Transformational Mentoring With Lissa Rankin, MD

Since 2010, Lissa Rankin has been mentoring visionary activists, transformational health care leaders and therapists, creative writers and aspiring authors, artists with a purpose, and others who have a strong sense of mission and calling, but are struggling to realize their vision. After achieving success in a conventional medical career, an integrative medicine practice, an expert in the traumatology field, an online influencer, keynote speaker, workshop leader, author of seven books, writing teacher, and artist with gallery representation at ten galleries as an encaustic painter, Lissa has a variety of gifts she can offer to those who seek out one-on-one mentoring support.

Although Lissa is no longer accepting patients as a medical doctor, Lissa is now accepting new clients on a first come, first serve basis for one-on-one IFS-informed mentoring related to business mentoring, guidance with book-writing and publishing, health care coaching, and relationship coaching. These sessions can be designed based on your unique needs as a client, as long as you’re clear how you wish to use your time.

The following offerings can be mixed and matched during sessions, depending on your specific needs:

  • Creative business visioning and strategy for health care providers seeking an entrepreneurial side hustle or a full time career change outside the traditional hospital setting
  • Using IFS to support you working with the parts that wish to fulfill a vision and the parts that might interfere or sabotage the fulfillment of your dreams and goals
  • Mentoring support for writers, authors, artists, and other creatives who feel inspired to help others with their writing, art, or creative gifts
  • Health coaching for people who have maxed out what conventional medicine has to offer and are seeking other evidence-based ways to optimize health outcomes
  • Relationship coaching for trauma survivors and those trying to relate with trauma survivors
  • Mentoring support for thought leaders and influencers seeking to move the needle with their vision and fulfill their calling in a meaningful way

If you’re seeking support for any of these issues, you’re welcome to enter into a mentoring relationship with Lissa.

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