A Love Letter to Humanity during Uncertain Times



On the day after a heartbreaking debate, in the midst of many global crises, when many of us find ourselves feeling fury, helplessness, and grief, drowning in shadow, I wanted to share with you a love letter. This is not meant to bypass the very human emotions many of us feel or to squelch any impulse that might arise in you to serve love through your activism. (You can read about my own fury about last night’s debate on Facebook here). But sometimes, we do need to be reminded that all of this upheaval is part of the Lila, the Divine play. Let this reminder soothe your nervous system and awaken your soul.

Dear Human,

Once upon a time, in a pool of vast rich darkness, Consciousness became aware of itself as an energy of love. For a while, it was enough to just be Conscious in this dark, full vastness of pure love. Consciousness itself was breathtaking—or it would be, if only Consciousness had breath. But as this artificial thing called “time” passed, Consciousness craved a deeper experience of itself. So Consciousness created matter, and the cosmos was born.

Oh, what a field day the Divine Goddess Consciousness had creating the energy of love in physical form! Like a fairy godmother with a magic wand, Consciousness created Earth from a cosmic soup that sprung to life in the form of rainforests dripping with dew, oceans teeming with sea creatures, a daytime sky bursting with cumulus clouds and decorated with hummingbirds and a nighttime sky glistening with stars. Consciousness was so delighted with this playful past time of creation that it kept creating more and more matter. Dinosaurs! Pterodactyls! Venus fly traps! Leafy sea dragons! Wow!

All of these creations were little pieces of Consciousness itself, playing with form, dancing in the cosmic waltz of the imagination of Consciousness. Because Consciousness is infinite, there’s plenty to go around. All of these creations were birthed from the seeds of the pure potential of Consciousness, yet they never become less than Consciousness Itself. They appear separate, and yet they are not. The jacaranda tree is no less a part of Consciousness than the dolphin. Consciousness dreams something up and then, “Abra-ca-dabra!” Like magic, form is created. Like a kid with a Lego set, Consciousness kept pushing the envelope of what else was possible. Caterpillars that turn into butterflies! Polar bears! Plumeria flowers! How cool!

Even Consciousness can’t always anticipate what will happen when Consciousness experiments. Happy accidents occur, and Consciousness is delighted. At least that’s how Consciousness might have felt when Consciousness evolved into human form.

It took a few millennia, but after some tinkering, Consciousness envisioned humans, and YOU, my darling, were born. You—capable of skipping and skiing and climbing trees and appreciating jaguars. You—able to gaze at redwoods and swim in the ocean and dance the tango and make love with another human. You—capable of savoring chocolate and making up languages and singing music and riding horses and rafting rivers. You—capable of coming in and out of Consciousness during wakefulness and sleep but also capable of dreaming, just like Consciousness itself can do. You—able to experience life in ways Consciousness could not experience it when it was alone in the vast darkness.

What else could humans do? Could they think and problem solve? Yes! Could they envision a painting and then create it out of nothingness, just as Consciousness creates? Yes! Could they build pyramids in the desert and great structures of stone atop mountains? Yes!  Could they create beauty and then appreciate it? Yes! Joy! Could humans fall in love with each other? Yes! Like a child in a sandbox building castles, Consciousness was delighted with the game it was playing.

But what if the game could get more interesting? Perhaps Consciousness could play a little game with itself and everything it creates—a cosmic game of hide and seek. How exciting. You are One with Consciousness, and yet, Consciousness is playing with you and you may not even know it. What a fun challenge to let you glimpse the truth and then hide you from it with veils of forgetting. You are the Universe, yet you might think you’re just a brain with thoughts, trapped inside a flesh robot. Oh, how adorable are humans, how fun is this game!

But games are more fun when there are obstacles to overcome. So Consciousness started imagining ways to make the game more interesting. How can you know light unless you know darkness? How can you celebrate ecstasy unless you have despair to measure it by? How can you know what a soul connection feels like unless you have felt the pain of disconnection? Consciousness got more creative.

Could humans fight? Yes. Could humans get sick and feel physical pain? Yes. Could humans break each other’s hearts? Could they alter their experience of consciousness with alcohol and drugs? Yes indeed. Could humans hurt one another? Could they betray each other? Could they lie, cheat, steal, and get jealous? Could they abuse their own children? Could they become addicts? Could they start wars and “other” their enemies? Could they spew hatred on national television during political debates, as if they’ve forgotten that we are all One with Consciousness Itself, that we cannot harm any other part of the body of Consciousness without harming our seemingly separate human selves? Yes. Of course. Anything is possible when Consciousness imagines it.

Could humans die? Could they kill themselves? Could they kill each other? Why, yes, in fact, you will, in fact, die. Not because Consciousness doesn’t love Itself, doesn’t love YOU. But because Consciousness realized that the game of being human, the full rich experience of human life on Earth, can be exhausting, even to Consciousness. Just like the athlete needs to rest after playing in the Olympic Games, humans need to return to the vast darkness of Consciousness Itself, free from the limitations of form, in order to recharge and replenish, so Consciousness can play and learn and grow some more—in a human body.

When a human is born, form becomes animated with a spark of Consciousness itself, and when the human dies, the life force of Consciousness, like a drop of rain, rejoins the ocean of Consciousness, merging with all other sparks of Consciousness, yet never ceasing to be the drop of rain. Here in the ocean of pure formless Consciousness, the drop of rain can rest and replenish, with no need to eat or sleep or breathe or ski or DO anything humans can do. Joined with all the other raindrops of Consciousness in the great sea, the drop of rain reunites and loses its sense of separation, remembering that the drop of rain is Consciousness itself, remembering that all other forms—including human forms—are Consciousness itself, remembering that everything that happens on Earth is perfection itself, created such that Consciousness can fully experience its own possibility, without judging anything as “right” or “wrong,” without differentiating between the profane and the sacred, recognizing that all of it is Consciousness playing with Consciousness, the Godself witnessing the Godself with all its myriad faces.

Darling precious human, you forget this when you are in the realm of form. You forget that you are Consciousness Itself, that Consciousness created you in order to experience Itself more fully, to play in the cosmic sandbox, to create EVERYTHING. But it’s okay that you forget. This is intentional! You swim as a drop of rain in the ocean of Consciousness itself until the moment you take form, and then you are hit with a wicked case of amnesia. You forget what it was like to be in the ocean, to be the ocean itself. You go back to thinking you are a drop of rain, all by your little lonesome in your baby crib, crying because Mommy left you by yourself. Your wee heart breaks, and yet this is all part of the game. You get to start the game all over again. What is the game? To learn and grow and enrich Consciousness with the full realm of life force potential and then to remember, once more, that you are Consciousness Itself, never separate from Mommy, never separate from that which created you. The game is all about remembering that you are LOVE ITSELF. Nothing more. Nothing less. Drink that in, dear human. Consciousness delights in itself all over again every time another form of life is born. Consciousness cheers, simply because YOU exist, in all your perfect messy humanness.

A 3-year-old human was caught on a baby monitor whispering to his baby brother, “Tell me about God. I already forgot.”

It’s okay that you forget, dear human. But the time is coming when you need to stay in a body and remember once more. We have gone far enough with this game of separation. It’s time to remember that we are all connected. This is why things look so desperate on your planet right now, because you, dear human, are ready to remember. We are ready to become One again. Now is the time, darling.

We are all in this together. Let us now un-forget, so we can start a new game.

With love,