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As a physician whose greatest calling is to bring healing to those who are suffering the way I was in my life as a doctor in the conventional medical system, YOU, dear doctor, are my #1 priority. I love serving patients, uplifting CAM providers and therapists, helping people navigate the complexities of the healing journey and the spiritual path, and offering my gifts to visionaries who are here to participate in the global transformation of consciousness on a planet in need of our love. But YOU, beloved doctor, are the heart and soul of my passion. You are what inspired me to start the Whole Health Medicine Institute, a consciousness and healing certification program for doctors who are ready to learn the psycho-spiritual-energetic aspects of health and healing that they never taught us in medical school.


If you’re not familiar with the nature of my work, here are some places to get up to date on what I teach:

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Lissa’s TEDx Talk: Is There Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves?

Lissa’s NY Times bestselling book: Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself

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If you’re not familiar with my personal story, please read The Anatomy of a Calling, a memoir for those on a hero’s/heroine’s journey to find and fulfill their true calling. Physicians, especially female physicians, tell me that my story is their story. As one doctor who was in the middle of reading the book me, “Lissa, you’re doing heart surgery on me.” This book is really for you. It is meant to be medicine, to offer healing, to wake you up, and to inspire you to find your authentic way back to the doctor you’re meant to be.

Blog: The Anatomy Of A Calling

Read Lissa’s Book: The Anatomy Of A Calling: A Doctor’s Journey from the Head to the Heart and a Prescription for Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Get Certified To Practice Whole Health

Learn more about The Whole Health Medicine Institute.

The Whole Health Medicine Institute teaches you to facilitate the Six Steps To Healing Yourself, as well as exposing you to over forty guest faculty, who are experts in mind-body medicine, integrative medicine, functional medicine, cutting edge trauma therapy as it relates to physical healing, shamanism, spiritual healing, energy healing, and everything else we think you should have learned in medical school and didn’t.


Mentor With Lissa

Learn more about the Visionary Mentoring Program.

I created the program I wish I could have signed up for right after I left the hospital in 2007. After floundering for four years and winding up $200,000 in debt, I finally found my way to a new career, first in running my own Whole Health practice, then in writing, speaking, and teaching. I now offer intensive one-on-one mentoring to those who are finding and fulfilling their callings as healers in their way, whether you’re inside or outside of the conventional medical system.

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