A Prayer for the Birth of Something New 


Dear God,

Help me remember everything that comes through me comes from You, that none of it belongs to me, that it’s not mine to control. Let me remember that I am of You and in You and connecting to the You in All That Is, but I am not in charge of how You flow through me. Remind me that You will help me bring into being that which yearns to be born, and You will put on the brakes when I get off track. Empower me to accept everything and resist nothing. Help me trust and let go and let You use me as a vessel of sacred service. Please use me to bless this world in whatever way is most aligned.

As I birth my new book The Anatomy of a Calling into the world today, please gently nudge me if I try to force my will instead of trusting Your will. Help me have faith in your plan without trying to enforce mine. Remind me that you will show me when to act and when to rest. Loosen the grasping in me so I can relax into the arms of Love that hold me always. Please help everyone in this world remember that we are all One, that we are made of love, that You are in all of us, and we are all one body, one heart. Let us be each others refuge. Ignite within us the Divine spark that lets You spray through the garden hoses of our bodies and hearts. Let us all trust that what we birth into the world will come into being as it is meant to so we don’t have to cling to the outcomes we wish for.

And let us never forget to say “I’m so grateful.” Thank you thank you thank you for infinite blessings.


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With love and infinite gratitude,

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