For those of you who have been following me on Facebook, you know that I just made the choice to withdraw from Facebook, at least for a while. I am quite sensitive to energy these days, and my body has been having a very somatic reaction to Facebook, even when I’m not even looking at my feed. My heart so yearns for a world where unity consciousness, unconditional love, and acceptance are the norm, so it’s hard on me to witness the polarization, divisiveness, and outright hatred that I have seen on Facebook lately. When did we forget how to have conscious disagreement, to make our voice known without attacking anyone for their opinions? When did we forget how to just listen? I know I’m preaching to the choir here, so forgive me, but I just wanted to explain why I’m granting myself permission to take the original content I write and move it over here to a safe container of loving awareness. In this container, I welcome your dissent. Feel free to express yourself in the comments on this blog. I only ask that we be respectful of each other, to really listen to someone else’s point of view without getting defensive or making someone else wrong. That way, we can all feel safe to be ourselves.

OK. Enough boundary setting! Now it’s time for a magic story!

The day before the inauguration, I was taking a hike in Muir Beach, and I was standing at the Muir Beach Overlook, enjoying a brief moment of sunshine after weeks of very welcome downpours. Standing in the sun with my arms outstretched, my face drinking in the warmth and sunlight, I felt this heart opening in my chest. When I opened my eyes, I saw something just below me in the ocean. At first, I thought it was a whale. It was about the size of a whale, but it was bright white with dolphiny skin, almost like a beluga whale, only it was 3-4 times longer than a beluga (plus, we don’t have beluga whales in Muir Beach). I kept watching it, curious to figure out what I was seeing. This being was close to the surface, and because it was so bright white, it was easier to see underwater than a gray whale. I thought maybe I was an albino gray whale. But then it moved, and it didn’t move at all like a whale. I have a long-standing love affair with whales, so I know them well. This did not behave like a whale at all. It didn’t spout water. It didn’t breach or show its fluke. Instead, it moved like a water snake, almost slithering its truck-sized body through the water.

What was I seeing?

I wondered for a moment if it was some weird net cast aside from a fisherman’s boat, slithering in the waves, but then I saw that there were two more, and they were all moving like white beluga serpent dolphin eel beings. I gazed in awestruck wonder, wishing I had a camera with me.

I talk to the animals a lot, and they often talk back to me, so I thought I’d try this means of communication. “What are you?” I asked.

“We are light beings. We are here to help.”

I was moved to tears.

Later, I reached out to my spiritual mentor Trevor Hart, who communicates regularly with the OI, the “Organizing Intelligence,” which is what he calls God/Goddess. I told Trevor about what I saw, and he wrote back with this.

“WOW!!! The OI says what you saw were creatures that are NOT, in fact, indigenous to our planet’s oceans! They are highly evolved beings who just happen to live in an ocean type environment as opposed to land. They are from another planet. They have come here, or more precisely, they have been brought here, to help hold the balance and restore unity tomorrow, particularly beginning with the inauguration. Also, their revealing themselves to you was no accident. This has to be your most amazing engagement with the natural world yet!!”

I took this message all the way into my heart and felt the comfort of it. I don’t understand how these things work, and I certainly am not attached to knowing what’s true or even needing to know what’s true. I don’t know if there are alien life forms from other planets that love us and want to help. But it touches my heart to think that might be possible. What if there really are beings out there who are here to help? What if we are infinitely loved by forces we can’t even imagine? What if they are among us right here, maybe even living inside our own hearts?

May we connect with and express gratitude for all the light beings that have shown up on earth right now to hold that vibration of love, kindness, acceptance, unity, equality, peace, trust, faith, and wisdom. I know we are all allies in this grand play of life. Let us embrace this dolphin playfulness into our very Being and live one helluva life this go around!

With love and play,

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  1. Maureen 'Reney' Kelly

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience, dear Lissa!! Moved me to tears. May we continue to hold one another in the light – and be open to the love that is there for us in every form. Blessings galore!!! Love (from me and my beautiful 4-leggeds),:) Maureen

  2. Larker

    I support and respect your journey. I know your intent is always for alignment and positive energy. There are shifts we all need to make to keep moving forward, thank you for sharing and continuing to inspire individuality and person growth.

  3. Diann Martin

    I want to experience light beings too thanks

  4. Rita A Durant

    Wow! Star magic and cosmic love. Pink sparkles for you and yours! <3 My magic story from yesterday, Jan 20, 2017, Obama's last day, was receiving a letter from President Obama in response to one I'd sent him in support months ago! Woah… Magic is afoot, and "afin"! Much love, and visit anytime. Hugs, Rita

  5. Amanda

    What an amazing story! It gives me hope!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Adrienne DeGuere

    Your posts inspire me. Thank you, Lissa!

  7. Gitta Sivander

    I feel held and supported in the thought that there may be other beings supporting us on our journey through life! Your post is very inspiring to me and I like to keep this uplifted feeling for many days to come
    xxx Gitta Sivander

  8. Susan E. Schwartz

    lissa – wherever these beings exist — even if it is only in your ability to visualize them –that is wonderful. They exist. I am coming to appreciate more and more how we create our reality through what we choose to see. I am inspired by your commitment to see and create only love, expansion and peace. again and again, thank you.

  9. Raymond White

    Thank you Lissa for sharing your story. X

  10. Sheila M.

    Thank you for sharing and reminding us that we are not alone.

  11. Lily Jacobi

    Good for you! You have been supremely blessed!

  12. Gala Sanderson

    great picture – I am jumping in right now! such a timely message of hope and Love! if we all start focussing on what is needed most for us as individuals and as a Tribe – connecting to more
    beings and broadcasting welcome! to them…

  13. Kathy Kordyak-Gallagher

    You are special! Thank you for sharing your awesome and amazing experience.

  14. Kim Cochrane

    Perfect. Thank you Lissa

  15. beth

    I’m not sure what that means but I believe it is something deep within. muir beach is a place of magic. I too left Facebook for the same reasons you mentioned, and so glad I did. To come across your story is a good sign, there are others like me!
    Together we will not only survive this time but actually enjoy it as we do.

  16. Shannon

    Oh wow… thank you so much for sharing this story. I’ve heard a story from a diver in the Arctic who said he saw a mysterious cigar-shaped object that moved differently and faster than any submarine or animal he knew of. So wondrously inspiring..

  17. Stephanie

    I too am sensitive to the energies, especially on FB. I’ve only been to my notifications and Groups, don’t visit my newsfeed to often. Too much for me to take. I’ve even had to unfollow some folks. So I totally understand your need to step back. And the visitation by the Light beings, totally awesome and encouraging! I believe that’s part of why we ARE so sensitive, so that we can have an opportunity be in touch with the Beings that have come to the Earth at this time of Great Change.

  18. Gordon Yumibe

    I saw a light from the galactics opening a connection with you over a year ago…was wondering what was going to become of it…

  19. Carly S. Hitchner

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It touched me heart for I can relate to your experience and am grateful that you have the courage to share this.

  20. Mo

    I am grateful to be held within your safe container of love. It feels blessed and joyful to play where beings of light have come to offer assistance. Thank You!!!

  21. Kristen Burge

    Wow!!! Thanks so much for sharing this incredible magic story — feeling so hopeful despite the divisiveness our country has been experiencing. Thank you for continuing to share your gifts and love — big hugs and blessings to you <3 <3 <3

  22. Pam Norman

    Thank you, Lissa. This gave me happy chills.

  23. Tammy Copenhaver

    Lissa thank you for this beautiful validation of what I have been feeling as well. I think it’s a difficult time for empaths and Light Bearers who feel things so deeply within our hearts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. You give me Hope <3

  24. Lara Brekken

    So amazing, Lissa! I’m just now becoming aware of other beings sent to help us here on earth. I love the thought of it! Thank you for sharing your story and your light with all of us! ❤

  25. Fredrik Grönqvist

    Thanks! Relaxing deeper into divine support, love and oneness! Love and dolphine blessings!

  26. Rob Sphere

    Hi Lissa! Wonderful story! I was asking myself, as well as friends and those from the invisible (not always as it seems 😉 ) realms around us, why nobody interferes with what humans are doing to the planet and its inhabitants.. Karma or not, there are so many seemingly defenseless lifeforms who are ruthlessly mistreated and wiped off the face of this earth, that it’s heartbreaking for me to witness almost every day. So therefore I prayed and asked many times for help from those who surely look over our development and are with higher consciousness and possibilities to do something against this extreme amount of suffering that our planet faces these days. If some of them are really here now for help, I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    This spreads some hope again.
    I truly believe in what you saw and wish more of those helpers would show up.

    According to your fa®cebook decision I’m fully with you and totally understand what you’re writing about!
    As a musician I guess I lost a lot of opportunities, never having signed up into Facebook, when everybody left myspace over night, ’cause I felt a strong resistance against it from the very beginning. When I saw the movie about it’s beginning I knew why and ’till today I never signed up. Not more to say about it than you did already..

    Last but not least I want to thank you from my heart for the important work you are doing, being a true and wise guiding light for so many!!

    Wishing you only the best, lots of love and faith to keep up what you are doing!

    Love & Light, Rob

  27. onesparrowsflight

    Your encounter and retelling of it, made me cry.. tears of joy and relief.. My heart felt a divine collective sigh! Thank you so much! You are such a joy and such an inspiring light being yourself! xoxox

  28. Sherold Barr

    Lissa thank you for sharing. I share a special bond with whales – it’s the one experience I’ve had on the planet of oneness. I too am becoming too sensitive and have to guard my own energy. Evidently expanded consciousness = sensitivity. Thank you for sharing these experiences – speaking the truth – things that others aren’t sharing. We have entered a dark time yet this is a time that more people will hopefully awaken from their slumber;)

  29. Maya Lila Di Vento

    Thank you for having the courage to share your magic! ♡

  30. Paul Miller

    Hi Lissa, Saw your Facebook post this morning as I was contemplating my own at least temporary exit from Facebook. I took it as a synchronistic sign this was the right move for me for very similar reasons you so eloquently expressed. Wonderful post today. We are all made of love. Thanks for your words. Love and Light.

  31. Wendy Johnston

    Oh~m, Lissa, this is so deeply moving. Grateful you are in my movie. Thank you for being you and being out here in the world sharing your magnificence and blessing those ‘who have ears’. I’m listening.

  32. Val

    Lissa, Thank you for sharing your most profoundly beautiful experience with us, I started to cry when reading all that you courageously wrote! I know and experience many beings of light that are here to help us at this auspicious time on Earth. A great counsel came in to visit me some months ago and they are called the Galactic counsel of whales! Help comes in all forms of light! I, like you, have a deep resonance with the whales. Sending you hugs and love for I believe there will come a time when the consciousness will be anchored in our hearts and we will be embodying our own light ( soul) , At this point we (humanity) is in a great flux of change, busy changing into higher frequencies ( it can feel messy & difficult) Thank you for being the amazing presence that you are! I need to know that beautiful hearts such as yours are here:):):)

  33. Suzanne

    Wow I love this. At first I thought maybe they were mer people. I have read many books that say there are beings all around Mother Earth helping us every minute to balance with a great pouring out to Earth Love, and Light energy. I have never seen any but am greatly comforted knowing there are thousands of entities helping humans, and Earth, we need the help. I too have logged out of FB for the same reasons you have. I have been on A Mystics path for twenty years, and for those years have practiced daily to walk without judgment, to consciously live in a place of neutrality, and understanding. I must say when on FB I could really feel my ego, and humanness fighting to say something.
    I will be visiting your blog more. With Love Suzanne

  34. LinHeidt

    I hope its true. Ill pay more attention to that around me I cannot see also, I believe its there. As for FB, i agree to not post this there.


    Yes, they exist and we have had help before. Thanks for sharing this. I rarely go to Facebook either. Don’t need the negativity.

  36. Mette Sillesen

    Absolutely beautiful, astonishing and uplifting. Love right back at the light beings <3

  37. Crone at home

    Maybe because God has been invited back by our new president.

  38. Jim-el

    Dear Lissa —

    What you experienced there at Muir Beach is not a surprise. My refreshing surprise is the unfettered sincerity with which you told the story, and the suspension of any “explanation” based on some institutionalized belief system. Thank you.

  39. Sandy Miller

    I have goose bumps. I wish I could have seen them! Blessed be! <3

  40. Erin Sharaf

    Oh, Lissa, thank you for sharing this!! You have given me permission to start sharing my own magical stories. I’ve been keeping them to myself for fear of seeming crazy (I too come from a conventional medical background). But if you can do it, I can do it too. I hope you don’t mind, but I mentioned you in my recent blog post. May we all step into our full power and connection.

    • Lissa_Rankin

      I figure that at some point, people have to either decide if you’re lying- or if you’re crazy- or if you’re telling the truth and it means they’ll simply have to adjust their world view because things are more mysterious than they teach us in medical school. I’ve simply given up caring whether anyone chooses to think I’m crazy. If this is crazy, bring it on. I’m having much more fun being crazy and hanging around other crazy people than I ever did in the hospital! I like to joke that I don’t know any Muggles anymore!

      • Erin Sharaf

        Haha, absolutely! I am cheering you on, sister, and hopefully helping you to blaze a trail for an entirely new concept of health, wellness, and healing. I hope our paths cross one day 🙂 Until then I’ll be soaking in your magical moments and am empowered by your journey.


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