Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT)

AIT Crisis Work:

Quick AIT (English)—Ruth Cordova, AIT Teacher and Supervisor show the Quick AIT protocol for self treatment during this time of crisis. Click here to watch video.

Quick AIT (Spanish)—Solange Dufourq, from Guatemala, teaches us an AIT exercise for managing anxiety and fear in this time of crisis. Click here to watch video.

The Advanced Integrative Therapy Institute offers additional resources on their website.

Here you will find:

  • Protocol to work with the immune system. (English, Spanish and French / PDF version)
  • Asha Clinton talks in the ACEP Conference 2018. 

“Strengthening the Immune System Energetically”. (MP3 version)

  • AIT Meditation: Presence to the Center. (MP3 version in english and french)

Trauma release methodology of Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT). Self-care for therapists—Click here to access.

Three simple ways to treat COVID-19 anxiety, fears, and trauma—and any other anxieties, fears, stresses, and traumas. Click here to access

Energy Psychology

Resources for Resilience—Resources for Resilience is a project of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology’s Humanitarian Committee. Members from all over the world volunteer their time to meet R4R’s mission and provide free access to self-help techniques that can help you recover more quickly and easily from stressful events. Click here to access.

Karen McLaren

Emotional Work:

Take good care of yourself, and pay attention to your emotions. Each of them contains a specific form of genius that can help you during this troubled time — and at all times.

Free emotions chart so that people can track their emotions. Click here to access.

Multiple emotions are necessary, now and always. Every emotion has specific genius to bring to you, and all of them are necessary — and they usually show up in pairs, groups, and clusters.

New videos about multiple emotions and why they need to be there. Click here to access.

Robin Youngson

Neuroscience of Healing:

Neuroscience-based practices and techniques.

  • Erase your Traumatic Memory
  • Unburden Your Negative Emotions
  • How Compassion Can Sustain and Protect You 

 Click here to access.

Sound Frequency Therapy—HUSO

The revolutionary HUSO sound therapy system brings ancient traditions to the modern world—combining high-fidelity audio with human-generated tones to create a whole-body experience like nothing else.

Lissa’s personal recommendation of HUSO:

I feel so grateful to have received a sound healing meditation device just before the pandemic hit. Initially used by many as treatment for insomnia, I was blessed to be given HUSO as a gift by the founder, who knew about my decade long study in self-healing and Sacred Medicine. Throughout history, indigenous tribes and many religions have used song, sound, chanting and toning for its healing properties. This is not just entertaining or enjoyable; the power of song and sound has been well researched and proven by countless research studies. HUSO makes good use of this, combining human vocal tones with vibration applied over acupuncture meridians, delivering specific modulated frequencies to the body, nervous system, and biofield, creating a natural resonance in the body intended to calm the mind, balance your system, improve sleep, strengthen the immune system, improve health, and induce the relaxation response known to activate the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms. Such internal relaxation is not just a luxury right now; it might actually save your life in pandemic times.

Personally, I am very sound sensitive, which makes normal modern living hard. I cannot tolerate cities and thrive only in natural environments, surrounded by bird song, wind in the trees, ocean waves, rushing rivers, the howl of coyotes and other such sounds. Fortunately, I live in a place where such sounds are the music of silence. Even still, trauma happens, and in such times, HUSO has turned out to be a blessing. Because I am so sound sensitive, I also respond in an exaggerated way to sound healings, music, and other healing sounds. While others who are less sensitive might respond differently, I experience HUSO as a rapid portal to an altered state of embodied consciousness, not transcending this reality or bypassing my humanity, but feeling more present, more relaxed, more in my body, more in touch with my emotions, more anchored in awareness, and more grounded in times of rapid change. While expensive at a time when many do not have the financial resources for luxuries such as this, if you can afford it and you crave a way to deepen into the relaxation response, I recommend HUSO wholeheartedly.

Click here to access.

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