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Lissa is in great demand as a speaker at health care, spirituality, personal growth, energy psychology, activist groups, women’s conferences, spiritual centers, and churches around the world, as well as TEDx events. Lissa customizes her presentations to meet the needs of those who bring her to their events, ranging from mind-opening intellectual, educational content to heart-opening, community bonding experiential exercises. She speaks from her blown open heart, directly, truthfully and vulnerably. Lissa has delivered four TEDx talks. She also starred in two hit PBS specials, “Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine” and “The Fear Cure.” She has delivered her heartfelt messages to thousands of people at the Lincoln Center and also to intimate gatherings of doctors, healers, visionaries, activists, and spiritual seekers. She has delivered over a hundred keynotes, taught dozens of workshops, and appeared on over 30 local and national television shows.

To inquire about Dr. Rankin’s availability to speak at your event please take the time to provide us the necessary information, the more specific your answers, the faster we can get back to you!

What to Include:

  • How long would you like Lissa to speak (start to finish)?
  • How many do you expect to attend?
  • What topic would you like Lissa to cover?
  • Tell us about your event—location, date, time.
  • Do you also expect Lissa to teach a workshop as part of the event?
  • Anything else you’d like us to know.

Messages seeking medical advice or emotional support sent through this contact form will not reach Dr. Rankin. Please keep in mind that medical licensing, liability and time constraints prevent Lissa from answering your questions online.

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