3 Secret Confessions About The Fear Cure


So . . . (cue the unofficial theme song of this book, Sara Bareilles “Brave”) my new book The Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage As Medicine For The Body, Mind, & Soul comes out today! You can find out more about the book at TheFearCureBook.com. This website also includes a special gift I created for you—the “Prescription for Courage Kit,” which includes 5 guided meditations I recorded with my musician friend Karen Drucker—one meditation about getting in touch with the voice of your Inner Pilot Light, one about dealing with uncertainty, one about moving beyond fear of loss, one about how it’s a friendly universe, and one about Oneness.

The Prescription for Courage Kit includes almost two hours of guided meditation—as a gift and celebration of today’s launch of The Fear Cure. Karen and I had so much fun recording these meditations. The field in the studio was palpable. You could actually feel a pulse in the room, like angels were there with us, helping us serve you. I can’t claim credit for any healing, calming goodness you might find in these meditations. I feel like Karen and I just got used as instruments of service, and something Larger Than Me came through us and landed in these meditation mp3’s. I hope they help fear cure YOU and bring you peace.

Confession #1

First, let me confess that I love my book baby. I wrote this book, in part, because I genuinely love each of you, and having journeyed through many of my own big scary fears, it’s part of my purpose to serve you by helping you end unnecessary suffering caused by fear so you can show us how big your brave is.

While that’s so true, my secret confession is that while I did write this book for you and your happiness, I really wrote it to serve Mother Gaia as her devoted Earth Servant. In order to do what we must to facilitate the shift in consciousness that is currently underway on our planet, we must change our fear-based culture. As long as we let fear make our decisions, we will destroy ourselves and our planet. But once we truly start letting love lead, when we’re aware of our interconnectedness, when we love Mother Gaia and each other as much as we love our individual selves and our own families, then we can heal globally.

To do so, we’re going to need a helluva lotta courage! We can’t do this when we’re afraid. We need to be really, really, really brave. And we need to shift from the fear-based world view ruling dominant culture to the love-based world view the indigenous cultures have been holding for us until we were ready to end this journey of separation that leads to so much fear. This book is a handbook for how to make that shift. It’s a field manual for the world healers who are gathering at this time in history to evolve as a species so we can become nature’s caretakers and restore global harmony—with love.

So that’s why I really wrote this book. I am not attached to this outcome. If that’s not why it’s here, I release it to the Universe. But that is my prayer. And if you share that prayer and find this book helpful in helping others achieve this global mission, I hope you’ll share it with those who are on The Team of Earth Servants with us.

Confession #2

The Fear Cure feels tender, almost like a surgical wound that hasn’t fully healed. The transformation I’ve been experiencing personally in order to be capable of writing this book is still so fresh that it feels almost painfully vulnerable to bring it out into the world. I won’t have much of a thick skin if it generates a lot of criticism since I still feel like a turtle without a shell in a briarpatch. This book is much closer to “The Real Lissa” than Mind Over Medicine was, so it’s harder to hide behind the armor of science that has protected me most of my life.

While the first two chapters of this book are about science, the rest is full on spiritual teaching. Part of me feels like I have no freakin’ business writing a book about spirituality—or fear, for that matter. I am trained as an OB/GYN, not a psychologist or a spiritual teacher. I have been on my own spiritual path, and it has been quite a ride. I have had the most amazing teachers EVER (most of them are heavily featured in The Fear Cure, as well as in The Anatomy Of A Calling, which is the story of my oh-so-mystical spiritual journey.)

But I had a big freak out when it came time to actually write this book. I even tried to give my advance back. But every time I called my literary agent Michele, panicking, she said, “Lissa, you can give back the money and bail on writing this book if you want—and I’ll support you 100%—but all I can tell you is that every time I finish talking to you, I feel less afraid. You are EXACTLY the person to write this book.”

So I took a risk, and under the loving and patient tutelage of mentors like Rachel Naomi Remen and Martha Beck, somehow, I managed to write this book. But it feels tender, like a baby I’m kind of thinking you might think is a bit homely, even though I think she’s gorgeous. I sort of want to protect her, if you know what I mean, but I also know she needs to have a life of her own. So here goes nothing. GERONIMO!

Confession #3

I also have to confess that it felt awkward trying to write this book as a self-help style book, because to be completely honest, I’m not even sure I believe in self-help. Personally, I’ve tried to self-help myself, and I suspect I might have wound up a basket case if I hadn’t been blessed to have people who loved me and saw my light and my shadows and took me to the mat more than a few times to crack my ego and then lovingly help me pick up the pieces so my soul could start to shine through.

That’s not to say that I haven’t LOVED a lot of self-help books. In fact, The Fear Cure has a list of 30 mostly self-help books that have honestly changed my life. But honestly, I think they changed my life primarily because of the transmission of the people who wrote them and the frequency emitted from them, more so than any “how to” exercises or practical 1-2-3 steps. I honestly wish I could just put a big red label on my book that says, “WARNING: THERE IS NO QUICK FIX MAGIC BULLET FOR ENLIGHTENMENT.” Which is the real cure for fear!

That said, this journey can be easeful, joyful, and full of stillness, if you have support and guidance through the process.

The Truth About The Fear Cure

My prayer is that this book will invite you to embark upon a journey that will be a lifelong practice. It’s an invitation to change your entire worldview in a way that not only transforms your relationship with fear; it actually could save the planet if enough of us journeyed together. Yes, there is science, including hundreds of references to the scientific literature. Yes, there are practical “how-to” tips (including 27 “Courage-Cultivating Exercises”). Yes, there are cool miracle stories, including the story about how Rachel Naomi Remen’s elderly mother saved their lives with a psychic tip and how a neurosurgeon with an almost perfect track record knows when it’s time to operate because he sees a white light over the patient’s head when it’s safe to perform surgery.

But mostly, my intention is that this book will weave energy in a way that spins you into it and gently and lovingly (with your full consent) invites you down the rabbit hole that will change your life forever. There will be bread crumbs along the way. You can always turn around and go back if you don’t like the journey. But as someone who has gone pretty far down the rabbit hole, all I can say is that it has been the most magical, mysterious, wonderful trip of my life, and while I certainly don’t consider myself enlightened, I can honestly and humbly say that very little frightens me anymore. And I know this is possible for you too. I want you to feel the same freedom I feel. I wrote this book because you are that loved, and living beyond the soul cage of fear is your birthright. And when you can escape from the soul cage, you can step fully into your purpose, and together, we can heal the world.

THANK YOU, Dear Ones

It is with unspeakable gratitude that I birth this book baby into the world and thank you all for making it possible. You all have given me courage on this journey, and my heart bursts with love for you all. Thank you thank you thank you, to all of you and to the Divine Beloved who has made this book possible.


PS. Even if you don’t purchase The Fear Cure, you can still download the free Prescription for Courage Kit I created, which along with other gifts, includes 5 Fear-Curing Guided Meditations I recorded in a professional studio along with musician Karen Drucker. (Download The Prescripton For Courage Kit here).

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