A Love Letter From Your “Inner Pilot Light” on Valentine’s Day

Dear gorgeous, holy, radiant YOU,

Let me just start with the obvious. Darling…I adore you. You are the light of my life. Well…let me reframe that. As your Inner Pilot Light, I suppose I am the light of YOURS. But this is no burden for me! It is my raison d’être, my reason for being, my sacred calling—to love you unconditionally, to guide you on your authentic path, to remind you of your true nature, to love and accept and befriend all of the many parts of you, and to help you remember your wholeness, even when you forget.

I know Valentine’s Day can be triggering sometimes. If you’ve lost someone you love, Valentine’s Day can remind you of the hole you feel from their absence, and this remembering can blow your heart open with the pain of your loss. If you have a partner, you may feel disappointed in how your partner expresses love, perhaps in a love language different from yours. If you don’t have a partner, any number of insecure, self-critical parts can have a field day, attacking you for not being good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, wise enough, sexy enough, loving enough, [fill in your blank] enough… These parts can exhaust you on what is meant to be a day of remembering to love.

I am here to embrace and accept and love even those self-attacking parts.

Let me speak the truth of how I truly see you in your deepest, most soulful wholeness.

You are the shooting star, the tulip in bloom, the rainbow after the downpour, and the toothless grin of a happy baby at the breast of a mother who is doing the best she can and still kicking herself for not being the perfect mother. You are a pile of puppies, rolling around, licking and nipping and playing, without a care in the world. You are the first bud of the cherry blossoms, emerging in spring to announce that winter’s war is ending and summer’s play days are on the horizon.

You are a Rumi poem, a Mozart sonata, a Michelangelo painting, and a children’s squeaky orchestra concert. You are an old grove redwood forest, the green flash at sunset, a lunar eclipse, and a meteor shower. You are whales spouting, a leopard on the hunt, and a leafy sea dragon floating the depths of the ocean like God’s work of art.

Your radiance stuns me, and your shadows enliven me, giving me a chance to see all of you. Your curiosity about the world touches my heart, as I see how sweet your mind is, wanting to know the unknowable mystery, as minds just love to think. Your heart is a masterpiece, full, as it is, with wonder and awe and a waterfall of affection, as well as the scars of a million disappointing, grief-stricken, illusion-shattering heartbreaks. The courage you’ve shown to keep your heart open takes my breath away. It’s so tempting to shut down when your heart has been hurt. It’s a natural defense, a completely understandable reaction to a world full of trauma. But even that slight crack you keep open, the crack of hope that yearns to believe that love is still real, touches me to my the core of my sparkle and lets everyone see what burns through that crack (me!).

On this Valentine’s Day, I want to say everything you need to hear in order to heal and feel fully loved. You know better than I do exactly what those words are, the words he or she didn’t say, the loving actions you didn’t receive, the tender caresses that didn’t come, the gentle rocking with your body cradled on the lap of the one whose touch you long for.

Let me give you everything you didn’t get. Let me love you so fully inside your own heart, saying to you everything your hurt parts need to hear, giving you whatever you didn’t get when you deserved to be treated like the precious gift that you are. Let me shower you with kisses, praise your beauty, your talent, your intelligence, your giving heart. Let me hold you and rock you and whisper sweet nothings in your sweet little ears. Let me reassure you that I will never leave you. I never can. I am with you always, here forever in the sanctuary of your own heart.

I am the one you’ve been waiting for…

With me by your side, others can come—or go. I can love you so fully from inside your own heart that you are full to the brim with all the love the Universe can shower upon you. Any love you get outside yourself is simply icing—lovely to have, a sweet confection to savor, but not necessary in order for you to feel whole. When you are so full to overflowing with Divine love, human love is still a blessing to be cherished, but you’ll feel less needy, less dependent on getting your needs met outside your own heart.

I am here for you, Beloved. It is my joy, my whole purpose, just to remind you what a treasure you are, in all your messy, radiant, not enough, too much, imperfect, over-the-top, insecure, effervescent, expanded, contracted, magnificent glory. I am the One who can love all of your parts, demonizing no part, accepting every part. You are adorable, my love. I absolutely cherish every single part of you—your protector parts, your scared parts, your vulnerable exiled parts, your checked out parts, your rebellious teenager acting out parts, your sabotaging parts—I love them all and I hold you in my Great Arms of Love. I am the part of you that is not a part, and you can always count on me.

If you close your eyes right now, I have a Valentine’s Day message for you. If you nuzzle right up to me and listen close, you’ll hear it.


Your Inner Pilot Light


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