The first time I was chatting on the phone with Martha Beck, we were talking about my business and Martha said, “Ah, I see. You’re one of us.”

“One of what?” I asked.

“A stealth agent for God,” she answered. “People think you’re a doctor. But your physician’s white coat is like your superhero disguise.”

I laughed – and, reluctantly and a bit shyly, nodded. Yeah, I guess that’d be me.

We went on to discuss many of our colleagues, who we suspect are also stealth agents for God.  Some wear the superhero costumes of business strategists or fitness instructors or sex teachers or creativity coaches. They are relationship experts and finance gurus and parenting counselors and art instructors and health coaches.

Yet, deep down, at the root of their messages, they are in service to Source. They are, essentially, spiritual leaders in disguise, without the robes and habits and pulpits.

When Amy Ahlers and I launched our business school for visionaries program – Visionary Ignition Switch – every single student who enrolled was a stealth agent for God. When I was inducted into the Association Of Transformational Leadership in Palm Springs last weekend, every member there was just such an agent.

But What Does It Mean?

I can’t say how Martha would define it, but to me, being a stealth agent for God is not about religion. And it’s also not about being “chosen” or “special.” It’s not about any particular deity – or even about a God that exists outside of you.

Instead, it’s a choice you make, regardless of your profession, to align with the Divine within you, and to be in service to the Divine within other beings, as part of a vision of making this planet a better place. It’s answering a calling and knowing the world needs you to do what only you can do in your divinely unique way.  It’s being part of The Team.

At the Association for Transformational Leadership conference, I had the privilege of seeing what can happen when people align with the Divine in their own unique way.  Instant intimacy. Open hearts. Planetary revolution. Healing on a massive scale.  Unity. Oneness. High vibration energy lifting up everyone on earth who dares to face north.

When you choose to be a stealth agent for God – no matter what you do – you allow yourself to be used in service to the highest good of all beings.  You become a vessel for the Divine to work through you.

You’ll never do it perfectly. None of us will because we’re human – and that means we have personalities and egos that get in the way of letting us be clear channels.

But simply making the commitment that you will be in service to Source changes everything. That one clear intention is a game-changer.

When You’re A Stealth Agent For God, Mystical Shit Happens

It’s not why you do it – instead it’s a welcome side effect – but when you become a stealth agent for God, Martha and I can both attest to the fact that mystical stuff just starts happening.  Clients appear. Money flows in. The one thing you most need shows up just before you almost got around to asking for it.  The phone rings with good news.  You get the best parking spot.  A rhino shows up with a message for you.

It’s almost as if the Universe gives you a hand up, knowing that your success is the Universe’s success. You are essentially co-creating with the Divine, and it can be downright delicious.

So I Ask You… Are You A Stealth Agent For God?

How do you show up in your work?  Do you invite the Divine to work through you?  Are you a visionary committed to making this planet a better place? Are you brave enough to answer the call when the call comes?

Share your thoughts here in the comments.

Embracing my secret agentness,

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  1. Karen Palmer

    I am and always will be a voice for the animals. The helpless animals been euthanized over 10,000 a day but I speak for their souls and to stop this horrible stuff from going on please help me help the animals and join our team at “Positively Pets” on Blog Talk Radio weekly we discuss how to help and get involved. PLease Share!!

    • Zorica

      Me, too. I adore animals. I can’t live without them and I can’t see their suffering. In my car there’s always cat and dog food and water in case I see somewhere stray cats or dogs. That’s the only way I can help them here.

  2. Heather

    Great post. Makes me feel really good about what I know is bubbling up inside of me! Thank you!

  3. Claire Lopez

    My prayer is always this: lead me where you need me, and speak to me in ways I cannot possibly misunderstand.

  4. Suzi Banks Baum

    I feel this too. I am a voice for creativity, in, as and with mothers especially, but with women. I stand for every person accessing their full creative voice, men and women and children- who temporarily loose there or need voice lessons.

    That bubbling mentioned by Heather right above me, I feel that is where God and me are collaborating. Like you say, things happen. All the work I have done to be able to recognize the bubbling, to listen in to Source, and to build my skills in expressing myself, all this discipline increases my trust that when I hear that bubbling- that is God, the Universe- making my way with me.

    Long ago a wise woman told me that when you see or are swimming in a waterfall- ( I have always loved to do this) -where the water falling meets the pool below- that place is an access point where the Divine and the Visible World interact. Something about Heather’s bubbling brings that to my mind.

    I love your willingness to open this topic Lissa.
    Thank you,
    Love, Suzi

  5. Mika

    Oh my God, YES! This is it exactly….I was trying to define my “title” and I kept coming up with LIFE-guard. This is an even better fit. Thanks!

  6. Anna

    Yes, I am a stealth agent. And I want to remember and be conscious of this more, And be more grateful for all the “Universe” does and has done.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Cathy

    Lissa, I love the image of the super hero stealth agent for God. I sing in the subway of NYC since 1999, I see all kinds of people, mostly I see a beautiful tapestry of humanity. Underground we are all the same-trying to get to where we’re going in the maze of the underbelly of a city. Devoid of the normal “identities” that keep us in our societal groups, we have no idea what the person feels, thinks, does who walks beside us or shares a ride on public transport. Yet with live music, people slow down even if for a millisecond pulling an earbud to acknowledge the vibration. Some stop and chat. That’s when I started to “listen” and then ask the question “what’s your inspiration” and the answers I’ve found are amazing. Like “beauty in the small things we take for granted.” or “what inspires me is to see a world free of landmines and kids at play having fun.” or “the intangible, what you believe in that no one sees.” or “beauty is an obvious answer, but it’s what it is, in it’s many ways, beauty, the organization anti-chaos in nature, in man.” So that’s why I keep singing and asking that divine question “What’s Your Inspiration?”

    I am happy to think my presence in the subway system provides a place for possibility, communication, and I yes a Divine vibration.

    Blessings to you,

  8. mb

    OK. . . YES, I’m one, too. What seems to be different for me is that THOUGH MY WORK CAME AND REMAINS (grief and loss counseling), I canNOT get paid for it because I’ve got the wrong degrees (incl a PhD in Philosophy). In brief, THE EMPLOYMENT DOORS DO NOT OPEN !!! NO ANGELS WITH MAGIC WANDS, NO MIRACLES, etc. Sooo . . . at 62, am applying for yet another degree. Either Professional Counseling or Social Work. Have resisted this route for years now (still feeling the resistance), trusting the fit is so perfect that a miracle WOULD happen, but NO! I can’t live on volunteer work, soooooo HERE GOES. . .




  9. Aurora

    Yes, I remember reading an article by Martha Beck about being on The Team – I too am on The Team! I think it’s a great way to talk about it, it reminds you there are others on the planet, though in different disguises, on the same path 🙂

  10. Susan Hoefer

    Absolutely ! I have turned inward for my answers, for my inspiration, for clarity, for instruction, and however we conceptualizer or name the source….it is loving, fantastic, crazy sense of humour, has way more belief in myself than ego does…. Other more I get to know this source, the more I love her! (Ok, that is my bias…. I am pretty convinced she is feminine). I am falling in love with her and…. Some day would like to commit fully to her:) kinda like get married!

  11. Rachael

    I love this post. I agree as a stealth agent of God, everything works a little smoother and easier. This is the ‘flow’ where you seem to be moving swiftly from rock to rock down the stream you’re in. Gaining steady ground before moving to the next rock, and delighted along the way and when you land. Whether it’s the moss you feel between your toes, the sound of water whispering answers, or what you discover when you look around. My prayer is “I pray for the best intentions” and know that it’s in store for me, along with all the miracles witnessed, as God’s agent.

  12. Sunny

    A chronic disease knocked me out of my career almost 10 years ago. I pouted and looked for doctors and obsessed with getting fixed for too long. Then I began to look inward. My health will never be what it was. My life will never again be filled with volunteer activities, meaningful work for pay, the excitement of a career and constant opportunities for ‘making a difference.’ But even as my life constricted, my heart has learned. I try hard to carry something with me all the time to share with whomever I meet — hope and kindness and a sense that this life is exactly what it is meant to be at this moment. People are in so much hurt these days (maybe always) and need so much for someone to say ‘It’s okay. Trust yourself, trust the Divine. You are a beautiful child of the Creator.’

    This sounds scattered and garbled and makes little sense. But I share that sense of being a stealth agent for God — who, by the way, I can no longer define but who is more real, more central and more important to my life than ever before. I see my life as a conduit now. God touches me, I touch someone else who touches yet another … and so on. Just as it should be.

  13. stephanie

    yep – that’s me. Humbly answering the call and the universe bit by bit is providing. I am so grateful.

  14. Cat

    Wonderful post! Positive message that inspires. Love the title stealth agent for God. Karma at its best. Thank you, Lissa

  15. Yewande

    I love this post. When Cathy talks about her music in the subway, I can relate, because when I’m down there I sometimes envision the music and musician who will add a sparkle to my day and my time there and sure enough somewhere they show up granting me a chance to feel ease and gratitude.

    I loved Suzi’s post “Long ago a wise woman told me that when you see or are swimming in a waterfall- ( I have always loved to do this) -where the water falling meets the pool below- that place is an access point where the Divine and the Visible World interact. Something about Heather’s bubbling brings that to my mind,” because it reminds me of the Divine energy of Oshun, an African force of beauty who lives in moving sweet water and represents unconditional love. I don’t swim but I know I’m living now to have the Divine and Visible World come together in each moment that I can remember.

    This year is my year of transformation and I’m as Rachel said going from stone to stone, building up a knowing of myself as spiritual being always in connection with a Beautiful Consciousness. Now, I know that my prayers and affirmations have been building me into a stealth agent that will continue to leave seeds, care, and nourishment for youth, its coming faster the ideas of what will lift them up.
    Keep reminding me that I’m expanding into the me I already AM

  16. Emma

    I love all these posts – and all the responses. How generous of Lissa and everyone here to give their time, and of themselves.

    Stealth agents for God? I don’t know. Maybe I’m one. I try to do my work from the best of myself. I write, act, direct – and teach theatre. There’s certainly a ‘stealth’ aspect of the teaching, because it often feels like, when you’re teaching people to be better actors, you’re also inviting them to be better human beings, because the skills needed for both things are the same.

    Theatre in particular, and creativity in general, these are my vocations. I like encouraging people to ask questions, and find answers.

  17. Jacki

    I love you and cartwheels on the beach!! We are all stealth agents of G-d, some of us just don’t know it… YET! I love how the world is waking up. It really is the end of the world, as we know it. It is the end of materialism and separatism and the beginning of G-d consciousness and unity. It is a beautiful thing. When you see the divinity in yourself, you see the divinity in others. Love and light!

  18. Anne

    To quote Shakespeare in King Lear we are “God’s spies” and what I believe we need more than ever in the corporate world especially are people like us stealth agents. Imagine the power of corporations and organisations suffused with this energy…..

  19. Jasmine Tohilima Etuata

    God is in everything. He loves us so much that I truly believe he rather have no acknowledgement or reference to him at all if it took people to just help other people. Whatever it takes, whatever package you want it to come in, he will present it in the way you will respond to…this is how he works…this is what i believe. This is true humility and this is stealth at it’s best.


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