10 Songs to Comfort You during Times of Transition

I have a Comfort playlist on my iPod, which I listen to when times are uncertain, and I’m craving comfort. Several of you expressed gratitude when I shared one of them—Kacey Musgraves “Somebody To Loveon my last blog “Give Yourself Permission to Seek Comfort Right Now” . So let me share with you a few more songs from my Comfort playlist, in case they help you navigate uncertainty, trust in a benevolent universe, bolster your resilience, and survive life’s inevitable times of transition with a cracked open, humble heart.

1. “Scare Away The Dark”—Passenger

This needs to be the anthem of our culture right now! “Sing, sing at the top of your voice/ Love without fear in your heart/ Feel, feel like you still have a choice/ If we all light up we can scare away the dark” (We do still have a choice, you know?)

2. “The Light”—Regina Spektor

“I know the morning is wiser than the evening/
I know that all of life just happens in between/
So many things I know, but they don’t help me/
Each day I open up my eyes and it begins/
The light comes shining in my eyes”

3. “Hymn Of Acxiom”—Vienna Teng

“Somebody hears you/ You know that/ You know that
Somebody hears you/ You know that inside
Someone is learning the colors of all your moods, to
(say just the right thing and) show that you’re understood
Here you’re known”

4. “Spirit Bird”—Xavier Rudd

“Soldier on, soldier on, my good country man,
Keep fighting for your children, now keep fighting for your land”

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5. “Now”—Dave Carroll

My friend Dave Carroll, who garnered internet fame with his song “United Breaks Guitars“, believes that his online celebrity was really a vehicle intended to draw attention to his song Now, which was written for a sick friend of his, inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. “When there’s no way out, there’s still a way through/ So don’t give up, whatever you do”

6. “Made Of Love”—Amir Paiss

When things get rough, it’s easy to spiral down into darkness. It’s easy to forget that we are not only made of stardust; we are made of love. “Everything that happens call me to awaken and remind/ We are made of love”

7. “The Light”—Sara Bareilles

“No one knows where it ends/ how it may came tumbling down/But I’m here with you now/ I’m with you now”

8. “Cry If You Want To”—Karen Drucker

Sometimes, when you’re feeling uncertain, you just need someone to hold space for you to have a good cry. “No I won’t make fun of you/ I won’t tell anyone/ I won’t analyze what you do or you should have done/ I won’t advise you to go and have fun/ You can cry if you want to”

9. “Prayer For Healing—Great Mother”—Peruquois & Solar Wind

Because we are part of the greater whole, when we feel down, sometimes it’s because we are feeling the pain of the collective, the pain of nature, the pain of planetary grief. Calling upon Mother Earth can comfort us. “Oh mother, great mother, help us to heal ourselves and one another.”

10. “One Day”—Matisyahu

“All my life I’ve been waiting for/I’ve been praying for/For the people to say
That we don’t wanna fight no more/There will be no more wars
And our children will play/One day”


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