I just took a workshop with Sera Beak, the badass, spiritual cowgirl and author of The Red Book. In the workshop, Sera asked us to do an exercise she learned from Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit, and I’d like to invite you to do a variation on the same exercise, because I found it so profound.

Exercise #1

Grab your journal or a sheet of paper and write down five things you’d like to achieve before you kick the bucket. Don’t think too hard. Just write.

(Do this before reading on. Promise you will!)

Exercise #2

Now close your eyes and tap into your Inner Pilot Light.  Take a few deep breaths and feel that Divine spark in you, that 100% radiant core essence of you, the part of you some might call your soul. Feel into that part of you. Let that part of you course through your blood vessels and embody your human form. Trust that essence. Fan your flames.

Now from that place, write down the answer to this question:

What does my soul (or Inner Pilot Light) long to experience in this life?

Exercise #3

Staying in that same tapped in, tuned in, intuitive, embodied space, answer the next question:

What does my soul (or Inner Pilot Light) long to express in this life?

Exercise #4

And finally, staying in touch with this essence of you, answer this last question.

What one actionable thing can I do this week to help my soul (or Inner Pilot Light) experience and express what it longs to experience and express? 

What My Soul Longs To Do

Through doing these exercises, I got uber clear on the fact that my Inner Pilot Light longs to help other people experience and express their Inner Pilot Lights. So many people seem to be floundering in this world, untethered, lonely, disconnected, out of touch with the authentic core of who they are. In my opinion, this soul loss is the epidemic sweeping our nation, resulting in divorce, spiritual disconnection, disease, and any other number of traumas.

For me, this is Sacred Medicine, this process of helping people rediscover their soul, learning to tap in, trusting their inner guidance, and recognizing that every one of us holds within us a little piece of Divinity, and because of this, we are all precious and perfect and worthy and loved.

Your Soul’s Work

That’s what came up for me. But what came up for you? Did you notice whether the second, third, and fourth exercises differed vastly from the five goals you wrote out in the first exercise? Are you really focusing on what your soul longs to do? Are you really doing your soul’s work in the world? Or are you being driven by your ego (who I call Victoria in my case and who you can read about here)?

Share what came up for you if you’re feeling brave. Tell us your answers to the four exercises in the comments below.

Soulfully yours,

PS. If you’re a visionary already doing your soul’s work but you’re not quite sure how to transform it from a vision to a successful business, sign up here to take the free Red Hot Secrets webinar I created with fellow visionary Amy Ahlers, in which we share all the mistakes we made in the process of doing our soul’s work and give 10 tips to how to make your soul dance and sing in your visionary work. Take a listen! I promise your soul will smile 🙂

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  1. Sara ODonnell

    Wow! Just reaching my inner pilot light changes my whole attitude for the day. What an amazing exercise to help keep me on the right track! Thanks!!!

  2. Marleen Renders

    Wonderful exercise Lissa! This is so simple and profound.

    I noticed that my own goals are a little more tangible, and my inner pilot light’s ‘goals’ are more vibrational in nature, which makes total sense.
    My inner pilot light wants to experience more community and that isn’t one of my conscious goals (though I am experiencing and creating community everywhere I go).

    The one action I’m taking this week is to take a walk in nature. To experience beauty, connection, feminine power and sustainability (in an environmental sense).

    With love,

    • Midge

      Hello, Marleen,
      My Inner Pilot Light resounds with your longings and purpose to create and experience community. Being in nature, too, is fuel for my Inner Pilot Light. Your response to Lissa’s post is so eloquent in its simplicity, and it filled me with such a sense of kindred ship. Many thanks.

  3. Liza

    Dear Lissa,
    Thank you so much for all your insightful messages!
    I’ve followed all your steps so far and over the past month
    I decided to make some drastic changes in my life. I put my visions
    in motion, wrote down what I wanted and so far the universe has made shifts and things are happening! I just have to keep being brave!!

    Thanks Lissa

  4. cindy

    I found the answer to #1 were tangible items relating to food, travel, experience, and family. Answers #2-3 were almost identical: Love, acceptance, nurturing. How do I act on this? The first thing I need to do is breathe. It is so easy to be overwhelmed and let fear and anger dictate my actions- instead breathe and act from a place of love not fear.

  5. kerry

    I found that my first goals were not as specific as my inner pilot light’s goals.I know I’ve always wanted to help people but there’s just so many people to help, I didn’t know where to start before.I’m still unsure how to do what my inner pilot light wants me to do though.I believe that I’ll be guided though when the time is right.

  6. Ti

    Making my bucket list was a little difficult because I’m more interested in feeling certain ways than doing certain things. I came up with one I really want to do, three little ones, and the last was “Remember that God and I are simultaneous”. My answers to the last three questions were delightful in that there wasn’t a lot of “you must bring this to the world!” urgency, which was such a relief. Sometimes the do in “do your soul’s work” can feel like a whip held over my head or can arouse a voice that whispers, “If you aren’t doing, you’re shirking your spiritual responsibility. Figure it out and DO IT ALREADY!” It was great to find out that my soul longs for nature and to share my experience of the Divine. I can do that and already am. Sweet!

  7. Coral Bentley

    Directly from my journal:

    1. use up my knitting stash
    2. recognize that I’m a kickass knitter
    3. dye my hair purple and red
    4. love the best I can
    5. see my kids be happy – or at least with the groundwork in place that they can find happiness.

    My soul longs for the pain to end.

    My soul longs to express that it’s all important.

    What can I do to help my soul experience and do these things? Find the sads and let them go, after learning their lessons.

    When I look within, there is such sadness that I feel tears well up, and I don’t know why it’s there. It’s been plaguing me for a while now, such that I think I should talk to my doctor about increasing my antidepressant dose, but there’s got to be more things that have been chewing away at my heart. I’ve looked hard at one, and I think I’m sorting out the lessons, but it’s going to be tricky to properly address them. 1. Rules are not hard rules when the environment becomes chaos. 2. I am afraid of people, particularly when there’s a large press of them and I don’t know them. 3. Never work retail. 😛

  8. Sally Holt

    I normally don’t write on blogs but I thought I should start putting it out there so I can let the Universe know I want to follow my soul’s calling.

    I had similar answers to the soul calling as I have been doing quite a bit of work around this to clarify where I want to go in life.

    My soul longs for being in a beautiful relationship with a man and having a happy family.

    My art is my expression and I want to fully tap into my creativity, express it unconditionally and share it with the world through my art and art-full expression workshops.

    Thanks for the exercise it’s brilliant.

  9. Kathryn

    Thank you for the excuse to take a breather and feel! Joy, peace and love are what keep coming up for me. I know it may sound dorky, but I want to shout from the skies that life is meant to be easy, full of joy, that everything is already all right, that peace is part of us and is here right now! So, I answered your request and posted here and now I’m going to write another post for my blog.

    Hopefully it will help someone step into their Light!

  10. Midge

    Hello, Lissa!

    I just love “tapping in” to me, every day! Many thanks for the simple and joyful exercise for the good of me, and everyone around me.

    I love to write, and, while I am happily situated in a career, I still want to wonder, reflect, write, and share. This summer I began a blog at WordPress.com, and this experience is absolutely wondrous!
    It’s easy, free, and I’ve discovered an online community of writers who are encouraging and inspiring.

    I must have really had a good “tap in” with my Inner Pilot Light the day the thought of sharing my writing via a blog popped into my head. The blog is just one example of how my Inner Pilot Light lights up my life and me!

    Many thanks, Lissa, for shining and sharing!

  11. Lissa Rankin, MD

    Ooh- I loved reading what you all wrote! Thank you so much for reading and sharing!
    Much love

  12. Allison Crow

    Fabulous questions that really help people remove the scales of ho-hum life and tap in to their Soul-Work! Thanks for mentioning my post, too! Finding and living my Soul-Work has made a huge difference in my life!

    And you KNOW listening to your free Red Hot Secrets webinar helped me take it to the next level! A great message we all need to hear!

    Love, light, and laughter to you!

  13. Regina

    Hi Lissa
    my answers were strikingly similar to yours:

    Thanks for the post. God has definitely put you in my life. I started following you more when you lost your little dog because I had to have my little one put to sleep within days of your lose. You have been a comfort as well as wonderful inspiration to me. I hope I will find a way, as you have, to be able to fulfill my soul’s purpose. Thanks so much for touching my life. Keep on shining!

  14. Haley

    My five things were:

    1. See my children grow up to be Healthy, Happy and Weathly ( in the spiritual sense)
    2. My life full of friends and loved ones
    3. Physically fit
    4. doing something meaningful and enjoyable
    5. contribute meaningfully to the world.

    My inner light wants to be unconditionally loved and accepted. Love was the main theme for me.

  15. LLPartyofOne

    Ex#1 – My five things: 1. Get my BS degree; 2. Be happily married; 3. Help people; 4. Make positive changes in the world; 5. Travel and do photography while exploring new places.

    Ex#2 – Experiences my soul longs for: Being happy, helping others and being in a loving, mutually committed relationship where I feel safe.

    Ex#3 – My soul longs to Express: To make others happy and take care of people.

    Ex#4 – This week what can I do to make my soul experience and express my soul’s longings? I can FINALLY start to take care of myself, so that I can then take care of others, help them and be a positive change in the world. My actual first step is signing up to finish my BS degree…I had a deadline of tomorrow to start next week, so I may have needed this.

    Thank you so much Lissa!!

  16. Sarah Lawrence Hinson

    Such a great exercise Lissa. Also (as usual) very much enjoying reading the replies.



    1. Teach energy work
    2. Study earth energy (ooh)
    3. Work with cards (have a set I’m designing connected to the energy of the earth)
    4. Have my own business – it’s becoming
    5. Grow in strength, wellness and confidence.

    #2 Experience complete soul connection 100% of the time.

    #3 Express the beauty of our eternal natures.

    My one thing, surprisingly is paint. Used to paint and draw a lot…being guided to paint and draw for my card set.

    A Mom On A Spiritual Journey

  17. Donna Workman

    I am feeling my autheticity pulling on my sleeve and this exercise pulled me closer to its center. I want to move into my immediate future fearless; doing the things of which i am most afraid…flying,moving, re-creating, and in general moving my self to a level of living without the safety net.
    I want to live by the water, run a race, swim with dophins, reach for financial wealth. In tandem with that thought, I taught for 30 years and i wish to reach deep into a poverty school and lift up kids that the world tends to throw away. I am good with kids and even better with troubled and misbehaving kids
    My huband and i are moving for his job in a few weeks…let the autheticity begin…Damn I’m scared.

    Thanks Lissa, as always you have touched me deep inside with a message that resonates with my spirit. I look forward to your writingt and love the Daily Flame.


  18. Jack Racicot

    I am trying here, if you told me I would be posting on a site for soul work a few weeks ago. I would tell you are crazy
    One. Two.

    1)Find true Love. -Feel emotions other than the ones I am use to
    2)Work on edu
    3)help others
    4)Be healthy
    5)have purpose with work.

    Three. Four.

    -Enlightenment Keep doing soul work!

    “Education is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel” -Socrates

  19. Jack Racicot

    Thank you Lisa

  20. Jack Racicot

    I watched you’re videos on the site and enjoyed them very much and concur with many aspects of souls work. This site has helped me today and I know it will continue to help me.


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