Coming Out In My White Coat

I know I was a little cryptic when I announced that I’m putting my white coat back on, and I’ve gotten hundreds of sweet, curious, and supportive emails from you asking me what’s up and giving me high fives (Thanks loves!) Since then, I’ve been in my book-writing cave, passionately digging into my next book The Prescription: 5 Spiritual Steps To Healing Yourself From Illness, Trauma & Loss, which my agent will soon be shopping to publishers (so keep your fingers crossed for me.)

You Can Heal Yourself

As I started writing this book, I had a belief I didn’t know how to prove – that you can, in fact, heal yourself from what ails you and that you need not hand all your power over to someone else so they can “fix” you.  This is certainly not something I was taught in medical school. In fact, the broken, outdated patriarchal medical system taught me to teach my patients to foster dependence upon me and my drugs/surgeries/treatment.

But I have always known that, while Western medical treatments certainly have their place and I’m grateful for the technological advances that allow us the opportunity to provide curative therapy for some illnesses, pills and surgeries are often not the answer.

As A Scientist, I Wanted Proof

In order to differentiate my book from the New Age woo woo self-healing world that I love and consider myself to be aligned with, I embarked upon a journey that led me deep into scientific literature with the goal of being able to prove that we have the capacity to both heal and cure ourselves. After all, the body is brilliantly designed to self-diagnose and self-repair. For example, DNA strands get twisted and broken, which can lead to expression of the wrong proteins, but we have cellular mechanisms that can go in and fix the DNA when our self-healing superpowers are enabled. We make cancer cells every day, but we have other healing cells that sweep through and kill them.  When you cut yourself, your self-healing mechanisms come into play, and a few days or weeks later, the cut is healed.

The body is miraculous. And I wanted to prove it.

So I’ve spent the past few months scouring the New England Journal of Medicine, the halls of Harvard, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and other such hallmarks of cold, hard science to find proof that we can heal ourselves.

I DID IT!!!!

I found irrefutable proof in the scientific literature that we have the capacity to both heal and cure (yes, they’re different) ourselves. WOWSERS! Why didn’t they teach me this in medical school? And why aren’t doctors teaching this to our patients? Why are we continuing to foster this belief in our patients that you must go outside yourself to heal an illness, that we must medicate or cut out what’s wrong, rather than activating our own self-healing mechanisms?

A crazy series of Signs from the Universe conspired to tumble around me until it was very obvious to me that, instead of ditching medicine completely, I’m supposed to be teaching, both patients and other health care providers, Pink Medicine – a patient-guided, collaborative, intuitive, feminized version of health care. The Prescription is the first step, and other teaching opportunities are lining themselves up with public speaking, media appearances, and such. This means I won’t have time to manage the rigors and details of an office practice.

So How Am I Putting My White Coat Back On?

I am reinventing my white coat so I can be 100% Lissa, unapologetically ME, and genuinely authentic to who I am and what I wish to create in the world.

In other words, I’m not taking a job at Kaiser (God no! That would be moving backward for me, and I’ve come too far to stumble back.)  I’m going to be practicing medicine, but in a whole new, revolutionary way, one that combines the best of my medical expertise with what I’m learning as I write The Prescription and everything else I teach at Owning Pink.

Because I know I can facilitate whole health and life transformation in my patients, and because I feel called to offer what I know I can give to patients one-on-one, I am over-the-moon excited to announce that I will be taking on only 12 female patients for a nine-month intensive commitment to becoming radically, wholly, vitally healthy in all aspects of their lives. We’ll focus, not just on healing illness (and yes, I will be reviewing medical records, interpreting lab results, making recommendations for bio-identical hormone balancing and other treatment options, helping my patients write The Prescription for themselves, advocating on their behalf, and performing other doctorly tasks), we’ll also be healing resentments, bitterness, anger, fear, loneliness, depression, anxiety, obsessions, and limiting beliefs that may arise as the result of trauma and loss in the past (which can then manifest as physical symptoms). When you facilitate true healing from the core, you can not only heal illness and emotional turmoil – the changes can be permanent.

Being Reborn

In this nine month program (yes, it takes that long to gestate and be reborn!), 12 women will commit, not just to healing themselves, but to healing each other to the core.  The program will include one-on-one sessions with me, but also live retreats, MasterHEART (like Mastermind but with more love) calls, teleclasses, and all kinds of other goodies designed to facilitate whole healing, not just from physical or mental health issues, but in all aspects of your life – your relationships, your career/ life purpose, your sexuality, your creativity, your environment, your finances – the works!

If you’re interested in being one of my 12 patients, make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter list and shoot an email to expressing your interest, and we’ll make sure you get an invitation.  My coaching clients and will be getting first dibs and then, if we still have openings, we’ll be sending out invitations to the Owning Pink community on a first-come, first-serve basis. So stay tuned. I’ll be announcing details of the program soon.

There’s More

If you aren’t selected to be one of my 12 patients, don’t worry, my love. I’ll be rolling out other programs over the next year that will help you with medical issues you might be facing via e-courses, teleclasses, webinars, and such. Having healed from the anger, bitterness, resentment, and post-traumatic stress of my relationship with the broken, outdated, patriarchal medical system, I will be stepping more fully up to the plate, committed to teaching you how to activate your self-healing mechanisms and offering you scientifically-proven tools to restore your body to its whole, perfect state of health and harmony.

I so appreciate all your support, love, gratitude, and affirmation that I’m moving in the right direction.  I also appreciate any constructive criticism, thoughts, feedback, and guidance you might provide for me as I blaze a new trail and weed-whack my way to combining all of my gifts in service to you.

So whadya think, my dear ones? Give it to me straight….

Proudly reclaiming what has always been mine,

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