2 Playlists To Support Our Burned Out Healers, Our Long Covid & Trauma Survivors, & Anyone Else In Need of Healing

Rise Up, by Lissa Rankin & her daughter Mira Klein, encaustic on wood panel 18 x 18

To say that this has been a hard two years is literally the understatement of the century. Unless you were alive during the Spanish flu of 1918 or one of the World Wars or the Great Depression that followed, we just have not ever experienced this much collective shock trauma this quickly, compounded one shock after another. To integrate this much global trauma takes time, professional support if it’s available, community support, exquisite compassion for ourselves and each other, and in my humble opinion, it also takes The Arts.

As a physician who offers healing work to traumatized physicians and other front line doctors, nurses, mental health workers, and alternative medicine healers, and as the author of the soon to be released Sacred Medicine, in my own healing work, I weave together music, creative writing, and art as part of our healing process to create a safe container for us to feel, heal, bond, trust, do what we can to take proactive action and learn to let go of control and surrender when we can’t. I do the same when I’m working with patients and therapy clients in live workshops (like my upcoming Esalen workshop Healing With Sacred Medicine or my Zoom community Healing With The Muse who are doing everything they know how to do to relieve their own suffering- and they’re still in physical, emotional, or spiritual pain.)

Some pain is too great to be cured.  Some things can only be carried on the wings of tenderness and compassion.

In such cases, I find that music can do wonders to calm a jacked-up nervous system and at least temporarily soothe a body, heart, mind, or soul in distress. 

I have a part I call DJ Zaza, who curates music meant to help you heal, so I’d like to share with you two of my Spotify playlists. Yes, I stand with Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and others in my desire to hold Spotify accountable for promoting dangerous misinformation, racism, and other unjust messaging in podcasts like Joe Rogan’s, so I’m reluctant to refer you to Spotify right now. But otherwise, I’d have to just share YouTube links and it would make it hard for you to listen to the whole playlist in one setting, in case you need to lie down and just receive the medicine of music. So…with that disclaimer, here are two of the playlists I’ve made. The first is my “Cuddle Puddle” playlist- songs with words. The second is all instrumental, which we use in some of my writing and art classes as music to create with.

Lissa’s Healing Music (with words)

Lissa’s Healing Music (instrumental)

We will also be using some of this music in the Sacred Medicine Zoom workshop that is free to anyone who preorders Sacred Medicine before it launches on April 5. The Zoom workshop will include me, IFS founder Dick Schwartz, energy healer and author of Energy Medicine Donna Eden- and we’ll be doing group healing work for anyone who wants to join us.

Preorder Sacred Medicine here 

If you are a health care provider in need of healing, we are now enrolling for the Whole Health Medicine Institute Class of 2022. Learn more and apply here.

If you’d like to join us at Esalen, spots are limited, so register soon! Click here to register.

If you’d like to join us virtually at Healing With the Muse, you can sign up here.

May these musical healing sounds help restore your nervous system to the rest and repair the ventral vagal branch of the parasympathetic nervous system, so you might get at least temporary symptom relief.

With love and wishes for healing,


Lissa Rankin


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