciously making sacred contracts and setting boundaries with your loved ones?
  • Discovering and fulfilling your life’s purpose?
  • Igniting your creativity?
  • Attracting the love of your life?
  • Tapping into your true erotic self?
  • Generating more abundance?
  • Boosting your health?
  • Feeling more connected to the Divine?
  • Living a life overflowing with mojo (MOre JOy)

I thought so…

Are you ready to find your tribe, rediscover the core of who you are, learn to hear your guiding spirit’s voice, network with other heart-centered visionaries, learn to forgive, alleviate loneliness, and learn the tools for manifesting whatever it is you wish to create in your life?

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