Are You Doing Your Soul’s Work?

I just took a workshop with Sera Beak, the badass, spiritual cowgirl and author of The Red Book. In the workshop, Sera asked us to do an exercise she learned from Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit, and I’d like to invite you to do a variation on the same exercise, because I found it so profound.

Exercise #1

Grab your journal or a sheet of paper and write down five things you’d like to achieve before you kick the bucket. Don’t think too hard. Just write.

(Do this before reading on. Promise you will!)

Exercise #2

Now close your eyes and tap into your Inner Pilot Light.  Take a few deep breaths and feel that Divine spark in you, that 100% radiant core essence of you, the part of you some might call your soul. Feel into that part of you. Let that part of you course through your blood vessels and embody your human form. Trust that essence. Fan your flames.

Now from that place, write down the answer to this question:

What does my soul (or Inner Pilot Light) long to experience in this life?

Exercise #3

Staying in that same tapped in, tuned in, intuitive, embodied space, answer the next question:

What does my soul (or Inner Pilot Light) long to express in this life?

Exercise #4

And finally, staying in touch with this essence of you, answer this last question.

What one actionable thing can I do this week to help my soul (or Inner Pilot Light) experience and express what it longs to experience and express? 

What My Soul Longs To Do

Through doing these exercises, I got uber clear on the fact that my Inner Pilot Light longs to help other people experience and express their Inner Pilot Lights. So many people seem to be floundering in this world, untethered, lonely, disconnected, out of touch with the authentic core of who they are. In my opinion, this soul loss is the epidemic sweeping our nation, resulting in divorce, spiritual disconnection, disease, and any other number of traumas.

For me, this is Sacred Medicine, this process of helping people rediscover their soul, learning to tap in, trusting their inner guidance, and recognizing that every one of us holds within us a little piece of Divinity, and because of this, we are all precious and perfect and worthy and loved.

Your Soul’s Work

That’s what came up for me. But what came up for you? Did you notice whether the second, third, and fourth exercises differed vastly from the five goals you wrote out in the first exercise? Are you really focusing on what your soul longs to do? Are you really doing your soul’s work in the world? Or are you being driven by your ego (who I call Victoria in my case and who you can read about here)?

Share what came up for you if you’re feeling brave. Tell us your answers to the four exercises in the comments below.

Soulfully yours,

PS. If you’re a visionary already doing your soul’s work but you’re not quite sure how to transform it from a vision to a successful business, sign up here to take the free Red Hot Secrets webinar I created with fellow visionary Amy Ahlers, in which we share all the mistakes we made in the process of doing our soul’s work and give 10 tips to how to make your soul dance and sing in your visionary work. Take a listen! I promise your soul will smile 🙂

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