I’d love to hear your thoughts, stories, and feedback on my “How to Change the World” manifesto.

Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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  1. latisha

    Wow. Wow. I LOVED owning pink, but this is something different altogether. I’m super excited about what you have started here. i’ve bookmarked and copied and printed so many gems from this ebook, i really could take up pages and pages of the awesomeness it inspired. I was on fire with my little biz at the beginning of the year, then just hit a slump I really couldn’t figure out how to navigate despite the help of an awesome business coach and some inspiring visionary buddies. But this really lit me up. The bits about the narrow space really spoke to me in ways that helped me not feel so ‘guilty’ about the struggle space I’m in. I actually teared up a bit at reading it. Page 53, about vulnerability really spoke to me and I will be keeping it printed nearby. Thank you again so much for this work.

  2. Lissa Rankin, MD

    Thank you Latisha for sharing your thoughts. I’m so glad you liked the manifesto. I have to say, I learned it all through personal experience (ie. The Hard Way!) I hope it eases your way…

    I so appreciate you reading and sharing it.

    With love

  3. j clement wall

    I don’t remember how I found you just a few weeks ago, but I feel like I can’t quite get enough of the laser-sharp-sparkly wisdom you’re putting out into the world. I LOVED your Visionary Ignition Switch:10 Secrets presentation with Amy Ahlers, and your recent post “What’s Your Blind Spot” rocked me to my core. Self-awareness, even (and maybe especially) when it’s uncomfortable is such a powerful thing.

    I’m in the middle of a digital break because I was saying yes to so many exciting things and feeling suddenly spinny and optimistic, but not at all focused or certain. This past week has been all about diving deep into myself, getting clear on my message, getting clear on the vision. This ebook was so exactly what I needed – a sort of warm and gentle, badass welcome to “the team.” (I ordered Martha Beck’s book yesterday because of your interview with her.)

    I’m so ready now to “mourn my former self” and move into the calling that I’ve been resisting for all the wrong reasons. I’m grateful to have found you and your work when I did. Thank you.

  4. Lissa Rankin, MD

    Oh good j clement! Welcome to the team, love. The world needs your badass brilliance.
    Much love

  5. Susan Dehart

    I was led to you this morning via Anita Moorjani
    on fb. I am excited and hopeful because I am “ready”. .. Gratefully thankful….

  6. Jen Lean

    I’ve been inspired by your words for a while now. After reading this, I have a VERY FULL inner knowing that I am EXACTLY where I need to be and have breathed in the potential and possibilities and breathed out the doubt and ‘stuck-ness’. I hadn’t even completed the piece you had written and I was on the phone to some potential ‘collaborators’. This has come at the perfect time (as I expected). Today when I was chatting with my coach I said “I need to connect with more of my tribe”…to which said…oh you will my dear, you will….Thank you Lissa. Thanks for speaking my language! Thank you for shining the light. Thank you for being an amazing example of God’s instruments. Breath in, breath out. Thank you!

    • Lissa_Rankin

      Oh good Jen! I’m so glad this magnetized you into a place of just knowing that it is YOUR time. (It is.)



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