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There’s a school of thought in spiritual circles that ascribes to the idea that everything that happens in our lives—the blissful things, the growth edge things, the horrid things—all happens with purpose. This spiritual teaching suggests that everything reflected in our lives is the result of our conscious or unconscious desires, and that when things aren’t going our way, it’s because the blueprint of the subconscious actually desires the very thing we think we don’t want. In other words, we may believe that we want to meet the love of our life, or we may hope to have the cancer cured, but if someone were to muscle test us or read the subconscious mind intuitively, we would discover that at the level of the subconscious, we’re actually terrified of falling in love because of a past heartbreak, or the cancer is meeting some core need for rest, connection, or freedom from a toxic job, for example.

“Wait!” you say. “But I really DO want to find The One!” Or “Hang on a minute! I swear I want to be cured of my cancer.” Or “Watch it now. Are you suggesting that my business is failing because I want it to fail?”

Yes, and no. Those who promote this viewpoint are not suggesting that you CONSCIOUSLY want a crappy love life or cancer or failure in your business. They’re saying you subconsciously want it, and because your subconscious is in charge 95% of the time, this subconscious blueprint will sabotage the very thing your conscious mind wants to create. They say that everything in your life, you create. The good, the bad, the ugly—it’s all up to you.

Yeah! We Are Not Victims!

I find myself simultaneously attracted to and challenged with this viewpoint. The good news is that if this is true, and everything in our reality is the direct out-picturing of our subconscious blueprint, then we are not victims! We are empowered! If we are sick, or broke, or heartbroken, or grieving, or pained with unmet longing for something we don’t yet have, then we should be able to simply change the blueprint by reprogramming the conscious and subconscious mind, something we are increasingly able to do through energy psychology techniques.

I’ve witnessed and personally experienced seemingly miraculous outcomes from those who employ these techniques towards cancer or money issues or the desire for a dream to come true. So that seems kind of awesome. Heal the subconscious blueprint, and voila! Your 3D reality shifts almost instantaneously. You meet the love of your life. The cancer disappears. Your business takes off like a rocket ship to superstardom.

But Hang on a Second . . . 

If this is the case, we should always be able to control outcomes in our lives and get what we want. The message is “You can have the perfect life! Whatever you desire, you can have—as long as you do more. Try harder. If you’re not getting everything you want, it’s all your fault—and you can change it.”

But then this sounds like yet another grasping strategy for how to get what the ego wants, a spiritual spin on how to control the Universe. This viewpoint also strikes me as cruel. If a mother loses her child, does this mean she subconsciously wants to lose her baby? Or that her baby subconsciously has a death wish? If a woman has stage 4 cancer but is fighting for her life with every possible treatment, does that mean that, at least subconsciously, she has lost the will to live? Does that mean that Syrian refugees subconsciously wish to be tortured and forced to flee their homes, running for their lives into a world that doesn’t want to welcome them and keep them safe? Does that mean that the poverty-stricken are subconsciously stuck in scarcity thinking? Such a viewpoint doesn’t feel benevolent or loving to me, not one bit. And how can we claim to be spiritual if we’re not deeply rooted in compassion, able to be with someone’s suffering as a source of comfort?


I certainly can’t claim to know how to explain the cause and effect of 3D reality. What if we’re humble enough to acknowledge that the way the Universe operates is one big phat mystery? What if we’re all here for some unspecified purpose, and our souls are here to learn God knows what, and the Universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings—but those blessings may not be wrapped up in nice neat little packages? What if our wishes and desires are duly noted, but in some unseen realm, our souls are in cahoots with a wise, loving Universal Intelligence that participates in orchestrating our reality so that we can learn exactly what we’re here to learn so we can grow closer to whatever you might call God, so we can become more benevolent, more compassionate, more gentle, more humble, more unconditionally loving?

What if the Rolling Stones are right? Maybe we can’t always get what we want, but somehow, we get what we need?

I don’t know how these things work. I played around with these ideas in my upcoming book The Anatomy of a Calling: A Doctor’s Journey from the Head to the Heart and a Prescription for Finding Your Life’s Purpose, which you can preorder here. But I ask more questions these days than I dare to answer.

All I can conclude is that when it comes to spiritual teachings like this, we need to hold our viewpoints lightly. Be curious. Wonder. Be willing to participate in the co-creation of reality. Stay humble. Remain open for awe. If things go the way you wish, stumble into gratitude wholeheartedly. And if not, be exquisitely tender with your heart. Find the gifts in the challenges without blaming yourself or wallowing in a victim story, but also be kind and acknowledge that it is hard to be human, and we’re all doing the best we can.

If nothing else, practice compassion for all beings. Including yourself. BE love. Close your eyes right now and feel it. You are loved. Everything in the universe is conspiring to support you. Everything is going to be okay. . .


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  1. Meredith Walters

    Thank you so much for this post. I’ve wrestled with this same question, and it’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one. I agree that we’re powerful, but not all powerful. And though part of me desperately wants to control everything, deeper down I know that I wouldn’t want to live in a world where I could manifest everything I want. Because most of the best things that have happened to me weren’t things I wanted or anticipated or planned for. That’s why I love your resolution of acknowledging that we don’t know. There’s something beautiful in being in a world that’s unknown, mysterious, and far bigger than me and my desires.

  2. Emma

    Interesting post! Yes everything we experience is a manifestation of 1)What we believe consciously and unconsciously and 2)What our soul plans before our birth for us to learn, grow and evolve and 3) possibly who knows as you said there could be more that we’re not aware of!

    I don’t think it necessarily is a unloving view point though, you could say ‘wow I am in such awe of those souls for chosing such a courageous path, I feel so much love and compassion for them, I send them my love and I also thank them as they remind me to count my blessings’. This is also relevant even for ourselves if we find ourselves in those situations. Its how we chose to see it that counts.

  3. Cam McNaughton

    Ah, just noticed this Comments section … what if the sub-conscious mind, by its very nature … is imbalanced?

    • Cam McNaughton

      Which, if so, might beg the question … what might help heal such … into balance?

      • Lily Jacobi

        I have had my own Epiphany about this within the last few hours. I have been having a supernatural/metaphysical experience that no one can comprehend or understand for the last four years.

        It has taken me deep into the darkness and I have realized that the darkness was me and that this phenomenon that I have been experiencing is that of Jekyll and Hyde.

        I have also realized, and had to learn the hard way that Hyde cannot be killed.

        Ms. Hyde as it were, needs to be loved and healed to wholeness and forgiveness within my self. Everything that exists outside of me is within me.
        Namaste. We are one.

  4. MrToy

    I first started learning about the role the subconscious mind plays in our health from the books of Dr. John Sarno. He says the subconscious mind is not rational. So to suggest that the subconscious knows what it’s doing is hard for me to swallow. The whole idea that the subconscious has some “purpose” in our suffering makes me feel like my conscious mind is just a puppet with no control over its own destiny. It makes me feel weak, not strong.

    And it really upsets me when people say our suffering or unpleasant circumstances are “part of the perfection.” Imperfection is part of perfection. How’s that for an oxymoron! It makes me want to run a jackhammer outside their bedroom window at 2:00 am. When they complain I’ll just tell them it’s part of the perfection so they should just accept it and “learn the lesson it has to offer.”

    What nonsense.

    -Mr. Toy

  5. Cathy

    I have quietly worked in the healing field for over 22 years, seeing many, many people who could not then nor now, have heard that their illness, injury, loss, etc was written in their subconscious minds. In the beginning, I, like many who are medically trained, thought if I/we could find the cause, the root, then we could move forward and ‘heal’ this ‘thing’, be it illness, injury, emotional desperation, and then we’d be happy.
    However, the reality of my practice became my learning and teaching about connection – true relationship. It was and is about listening to another person’s story – whatever that is – and validating every part, regardless of how I judged it (and with my limited understanding, I must say, I was very good at judging what I deemed the cause!). It turns out that crying with, holding and sharing my most vulnerable self with my clients was what they needed the most. The so called professional attitude that keeps us at a distance and in our heads can not, does not and will never help to heal the real issue – the root cause of our suffering. Yes, we can band-aid temporarily a symptom, even delete a growth that is life threatening, but in the end, if we do not address the desperate need we all have to be heard – to hear ourselves and our own hearts cry – then we remain exactly where we are, dissatisfied, unhappy, forever searching.
    When I place my hands on another person, I’m saying to them ‘You matter, so tell me who you are.’
    This is now my starting place and together, we spend the time we have, exploring, connecting, sharing who we are in our lives.
    This may all sound fluffy, ungrounded and impractical to many but my busy, busy practice has told me that I must be heading along the path of healing because, often, regardless of what we speak about, people feel empowered, their lives are changing and their issues and concerns are dissipating.
    The arena of unconditional love, compassion and connection is the most grounded arena that I have participated in (and I have, like many of you, been in many different arenas). It’s real and so are we – it’s here that we learn to trust ourselves and others – it’s here that we can palpably feel the support that we long for – it’s here where we can really love who we are, the bodies we are in and where we stand in this life. And it’s here that I have discovered to be our true starting place.
    We each have a heart and a deep longing to know ourselves and be known by others – trust where this need leads you. I truly believe that without 1st addressing this as our foundational stone, then whatever we seek and try to put in place, can not remain stable.
    Thank you Lissa for your awareness of this and being courageous to address this.

  6. Patricia

    For many years I was in a church group that practiced similar work through prayer and small group sessions. It was very effective. Being able to release fear, for instance, provides growth, releases energy to work, renews faith, and restores communication within relationships.
    A few years ago I acquired several books by Alexander Lowen and was so encouraged that there had been others like minded on this planet. Your first videos are marvelous, uplifting, faith building, and it is very encouraging to know the message and practice of all encompassing heart benefits continue to spread in this world. Bless you!

  7. Miguel Lahunken

    Things of a kind go together. All probability timelines exist, for each and every difference. There is infinite room for them all in infinity, and, they are repeated an infinite number of times, each and every one. Yet, in infinitely dimensioned Hilbert space each and every probability timeline is only Planck’s distance from any other probability timeline.

    Access only depends on the tuning. If over fifty percent of your brain believes anything, it will become your reality by drawing you by inductive resonance to the probability timeline where your belief is reality.

    It’s all true and real. Here is an example, presented by Dr. Max Tegmark, professor of quantum physics at MIT. Here is the Multiverse: … _sciam.pdf

    By increasing your percentage of conscious brain use you may switch to the timeline where what you imagine is reality there, by varying extents of will, inversely proportional to your percentage of conscious brain use. The power of the mind is will times imagination. The MRI shows that we normally use 10% conscious brain use. From 10% to 19% brain use, the world feels euphoric. That is called “perinatal matrix one”.

    But, from 20% brain use to 49% brain use, the mind is flooded with that which has been called “the knowledge of good and evil”, and this is called “perinatal matrix two”. From 20% to 29% brain use, if you symbolize what you want, especially with a logo of solid colors in an emblematic form you will go to the timeline where getting what you want is reality. From 30% to 39% brain use, if you write down what you want, you will get it. It is what has been called “real magic”, for, you don’t even feel that you have gone anywhere. You just get what want by writing it down. Between 40% and 49% brain use, what ever you say will become your reality. Jesus Christ said, “If you have the faith of a mustard seed and say to this mountain move it shall be moved”.

    But, from 50% to 100% brain use, called “perinatal matrix three”, every thought manifests as your reality. I don’t know anyone who can control every thought all the time. If you imagine what you don’t want to think of, it too will then become your reality. Things go wrong, and soon you wish you were someone else, and “zap”, you are in the body of that someone else, but, now probably with a body down to 10% brain use again. But, it isn’t your body, so that when that body sleeps or dies, it’s into another body you go, and, in this way you body switch backward and forward in time into everyone you have seen, and, this can go on for about a hundred years duration. This was called an “aioniu amartematos”, an aeon of failure, in the Greek New Testament, but it was mistranslated into English, “eternal damnation”. There has always been much secrecy about this hyperdimensional travel. Psychiatry presents it as delusions within the brain; but, we now know that these hyperdimensions exist. Over 50% conscious brain use, “perinatal matrix three” has been used for punishment.

    What awakens the brain like this? We have inhibitory neurons in the brain which keep our conscious brain use down to 10% brain use. Blocking these inhibitory neurons causes higher percentages of conscious brain use. LSD, and similar seratonin blockers block seratonin, the neurotransmitter of our brain’s inhibitory neurons, thereby awakening our brains to more that the normal 10% conscious brain use. Large doses of LSD were used for the “Clockwork Orange” treatment to put it’s victims into perinatal matrix three, after showing these victims horrible films of human torment, so that these torments are experienced as real as life, for it is real on those timelines.

    But, these inhibitory neurons may be overriden by the muscarinic nervous system, like the parasympathetic nervous system, stimulation, mechanical, even with one’s own hands, or chemical, like by muscarine which doesn’t even pass through the blood/brain barrier, so it doesn’t even have to enter the brain. Muscarine excites the whole parasympathetic nervous system, therefore it is messy, and not popular in the West. The West has mechanical ways of exciting muscarinic nerves near the brain, therefore, cleaner.

    Crucifixion forces what is called “holotropic” breathing, which stimulates the parasympathetic nerves of the respiratory nervous system, the stimulation of which, spreads to the brain. Remembering the body switching, you can see how Jesus Christ, being God the Son, body switched, backward and forward in time, into everyone who ever was, is, or will be, and that is how Jesus Christ is in you and I. With ordinary people, therefore on a lesser scale than Christ’s, waterboarding has been recently used to inflict the Clockwork Orange treatment.

    In “Living Systems” by Dr. James Miller, he made the basic statement that, “There are two things in the universe: energy; and, information, which is the conformation of energy. It is obvious that energy is the “one substance” of the universe. It is also obvious that in one substance motion can only be in closed circuitry, that there be something to move out of the way and fill in behind. Some of these closed circuits have been called “magnetic fluxes”.It is also obvious that these basic closed circuits would only slip by one another, and no one would be conscious of anything, if there wasn’t the granularity of Planck’s volumes to provide a frictional grip. Planck’s volumes are moving in closed circuits of Planck’s volumes in the matrix composed of Planck’s volumes.

    This is how information is differentiated from energy. Dr. James Miller called matter “alpha code information”. The perpetual and eternal mechanisms of manifestation are: The infinitesimal point nothingness, . , is rastered by time into timespace, U , that exerting its oneness in one direction, / , stirs closed circuitry, O , that all going the same way, vO^XvO^ , clashes (a Big Bang), X , forcing confluency, = , undifferentiating individual closed circuits into nonexistence.

    The energy that maintained their differentiation is released as photons. Closed circuits being turned by that “exertion of the oneness of the one substance”, energy, on apparently both sides is allowed by one side being in timespace with a value of pi different from the other side, as this manifestation of a world expands, also fifth dimensionally. This fifth dimension was defined for science by Harvard University professor of quantum physics, Dr. Lisa Randall, in her book “Warped Passages”.

    The counterclockwise and clockwise of these closed circuits are the basic opposite polarities. Structure, maintained by orthogonality, is the cause of the separation of opposite polarities. Now we take the variously bent timespaces into consideration, that Scientific American has written about before. As we leave the rigid orthogonality of flat timespace, where the value of pi is 3.14159265…, like, for example, by accessing globally bent timespace by the mechanical velocity analogues in electricity, current, and thermodynamics, entropy production rate, etc., we depart from that rigid orthogonality of flat timespace that maintained the separation of opposite polarities, so that individual closed circuits may undifferentiate into nonexistence. `

    We wouldn’t be conscious if differentiation didn’t cause consciousness. Reciprocally, -all the differentiations have caused energy itself, God, to be eternally conscious. As you know, everything is “trying” to run down, or is being built up by that which is running down. In other words all differentiations are being pushed to undifferentiate. To undifferentiate is the actual true will of every differentiated thing in the universe.

    Descending into globally bent timespace matter acquires a tenuousity that has been called “spirit”, and as we descend into globally bent timespace it gets more and more flexible until, especially with the fast polarity cancellation rate allowed there, all is literally flames. But, undifferentiating being pleasure, undifferentiating into nonexistence is the attainment of the satisfaction of all desires.

    The Second Law of Thermodynamics indicates that in our infinite universe, also including what has been called the “multiverse”, the reunion of previously associated Planck’s volumes back into their original closed circuits is impossible so that the attainment of total undifferentiation is the eternal satisfaction of all desires. It can also be said that there are three things in the universe: entities, properties, and relationships. In the one substance, energy, a sphere can manifest as a closed circuit. A sphere can turn on itself. That could be called a particle. We know we are entities. “I hurt therefore I am”.

    Our entity is a closed circuit of the one substance, energy, in the one substance, energy, that is a ring, that qualifies to be called a unit of “dark matter”. Dark matter is composed of all those closed circuits that don’t qualify to be called particles. Remember, we are the information, not energy. If we were energy we would never sleep. God never sleeps. Dr. Hugh Everett said that for every possibility there is a “parallel universe”. Actually, these “parallel universes” can be called probability time lines sideways in time. This direction, sideways in time can now be called the sixth dimension.

    So, we have all the entities, and their “similarities”, in all their possible probability time lines. We can call them “similarities” rather than duplicates, though MIT professor of quantum physics, Dr. Max Tegmark, revealed that in the infinite eternal universe, that he calls the “multiverse”, each entity has an infinitude of exact duplicates, hyperdimensionally.

    “The fact that an entity is a closed circuit, its shape is a property, and the rate of its circulation, counterclockwise on one side, and clockwise on the other side are also properties, etc. Counterclockwise and clockwise circuits, ^OvvO^ , able to go confluent when face to face, is a relationship. Side to side they draw other entities in like a ringer, which pushes them apart, of course, also by closed circuit configurations. But, all is pushing to face to face confluency to undifferentiate back into nonexistence.


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