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“Spontaneous” Remission 101:
9 Fundamentals of Whole Health That Conventional Medicine Usually Ignores

Radical cures don’t usually just happen. Most patients and providers who tell awe-inspiring stories of seemingly miraculous cures have been very proactive about confronting illness not with a disease-management approach, but with the intention to restore balance, harmony, and wholeness. Let us come together as a village committed to healing ourselves and transforming how we practice medicine so we can ramp up the rates of “spontaneous” remissions from diseases we once believed were “incurable.”

An Invitation To Peace

With Martha Beck and Lissa Rankin

In a culture dominated by busyness, competition, greed, chaos, and overwhelm, we need peace now more than ever, especially given the shift in consciousness that will be necessary in order to save the planet. Join Lissa and Martha in a soul gathering for 90 minutes of inspiration, connection, and respite. Learn how spending as much time as possible in a state of peace could save the world.

Medicine For The Soul: 10 Ways Your Soul Guides You In Daily Life

With Lissa Rankin and Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

Learn to understand the language of the soul and the many ways it tries to get your attention and offer you its guidance. Join Kitchen Table Wisdom author Rachel Naomi Remen, MD & Mind Over Medicine author Lissa Rankin, MD for a free 90-minute teleclass that will help you learn to pay attention to how your soul communicates with you so you can infuse your new year with meaning, connection, and purpose.

Whole Health Self-Healing Kit

A Companion Guide to Mind Over Medicine

This companion guide to Mind Over Medicine is meant to facilitate your self-healing journey and deepen your experience of the book if you’ve already read it and give you a taste of what it’s about if you haven’t.

Prescription For Courage Kit

A Companion Guide to The Fear Cure

The Prescription for Courage Kit is meant to facilitate your journey through Lissa’s book The Fear Cure. But fear not! You will still receive great benefits from this package if you haven’t read the book.

10 Tips for Letting Your Soul Make Your Decisions

With Lissa Rankin, MD and Rachel Naomi Remem, MD

We are living in an exciting time in the history of our species and our planet. Never before has it been so important that we know how to make decisions that are aligned with the wisest, most trustworthy, most enlightened part of us. Yet too many people are letting fear make their choices. What if the golden ticket to making choices that align you with your life purpose, your soul community, better health, financial abundance, romance, and a sense of meaning and deep fulfillment in your life is right inside of you already, just waiting for you to let it guide you?

Fulfill Your Calling

A Companion Guide to The Anatomy Of A Calling

The Anatomy of a Calling is an instruction manual for those of us who are committed to finding and fulfilling their spiritual mission as healers of the earth. This kit is meant to facilitate your hero’s journey, and offers wisdom and inspiration along the way.

FREE ebook—5 Ways Radical Cure REALLY Happens

Offering evidence-based tips and tools to patients and health care providers who are passionate about transforming how we approach health, becoming health care revolutionaries, reconnecting spiritually with your inner doctor, and learning how to make the body ripe for miracles.

How Vulnerability Improves Your Life (& Your Health!)

With Lissa Rankin and Brene Brown

Learn how improving your relationships by becoming more wholehearted can add years to your life—and help your body, mind, and soul heal.

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