I once wrote a whole book that is yet unpublished called BROKEN: One Doctor’s Search For The Lost Heart Of Medicine. It’s still unpublished, but I now know the real reason – because my role is not just to raise awareness of how broken our system is, but to be a force for healing it.

I’ve known this for many years – 7 ½ to be exact – but I’ve been so overwhelmed by the enormity of such a mission and so traumatized by the system itself that I’ve resisted this calling.  Until just recently, when I’ve finally made peace with my calling and agreed to lend myself and my online platform to the service of healing my beloved profession.  My upcoming book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself, as well as the TEDx talk I gave in December 2011 and the one I’m giving in November 2012, the lectures I’ve been giving around the country this year, and many of my blog posts are devoted to being a spokesperson for this vision.

The vision began as fuzzy idea, difficult to articulate and impossible to imagine coming into being. I knew it had everything to do with love and hope and healing touch, but I wasn’t sure about the cursed “how’s.” But over time, my vision has crystallized, the tribe of people who share my vision is gathering momentum, and I already see it coming true, at least in my mind’s eye and small pockets of the world, if not ubiquitous in present reality.

They say if you can’t dream it, you can’t do it. So this has been the first step – getting clear on the dream.

A Vision Of A Healed Health Care System

The vision I now hold in my mind of a healed health care system is crystal clear. In a healed health care system, the healer-patient relationship is the diamond at the core of health care. Everything else is in service to the healer-patient relationship.

The Patient

In my vision, patients know that their body is their business, and rather than punting all responsibility into the hands of doctors, they are willing to accept responsibility for any part they might play in getting sick. I’m not just talking about whether the patient eats well, exercises, smokes, drinks, or takes his medicine. I’m talking about whether the patient makes life choices that are in alignment with his or her Inner Pilot Light.

Is the patient lonely? Depressed? Anxious? Pessimistic? Overworked? Financially struggling? Spiritually bankrupt? Creatively thwarted? Sexually frustrated? Living in a toxic environment? Then no wonder the patient is sick! It’s rare that illness is solely an accident of nature or genetics or trauma. At least 90% of the time, illness results from imbalances in what I call your Whole Health Cairn – in essence, imbalances in your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

This is good news! If illness is either caused by or exacerbated by an unhealthy mind, this means you can assist in healing your body by healing your mind. Your doctor can’t do this part for you. But your doctor or other health care provider can certainly hold your hand – while also prescribing drugs or performing surgery or offering other medical treatments – while you do the rest of the heavy lifting yourself.

Remember that illness is merely a message, trying to communicate that something is out of alignment in your life and needs loving attention. It’s the patient’s job to accept responsibility for the part you play in being sick.

The Doctor

In my vision, doctors and other health care providers remember how to be not just body mechanics, but loving healers. It’s the healer’s job to hold safe, sacred, non-judgmental space for the personal work patients will need to do while facing illness and using that illness as an opportunity for personal growth and spiritual awakening. This means doctors need to control their egos and heal themselves from the traumas inflicted upon them by the very health care system they seek to serve. They need to get off their pedestals and behave as one human being in service to another human being of equal importance.

Doctors need to release their attachment to mechanistic, reductionist views of illness that negate meaning in a patient’s life. Ask any cancer patient what might have predisposed her to cancer (I’ve done this, so I speak with authority), and you’ll hear brilliant answers, such as “I need to prioritize my own self care” or “I’ve just got to quit my job” or “It’s time to go to marriage counseling.” But ask their doctors, and you’ll find them dismissing such explanations with statements such as “Your cancer was caused by a virus” or “Your tumor burden was simply the result of overgrowth of disordered cells.”

Illness almost always means something. It’s a message to the patient, and an enlightened doctor can help the patient interpret the meaning, while loving and supporting and nurturing the patient with the best of what Western medicine has to offer.  In my vision, doctors are open to mystery, to the possibility that patients have the power to heal themselves with their minds, that spontaneous remission is always possible, and that hope need never be dashed.

In my vision, medical schools and residency programs not only reform the traumatic way of educating doctors that more closely resembles the brainwashing of soldiers than the nurturing of healers. They also teach doctors to embrace the mind’s power to heal the body, the best way to hold loving space for a patient’s experience with illness, and how to counsel patients not just about a whole foods diet, exercise, and avoiding bad habits, but about how to balance their Whole Health Cairn. 

The Healing Round Table

In my vision, there is no hierarchy between doctors and other health care providers, whether they be nurses, scrub techs, or alternative health care providers like naturopaths, Chinese medicine doctors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, Reiki healers, herbalists, or faith healers. Instead, the patient is in charge of choosing who sits at the “healing round table,” where everyone is equal and the person with the seat of honor – and the most power – is the patient.

In my vision, petty competitions, dismissive name-calling, and contradictory messages delivered to patients are replaced with a sense of mutual respect for what everyone brings to the table, collaboration, and a commitment to the highest good for the patient, free of ego or judgment.

Factors That Disrupt The Doctor-Patient Relationship 

For-profit Insurance Companies

In my vision, for-profit insurance companies cease to exist, because their legal obligation is to shareholders on Wall Street, not the highest good of the patient, and therefore, they automatically lower the whole vibration of the health care system. Politics aside, there’s no question that for-profit insurance companies need to be replaced by government-supported universal health care, which is not beholden to Wall Street legalities and therefore has at least the possibility of being in service to the greater good. That is, if greedy, power-hungry, corrupt politicians can be tamed. For those who can afford to pay cash for premium health care instead of utilizing government-sponsored health, there will always be a market for this. But at least with universal health care, health care will cease being a privilege and start being as it should be – a right of being human.

Big Pharma

In my vision, direct-to-consumer marketing of the pharmaceutical industry to patients is banished. Doctors and patients aren’t even aware how much they are influenced by Big Pharma. Patients come in asking for expensive, often poorly-tested and unproven drugs, and doctors, wanting to please their patients, grab a pen and comply. Doctors are influenced by all those drug samples sitting there free in the drug rep’s cabinet, and these free samples that might seem benign influence prescribing habits. (Not to mention those other perks the pharmaceutical industry throws at doctors – like 12-course meals laden with wine, Hawaiian vacations and big phat honorariums for doctors who promote a drug, and free stethoscopes for starving med students.)

Medical Malpractice

In my vision, malpractice attorneys aren’t allowed to chase ambulances in an attempt to blame doctors for every bad outcome. And if a patient does choose to sue a doctor, in my vision, the winner pays the losers legal bills. That way, patients will only sue if they have a legitimate case, rather than forcing doctors like me to fight frivolous lawsuits like the one I described in What’s Up Down There, when I was sued three times by a woman who swore I stole her labia. (True story. And no, I didn’t do it.)

Because most malpractice attorneys don’t charge a patient if they lose, there’s no negative consequence for the patient to seek financial retribution anytime there’s a negative outcome, whether it’s the doctor’s fault or not. As a result, doctors are terrified of being sued, and patient care suffers as a result, when doctors feel pressured to overdiagnose and overtreat patients.

Can You See My Vision?

I can see it. I can feel it. I can practically smell and taste it and hear the rumblings of it in doctor’s lounges and patient waiting rooms. But I can’t bring the vision of this to life without you.

Just like there are no incurable illnesses, there are no incurable systems. I know it seems hopeless to think that health care can reclaim its heart, but I have faith that it can. It’s going to require a grassroots effort though, initiated by patients and health care providers who are called to be part of this health care evolution. We can’t depend on politicians, the pharmaceutical industry, for-profit insurance companies, or malpractice attorneys to fix our broken systems for us. There’s too much money and too many egos at stake.

But we can count on each other to reclaim what is rightfully ours. The only way our health care system will heal is if the consciousness of our culture shifts. In the documentary I Am, filmmaker Tom Shadyac shared that when animals decide to switch watering holes, it all starts with a shift of consciousness. They drink out of one watering hole until 51% of the animals decide to drink from a new watering hole, and then the rest of the animals all jump.

I think we’re getting close to that 51% and when consciousness shifts, there’s nothing politicians or drug companies or the insurance industry will be able to do to stop the inevitable healing of our health care system.

We must rise up, open our hearts, and bring the care back to health care. It all starts with you.  Be the love you want to see in health care, and miracles really can happen.

With unbridled hope,

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  1. Virginia

    Wow. WOW! I have had so many of these same thoughts from the patient’s side of the equation, and from watching my friends get brutalized in medical school.

    My then 25-year-old sister-in-law had a liver transplant a few years (3?) back, and I was her primary caregiver… the amount of frustration that she and I had, and encountered within the medical community regarding her treatment and care was eye opening.

    And that only built on my own decisions following personal medical travails over the years which FINALLY brought me to the conclusion that I’m the only person to be trusted regarding my own care… after being told numerous times that my symptoms or illnesses were “all in my head.” (that doesn’t make them any less real… ARGH)

    Following this, imagine my naive amazement when people thought I was CRAZY to not just show up at the doctor and say “something’s wrong, fix me.”


    I am literally, doing a chair dance with happiness right now.

    Please, PLEASE let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you with your mission/vision.

    Many hugs

    • Dorlene Russell

      LOve the vision! Love, love, love it! Lissa, your vision is my vision too. I’ve been holding a place for this to emerge. I happily support and will forward the message — joyfully!

      Your approach is so comprehensive and the Universe chooses you! Right on!


  2. Anne

    I’m in. Thanks for putting words to my yet-to-be-fully-defined vision.
    You go, girl!

  3. Sandra

    I believe in your vision, Lissa!

  4. Kimberly

    I wholeheartedly believe in your vision and am grateful to you for sharing it as far and wide as you can!

  5. Diane MacKinnon

    Hi Lissa,
    I wholeheartedly agree with your vision of health care. I’m a family physician and a life coach and I’ve spent the last 10 years envisioning a future that looks remarkably like the one you’ve described in this post. Thank you for articulating so clearly what we need to create in the world.

    Please let me know if I can help in any way. I’ll keep doing my part to create a better future for health care.


  6. Mike

    I love your vision! I wonder if this happens through our traditional western medical system, however. I’m biased as an alternative/complementary health care provider.

    Having said that, I believe that the more ‘wholistic’ values and principles upon which your vision is based are paramount to any healer hoping to truly be of service. In time, the futility of simply trying to treat ‘the body’ as some separate entity from the soul, spirit and emotions of the person with that body will be so evident, we’ll cringe, in my opinion.

    Thanks again for always sharing your visions for the healing of the health profession and I look forward to your next Ted talk.

    Warmest regards,


  7. Angela

    Love, Love, LOVE this!! I can see and feel your vision, in fact it reflects so many of the thoughts I’ve had in the past few years…why don’t we have a holistic healing perspective of health care…or as you call it, the “Whole Health Cairn”?

    I love the idea of a healing round table, where the focus is on whole self wellness, full of hope and healing, rather than fear and sterility!

    Thank you for sharing your vision! I’m cheering you on as you step into your calling!!


  8. Janet

    Wow, just, wow. I signed up for the Martha Beck “Find Your Calling” gig and, to be honest, had never heard of you or your vision. As I began to learn more and to start to follow my hot tracks, I explored more of your vision. I have not yet listened to the talk, but, I am so on board with your vision. I worked myself in to a state of financial security, but made little time for the rest of my life’s joys and passions. After the loss of family members, I turned to yoga and am very impressed with this mind-body connection. A few years back, my son developed a dysautonomic disease called POTS. As you probably know, the range of dysautonomic diseases are quite common and are commonly misdiagnosed. While we were lucky to be diagnosed, the regular doctors are flinging pills and not really helping things. I am going to take him to see a doctor in so-called Functional medicine next week. I think the rise of this kind of dysfunction of the autoimmune disorder is just one of the many examples of newer issues that are beginning to hit our communities. I look forward to learning more.



  9. Sharon

    How marvelous to hear all of my concerns articulated by a M.D.! My insurance company reports I sent in about $13000 worth of claims this year; approximately $4000 of which they paid on my behalf. The amounts allowed are very limited for “alternate care” which I have grown to trust. Doing the math one notices that I am responsible for the difference. Some providers did give prompt-pay discounts to reduce the amounts and a few even wrote off the difference when the insurance denied payment. Getting to the bottom of the cause and solution of the malaise I experience is costly. Because I am less than 65 years old thus not elgible for Medicare, I am using up my investment funds (from a dwindling Wall Street fund). I am fortunate to have those funds now but they will not last at this rate. I have real concern for people with no insurance who are ill and go to medical clinics where they cannot pay for the service, tests, and medicines. I voted with these concerns in mind, pay for the services I trust, write letters to medical providers when I disagree with the proposed course of treatment, and appeal insurance company denials.

    My huge conflict comes with paying for major medical insurance coverage fearing that I can be wiped out financially to pay medical costs for a debilitating situation. I realize the insurance company is vested in the Stock Market and I want out. It has me in a bind like all other patients. Do you think a grassroots movement not to purchase health insurance would pressure the system to change?

  10. Midge

    Lissa, I not only see your vision, I have already joined you on your mission!

    And so have so many others, Lissa. Patients and practitioners everywhere and from all walks of the healthcare world (traditional, integrative, alternative, etc.) are learning about and experiencing what has happened to our health and our care.

    Our family physician is an MD and an ND, and she’s a loving, caring human who takes the time to listen, investigate, and learn. And our healthcare insurance accepts her services. We are a lucky family indeed to have found her so many years ago.

    Thank you for bravely writing about the factors that have contributed to our healthcare’s ill health, big business profiteering and human greed. Their profits come at the expense of our bodies, minds, and spirits—our quality of life, even our lives. It’s criminal, in a sense.

    I am an educator, not a health care practitioner, but I see the ill effects of our broken healthcare system every day. It’s truly heartbreaking. But I know that your vision, the love we manifest in our healthcare system, will help to heal it. And heal all of us.

    We have got to see the “holistic picture” when it comes to health and healing. On a side note, please view the documentary Happy if you haven’t already seen it. Happy juju!

    Many thanks, Healthcare Healer,

  11. Linda Czerkies

    WOW is the word!!!! The most sensible grouping of thought about health care that I have ever read. Your vision would change all of mankind for the better.
    I am currently stuck in the middle of the current system and know that the holistic picture is the answer…but also know my care providers are in a different mindset.
    What can we do as individuals to help you with this vision???

  12. Susie Cantor

    How extraordinarily inspiring. Off the hook! Va! Va! Voom!
    Go Lissa, never stop.
    The tipping point will be reached with your powerful, stand for sanity and healing for all.
    Your stand WILL lead to a transformation in health care for the country.
    Thank you, bless you,
    Susie in Seattle

    (Green Juice Cleanse Alumni, class of ’12. Will do it again in Jan ’13. It’s AMAZING, jump in and join us!)

  13. Kay

    Lissa, this left me speechless- in a good way. You have eloquently and succinctly defined a system in which all participants are connected contributors to true health and wellness. As someone who used to work for Pharma (years ago-don’t shoot me!) and has run the gamut of the health care system in my initial battle with Lupus, I was extremely jaded about the system and its ability to affect real healing and recovery for patients. This is the main reason I trained to be a holistic nutritionist and health coach- to help to empower patients and have them take responsibility for their overall health.

    I absolutely LOVE what you have outlined and it is what I myself am working towards in my own way. I know that if we all band together and support this shared vision, the world will be forever changed. If there is any way that I can help to usher this in, please let me know.


  14. Sandi Bohle

    Already neck deep in your vision. My doctor has the same vision. The Whole Health Cairn. She is a DO. I have believed in integrative & holistic medicine forever & feel very blessed to have found her. This was after having spent months seeing doctors who diagnosed MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, and Lupus. No one would listen & test for lyme. Within an hour of first meeting her & her LISTENING to me talk about my symptoms, she knew it was Lyme. We then tested using cutting edge blood cultures. I have Late Stage Chronic Lyme Disease. I have probably been sick for many years. We are healing my mind, body, & soul thru many different modalities.

  15. Bonnie

    Thanks for at least attempting to make a change in a system the is beyond broken. I worked for 6 1/2 years collecting AR for hospitals… and it was the most frustrating job ever. Many “repeat” patients had no insurance and yet every treatment went through billing and AR and multiple attempts to collect the money- which simply wasn’t there. And yet at the same time, Medicare; major insurance; prisons; every organization under the sun is getting massive discounts… Yet the prices charged to those without insurance are totally unreasonable.

    I also have a 93 year old mother- who understandably is hospitalized from time to time. Her last hospitalization was at the hospital I worked for and her treatment was so horrendous I eventually quit my job. They left her for 45 minutes stuck on portable toilet with **** all over her and the floor and no available cleaning supplies that I could use. They kept “forgetting” her bed alarm even though she was so drugged she didn’t know where she was and kept getting out of bed… I was absolutely horrified that I could in any way be involved with a facility that could treat their patients so poorly.

    I am 65; on Medicare with very only social security. I went to my last DR appt to find that my dr had moved to a different practice wiithout advising me. I am absolutely terrified of what the future will bring. Here’s to praying you make a difference.


  16. Michelle

    Hi Lisa,

    Your vision is part of a shift in consciousness by many people and I think we will approach the tipping point and change the way we look at healthcare…note it is not called ‘sickcare’! I lived in the UK for 20 years, had three babies and my experience of singer payer system was positive each time I needed it, which thankfully was not often. Personally coming back to the USA it seems to me people are overtreated in many ways just to generate income for the many in the monster health machine. Money and illness just do not mix…profits made from people being ill just feels morally wrong to me. What rings true for me is what you have so eloquently stated regarding doctors being healers. I fear so many have forgotten that. I hear all the time how there is a lot of stress and anger in the profession and overall a general level of dissatisfaction. The healers need to heal themselves and then they will be able to help others. Here is one doctors story that really resonated with me when I read it a few years ago.


    Heading to a different watering hole slowing! And remember what Margaret Mead said

    ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’

    You are obviously a healer and need to be heard!

    Love, Michelle

  17. Tish

    Ten years ago, my favorite Aunt was found with cervical cancer. I went to visit her shortly thereafter and she was her usual self; vibrant, throwing her head back in crazy laughter. Three months later, she was dead. She drank the poison. The standard dose of chemo.

    I know some people are healed using this method. But overall, I know in my heart of hearts that she would be alive today if she’d chosen to fight the cancer some other way.

    So I guess she didn’t lose her life in vain after all, because this disenchantment is growing. It’s causing people like you to rise up and change the way things are!

    Yes, you might be like David going against Goliath. But guess what? He won! You’ve got my vote! Blessings~

  18. Tom Milton

    WOW! My wife forwarded this to me and it made my day. I share your vision and I LOVE it! My father is a retired orthopedic surgeon, so I have seen many of the changes in the system over the last 40 years from the inside and the outside. My wife and I have been tuned into alternative/complementary medicine for 20+ years and I have enough stories of (successfully) challenging the modern medical establishment that I could write a book about it. So…let’s change the world. How can I help?

    Tom Milton
    Charlotte, NC

  19. Ken Jaques


    Absolutely loved it. You are truly making a difference with your messaging and it is very clear from the number of comments to this blog that you have really struck a chord with your tribe.

    I loved Michelle’s use of the Margaret Mead quote, I have used that one many times as well, it is truly one of my favorites.

    Also, based on the style of comments, it is clear that the tribe of health care evolutionaries also seems to be growing :-).

    Watching you step into your calling so gracefully is truly an inspiration to many.

    Keep up the awesome work.


  20. Yvonne

    Thank you, Lissa! For taking a stand and for being vocal.
    I am very encouraged to see all the comments here. I HAVE to believe that we will reach that tipping point, because the future of our health feels very grim if we don’t.
    Thanks for all that you are doing to bring about change. Please don’t stop!

  21. Jacquie

    I so so agree on so many levels. I am an MD and for a variety of reasons left practice 5 years ago ( I can’t believe it has been 5 years). I am still trying to figure out what my passion/true calling is…for now I am being a mom to my four children which I really enjoy.

    I went into medicine in the hopes that I could educate people about illness. I am so synical now. So many people don’t seen to want to do anything to make themselves better they just expect the system to fix them and they want it for free. That in combination with all the frustration around insurance and pharmaceutical companies and medical care systems that you described just drove my out. I know we need medicine but it needs to be for when you are really ill. People need to fine the tools to learn to look after themselves. I would love to just spend my time educating people about how to live healthier lifestyles and all that entails. As a physician there is very little time to do that. Unfortunately I feel like the majority of people don’t care and just want a pill provided they don’t have to pay for it.

    I did have patients who through lifestyle changes and education made huge changes in their physical well being. I know that not everyone is equipped to do this …I wish there was a way to teach them how. If I was independently wealthy I would set up some sort of health clinic whose focus was education not perscriptions.

    I think doctors spend alot of time treating things that are a result of the stress and unhappiness in peoples lives. If only we could perscribe happiness!

  22. Dolores Drydne


    I so believe everything, yes, everything you wrote. I, too, being a layperson, also have believed that each of use is responsible in some way for our health and for the sickness.

    I presently am in a state of being, falling into a trap of taking blood pressure, cholesteral, and anxiety medicine.

    I truly thought I would go all my life without taking anything but my vitamins. When I retired in 2005, the next day I had a doctor appointment and it registered: 200 over 100. I was shocked as much as the doctor. Seven years have passed and many timee I told my doctor I want to be off the medicine. I feel she is beholden to Big Pharma.

    I also began taking Paxil because of anxiety during Menopause. I use to take the HRT but Pharma pulled it (so they say) and my anxiety was so bad; it was the first time in my life I asked for help; this I told my doctor. She said now Paxil (or whatever else) is now used and works…I swear I did not want to take it but I caved.

    I want off my meds; I think about it every day. Since my husband passed two years ago, I began eating less and eating organic when possible; he did not care what he ate and I just went along; picking my own battles. (Marriage isn’t always good.)

    Thanks for all you do and so glad you are now on the vision that was ‘there’ but you had to find it. Recognize it.

    I will find my way, too, getting off of meds. Just have to figure it out.

    Thank you and God Bless!

    Dolores (Dee)

    • Dolores Drydne

      Submitted without spell checking:

      Dolores Dryden

  23. sheila mccann

    Hiya Lissa,

    I applaud and agree with your vision! Transforming the health care system is a long time coming. Looking forward to the book!

  24. Angela

    Many blessings on a wonderful vision.

  25. Kim

    Hello Lissa and all those who have taken the time to post,

    I loved the original post and as a physical therapist have seen this need for so long – we have fragmented people into separate little parts without anyone taking the whole person into perspective. I can see how all the parts come together, including the stories that make sense – if you listen to the patient, the true source of their illness comes forth and then the provider can support them to take back control of their health on all levels. It is amazing to me how often the patient figures it out during a session and once they do, their symptoms often resolve as if overnight.

    I am so interested in what you are proposing and being part of a larger movement that truly treats people as whole beings – mind, body and spirit AND pulls together the care that each person needs in order to heal without regard to whether it is Eastern, Western or something else. My profession is moving towards evidence based practice which is likely to help with sudden acute injuries but not those with chronic illness and injuries, limiting what can be done in a session and how many sessions that each person can have.

    You have my vote and attention and look forward to more from you on this topic and how I can help!

  26. John

    Interesting, and I agree with most, I think. I’m not sure you’ve thought through all teh elements of care, though. There’s this whole social media thing going on, and it provides a midum for comminucation. It enables support, and I think you’ve overlooked how powerful this support can be. I’m talking primarily patient to patient communications:

    “This worked for me, why don’t you try it?” on the surface sounds hoaky, yet if you asked most people who participate in various diabetes forums about the validity of the advice they’ve recieved, you’ll find most rave about the benefits. Many call such forums life savers. We can’t discount the power of peer to peer support.


  27. Pam

    You must have heard my story by now. My husband was a healthy man who had a successful trucking business. That was until he was called in to surgery for numbness in his right arm. He was told by countless “specialists” that multiple therapies were done, he went for one full year with unlimited doses of Percocet which opened another Pandora’s box. He started noticing shortness of breath necessitating Prednisone for what he thought was asthma but was really related to the high doses of Percocet. No one listened. He had his first surgery, he came home and fell and the surgeon refused to do an x-ray because as he had said my husband had a lot of bone spurs removed from his cervical collar surgery. What follows is straight out of Hollywood; He fought for six long months in a long term Rehabilitation hospital on oxygen with a tracheostomy, the ambulance ran out of oxygen on one of his multiple trips to the ER when he stopped breathing. The hospital found out all the deadly thing that were going on in the Rehab; treating him for diabetes with insulin when he didn’t have it, kidney failure, etc., etc. Couldn’t sue because as the lawyer said “the only one who can validate is your husband who passed after his fifth code blue. The doctor at the Rehabilitation hospital would make bets on who he could save or not. As if this wasn’t enough, MA health put a lien on our home to recoup the money for his care. We were not given any alternatives because he was put on a ventilator so needed oxygen to breath. I have a lot of anger at “the system” and a lien in the amount of $750,000.00. The system needs a whole lot of work but first, the insurance co.’s like MA Health shouldn’t be making decisions like the ones they are making now based on profits. I am currently writing a book too but I”m still amazed at the number of people who won’t deal with death. Just sayin…..no in-laws or out-laws raising a teenage son.

  28. Trisha

    Lissa, the TRUTH as you have articulated so accurate and precisely feels so joyful and reignites my long time deep knowing / vision for true healing for everyone. It is also comforting and validating to me personally as a once broken, now healing health care provider. Many out of the box ideas come to me…… Send your TRUTH / Vision message out on a regular segment on OWN, the power of women abides there. Ask Oprah to share your vision with our President, he needs your knowledge and awesome energy! Next….. I see Oprah’s Make Over bus as a mobile health care bus, providing the care model you have outlined so perfectly. You have access to the other visionary peeps who will support and assist you, this I can feel in my bones!!!!. The time is right to put it into another action step. For Naysayers, “the proof of your vision is in the pudding “and it is essential for the greedy and or unawakened to taste truth. People served by the bus will speak the truth and drive the wake up process.

    Writing this to you just lights me up, I’ve had lots of dreams of how I would heal the world with that bus, now I see your vision driving the bus!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am loving Finding Your Passion, currently I am finishing up Martha’s coaching program and very grateful that she guided us to you.

    Lots of love and light to you, Trisha

  29. Kim

    Hi Lissa,
    I wholly enjoyed reading your article about healing healthcare. And while there’s so much to comment on, I’ll just pick 2 things.
    First, I used to do work representing the workers in healthcare (in Canada), and I can tell you, without the tiniest bit of hesitation, that if ALL those doing the work had a say in how it was structured and run, healthcare would look very different than it does, all for the better. And there would be plenty in cost savings. The people who do the work, right down to those who clean the healthcare facilities, know where the problems are. And by the way, guess who some of the people are in healthcare that have the best human interactions and relationships with patients? Those who do the cleaning, cooking, and serving food! Those who speak with the patient like they are a human, as they go about their work, those who ask questions and take time, those who are the familiar daily face for the senior in a home. And they are least valued in our system of egos and hierarchy. Healthcare has its own ‘ecosystem’, just like everything else.
    My second comment is, BRAVO for saying what desperately needs to be said. Patients need to take responsibility for their holistic health. They need to stop being treated and behaving like the ‘victim’, and start being accountable for their choices. That means putting time and energy into the work required to be healthy. Yes, it is work, just like everything else in our lives that we value; it requires careful attention, at least as much or more than what we put into the maintenance of the material things we own, like our homes.

  30. Erica

    Count me in as part of the 51%! You spoke to the same vision that’s been developing in my head for awhile. I’ve personally experienced the healing that can occur when deciding to take a more holistic approach to my health. It wasn’t until I admitted to, and then did something about, the toxic work and personal relationship that I was in that my health drastically changed.

  31. Lynda Jo Schuessler

    I agree with most of your vision and I want to be part of the tipping point. The one thing I an not wholeheartedly in support of is government supported universal health care.While I do believe that for profit insurance and hospitals are part of the problem, I am not at all sure that more bureaucracy is the answer. Do we offer no incentive to people who are willing to put in the time and effort to become a physician? I am sure you are well aware of the sacrifice that becoming a doctor entails. But, we need to begin to make a move – we must begin somewhere and I applaud your efforts in that regard.

  32. Carolyne

    I sat reading your blog and I cannot tell you how much we need you. I am not a doctor or health care practitioner of any kind; I am only a patient who is deeply interested in healthcare exactly as you have dreamed it. I haven’t even suffered too much at the hands of the allopathic medical doctors, as i simply refuse to go. (I know the basis on which they treat is more dangerous than to not go. I take responsibility for my health and I know much of it depends on my mental state. And I will NOT take a drug without attempting to find the cause of the problem! On the other hand, I feel fortunate to have health insurance through my work in case of a catastrophic situation.) As so many people have said, it needs change! Your dream is what so MANY of us wish to see!! I am so grateful you are there and have this dream and have put it in writing. You encourage me, and I know I speak for so many! I am grateful too, to see the many medical personnel speaking up and supporting you. There are still genuine caring healers in mainstream medicine.
    I watched part of “Sister Giant” with Marianne Williamson this weekend, and to my mind, it is time for your dream to become reality, and the realization of it may be easier because of the timing. Enough of the right people in the right places in our leadership and change will come and is coming. I am following your blog with excitement, I cannot say thank you enough.

  33. Lou Ann Hight

    I applaud your vision Lissa! While I am not a practicing healer, I have always taken responsibility for my health and well being and have an innate connection with my body. I have often wondered why so many are disconnected from the very organism that carriers then through life. I too am participating in Find Your Calling, and honestly hadn’t seriously considered a path path in healing, however as a dance instructor for many years in the past I now realize I was hoping to help others explore the mind-body connection. . . . perhaps I am back on a “hot track”. Clearly, there is a rising conscious in all to make change. If we learn to heal ourselves I believe we can heal our planet as well. God speed.

  34. Christa

    Thank you and God Bless You! I applaud your vision and the clarity of your vision. I believe … No, I KNOW that this will come to pass. I too see the shift happening and I am so grateful for all that you are BEing to assist in this. What can we do to assist as well? I would love for you to blog on what those of us that are not in the medical community can do in real time to help bring your vision into manifestation.

    Much love to you!

  35. Kaileigh Tara

    Thank you for putting so well into words what I have been trying to do as a health care advocate and patient for many, many years.
    I moved to California from Maine a year ago and was shocked at substandard health care that is considered acceptable for the low income residents in this state. In Maine, I knew my doctors by first name, I was in charge of my health care. I interviewed doctors to ask their philosophy about “health care”. I was looking for “healers”. It made no difference what kind of insurance I had: full regular or later that for low-income when I went through a health situation that affected my ability to work.

    Even with my very strong advocacy skills, in nearly 1.5 years I have not been able to get the healthcare I need.

    With the advent of computers in the exam room, I have had doctor’s appointments where the Dr. never looked at me. I never saw there eyes.
    People need to realize that they can fire their doctor. That there is a difference between a doctor who practices medicine and one who practices the art of medical healing.

    Kudos to you. May we see this vision realized in time for our children to benefit!!

  36. Melinda

    Thank you, Lissa for being such a visionary AND an authority with the experience to back up your claims.

    For over 12 years now, I have been practicing “Mind over Body” medicine as a patient. After reading books with similar themes by Caroline Myss and Louise Hay I started to put theory into practice. Growing up I suffered from asthma and chronic bronchitis, which often turned into pneumonia – at least every year or two. In addition I also had regular strep throat episodes (which, funny enough, ended after I graduated high school and became independent – although I didn’t make the connection until many years later). As a child I couldn’t comprehend how some children could have perfect school attendance, as I was out sick at least 2 weeks per school year, if not much more.

    When I was introduced to the Mind over Medicine concept, it made so much sense to me. Quickly I could see the correlations in my own life and I started making life choices to support my health. I had always eaten fairly well, but now I began to make choices to follow my heart and love others and myself in ways I had never thought possible.

    Throughout the last 12 years I have spent a few thousand dollars on emotional therapy – all along the lines of taking responsibility for the creation of my life as I would like it to be. The cost has been much less than regular health insurance premiums would have been, and the side effect is that I am now a consistently happy person and I bounce back and learn from “setbacks” (or “challenges”) very quickly. In addition, I have not had a cold or any sort of illness for at least three years, and my regular bouts of illness (bronchitis, asthma, etc.) ended almost immediately after I began to put Mind over Body into practice. In the last 10 years or so I have taken maybe 3 or 4 sick days TOTAL – a far cry from my sick leave statistics prior to my Mind-Body practice.

    I would LOVE to see a medical system such as the one you propose in place in this country. I do not use the services of regular doctors at all, preferring regular visits to my massage therapist and Somatic Experience therapist, as well as yoga 3-4 times per week and the occasional visit to a naturopath when needed. I don’t want to get caught up in the mindset of American medicine which relies so much on outside forces to “fix” things which have (from my personal experience) inside causes.

    Consider me one of the angels holding space for your vision to manifest. I agree that it is only a matter of time!

    All the best and thank you thank you THANK YOU for voicing your vision to such a wide audience!!!

  37. Lissa Rankin, MD


    I’m so sorry I missed out on being more of a part of this conversation yesterday. I was in the car driving back to SF from Santa Barbara after delivering my second TEDx talk, which I hope will be part of spreading this vision to a large scale audience. I’m delighted so many of you share this vision. I knew it! I knew I wasn’t alone in wanting to see this kind of shift in how health care is delivered and received. And it’s not just with patients. That so many of you are in the health care profession and also share this vision is what I find most heartening. At the heart of healing health care lies the healer-patient relationship. Everything else is just a distraction.

    Many of you asked “What can I do?” And I’d love to hear your thoughts! What can you do? What ideas do you have?

    I have some ideas of my own. I’ve been noodling with patient advocate and visionary Ken Jaques about starting a forum for “health care evolutionaries”where we could all gather to tell our stories, share our ideas, and take definitive action. My assistant and I are meeting to discuss how that might happen very soon, so stay tuned.

    Another action step you can take is to send this blog post to everyone you know. Because it all starts with a shift in consciousness, the more people who adopt this vision, the more likely we’ll be to switch watering holes as a community.

    When the link for my TEDx talk is out (they said by New Years, but hopefully sooner), you can share that as well. It educates people about the scientific data behind the Whole Health Cairn and the Mind Over Medicine philosophy, so they more views it gets, the more quickly we’ll hit the 51%. If we can get a million views on that TEDx talk, TED.com will likely pick it up and then the potential reach is even greater.

    My TEDx talk is essentially the preview for my book Mind Over Medicine. So when that book comes out, you can share that too- give it to your friends, your doctors, especially anyone you know who is sick.

    And then take action in your own life. Start making your own diagnoses and writing your own prescriptions and proving to yourself that this shit works! Accept responsibility for your illnesses and stand up for your rights as a patient. If you’re a health care provider, love your patients. Make eye contact. Hold sacred space. Embrace the healer that you are.

    That’s where we start, I think. After that, there will be policies that we’ll need to vote on, other books we’ll need to read, maybe an in person gathering to get us all together so we can noodle this out. But first, turtle steps. Getting us all together in a forum can get us started.

    Do you have thoughts? What action steps can we take?

    With love and hope

  38. Nancy

    Hooray…HOORAY…HOORAY! Finally, someone who “gets” that healing begins within the person and the “healer” is really a facilitator with extra knowledge! I am so excited about having been connected to your website. I have believed this form of medicine is the only “healing” medicine that works long term. Thank-you, and I anxiously awaiting your book.

  39. Janelle

    I can’t tell you how much this entire post resonates with me. I became ill with a rare illness called Neuromyelitis Optica aka Devic’s Disease in 2007. I battled insurance companies and doctors to receive the care I needed, also selectively choosing which prescriptions I would take or not take – especially pain killers since I was in constant pain. I requested a non-narcotic method after expressing my concerns for being consistently prescribed highly addictive ones. I even turned down being put on anti-depressants during a long stay in the hospital telling the team of doctors “I’m not depressed.” They acknowledged this but said I would be because my prognosis wasn’t good.
    Mind over matter was and is extremely important to me by assisting my body with healing and remaining optimistic. I chose to utilize natural methods to assist in my healing and maintaining my health. Although I did accept some of the prescription treatments, I didn’t completely depend on them. As you can imagine, I have many stories after all my experiences. Not all negative because I’m a very optimistic person and I’m grateful for the awareness these lessons created. There were also some incredible people that I met in the medical field. But there needs to be a larger awareness like the messages that you are expressing. Having patients and doctors work together as a collaboration for the well-being of the patient aka “a person/spirit/human being” – without the influence of insurance and prescription companies is so vitally important!

    Your messages, especially from a doctor’s perspective are SO profound and I love that you are sharing these messages! Many blessings to you!

  40. Kari

    It takes time to change cultural beliefs and hold up new heroes. Universal health care and Lissa’s beautiful vision for care is a dream that will happen as new heroes arise, as societies of people join together to care for each other. This has absolutely nothing to do with what colour tie you wear on election day. It has everything to do with our common humanity. I wish you all the best in creating a system that can be caring to all your citizens in a healing, intuitive, prevention based way.

  41. Kelly Wagner

    Lissa, I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday but wanted you to know I absolutely, 100% support you on this. It’s the entire premise of the Optimal Living TV series I did last year, which was prompted by my mom’s suicide after a lifetime of struggling with ‘depression’ inside a well-meaning but completely disjointed and unholistic medical system.

    When my own life & health also crumbled within a year of her death, I pulled together my own informal ’round table’ of traditional and alternative health care practitioners, to find my way back to health & happiness. IT CAN BE DONE, and I know it first hand! But it’s amazing to hear an MD speak up about this. Here in Canada we do have an amazingly accessible health care system, though we have a long way to go before the round table model is embraced.

    I’ll be sharing your post with the friends & colleagues I have in the health care industry, and encourage them to sign up to your mailing list so they can stay tuned for the forum or whatever other initiative you create to launch this conversation far & wide.

    I’m also working on a new show for the new year where I’d love for you to share your message, so will be in touch with you separately on that 🙂

    Just know that all of us – and likely MILLIONS more! – are standing with you and for you, fully supporting you in this quest. Your courage in sharing your vision is admirable; I can’t WAIT for your book to come out. The world needs it. Thank you for stepping into this calling.

    You ROCK!

    Very best,

  42. Sandra Schlicht

    I have seen your TED talk and I have been on a call with you and Martha Beck and Amy.

    I agree with your vision, as a retired RN, I feel there is everything wrong with the system as you see it. I have gone on to do much Consciousness work and realize that is where the healing really is..Now how to bring to the masses? But the shift is occurring !

    The only thing I do not agree with you is the Universal Heal Care in the form of utilizing Government sponsored health. As someone who has witnessed the tremendous “waste” in government I do not agree with putting any of us in the hands of the government.

    As a nurse I wondered how can I be a part of the healing in this way ? Any suggestions what I need to study or pursue to be of help in moving the patient – healer to this state.

    How can I help other than to be a witness to your vision?
    Fondly, Sandy

    • Lissa Rankin, MD

      WIthout government sponsored health care, how will we pay for all this? If for-profit insurance companies need to go (they do!) what will the people who can’t afford to pay cash do? I’d love for you and others to share your wisdom.

      As for what you can do, please- you tell me! What is within your power to do to make this happen?

      I wish to empower us all…

  43. Graeme

    Hi Lissa,

    thank you again for an inspiring message, I am moved to implement what you say in my life, and I now completely understand your earlier fear on taking on this whole system, it does feel like a monumental task.

    But I have made a start in my life, and initially it is about transforming myself. It is about healing myself and bringing a higher power into my life, making all I do sacred. And I would imagine if everyone did this, patients, doctors, alternative healers, corporate companies, politicians then these changes will occur throughout. It is our healthcare systems that need to heal, and ourselves, and our societies, our cultures, our nations, and our planet.

    Your work and vision go a long way towards this raising of conciousness.
    I am telling the medical students to read your blog.
    As Mahatma Ghandi said” Be the change you want to see in the world” I am in the process of changing myself, and it is beautiful, sometimes difficult and painful, and sometimes I feel lonely and afraid.

    But your courage gives me courage
    I will do what I can
    thank you again

  44. Namaste


    I wish to express my thanks and gratitude for your warmth, inspiration, and wisdom you shared during the “Extravaganza”. Thank you so much. I could feel the power in your words.


  45. Victoria Silas


    I see your vision, and it reminds me of what I felt when I chose to go into healthcare. But like so many others, years of working in the broken system have eroded away the ideals and joy I had as a younger, much more naive person.

    So many of my patients want a magic pill to get rid of their pain/problem (or better yet a magic wand-they don’t really like taking pills, especially on a regular basis). I feel like if I were to even suggest that their chronic abdominal pain/headache/knee pain (they frequently have many of these chronic, nonspecific complaints) was coming from something other than those isolated areas but in some way tied to their experience in the world, I would either be hit by an anger attack or submerged into a conversation that my clinic does not have time for. How do we get to a place where this conversation is not only easy but expected?

    Big Pharma and For Profit healthcare are certainly standing in our way, but so are the beliefs of providers and patients.


    • Lissa Rankin, MD

      I totally agree Victoria. In fact, I just mentioned this in my latest TEDx talk, that it’s not enough for providers to transform their beliefs. Patients must do the same. Patients have to stop looking for some magic bullet outside themselves and own their part in how illness might come about. Not only do patients need to eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, avoid toxic habits, and comply with treatment (should it align with their Inner Pilot Light); they also need to be healthy in their relationships, work, etc.

      Once patients accept their role, a partnership can be formed in which the power to heal lies primarily with the patient and the health care provider is there to offer tools and support and anything in the Western medicine armamentarium, while the patient does the heavy lifting of self-healing.

      It’s going to take a total paradigm shift. But I believe we can do it.
      So glad you’re on the team!
      Much love

  46. Dawn

    Hi Lissa,

    I am totally in alignment with everything that you have said. As a fellow physician who has been on all sides of the doctor-patient relationship, including uninsured single parent and sometimes insured married person and a person of color and all that brings with it and all that “we’re supposed to be based on stereotypes” to hematologist/oncologist – I have been there and done that and I feel you. Let’s get this show on the road Sister-Friend.


    • Lissa Rankin, MD


      I can’t tell you how heartening it is to see all you doctors here!

      Let’s get this show on the road indeed! It’s going to take all of us…

      With love and hope

  47. Kim Gane

    Here, here and HERE! I haven’t been to a gyno in so long that it’s just too frightening for me to go and hear the recrimination for not doing so. :/ But western medicine failed me and I healed my six years of infertility myself, so why would I want to subject myself to that system and their fear mongering and pushing of HPV vaccinations on 9 yr old girls, ever again? My cycle is the most dependable, non-event in my life; I guess if it gives me something to worry about at some point, perhaps I’ll go then…hopefully within the healed healthcare system you describe, Lissa.

  48. Renee

    I’ve been struggling with some of these views a lot lately. My doctor is a fabulous mixture of conventional and holistic medicine… so my issue isn’t so much with her. It’s with her office. I’m somewhat dumbfounded by the recent developments. Partly this is because I’ve never heard or been subjected to such a thing. Her office has a new program cackled “concierge medicine.” The idea is if you pay a fee of $1,500 a year (for one adult) in advance you have priority access to your doctor. You have a direct number to the doctor to talk to them directly and not deal with receptionist and you can have same day appointments and written summaries of the appts. My argument is shouldn’t I have this ability simply because I’m her patient? It is horrendous trying to schedule with her. Most of the time I’ve been with “her”, I see the PA not her. I have nothing against her PA, she’s great, but she isn’t my doctor. Even then it often takes a week to get in- something that is not OK when you have strep. Perhaps that is the reasoning for the new policy, I don’t know.

    Maybe I’ve been spoiled by really good doctors. My specialist are usually difficult to get unplanned appointments with, but I can usually get a response to email or phone messages the same day or within a few says.

    It’s strange to me the exorbitant amount of money spent on insurance, copays and meds to then need to pay more to get good quality care. It’s interesting how the doctors I see all realize how broken the system is and are trying their best to fix it.

    Overall I feel really blessed (and lucky) to have had some of the best doctors I can imagine to help me through some really trying situations. I would even say most have cared about me as a whole person and not just the issue they have seen me for during that period of time. I hope that view continues to gain ground and one day all doctors act that way.

  49. Tracy


    I agree 100%! As a cancer survivor, I recognize that I manifested my disease for a purpose in my life and that I can heal it when it no longer serves that purpose. The first time around, I opted for conventional treatment – surgery and chemo. The second time around, I chose healthy diet and natural supplements (I lost 40 pounds and FEEL better than I ever have!). I am in the midst of the third time, but there is no energy there around cancer for me. I have two masses in my body and I know they are there to teach me something, and to help me teach others – my doctors, friends, other single survivors, and those who read my book being published this spring by DEMOS Health (My Dance With Cancer: A Solo Survivor’s Guide to Life, Love, Health & Happiness).This time, I have followed my own path, and listened to my own intuition, and inspired those around me with what I have learned and chosen for myself.

    I just returned from Canada where I ended up in the ER on the last day of my vacation with a bladder infection. Uninsured in the US, the same ambulance ride and hospital visit would have cost me thousands of dollars. In Canada, it still wasn’t cheap, but I was charged up front for my care – $825 – rather than nickel and dimed for every test, doctor, snack, sheet, etc that was used during my stay there. I’m sure I will have an additional charge for my ten minute ambulance ride, but it was well worth whatever the cost for the opportunity to speak with Canadian medical practitioners – nurses, paramedics, doctors, etc about their system. It was so enlightening.

    What you describe is part of my mission as well, and I am happy to support you in achieving it for all us.

  50. Junior duck stamps

    I think it’s important for healthcare professionals to become more aware of alternative healing techniques that can be used for treatment.

  51. Terry

    I love your vision, Lisa!

    I was in Medical Technology for 25 years, and know much of what you are talking about in reference to Western Medicine. (I have seen so, so much!) I am now 54, and have always thought of myself as a healthy woman until recently. My system has gone haywire. I understand that menopause can cause many disruptions, but not everything I am experiencing. I feel many of the symptoms go much deeper. As I have so many issues going on at the same time, I do not know where to start, as I know the “routine” of an office visit, tests, and a handful of prescription medications that I don’t want to take! So, with this being said ” again, I love your vision, and so wish it were a reality now! Until then, do you have any suggestions for us until then? I am not a physician, but if I can help in any way, please let me know!

  52. Carolyn T

    Hi Lissa,

    I have just read your post, a vision to heal healthcare, and watched your TEDx talk, which literally filled me with such emotion at some points that it brought tears to my eyes- I am so grateful to you for speaking the TRUTH about health care!

    I applaud you for standing up and presenting this information, and for all the time you have spent in staying true to your journey, and continually searching for evidence to support- without a doubt- the change in health care that you stand for!

    I am studying to be a Naturopath and my vision (for once I start practicing in 2014) is to see only 2- 3 patients per day, but to really be able to empower those patients to make the changes required in their lives so that they can radiate THEIR full potential and live a powerful and fulfilling life. It is my wish that I will be able to help people remove the blocks that stop them from listening to what their body is telling them- in the most gentle way possible. (No biggie..!!) However I know- that once these blocks are removed- the possibilities are endless!

    Absolutely love your vision, will be following you with anticipation, can’t wait to read your book! Have also recently loved learning from you via Find Your Calling.

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!!

    xxx Carolyn

  53. Hanna Cooper

    Lissa, I’m right with you – and so grateful you are putting this vision out there! I agree that the consciousness is about to shift… it’s happening in pockets and is so needed. Thank you!

  54. Michelle

    Amen sister! As a RN, I see the broken system every day!

  55. Ellyn Darrah

    Hi Lissa,
    I used to have healthcare insurance but when I retired I had to fall back on my VA coverage. That is probably as universal as it gets and I don’t go unless I really need to. Some VA Centers are better than others and I am not too in like with the one here in Sacramento.
    I wholeheartedly agree with your concepts of what our healthcare should be like – it makes so much more sense and would be cheaper for everyone in the long run. I hae some ideas for those Dr’s and Nurses and other healthcare wannabe’s… ways to fund an education and get new professionals on board without a huge outlay. By giving those students their education in return for so many years of service in healthcare clinics – pretty much the same as a military Dr or Nurse does.

  56. Nanci Beyerl

    Thank you Lissa! We need you and your passion for health, wellness and a new-improved medical treatment team! I see and learn each and every day through the voices of people I meet how what is offered just is not working. People want their Drs to care, talk to them and listen ( hold their hand – smile at them – be engaged with them)! Thank you for being a change agent! Sending you positive energy to keep you filled with all you need to make this change a reality! Peace ~ Nanci

  57. Anita Richards

    I love your vision!!!
    I am truly blessed to be living in Australia where our healthcare system is pretty close to become what you envision. I pray that we can get all the way there and that every nation across the globe can achieve the same.
    Brightest blessings!!!!!

  58. Dark Shadow

    Nice vision for health care. thanks for sharing. God bless.


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  60. Nicole

    Dr. Rankin,

    I was wondering what your thoughts are concerning cases where a more evolutionarily robust organism invades the human body. How far can mind-body healing really go when the body has limits?

    I was diagnosed August 2012 with lyme neuroborreliosis. I have one more year left studying biology at UVA and hope to study host-parisitic interactions, specifically with tick-borne infections. I’m thinking of the “comparative medicine” field since I love animals and would love to study human parisitic disease processes in animal models.

    I recently stopped long-term antibiotic therapy (twice a day MWF for 2 weeks, then 2-3 weeks off- 3-4 antibiotics depended on which co infection was being addressed). I have an amazing life except for I’m still ill

    • Nicole

      I have some nerve damage that I’m trying to re-wire- I really want to move on with my life and be back at school but my working and short-term memory is very spotty and what once came easily is very difficult and stressful (since it’s frustrating). I’m hoping there is hope for me to truly get past my disease. I want to start a lyme lab one day and a non-profit organization to spread awareness and provide a medium for people to network and find support. I’d love to write about my experience in hopes it may help others and maybe even travel around the world speaking at conferences. These are my long-term aspirations/passions.


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