Like any good doctor, I was indoctrinated early on in the masculine way to operate, not just in the operating room, but in the world.

The Rules 



Put your ass in the chair until it’s done.

Make it happen.

Go for it.

Chase it.

Will it.

Put your nose to the grindstone.

No pain, no gain.



Cling to it if it feels like it’s slipping away.

If it’s not going well, try harder.




But for the love of God, never let ‘em see you sweat.

And for Pete’s sake, don’t stop and savor what you’ve achieved, because there’s a bigger goal right around the corner.

It Works 

It’s a “successful” strategy if your goal is world domination via sheer might, ten thousand hours, the force of your will, noble levels of determination, and utter exhaustion. If you’re trying to build a business, write a book, achieve a vision, complete a project, or otherwise bring into form something that exists only in your mind, I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of the masculine approach.

Trust me. I know. I spent about three decades of my life operating in this masculine paradigm of “success.” And I’m here to tell you – it works.  I aced medical school, became full partner in my medical practice, turned my art into a thriving business, and transformed my blog into a multi-six-figure business that helps many.

This way of operating in the world has been adaptive for me. I’m not sure I could have survived twelve years of medical education without it. But as Dr. Christiane Northrup said to me two years ago, this masculine way of operating, which once served us in medical school, will become our downfall if we don’t learn to operate in another, even more powerful way. In other words, Be Less Sperm, More Egg.

Becoming Eggy

Ever since Dr. Northrup said this to me when I was in the midst of a back-breaking book tour for What’s Up Down There, the words have rung in my ears. What if, instead of pushing to make things happen – swimming upstream, trying harder, in essence, being spermy – what if I could let things come to me, sit back and trust, wait for the sperm to come to me – in essence, be eggy?

So began a two year quest to become more feminine in how I operate in the world.

In my beloved mastermind group, which includes Mike Robbins, Amy Ahlers, Steve Sisgold, and Christine Arylo, being spermy vs. eggy has become part of our discourse for both the men and the women. Although three of the five of us are women, all five of us have spent most of our lives operating in primarily masculine ways – quite successfully, I might add. But all five of us now believe there’s another, more trusting, more relaxed, more attractive, more faith-based, more grounded way to operate, and we’re all on a mission to become more eggy, not just in business, but in life.

Defining “Eggy”

To be eggy is to set goals but release attachment to outcomes, to surrender to what wants to happen, rather than pushing for what you will to happen. To be eggy is to put your desires out there without doing anything to bring them into being.  Being eggy isn’t being lazy or lacking ambition; it’s simply trusting that when you move in the direction of joy, ease, peace, harmony, and love, the Universe, like an army of sperm, falls over itself trying to bring your desires into form.

Being eggy certainly isn’t hard – it’s quite soft, actually. But it’s not easy, because being eggy requires managing the anxiety that comes with not pushing and overworking.  When you’re working your ass off, at least you can reassure yourself with the knowledge that you’re “doing everything you can.”  When you’re being eggy, you might feel like a slacker, and that might freak you out, and then you might lose faith in the power of your eggyness- and then, paradoxically, being eggy doesn’t work.

Eggy requires faith. In her book Finding Your Way In A Wild New World, Martha Beck, my business partner in the Find Your Calling program, teaches that being eggy requires playing until you feel like resting and then resting until you feel like playing.  According to Martha, who, as a Harvard PhD-turned bestselling author, knows how to be spermy with the best of us, the surest way to bring into form something your heart desires is to move doggedly in the direction of your joy.

The Dark Side Of The Masculine

Like I said, this masculine way of operating in the world can be highly effective. Ambition and hard work and the ten thousand hours it takes to master a skill can serve you quite well. Until it doesn’t anymore, when you realize that it’s time to stop striving because you’re already enough.

The problem with acting in this masculine way, unbalanced by the feminine, is that by working so hard that you exhaust yourself, you not only run the risk of making yourself sick; you also fail to leave room for mystery, for the Universe to work its magic, for the creation of something even greater than what you were trying to create, for the perfect sperm to find its way to you.

How Do You Operate?

I’ll be writing more about being eggy vs. being spermy in a five part series. The next blog post focuses on how all desires are not created equal and how being eggy is not the same as the “law of attraction” promoted by New Age gurus. So if this resonates with you and you’d like to learn more – or if you think this would help someone you know – make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter list.

How do you go about manifesting your dreams? Are you spermy? Eggy? Tell us your stories. If you’re more on the spermy side, what fears come up for you when you think about being eggy?

Egging you on,

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  1. wendy merron

    Hi Lissa,
    Your post has come at a perfect time for me. I’ve been struggling with forcing myself to focus on the marketing of my upcoming book. (Powerful Thinking on Purpose ).Do I want to share my book with thousands? Of course! But using willpower to keep up an intensive workload is not appealing. Nor do I think it’s effective.
    This week I’ve been focusing on shifting my thoughts about the process. If it’s a struggle, there is too much negativity involved which is not a good thing. When my intention as well as my old attachment to outcome changes, it’s much easier.
    I like your idea of being “eggy” and I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts.
    Thanks for a perfect post 🙂

  2. Laura Badger

    Thank you, Lissa! This post is so appropriate to the female in me! All of my life the masculine is what I’ve thought should be done. It’s the quiet, reflective times in the woods, or painting, or writing that fuel the fire. I’ve tried the “man stuff.” Make it happen is a mantra in the sales field, filled with overweight, stressed-out men. No longer need that “chest bumping” attitude!

  3. Ti

    I am drawn to becoming more eggy, but a lingering doubt keeps bugging me. All the people who are preaching the eggy gospel got to where they are by being spermy. Do you know of anyone who has embraced egginess from the beginning and had that much success? There seems to be a pattern of making one’s money and reputation and gaining skill in the traditional masculine way and then embracing the feminine. Is it possible that a combination makes the most sense?

    • Ellen

      What a great question! And you’re right — most of the people who are inspiring me now have advanced degrees and past careers in business/law/medicine/psychology where they made piles of money. They weren’t happy, so now they’re eggy. I wonder if those are normal life cycles or whether it’s possible to balance both throughout a lifetime.

      • Kerrilee


        As someone who is on the younger end of things, I’m finding I’m having a tough time because I happily egged my way through my youth, including a Master’s in Education. I then taught for a few years, and am now trying to do major fundraising (very spermy activity) in order to open a school, and I feel fairly adrift, having never pushed for things in that masculine sort of way.

        Generally, I’m very happy with my life, but I also want this school to come into being. Can one really egg their way to several million dollars?

        • Tanya

          Yes, this is my question too… is the feeling that being eggy isn’t enough to get to where I want to be financially just my own mental conditioning from a spermy world? Like what would that really look like? To be a whole, complete, perfect egg from start to finish? Inception to fruition? Is it possible or even desirable? Part of me is jumping up and down screaming yes, of course it is and the other part is rolling her eyes and shaking her head pityingly at such naiveté… I am definitely an egg at heart but have always felt / been told / seen in others that it’s just not always enough or at least not always the right approach… Hmmm… So much to think about.

          • Sarah

            Tanya, have you come to any answers to this question? I, too, have always been eggy, and have considered myself for years to be a “classic underachiever.” But pushing feels dreadful to me.

      • Lissa Rankin, MD

        I do think, to some degree Ellen, that being spermy is part of being youthful, at least spiritually youthful, and that becoming eggy is part of the evolution of the soul. Could I have been eggy and survived medical school? I don’t think so. But as Dr. Northrup said, what was once adaptive for us as female doctors will become our downfall if we don’t shift gears.

        We require both egg and sperm- a balance. I’ll be talking more about that in Part 5 of this series, so stay tuned!

  4. Piper Larson

    Yes – I agree completely. Using the feminine approach has been instrumental in several major shifts in my life.

    For years I chased everything I wanted, using the masculine approach. I had success, but it come with incredible amounts of stress and eventually lead to health challenges.

    Once I began setting intentions, following my instincts and becoming almost playful with it…everything started changing. I started calling in the things I wanted vs. chasing after them. It’s made all the difference. Great article, Lissa!

  5. Nicolette

    This post hit me between the eyes…. THANK YOU.
    I spent almost 20 years in the ad biz being spermy to the point that in my dreams, I showed up as a man. I truly thought I had to be more masculine to prove myself; to be accepted. Yes, I was successful but also unhappy and unfulfilled. I had detached from my feminine fearing I would be seen as soft/weak. I had lost my passion and didn’t know why.
    Now, out on my own & in a completely different field I am definitely finding myself much happier and more eggy – but still find myself pushing/striving/clutching from time to time. Funnily enough, now when I am thinking spermy thoughts, I doubt myself/my ability, am more critical and less happy. When I’m eggy, things flow more easily and I am much more calm, confident, and clear.
    How ironic that I had to get to menopause to discover my eggy self.
    Thank you for all that you are doing.

    • Lissa Rankin, MD

      LOL about the menopause part Nicolette!

  6. Joanna Warwick

    It was great to see this post – I work with so many of my clients about embracing their eggy but it has also been a hard lesson for me having been heavily endoctrinated to be spermy, especially as a professional sportswoman in my earlier years.. As you say learning to sit with the anxiety is tricky and as I move forward shining more in my life new challenges appear where I need to return back to trusting, because when your spermy the universe brings you exactly what you need to grow and get what you want but at the time it may not always be something you want and can be challenging .. I look forward to the next post – embrace the eggy and find balance with the universe 😉

  7. Rebecca

    The learning came in increments:

    – Raised in fundamentalist Christian religion, unallowed to wear pants, cut my hair and the rest of it.

    – Then I got into competitive sports and for a solid decade pushed, forced, and hustled myself. The masculine side broke me down, I tell ya, injuries everywhere, even in my spirit.

    – Learned about alpha versus beta in relationships. Began to wait more, do less, sit, ponder, think. But particularly just wait. And be happy at the same time.

    – This last year in university, I do way less studying, but seem to get the same high grades.

    I want to learn more though… about flowing…and attracting… 🙂

  8. Teri Conrad

    Wow Lissa! You can’t IMAGINE how timely this post is! I ALWAYS love your stuff, but this has hit me between the eyes!

    I’m going through a major life and career transition and have so many of my friends giving me different advice but something inside me says

    be patient.
    be quiet.
    be still.
    get clear.
    have faith.

    Which is nearly impossible when everyone is panicking for me! I really needed to hear this today. You have NO idea! Bless you.

    • Lissa Rankin, MD

      YES YES YES!
      My wisdom is telling me the exact same thing as yours.

      Trust it.
      With love

  9. Debra Dennis

    Hi Dr. Lissa,

    I recently discovered you at the Take Back Your Health Conference here in DC and just loved your message and passion. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world.
    As a Mind-Body Transformation Coach, specializing in Body Image and Weight Loss, I see that the word of Nutrition is grounded in the Masculine…numbers driven, one-directional, goal oriented and struggle. We’re told to eat a certain amount of food, count calories, measure our portions and weigh ourselves daily. Although this is important for some people, many of us hold toxic beliefs causiing a stress response in our lives daily. Many of us need to work deeper than merely with numbers. We need to explore our purpose, our passions and our pleasures. We need to add more love into our lives so that when we lose the weight we arrive in a loving body. How many of us have lost weight and still feel unattractive, unsexy and unfulfilled? As I’ve learned through my studies with the Institute of the Psychology of Eating, the field of Nutrition has lacked the Feminine approach forever.
    I’m learning to work with my clients, yes even my male clients, to let go of forcing their bodies, fighting their bodies, punishing it with exercise and holding down their emotions. The missing piece to Nutrition is called Nourishment. We must reconnect with Relaxation, Openness and Surrendering.

    • Lissa Rankin, MD

      I love this Debra- Nourishment, rather than Nutrition.

  10. Kayla Ramsay

    Thanks for this Lissa. This is so spot on. Especially when you say ‘you’re already enough’. Your post echoes a post I made a few days ago on a similar topic. Maybe we’re observing the same ‘pressure’ out there in the world!

    Also, there’s a story, Layla and Manjun, from Sufi literature that reminds me of the things you offen say about femininity. I’ll post it here because I think you’ll like it…

    “The story symbolizes not only the love of man and woman in Allah, but the love of man for Allah. In these poems the heroine is elevated to symbolize the Divine Reality itself. The Divine Reality is spoken of in terms of female beauty. The hero goes in quest of the Divine, which is a masculine act. In contrast to Christian mysticism, in which God is actively masculine and the devotee is passively feminine, Sufi love stories depict the Beloved as a woman who is a Presence waiting in stillness while the hero is in quest for her.

    The name Laylá comes from the word layl meaning ‘night’. Night represents the Unmanifest. In the Arabian desert, the night is a reality without boundaries: forms are dissolved, no sand dunes or camels or anything else visible, all is formless, nothing but darkness. This is direct symbolism of the unmanifested aspect of the Divine Nature, Allah as Unmanifest. Blackness absorbs all light, as it is above manifestation, so it symbolizes the Beyond-Being. In the poem, Layla was named for the blackness of her hair and the beauty of the night. By extension, it in fact refers to the beauty of the Divine Reality beyond this world, beyond the act of creation, and therefore the supreme goal that the Sufi seeks to reach. The name of Majnûn literally means ‘crazy’, but here it means someone not in an ordinary state of mind, symbolizing a person in quest of Allah. In this world in which most people forget Allah, the person who remembers Him is considered crazy. As the male figure, Majnûn symbolizes the aspect of yearning and striving, going out in quest of Layla, while she is just sitting and combing her hair. The one who undertakes the journey, longing and crying for Layla, is the soul of the Sufi.”


    With love xx

  11. Paula

    This e-mail came in an interesting time. I have been so lost lately! I had been working on a fiction book during the summer, a time which I felt the greatest version of myself, saw the positive side of everything, believed, trusted the process/my wisdom/the universe, all due to a great love that mirrored back to me the person I had forgotten for more than 20 years that I was. And so I started submitting the book to agencies. And even if I didn’t receive a reply from those 4 I applied to, I wasn’t anxious or worried, because I had no doubts about the eventual publication of my book. It just knew it would, like everything, happen at the right time, so I wasn’t desperately clinging to the results, but going with the flow, which felt a lot nicer and made me able to breathe and enjoy life meanwhile.
    But something very big happened in the beginning of last month, which was a very difficult, almost impossible month to deal with, which made me fall down from my cloud of bliss and made me smack really hard on the ground. So i’ve been having a lot of difficulty going to that place of joy I discovered in the summer, that place of positivity, belief and no doubt. And now… I want to submit my book to more agencies, but I am terrified of touching it, because I am afraid all this negative energy that has been weighing me down this past month will go connected to it and i’ll only attract rejection. I am afraid that if I don’t go back to that place of self-belief, I will only attract stuff that won’t work. So I feel stuck and lost. Not sure what to do at this moment… I do have to submit it to more agents so it can get picked up, but how do I make myself believe it will work, if I in such a lost state at this moment? Should I just wait for everything to calm down again and regain some balance? Or submit and egg about it?

    • Lissa Rankin, MD

      Dear Paula,
      Only your Inner Pilot Light knows the true answer to the questions you’ve asked, but my first instinct is to ask you whether not submitting to more agencies is you being eggy (in which case, embrace it) or you self-sabotaging (in which case, might be time to muster up a little sperm.)

      Noodle it- and report back!

      Trusting your process

      • Paula

        Thank you for the reply Lissa. But I am in a place right now where I can’t hear my Inner Pilot Light, so I really don’t know. Also, the literary business is so subjective, a non-reply may mean no interest, but it may not mean that, because sometimes they take months, so there is no sure way to know. It doesn’t feel like the right moment, with this heavyness weighing me down… it’s like I’m hoping but I don’t believe. And so that is what I will attract, right? 🙁

  12. Christie Gause-Bemis

    I definitely grew up in the midwest, hard-work, success driven culture. Up early, stay late. Push hard and you will be rewarded. I had my first job at the age of 14 and at 42 have not stopped working since. My father never called in sick and worked as a pipefitter, blue collar, union job, all the way. The spermy way passed down. It got me through undergrad and it got me through graduate school. It wasn’t until I met my husband, whom is much more eggy than I, that I learned to slow down and enjoy. That relaxation breeds creation. Being a teacher he is “off” in the summer and does not feel the need to fill his time. He enjoys being with our kids. Is seldom tense about the small stuff in life. He is very supportive of the create your own hours, work is only a part of who you are, find balance-kind of life I am currently developing for myself. I am finding my inner-eggy and really enjoying life much more!

  13. Cheryl

    Reading this post, I intuitively KNOW that it’s the right way to go, but I’m actually at my desk at work sobbing (don’t worry! I closed the door!) because the idea terrifies me so much. All of the “what ifs” and anxieties pop up immediately. I know that being aggressive typically doesn’t feel good to me, but I am so scared of being weak and shrinking into the background. I had to learn how to be spermy (i’m still not great at it!) and letting that go terrifies me. I get a lot of flack from other women who talk about having to compete and be outspoken and “masculine” in order to succeed…

    I think, in essence, what’s making me cry here is the fear that if I don’t push, don’t grasp, I wont get what I deserve… or rather, I’ll get what I deserve, which is a big fat nothing. I believe that I’ve only gotten anywhere in this world because I’ve forced it – career, relationships, everything… and I don’t really deserve those things based on my own merit, but because of the aggressive nature through which I got them. I’ve spent my life believing that things only happen if you make them happen – otherwise you don’t deserve them. So I’m totally freaked out that I’ll never get the love that I want (that’s my big issue right now) if I don’t put in the effort, because no one will ever see that I deserve it.

    How do you know the difference between being Eggy and being lazy? There has to be a balance, right? Of going after what you want, but not being aggressive?

    I don’t know – I’d love to hear more about this!!

    • Lissa Rankin, MD

      Ooh- GREAT questions Cheryl!!!

      How do you know the difference between being eggy and being lazy?

      One is born out of trust. The other is born out of self-sabotage and fear.

      There’s a time for egg and a time for sperm (Part 5 of this series will further answer this question.) Trust your instincts on which is right for you now. You’ll know the difference based on what feels yummy- in your body, in your heart, in your gut. When it’s time for me be eggy, being spermy feels like poison now, and when it does, I know I’m not being lazy, it’s just time to trust…

      Does that help?

      With love

      • Cheryl

        Thanks Lissa – that makes sense…
        It just then becomes the issue of knowing how to hear that inner voice, and trust that it’s real… very scary (yet exciting) stuff!

  14. Lila

    This came at such a great time for me, I’ve been “transmuting” for the past 10.5 months and just did decide that I have everything I need. I am so GRATEFUL that you validated my feelings…

    I LOVE the term being eggy and will use it often, thanx for that gift.

    3.5 years I started “losing” everything, that was also a gift I am GRATEFUL for…I am going to sit back and start receiving now. Thanx love <3

  15. Shawna Moore

    I call it my less desperate phase. Seems to be working so far. Glad to hear the rest of the super cool women artist yogi teachers are in the same flow! or at least on their way! Keep in mind however, that all that hard work has brought us to this point. Not sure if you can start out totally Eggy and run that program the whole time. You will know it when the egg is ready!

  16. Anna

    Yes, yes.
    I have worked in Health care for 40 years, and recently developed a heart condition which I am grateful for because “my heart” forced my to ask “my heart”….what really really matters?

  17. LiZa Bliss

    Thank you everyone who posted and to you Lissa for bringing my heart out to play today.

    Like many others I was drenched in the masculine for so long, well it was the only way business use to be done. Remember when we had to act like male execuitives, scratch, dig and claw our way up a corporate ladder with limited access because we were female in body?

    I do believe that the new world energy is more balanced. The youth of today have a more spermy-eggy attitude and not just an either or. It is my hopes that our children will have access to an easier road as we have paved the way.

    There is no right or wrong only that that is and all is well.

    In love, light and laughter,


  18. Dawn

    Greetings from New Zealand

    Thank you for this it is SO time appropiate.

    Today is my last day at work. For the last 5.5 years I have been working in emergency services. My health was suffering and I hit the wall. Enough is enough so I resigned.

    I have no job to go to and I am my sole support – financially anyway – so this is a huge thing for me. I may have to go bankrupt

    But you know what it feels right! I am letting the universe show me my next step 🙂

    I am so excited, have a smile on my face and am ready for whatever the universe brings…… being very eggy

  19. Janis

    Hi Lissa!

    I love the idea of what you are saying and I believe it is absolutely true. Growing up in a home with a very dominant father, all brothers, and a mother who was considered weak because she had emotional problems, I have always strived to meet my goals head-on, just like my brothers and father. I thought it was the way to succeed, and quite frankly, I wanted their approval. And there have been times when that approach has really served me well, as you mentioned, such as going to school.

    But lately (over the past 5-6 years), I have become increasingly unwilling to operate that way. I had found the cost too high. The problem is I didn’t know what the problem was. I kept berating myself, “why don’t you just make it happen (like I used too)?” I had some vague ideas gleaned from books and articles, but nothing concrete to explain my “lack of motivation.” I have been warring with myself all this time so I felt a real glimmer of hope and relief as I read your post. I am looking forward to reading HOW you made the transition.

    Thank you, so much,


  20. Graeme

    Hello Lissa,

    Thank you for a great post. Being a man and trained as a surgeon I realise how I have been completely indoctrinated in this masculine approach to life, and you are quite right, it has been very successful, in a material and status realm.

    But the cost: to my mental and physical health, my relationships, my empathy, kindness and compassion, has been astronomical, and it has literally brought me to my knees.

    And now, a beautiful woman (an amazing grace and an angel) is helping, teaching and guiding me, and I am so grateful to this feminine way, how it has helped me heal, and how it is then moving on to help others through me.

    too all of you wonderful woman out there
    you are an inspiration
    we cannot thank you enough


    • Lissa Rankin, MD

      Dear Graeme,
      Bless you. I can’t tell you how much your comment moves me. For years, I have feared how doctors will treat me if I speak what is true for me. After years of trauma at the hands of my teachers and colleagues, the wounds were deep and I’ve spent years healing them so I can do this work.

      So when you write something like this, you actually become the healer of me.

      Isn’t this how it should be? Doctor to doctor- healer to healer- in support of each other so we can support those we seek to heal?

      Thank you. I’m so glad you’re here and opening and getting eggy. The world is a better place because you’re in it.

      With love and gratitude

    • Midge

      Go, Graeme!
      You’re surrounded and embraced with the feminine—and you are both the masculine and the feminine, in perfect imperfection and divine balance, as are we all.

  21. Cynthia


    Absolutely LOVED this post!! Made me laugh as I completely identify with being spermy;) I have passed this on to my best friend who has since signed up to receive your posts. We can’t wait for part 2!


  22. sheila mccann

    Hiya Lissa,

    Yay! I love this dialogue and feel a kinship with it having spent the last 5 years creating an online cartoon series called fisheggs based on the sperm and the egg. I am definitely eggy by nature and know a lot of great things in my life have resulted from being eggy. However, I recently took your amazing Visionary Ignition Switch course and realized I needed to be more spermy in my approach toward manifesting. I have since taken action and my cartoon calendar comes out next month and has been well received by doctors, biologists and teachers. This bit of spermy action has complemented my eggy nature in manifesting my dreams. I look forward to you new book mind over medicine!

  23. Suguna Challa

    Dear Lissa,

    This mail of yours has taken the breath our of me. Its like someone has just held a mirror to me and I see myself in it (I am stunned). I thought “This explains it! Maybe this is the way I have been always been”.

    You know for some years I have been struggling with this way of being, since it conflicted with what was expected of me, especially in my job. I have been considering myself a misfit as a scientist, since I do not do the things required to be successful. My boss has often told me that although I am a good scientist, I don’t manage to achieve “success”, because I always “take the path of least resistance”, I am not ambitious, etc, etc, And I have been dealing with ” the anxiety that comes with not pushing and overworking”. I am often told that I am not “doing everything I can.” And I beat myself up about not being good enough and I wonder where I went wrong.

    All through my student life, I never bothered about getting the top grades. It never seemed to matter. I only studied what I enjoyed, often at the expense of what I was supposed to. Whatever required “hard work” I just did not do. And whenever I got good grades, awards etc. it would be for things which I did without any effort because I enjoyed it.

    So, as you can imagine, I am waiting for your next post to see how to be “eggy”.

    I love some of your posts,


  24. RevCoach La Tonia

    Greetings SG Lissa,

    I love how this reminder mentors me. Thank you.

    I recently included a network marketing business in my business “short-cut” or so I thought. In the beginning it was magical. I found it to be magical because I was Turned-On. Being a Turned -On Woman matters to my life now and when I’m not living from the center of my own cup being full, running on fumes shuts down my engine. My finances are still recovering from the output in that masculine, grind, go get, sell a dream while living a nightmare business and so is the rest of me. It’s counter intuitive, even as I work what my other lovely money mentor, Barbara Stanny, calls a “Bridge Job”.

    Once the light of the Goddess gets turned-on, it is traumatic to the soul to turn it off. I witnessed this amongst the crew of us who operated from Turn-On. I am more committed however to push the edges or my divine work with women and girls to rebirth themselves, like never before. So, I’m grateful that I have a very spermy reference point. Yet, committed to the Egg Life.

    La Tonia

  25. Mercedes

    What a wonderful post, Lisa!
    I al going through the same process, of manifesting my dreams from a gentle and loving way, instead of coming from a pushy-forceful way!
    I’ve manifested my life dream of becoming a professional big wave surfer through the “masculine” approach. I know it works, but the journey was tough. I lost my joy in the process and forgot how to have fun with my surfing. That led me to a breakdown and to review how I wanted to manifest my life dreams from that time on.
    My dream now is to write my book (on how to manifest through love and joy!). I am living a wonderful process of enjoying each step of the way and only doing what makes me joyful. It is such a different approach. I am discovering that there is nothing to “get to” or accomplish. It is all about living my joy daily and that joy takes my to my dreams.
    Thanks for an amazing post!

  26. Angelica Umali

    Hi Lissa,

    I can totally relate with every single word that you have said. I have also witnessed the dark side of The Masculine — i was sick for a year, doctors couldn’t diagnose it, and to top it all, I was still doing the same things I have been doing for the past 3 centuries. As a result, my body reached a state of total burn out.

    I have, since then, left my 18-year career and have been traveling for 4 months now — learning to live in the feminine. It was strange in the beginning but now, i understand what going with the flow actually means! And life is equally happening, and continues to surprise me.

    Im glad there is a new way to be, that also achieves results. I’m learning all about this new balance.

    I appreciate your work 🙂



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