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Lissa is a physician, healer, author, artist, speaker, visionary, mystic, and activist committed to healing health care.

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The Psychology Of Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories: A Compassionate Lens to Help You Understand Loved Ones You Lost Down The Rabbit Hole

The Psychology Of Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories: A Compassionate Lens to Help You Understand Loved Ones You Lost Down The Rabbit Hole

This post is for anyone whose loved ones have gone down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, taken on QAnon beliefs, gotten "woke" or "red-pilled," and you can't understand why. If you've lost a spouse, children, siblings, parents, friends, professional colleagues,...

We All Deserve To Breathe Freely

We All Deserve To Breathe Freely

I can't stop pondering why so many of the challenges we're facing as a culture right now revolve around the breath. COVID is a disease that threatens our breathing. West Coast wildfires right now and recent horrific fires in Australia and the Amazon are making it...

*The photo is my friend’s farm in Santa Rosa at midday.
We Need To Feel To Heal

We Need To Feel To Heal

As I’m trapped in my house because the air quality where I live in the Bay Area is incompatible with life, as I’m sheltered in place for six months and gave up all summer travel because I want to be a responsible community member and don’t want to hurt anyone who...


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