An Eggy Book Launch – Happy Birth Day Mind Over Medicine!

Today is the birth day of my third book, Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself.  Normally, I’d follow that sentence with a “Cue trumpets, let’s do cartwheels, “can you say PAR-TEE?” sort of comment. But on this very exciting day, I find myself oddly calm, peaceful, and contemplative instead of bouncy cheerleadery.

Launching a book is a funny thing, and I’ve found myself reflecting lately about why we authors do what we do.  Most people dream about one day writing a book. But why is it such a universal desire?

What Drives Us?

Do we desire fame, and if so – why? What do we think fame will bring us? Power? The attention of boatloads of worshipping fans? The love of our parents? The esteem of our colleagues?

Do we desire influence, to be seen and heard and valued and respected, to have the capacity to change public opinion, to be like Oprah, who says “Read this book” or “adopt this new spiritual practice” and everyone listens?

Do we desire wealth, and if so, why? So we can have the freedom to do what we love without worrying about paying the rent or getting food on the table? So we can impress people? So we can be conspicuous consumers of material goods? So we can give money to people in need and good causes?

Do we desire to make the world a better place because of what we write? Do we hope to leave a legacy, to have somehow really mattered as tiny, temporary specks in this giant Universe? Do we write books as an existential exercise, to leave our mark behind in the form of 80,000 printed words that will outlive us?

I am asking myself these very questions and getting clear on my intentions for why I wrote this book and what I hope it helps me achieve. So let me share those with you now.

Why I Wrote Mind Over Medicine

Those things are awesome. If doctors didn’t know how to sew fingers back on, my husband would have only 8 fingers. But when it comes to the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses, drugs and surgery, or even diet and exercise, are only a small piece of the health puzzle. This book will prove to you in no uncertain terms that the health of your mind is even more important than whether you’re eating your veggies or compliant with your medication regimen. And it will leave you with a self-guided treatment plan guaranteed to make your body ripe for miracles. (Buy Mind Over Medicine here to learn how to write The Prescription for yourself).

If every patient and health care provider read this book and adopted what they would learn from it, the doctor-patient relationship would fundamentally shift and our health care system would have to adjust itself to meet the shift.  Patients would participate in their own health, not just by eating well and going to the gym, but by tending the gardens of their minds and refusing to harm the body with poisonous thoughts, limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs, and negative emotions, choosing instead to fill the mind with the medicine it needs – love, a sense of Oneness with each other and the Divine, optimistic beliefs, self-nurturing thoughts, and hope. They would get brutally honest with themselves about how their lives are out of alignment with their truth and what small or radical changes they need to implement in order to cleanse the mind and body of toxicity.

If everyone in the system was converted by what they learned in this book – and I know they will be because it’s ALL evidence-based and scientifically verifiable – then our health care system would save billions of dollars, because healing the mind of toxic thoughts costs nothing, and for most chronic health conditions, tending the garden of your mind is way more effective as medical treatment than any expensive, potentially dangerous, side effect-inducing drug or surgery. This would allow us to reform how much we overpay for health care and free doctors up to spend more time with patients, really listening and partnering and encouraging the patient to partner in their own health care. A tsunami has already hit our health care system, but if everyone on the planet read this book, we’d all be surfing the waves rather than getting crushed the way buildings do when they refuse to go with the flow of inevitable and long-overdue change.

I wrote this book as a surfboard. So hop on board here and buy 3 copies – one for yourself, one for that patient or health care provider in your life that you just KNOW needs to hear this message, and one to keep on your shelf until the Universe tells you who to give it to.



I am currently training 16 doctors with a team of rock star faculty that include Martha Beck, Christiane Northrup, Larry Dossey, Bernie Siegel, Steve Sisgold, Jon Rasmussen, Bridgette Boudreau, and more. And in 2014, we’ll be expanding the program to include not only more physicians, but also non-physician health care providers and maybe even life coaches who want to incorporate mind-body medicine into their practices. The principles of Mind Over Medicine will be the foundation of what is taught in these programs.


All of those other reasons excite me beyond description, but what gets me up every morning giddy to start my workday is my love of writing. I am a writer before I am a doctor or teacher or artist or any of the other things I do in my business life. Writers write, and because I’m a writer, writing is at the root of pretty much everything I do in my career. I write books. I write blogs. I write Daily Flames. I write speeches. I write scripts for PBS specials and teleclasses.

From the time I was six, when a family friend gave me a leather-bound blank book and invited me to write in it, I have been a writer. Writing isn’t something I DO. It’s more like something I BE. Writing for me is about seeing the world with fresh eyes and viewing every experience through the lens of a writer, and the fact that I get to do this every day makes me want to do cartwheels on the beach.


Yes, writing is a passion, but it’s also my career! Most of my writing I do for free. I don’t charge anything for my blog or the Daily Flame or the ebooks I give away on my blog. But writing is how I earn my living, so yes, I wrote Mind Over Medicine to fund my passion! I do need for this book to sell in order to pay Hay House back for the generous advance they gave me because they trust me and this book. They’ve also given me a generous advance for my next book with them (which I’ll be telling you more about soon.) So it’s important that this book sell well so I can keep writing more books and funding the writing I do for free.

If you’ve been enjoying my free stuff and can’t afford to buy this book, thank you for reading and caring about what I write. If it weren’t for you, Hay House wouldn’t have given me a great advance. I value you immensely – and please keep reading!

But if you can afford to support my free writing by purchasing one or more copies of this book, I’d be super grateful. You help me pay the rent and make the rest of my work in the world possible!

(Buy the book now).

Why I’m Not Striving For The New York Times Bestseller’s List

After much soul-searching and examination of many book launch strategies and discussions with friends who have hit the NY Times list, I’ve decided I don’t need to hit the New York Times bestseller’s list in order to prove to myself that I’m valuable. My ego doesn’t need to achieve any more than I’ve already achieved in this life. My mission to help heal health care revolves around getting the message of this book to many people – and having them share what I’ve taught and adopt a different way of being as patients and practitioners.

But I believe that if this is supposed to happen at this particular time in the evolution of medicine – if it is in the highest good of all beings and the Universe wills it and the timing is right – then the book will get into the hands of those who are supposed to read it. And if it’s meant to hit the New York Times list, it will. I’m not going to push, strive, manipulate, and “sperm” my way to “success” anymore. Been there. Done that. My soul is no longer for sale.

I notice my own resistance as I’m saying no to opportunities that might sell more books because they feel out of alignment with my own integrity. A part of the resistance says I’m just being lazy by not rushing to do a big production book trailer. Or I’m failing Hay House by not blasting my own list with a bazillion mailings about preorders or agreeing to do 100 interviews I don’t have time to do or doing some 30-city book tour or paying some inordinate amount of money to buy Google ads or buy my own books or otherwise make this book “successful.”

But at least, hopefully, a year from now, I’ll be able to look back on how I did it and feel great about my choices, feel successful on my own terms, feel proud of the book and the way I marketed it. And if my book does succeed in achieving what my publisher hopes it will achieve, it will be real. It will succeed because I wrote a good book with a message whose time had come. And hopefully, I’ll have launched a book while remembering what really matters – my family, my friends, my own self-care, my relationship with the Divine, and whether or not I’m living in alignment with my integrity.

Happy Birth Day Mind Over Medicine!

If you feel like helping my book get an eggy start in the world, I’d love it if you feel inclined to buy a book – or three – or five. Buying just one book gets you free access to Make Your Body Ripe For Miracles, a 2 hour Live Online Event with me and Martha Beck. (Register here to meet us for the launch party.)

Over 2,000 of you have preordered the book, and to those of you who have done so, BLESS YOU for helping me achieve my vision, please Hay House, and pay the bills. It means the world to me.

If you feel so inclined after reading the book, please help me spread the word. If you know someone sick of being sick, I promise this book will help them, and I know you’ll want your loved ones to do everything within their personal power to live a long, healthy life.

With love on this special day,

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