5 Miracles To Open Your Mind & Heart To What’s Possible

We get so encrusted with our mental concepts of what’s possible and what’s not that when the “impossible” happens, we can have all kinds of emotions that range from fear to awe to confusion to bewilderment to gratitude to anger. Most of us don’t like having our world view threatened, but by protecting our world view, we limit what’s possible. This week on Facebook, I shared with my community my personal story about how my vision “spontaneously” cleared from 20/200 to 20/20, causing my ophthalmologist to declare, “That’s impossible,” which caused me to go on a bit of a rant. (You can read my rant and the hundreds of comments it elicited here.)

This personal experience inspired me to write a post about the impossible. For those of you who are familiar with the Six Steps To Healing Yourself from my book Mind Over Medicine, the first step is believing that healing is possible. As long as we crystallize our certainty about what is possible and impossible, we block the flow of life force that could move in previously unknown directions that lead to what our minds can only describe as “miracles” but may actually be quite natural. I’m not one of those “pie in the sky” people who stands over people in wheelchairs saying, “You can now walk!” when they have spinal cord injuries. Maybe they will walk again. Maybe not. But I think grounded hope is good medicine. May these real-life stories about “impossible” outcomes bring you grounded hope.

As a disclaimer, I have to admit that these are stories I’ve collected from my Sacred Medicine research, but I cannot prove they are true. Some involve healers. Some happened “spontaneously.” Some happened after intention setting. Some just happened. For my personal “impossible” outcomes, I can tell you that I have before and after proof that my vision corrected without treatment, and I proved to myself that the doctors were wrong when they told me my pitbull injury would not close without skin grafts. (The full story of what happened is here and I’d show you before and after photos to prove that my full thickness thigh wound did indeed close without surgery, but I don’t want to gross anyone out. It was gory!)

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether 1) you think the people who told me these stories are hallucinating or lying, or 2) the world might be a more mysterious place than you thought.

Instantaneous Repair Of A Fracture

A little boy was at a birthday party and fell off the jungle gym, landing on his leg sideways in a way that obviously fractured his leg. The boy screamed and his leg was disfigured in a way that suggested a compound fracture. A nearby healer who witnessed the injury approached him and, without touching him, treated the fracture with “a blast of energy.” The boy got up and ran away, pain-free and with a normal-appearing leg, leaving those who observed what had happened in disbelieving shock.

Instantaneous Closure Of A Finger Wound

A woman was cutting a bagel with a bagel knife when the knife slipped and put a big gash in her finger that started bleeding. Just as it happened, a mystic, psychic, and healer stepped in and put his fingers on both sides of the wound without touching it. The wound closed instantaneously, with no further bleeding, scar, or evidence that there had been an injury. Witnesses couldn’t believe what had happened.

Quadriplegic Paralysis Reversed Instantaneously

A woman sustained the same kind of severe spinal cord injury as the late Christopher Reeve. Like the Superman star, she was completely paralyzed, which left her diaphragmatic muscles unable to help her breathe after her injury. Upon realizing she couldn’t breathe, she felt what she perceived as a lightning bolt of energy that coursed through her. She proclaimed to herself, “I refuse to accept this limitation. God is my Source!” Another energy surge pulsed through, and moments later, she took her first breath. She likely would have died soon afterward had she not been blessed with the miracle of rapid EMS support. The paramedics transported her to Duke University, where spine surgeons reconnected her totally severed C2 neck vertebra, but this surgery was intended to save her life, not restore body movement. The surgeons expected her to remain a quadriplegic who would need life long ventilator support like Christopher Reeve did. Suzette did not buy into their prognosis, and against all of her doctor’s predictions, she was out of the ICU in two days and discharged from the hospital in a week. Within a few months of mind-body-spirit healing, she was biking, hiking, doing yoga, and dancing.

Terminal Lung Cancer Resolved In A “Blue Zone”

A Greek war veteran who was sent to the United States in the 1940s for treatment of a combat-mangled arm was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and told he had only nine months to live. He was offered aggressive treatment, but after nine doctors apparently assured him that it wouldn’t save his life, he decided to save his money, decline treatment, and move with his wife back to his native Ikaria, a Greek island where he could be buried with his ancestors in a graveyard overlooking the Aegean Sea. He and his wife moved into a small house on a vineyard with his elderly parents, where he expected he would die soon. While he prepared to die, he reconnected with his faith and started going to his old church. When his friends got wind of the fact that he was back home, they showed up with bottles of wine, books, and board games to entertain him and keep him company. He even planted vegetables in a garden, not expecting he’d be around to harvest them. Over the next few months, he basked in sunshine, savored the salty air, and relished in his love for his wife. Six months passed, and not only did he not die, but he was also actually feeling better than ever. He started working in the untended vineyard during the day, making himself useful, and in the evenings he’d play dominos with friends. To get to church, he had to climb up and down the hills of Ikaria, which over time, he was better able to manage. Every day, he, like many other residents of Ikaria, drank a homemade herbal tea sweetened with honey, which is believed by the locals to cure all that ails you. He took a lot of naps, rarely looked at a watch, and spent a lot of time outdoors. Twenty-five years after his diagnosis, he went back to the United States to ask his doctors what had happened. Apparently, the doctors were all dead. He finally died over fifty years later at 102.

Stage 4 Cancer Cure Following A Near-Death Experience

A woman with Stage 4 lymphoma clinically died under medical supervision,  followed by a near-death experience, during which she was given the choice to return to her body or stay out of her clinically dead body. She says she didn’t want to return to her suffering, broken body and has tremendous compassion for those who choose not to go back after a death experience because it’s so beautiful on the other side. But she was told that if she did go back, she would experience full cure, and she would be able to tell others what it was like on the other side of the veil. She chose to return and experienced a full cure under medical supervision. (You can read a whole bunch of stories of physical healings after NDE’s here.)

Why Limit What’s Possible?

The “impossible” becoming possible is not just limited to physical healing. I have also personally experienced and witnessed in others seemingly impossible acts of forgiveness and heart-opening that cause divorced couples to remarry and fractured families to reunite. I have personally experienced the kind of debt that should lead to bankruptcy only to have money materialize, as if from thin air. When I was a young girl, I fell off a cliff in my attempt to gather bright red fall leaves for my mother, and as I was hanging by one arm from a bush that was coming unrooted from the earth over a great chasm that would have killed me should I have fallen, I was rescued by what I can only describe as an angel who materialized just long enough to save me and then disappeared right in front of my disbelieving eyes. I have witnessed a healer materialize matter out of the palms of her empty hands. I have seen resurrections of apparently dead animals. I have been touched by things I cannot see and given instructions on how to save someone else’s life from voices that have no form. 

I have questioned my sanity time and time again and felt frightened to tell others about my experiences for fear that you all would think I’m either crazy or special, when I don’t believe I’m either.

Miracle, Find Us Now

My friend SARK once stood on a street corner when she was hungry and broke and said, “Miracle, find me now,” only to have seven $100 bills fly down the street. I wish to invoke the same prayer with regard to our species, our planet, our environment, and the polarization that is killing the world right now. The reason I’m telling you all these miracle stories is because we need for the impossible to become possible if we’re going to turn things around in our culture.

I never thought any of the things I described in this blog were possible. Growing up in a very strict Christian family with a very rational, scientific, skeptical physician father, having graduated from highly academic training programs at universities like Duke and Northwestern, miracles were limited to Jesus and not accessible to mere mortals like us. But if we are all connected, and we all have a Divine spark inside of us, then we too can be miracle workers and receivers of miracles. A Course In Miracles defines a miracle as any time when we choose love over fear. I think it’s even simpler than that. I think we can feel the fear, comfort it, get intimate with it, hold our fears as precious inner children deserving of our tenderness, and expand in love to include the scared parts, allowing us to love and fear at the same time.

Dear God/Goddess, may the impossible become possible as we all heal together, heal our planet, heal our rifts, heal our judgments, heal our broken hearts, heal our inner children, and restore our connection to Love Itself.

With tears in my eyes,

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