Aligning Your Desires With The Highest Good – Part 2

In part 1 of this 5 part blog series about a feminine way to manifest your dreams, I wrote about a more feminine, “eggy” way to operate when you’re trying to bring into form something you desire, such as a business, a book, an art project, or a vision. While the masculine “spermy” approach requires pushing and striving, usually to the point of exhaustion, the feminine “eggy” approach requires setting clear intentions, making your desires known, and then trusting that, when your desires are in alignment with the highest good, the Universe will rush to your aid and send an army of dutiful little sperm your way in order to help you bring your desires into being.

All Desires Aren’t Created Equal

Now mind you, this approach is not to be confused with popular “law of attraction” notions put forth in The Secret and such. I’m not suggesting that all you need to do in order to make a Ferrari appear before you like magic is to imagine the Ferrari and then wait for the Universe to plop one in front of you.

Sure, the masculine approach still works if what you desire is a Ferrari. You can work your ass off, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars (or however much you’ll need – I don’t keep tabs on how much your average Ferrari costs these days), and go buy yourself a well-earned Ferrari.  But the Universe is less likely to join in on the fun, unless you intend to use that Ferrari as part of a campaign to end world hunger or cure AIDS or convert neo-Nazis into open-hearted lovebugs, in which case, hell – you’ll probably get a dozen Ferrraris plopped in front of you.

As my friend and business partner in the Find Your Calling program Martha Beck teaches in her book Finding Your Way In A Wild New World, a more effective way to bring a dream into form is to feel for what wants to happen in the collective consciousness, in service to the highest good, then surrender any attachment to it while moving faithfully in the direction of your joy.

In other words, the feminine way of operating is unlikely to succeed if what you desire is purely materialistic, focused solely on your personal gain, or attached to desires like fame, power, or adulation. Not to say there’s anything wrong with desiring those things – there’s not. But when you move in the direction of the highest good for all, while following your joy and trusting completely in the Universe’s desire to help you achieve those desires, you’d be surprised how many material rewards and personal gains come flooding your way.

Aligning Your Desires With The Greater Good

So what does that mean?  Ask any visionary, like the ones enrolled in the Visionary Ignition Switch program I co-lead with Amy Ahlers.

Most people who self-identify with the term “visionary” (or as Martha Beck calls us – “wayfinders,” “menders,” or “The Team”) are already in service to the greater good. While it’s possible to work for the financial industry or be the CEO of a large corporation beholden to its shareholders and still be in service to the greater good, more often than not, these people are entrepreneurs, healers, nonprofit founders or employees, or involved in mission-based small businesses trying to leave the world a better place.

Why Visionaries Need To Be Eggy

If you’re in service to the greater good and you’re trying to achieve your vision solely in a masculine “spermy” way, you’re likely to feel exhausted, get sick, plow your way off course, or even wind up broke, depleted, and spinning your wheels. The collective consciousness may wish you were heading north, when you’re working your ass off to head south. And if only you knew how many goodies awaited you if only you’d surrender to heading north, you’d gladly quit swimming upstream and let the current float you north.

When you stop striving solely in the direction of your mighty will, and instead, make room for flowing in the direction of the highest good, you make it infinitely easier for the Universe to use you as a stealth agent for God. If you’re willing to be molded, to follow signs from the Universe guiding you north when you think you want to go south, the Universe will fall over itself helping you serve the greater good. You become a vessel for positive change, a willing puppet the Universe can guide in the direction of what wants to happen, rather than a laser-focused speed train pummeling in the direction of your individual will.

When Spermy Doesn’t Work

While being spermy may be an effective adaptation when you’re trying to make it through grad school or plow through the pile of papers on your desk at work, there are ways in which being spermy doesn’t work at all.

You can’t sperm your way to getting pregnant (no pun intended.)

You can’t sperm your child to grow up happy.

You can’t sperm your way out of getting sick.

You can’t sperm your quest for the love of your life.

Sure, you can take your temperature, use ovulation predictor kits, read all the books, even try in vitro fertilization, but if it’s not in the cards, no amount of striving will get you pregnant.

There are always active measures you can take to optimize the chances of your dreams coming true. You can read parenting books, eat vegan, study how the mind heals the body, and sign up for But when it comes right down to it, most of your life is essentially out of your control. And no amount of spermyness is going to change that uncomfortable fact. So you might as well make peace with it – and chill out, relax, surrender, go with the flow, trust the Universe – get eggy.

How Can You Become More Eggy?

Whether you’re male or female, if you’ve been operating more like a sperm than like an egg when it comes to manifesting your desires, and if you’re doubting whether being eggy can actually be effective when it comes to manifesting your desires, stay tuned for Part 3 of this 5 part blog series. (If you want to make sure not to miss it, make sure you’re on my newsletter list). I’ll be teaching you some of the tools I’ve been using to become more eggy in my life and my business.

Are Your Desires In Service To The Greater Good?

Yes, being honest about your desires – even the ones that might seem self-serving, is almost always in service to the greater good. The world wants you to be happy, and to experience pleasure, and to feel relaxed and healthy and fulfilled and balanced. But it’s worth examining what you desire.

So think about it. What do you desire? And how are you going about bringing those desires into form? Tell us your stories.

In service to your desires,

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