If you follow what I post on Facebook, you may have gotten a glimpse of what’s been happening to me in the spiritual realm over the past three weeks, but this is the first time I’ve tried to sit down and write a blog post about what I’ll call “The Experience.” The unfoldings have been so non-cognitive that I’m finding it very challenging to engage the part of my brain that likes to write, so I’ll ask for advance forgiveness if what I’m about to write makes no sense.

So what happened? I have no idea how to explain the lightning bolt that just hit me, but one of my spiritual teachers Tosha Silver explained it to me like this. “Lissa, it’s really simple. You experienced a kundalini awakening that opened up “siddhis.” As we hiked through Tennessee Valley, I gazed at Tosha cross-eyed with a furrowed brow, and Tosha said simply, “Google it.”

What Is A “Kundalini Awakening?”

I had never heard of either a “kundalini awakening” or a “siddhi,” so I Googled both. Reading about kundalini awakenings, I discovered that Eastern spiritual traditions describe kundalini as this untapped energy within us that coils up like a serpent at the base of the sacrum. When we unleash this potential within us, we can awaken spiritually into union with the Divine and awareness of what some might call “God consciousness.” Some spiritual traditions engage in practices meant to release this kundalini energy, such as meditation, yoga, chanting, Tantric sex, and being given “shaktipat” (a kundalini transmission give to you by a guru). Apparently, some spiritual seekers spend their whole lives actively trying to unleash this harnessed potential.

But apparently, kundalini awakenings can also happen spontaneously, and when they do, they tend to affect more than one individual at once. That’s what happened to me, April, and Dennis, the two other people I was with when this all happened. No drugs were involved. We weren’t doing yoga or meditating or chanting or doing anything sexual or in the presence of a guru. We were just sitting around on an ordinary Monday when all three of us got hit by something none of us expected, and in the wake of it all, the veil got pierced in ways my cognitive mind can’t even begin to explain.

The “Siddhis”

What happened in the wake of all this makes absolutely no sense to my cognitive mind. The three of us were able to communicate telepathically. April and Dennis witnessed each other “glowing.” I was able to dissolve clouds and make it rain in drought-ridden California and call in a pod of whales with my intention alone. The sand on the beach around where we sat moved when it shouldn’t have.

Dennis- a scientist who publishes academic physics books and journals- suddenly became psychic. Overnight, he became clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and started channeling both Universal truths and information from dead people. In this channeled state, Dennis could access information about strangers that they’ve never told anyone, such as traumatic experiences from childhood. Without any clue what he was doing, he started spontaneously doing psychic readings on strangers everywhere we went- at a coffee shop, at the spa, on the telephone with his family members. He was also transmitting messages to me about my purpose here on earth, why I’m here, what I’m meant to do. The information he gave me was very specific, and honestly, it sounded like something straight out of a bad science fiction movie. I’m still not sure I believe any of this, but April also became suddenly psychic, and she verified some, but not all, of what Dennis was telling me.

I now realize that much of what I’ve been learning over the past couple of years about bending spoons, calling in the animals, communicating telepathically with other people, and manifesting what we imagine in our minds into being in physical reality- they’re all “siddhis.” Trustworthy light beings like Martha Beck can use these spiritual superpowers in service to the light. But if not properly respected, the siddhis could be used by forces of darkness in ways that only feed the ego. This is my beef with the “law of attraction” in the way it’s taught in books like The Secret. Sure, we can use our siddhis to manifest Ferraris, but why would we want to? As I’m learning from Tosha Silver, I’d prefer to let the Divine take the lead in my life, rather than using spiritual superpowers to feed my ego’s desires or impress people.

Have I Lost My Mind?

As I write this, my cognitive, scientific mind is fully aware that what I’m writing sounds like “woo woo” nonsense. If I was reading something like this a month ago, my cognitive mind would have written off the writer as some sort of whack job. You might be wondering if I’ve lost my mind, and honestly, I think I have, not that I’m crazy, but that the limited cognitive mind that has ruled my life for forty-four years (and the identification of the ego that goes with) just got kicked out of the driver’s seat, and some bigger part of me- call it my soul or my Inner Pilot Light– finally took its rightful place behind the wheel.

But there’s another part of me that can’t dismiss what happened, and I can tell from the hundreds of fascinating responses to my Facebook posts that what happened to me is happening to many other people at this potent time of awakening of consciousness on the planet. As someone with both the credibility of being a medical doctor, as well as the ability to broadcast this information to many other souls via blogs, social media, books, and access to public television, I realize I can’t keep what just happened to me a secret, that I’m being called to come out of the spiritual closet.

Why I’m Coming Out About This Experience

In spite of my hesitation to share this story with you, what motivates me to go public with this story is the message that came through loud and clear during this profound ecstatic experience. There is a Universal Intelligence that is guiding everything. We have NOTHING to fear. Love is all around. Each one of us matters equally and is connected in Oneness to a united whole that needs you, loves you, supports you, and connects you to all living beings and all of matter. This Guiding Life Force of consciousness energizes everything, so you are never alone. Light will for sure prevail over darkness, and the time is now for all of us to wake up to these truths, not only to save ourselves, but to save our species and this planet from the destructive forces of darkness that threaten to exterminate life as we know it.

Tell Us Your Spiritual Stories

I’m going to start sharing more about what I’ve learned over the past three weeks in upcoming posts, so stay tuned. But until then, have any of you been through this kind of life-changing experience? The people who have reached out to me are telling me their stories, not only about kundalini awakenings, but about having the light come into their heart, near death experiences, ayahuasca experiences, and other spontaneous shifts in consciousness that profoundly changed their lives. I know we’d all like to hear from those of you who have experienced these kinds of spiritual awakenings. You’re safe here. Tell us your stories.

With humbling gratitude,

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    • Lissa_Rankin

      WOW! Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Carol Ferguson

      Andrew: Just ran across this post and I agree when you say “amazing”. I’d lovelovelove to have an experience like that. My ‘daily life’ is so incredibly boring, I’d love a taste of the ‘real world’ that’s out there.

  1. Travlingypsy

    The more of us that awaken, the more of us awaken. We all generate these things into the Unified Field we all live in; the vast intelligence of the universe. This is happening more and more for more and more people. Great news…way to go!

  2. Brandy Gillihan-Eddy

    I’ve been following your last two blog posts, as well as your recent webinar. What has stood out to me, that I wanted to speak to, is the idea of the ego as some entity that is holding us back. I just invite you/me/all of us to be gentle with ourselves. My understanding is that our egos aren’t bad; they were created in a moment we needed self-protection. That the ego acts in ways that may have once served to protect us, but now inhibit us. So rather than framing it as the ego trying to keep us small, keep us separate from our divinity, etc., I would encourage a reframing: our ego is doing something, while misguided, is out of a desire to keep us safe from harm. That we can lovingly talk to that part of us, letting it/us know that it is safe.
    Secondly, in regards to dark/light forces, or good/bad forces…this is a slippery slope. The moment we start seeing in these dichotomies, we forget the universal Oneness and unity that underlies all things. I invite you to sit with the apparent dark/light dichotomy in meditation/silence, and see what is offered up to you. I would guess that what comes out is an affirmation that what may appear as dark/light is much different than that; we only perceive it this way.

    • Steaphen Pirie

      Hi Brandy

      I often see reference to the ego as being ‘bad’ or how it inhibits us.

      As I explain in my courses and work, the ego is essential … try living a day without one (e.g. no identity, no opinions etc). The ego is part of our overall consciousness (awareness). Insofar as it is a part, it is no less important than any part of your body. Try living a day without your hear, or liver, or brain.

      Now, on the subject of dark forces … there are none. You are right to explain we’re all part of Oneness, but we still have individuality (ego), so there is an inherent ‘dichotomy’ to life.

      Since ALL is within God (or God energy etc), nothing can be ‘dark’ … it is all light, and any ‘dark’ energy is merely God’s energy (love) misapplied, to the detriment of some.

      There can be no exceptions to this. If you believe in exceptions, that is a disconnect from the ubiquitous (omnipresent) love of God (oneness, all).

      Individuality (ego) and oneness is a dichotomy that is inherent to existence. As Maharishi Mahest Yogi said

      “there is one hundred percent diversity and one hundred percent unity, both performing their work at the same time. That is the nature of the work of creation—this is true reality. To us, one seems real and the other unreal. The reality is that both are real at the same time …”


      The Belief Doctor

  3. Steaphen Pirie

    Hi Lissa

    It’s wonderful to see you enjoyed your enlightening experience, sans drugs, gurus and rituals. 🙂

    I recall a conversation I once had with a lady who neatly and simply explained there is no hierarchy (layers) in the spiritual.

    Hierarchies (layers, rituals, teachings) entail exclusions (“you haven’t received enough training” etc).

    Oneness means all is available to the lowest and the most naive.

    And we don’t need anyone’s permission to ‘receive what things soever ye desire’.

    Besides, if we all needed gurus to tell us how to be enlightened, where would the creative come from? and through whom?


    The Belief Doctor

    • Lissa_Rankin

      Fully aware of all this and have been consulting the experts. Thanks for pointing these out.

      • Holistically Unified

        Your book helped me more than any other in 2013 & prompted me to revisit the work of Dr. Herbert Benson (e.g. The relaxation revolution) & Dr. John Sarno (i.e. Mindbody Prescription & Divided Mind) the latter who I originally had difficulty fully believing but I found myself relating to the self-healing message in your book-your life story even more.

        I too was raised by a physician, surrounded by physicians & even considered becoming one but ultimately it became apparent to me that it was dominated by flawed reductionism (as well as outright corruption) & the process of becoming a conventional physician would ironically jeopardize my health as it did yours.

        Unlike you unfortunately I was raised in a family with little-no faith in anything but the material world (I used to think religious people were brainwashed at worst or religion was allegorical at best) so when I had what seemed like a spiritual crises (which I still struggle with) it was completely foreign to my support structure. I used to think science had or would have all the answers but it’s not quite that simple as studies of Unified field theories proved particularly stressful to me.

        I won’t deny that when I first read your dramatic story about past life experiences in https://lissarankin.com/has-your-soul-lived-other-lives after reading your book I reflexively questioned your credibility but I sensed your authenticity.

        Thanks for having the courage to share your honest experiences with us without over-judgement. I can only imagine it was a difficult decision based on your publishing success & medical training.

        I hope to see you continue advancing the state of holistic medicine-science & our consciousness.

        – Many karmic hugs fellow kindred spirit 🙂

  4. Liz E. Lehman (@ Sparkletonic)

    Holy moly – I love this story. I especially love hearing about credible, surprised, intelligent people having these experiences. Thank you for having the courage to come out of the closet! And I totally get what you mean about the ego. And can hold the paradox of that truth with the oneness truth.

    I haven’t had a dramatic (non hallucinogenic) awakening all at once like this but have experienced enough intuition, dream premonition & synchronicity to be convinced there’s much more going on than meets the eye. xo

  5. Chara Armon

    Lissa, good for you for sharing this. I agree that we’re in a time when everyone needs to be open to wisdom and ready for change. Although I haven’t had major experiences like yours, I’ve had plenty of smaller-scale ones to be able to believe your account.

  6. Eva Rivera

    Hey Lissa! I’m so happy that you shared this with us! We like to think that what we (are programmed to) know is the ONLY way. I have always loved to think outside the box and love that about myself. I am so excited about your journey….I can’t get enough. Listening to your audio book in my car, reading your book on my lunch break, following you on facebook and now visiting your site. Until 2 weeks ago I had never heard of you…….but here I am! Why was I brought to you at this special time in your life? 🙂

  7. Lynn Ahearn

    Hi Lissa,
    I can really relate to what has happened to you as I
    experienced something similar. I call it “my Awakening.” It happened to
    me over 30 years ago, in 1980, and my life has never been the same!

    This event is what motivated me to eventually become a spiritual life coach many
    years ago, however, I wasn’t able to write about the experience until
    last year when I self-published my book, “Awakening To The Wisdom Of
    Your Soul.” I describe the incident in detail in chapter 16 and if you’d
    like to read about I’d be honored to send you a copy of my book.

    Love & Blessings to you on your journey.

  8. Beth Bryant

    Almost 10 years ago, I was comforting my husband as he sobbed on the floor in the fetal position, devastated about the amount and degree of pain and suffering in the world, especially the kind that humans sometimes inflict upon one another. I was feeling deep compassion for him, yet not caught up in sorrow. Suddenly and spontaneously, without any conscious intention on my part, the veil lifted and I was fully immersed in the experience of Oneness with all things. Not just him, not just other humans, Everything. Suddenly I was immersed in the knowledge that everything we are experiencing here on the Earth plane is an illusion. It is hard to describe… this was not just a matter of belief, trust, or faith… it was direct, experiential knowledge. I knew with absolute certainty that no matter how terrible one’s suffering on earth, the essential truth of who we are is just fine, even amused by the whole thing. That our lives are like a movie script that we wrote before we got here, but we get to play with how it unfolds. This knowing filled with with deep, ecstatic joy. Since then I have not been able to fully reimmerse myself in that state, but I now have a marker in consciousness for it, so to speak. I have learned how to approach the state, and to expand out my “reality bubble” to encompass others in it too. I’ve also acquired some measure of psychic ability, though not as dramatic as your friend’s. I’m now moving from being a law professor to working as an energy healer for legal professionals, to help them move from surviving to thriving in that field, and hopefully to begin transforming the combative, adversarial institution of law itself. We are waking up!

  9. Elizabeth Scala

    I just listened to your call with Rachel on opening up to inner guidance. I always put mine down, saying frustratedly: “I’m just not that intuitive” (secretly worrying I never will be.

    Well I read your post and there was a mention of your spiritual guide. Just before I read this post, I was on a call with a Reiki Nurse friend of mine who recommended a book to me, Outrageous Openness, by your spiritual teacher Tosha Silver!

    I said “Holy sh!t” Maybe I am able to hear my inner guidance.

    Thank you for sharing this post, for sharing of yourself, and for showing others how to shine themselves. Maybe I wasn’t able to hear my inner guidance in the past out of fear. I feel as of late, I’ve done the work- I understand so much more- I practice- I am open- I am filled with love. It’s time to listen to my inner light.

    Thank you, Lissa!

  10. victorianur

    Great, thank you for sharing Lissa! I´m a physician also. I lived in an ashram/healing center for 5 years and taught meditation since 2003. I have experienced almost complete unity with everything after one deep meditation. I am now experiencing sidhhis, also more and more intuition and clarity. I cannot possibly work in the normal hospital enviroment (it is too sickness/pharma/interventionism oriented) I cannot pay your training right now but would love eventually to participate. Hug and best wishes from Berlin!

  11. Dr. Niama L. Williams

    Oh Lissa!!! You brave and courageous gifted soul!!! Your spirit must be gold and at the same time clear as the purest water.

    I am slowly reading your book, MIND OVER MEDICINE. I saw your PBS special and was intrigued, bought the Kindle version, but am spending so much time on the computer that I wanted to hold your book in my hands, feel the solid experience of reading again (after finishing a Ph.D. in 2006–thought I would never read again! Chuckle).

    And I opened up the computer again tonight to write to you to tell you of my humble self-healing and here you are with a powerful, mystical experience. One you clearly deserve. You may have tired of stories of self-healing, but it is my gift of gratitude to you.

    First though I wish to tell you that MIND OVER MEDICINE and your recent experience give me hope and confirm my belief that what John Edgar Wideman predicted in the early eighties is indeed coming to pass: he said the next revolution would be a revolution in human consciousness. Amen, John Edgar and your siddhi is exactly evidence of that occurring!!!

    I will quickly say that I have been 350 lbs or over most of my adult life and often would move with slight pain. People would hear me grunt or groan and ask, worried, if I was in pain. I didn’t hear myself, but I knew my movement was labored.

    I also lived with a very rage-filled but loving (to me and many others) minister for four years who had severe respiratory infections and traumas, colds, asthma, you name it, and perhaps because we loved each other, I took on that respiratory infection aspect of his being.

    Then we split up and I became homeless (he had Social Security income; he wanted to return to being a minister full-time and as we were not married, I had to go).

    As a homeless person, I was constantly in and out of the emergency room or the hospital, either with respiratory infections, dangerously high blood sugars, or such high levels of stress that I would become suicidal.

    I am now seven months in a beautiful apartment and my faith in myself–which I wasn’t even aware I had lost–has returned, and so has my ability to move around without pain.

    I recently had a sore throat and it tried to hang around for awhile, but I never really got sick, never developed much of a cough, and when I went on a preventative trip to the emergency room, left because they were full up with patients and I knew I could see my own doctor Monday morning.

    That cold never really got me down and I emerged weeks later with no sign of pneumonia, bronchitis, anything respiratory at all. First time that has happened in years.

    I am thus reading your book with joy and a deep sense of knowing. Your siddhis and kundalini awakening happened to you and your friends because you deserved them. You have worked so hard and been brazenly transparent about not only what you have found, but the effect of what you have found on your very being.

    Thank you, Dr. Rankin, and welcome to the next state of being!!! Thank you for sharing that too with us!!!!

    (PS: This will be my next weekly blog post for my new GoDaddy website; hope you don’t mind the reposting! I will hyperlink back to this page.)

  12. Angela Syverson

    Wow, what an amazing experience, thank you for sharing this story! I look forward to hearing more about it in your upcoming blog posts.

  13. Amy Brucker

    Thank you for sharing your story! If I didn’t have frequent mystical experiences I would never believe other people’s stories. Truly, they are hard to believe unless you’ve had them yourself. However, the more we share them publicly, the more we pave the way for other people to have them. So on that note, here’s my story: https://thedreamtribe.com/answering-the-call-to-be-a-big-dreamer/

  14. open4discussion

    I had an unexpected, unexplainable experience in 1986. I spent several years trying to understand what happened and put it to use, and then ignored anything woo woo for 23 years. Fingerprints of God: The Search for the Science of Spirituality, by Barbara Bradley Hagerty (NPR’s religion correspondent) https://www.barbarabradleyhagerty.com/ offered me credible information and insights. Congratulations Lissa.

  15. Lars Clausen

    HI Lissa – fantastic. I feel like I”m at the front end of this journey you describe – sometimes patiently, other times less so.

    I want to write you about something specific. I became aware of the discovery of Memory Reconsolidation (Nader, Schafe, 2000) and I believe that explains why EFT works when it works (at least on a chemical level). Basically, when memories are recalled and reactivated, the proteins that bind the synapses of that memory together become labile for four hours. Proteins must be resynthesized, and if the proteins “glue” back in from a different emotional state, the emotional charge of a previous esperience can be calmed, and a persons physical condition can improve. I developed a simple technique(The ICE Method – for Identify, Calm, Exchange peptides) around this discovery of Memory Reconsolidation.

    I completed a study in a fibromyalgia clinic with 39 people with severe fibromyalgia and 80% of them felt zero pain after a single session. I’ve written a simple book called FIBROMYALGIA RELIEF. (https://www.myfibromyalgiarelief.com)

    I”m writing all this to you because your experience is fascinating and I’d love to be in communication with you. If you’re interested and can provide me an email address to deliver and ebook to you, I’ll be happy to send one. I’m off now to check out your videos – I appreciate you sharing this amazing development in your life! All the best as you unfold. Lars Clausen.

  16. Erica

    thank you for sharing this so much. You are an inspiration – even though what happened to you is within us all!! More people need to share their experiences so people do not think we are all crazy for being AWAKE!!! check out buddhainchains.com who’s had a similar experience!

  17. tanyaveleva

    Hi Lissa,
    Thank you for sharing your experience! I’ve been following your blog and came to your event at WDS last summer.
    I’ve had a few spiritual experiences and they’ve all ‘hit’ me while in savasana. I do alot of yoga. The most memorable one was when a spirit guide took me by the hand and we flew over an abyss, in Rio de Janeiro by the statue of Jesus. I’m really scared of heights, and somehow the fear was gone in that flight. I’ve felt spirit guide presence at other times too. I’d love to learn about your practices in bringing more of these experiences. Thank you!

  18. April Choulat

    Lissa! I just came across this post and can’t believe what I’m reading:) The same things you are describing happened to me (and others in my company) 7 years ago and ever since I’ve been studying spirituality and energy medicine to learn the words/language to better understand and describe the events that happened spontaneously. I would love to chat with you further. My name is April:)

  19. Janine Forbes

    My big experience happened during a meditation, a year ago, while working one of the Course In Miracles’ lessons. I was asking God to show me our (His and mine) original thoughts, when a really loud buzzing sound accompanied by an extremely intense warm zinging vibrating feeling, starting at the top of my head and running all the way down to my feet, occurred. I heard His voice inside my body, loud and firm and clear, “You are loved”. I came out of it with tears running down my face.

    I also got the message (not a voice like before) while I was meditating, “It doesn’t matter, you are all the same “thing” “.

    I see a white cloud formation with a brilliant light angling out of it, often, when I meditate. It’s very peaceful. I try to move to it and have had it flow over me a few times but that’s as far as I’ve gone. I’ve heard that spirituality runs in cycles and I feel like I am a bit removed, right now, and am having a hard time getting close.

    Looking forward to all the mysteries being revealed as time goes by. I’m so thrilled to hear about all these events that have happened to so many people and am hoping to become as receptive as some of you have become. Joy

  20. Kim Cochrane

    Over the past 4 years, I’ve been allowing uncertainty and not knowing into my life. I was always hooked on knowing every step of my life and achieving goal and goal, all the while feel empty and restless. As I was studying to become a psychotherapist, I allowed myself to step fully in to the unknown. I quit my job and began working as a therapist, and from the beginning, I had clients and was able to help people deepen their understanding of their lives, leave their struggle behind and find peace. I feel like I am learning to free myself of attachments and create ground under my own feet, without relying on anything outside of myself to do it. This has been a spiritual experience and my relationship with my partner has struggled significantly, and I’m not sure what’s next with it. But it’s true that if I’m open to allowing the divine to take the lead, I don’t know what will happen from one minute to the next anyway.

  21. Margeurite de La Fontaine

    I had a very similar experience over 20 years ago. I was standing outside with some friends, the heavens opened and it hit me like a lightning bolt. Oneness, clarity, bliss and unconditional love are the closest words I can find to describe the experience although there really are no words.

  22. Aarti Kalro

    So for some time now since my father died and I saw angels, I know that I need to come out of my ‘spiritual closet’. The desire and knowing is stronger than my Ego can convince me, and I have already started sharing my ‘knowledge’ on my social media. I am happy that I may have even one or two friends who love me as I am. I have nothing left to hide. my life has always been an open book, and since childhood I have know I am here for a bigger purpose. Thanks for sharing !! xx

  23. Marti Dumas

    Hi Lissa,

    I have to share that this intense mystical experience you describe seems to relate very much to what Paulo Coelho describes in his novel The Aleph. Have you read it? A writer and traveler come together in what can only be described in a similar and unnamed intense way. In the story, the two of them, on a train in a vestibule see the aleph – “a point where everything, the whole universe is contained.” It seems like these two spirit characters described in his novel are much like your twin flame with Dennis and the aleph, much like this transcendental awakening. I definitely believe there is something to this, and don’t believe you crazy at all. While I haven’t personally experienced this, I do think it’s real.

  24. james

    Less than a year ago, I expeienced an awakening. It was so profound, that I started writing about it in a blog. It is an experience that has changed my life for the better. The blog is still on its infancy, but I know one day I will write a book about the phenomimal change in my life from that encounter. Thefullawakening.com is the blog, am still fine tuning it, to really express the awakening.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

  25. Ani Bell

    LIssa, I’d just begun the process this morning of unsubscribing to emails I rarely read, if for no other reason that I haven’t made the time, & as I clicked onto yours & was about to unsubscribe (thinking I’d be saving you a contact that’s not serving you), I decided to read it. I was drawn to click on this link, for this post. I’m sitting here, smiling, shaking my head, grateful, for The Universe’s sweet & surprising ways of speaking to me. 🙂 Boy, have I got stories for you! More than anything, though, I just want to say a big THANK YOU for sharing your experiences. I’ve spent most of my adult life having these types of experiences, accelerated ones now especially, & your openness has given me the boost I needed to speak about them more often, to stop explaining them away, to honor & respect them, & myself. I’ve felt very isolated in my spiritual journey the last few years, & I think it’s unfolded in the divine right way; still, it’s good to know I’m not the only one, & I’m happy to feel expectant of connecting with wonderful, brave souls who’re on my wavelength, now that I’m more ready to ‘join a tribe’.

    I don’t know how to write in a succinct way about the mind-bending things that’ve happened…but if you’re open for a past life recall, replete with crossing paths in a significant way with a young Balinese man that I gave birth to in a previous life(!), & watching with my own eyes as physical objects totally shattered the accepted laws of our physical reality (kinda like the sand in your post… moving when it wasn’t supposed to) , I’d love to connect sometime via email.

    I know you’re busy. No pressure or attachment. Either way, I thank you SO very much for telling the truth. You’ve liberated me today in so many ways, not the least of which was making me aware I needed liberating. 🙂 LOVELOVELOVE, ANI


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