I come from a family of three Methodist ministers and was raised going to a Methodist church twice a week. In the faith tradition of my family, we don’t choose our parents, we haven’t lived before we’re born, and when we die- if we’ve lived noble lives, we hightail it up to heaven to enjoy everlasting life and maybe even become angels.

And yet…increasingly, I find myself exploring- and even believing- in things that defy the teachings of my childhood upbringing.

Have We Lived Before?

I recently spoke at the Hay House I Can Do It conference in Atlanta (if you missed it, come see me at I Can Do It Pasadena) And I had the pleasure of meeting psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters, which I had never read. As Brian and I talked over lunch together, he told me the story of his patient Catherine, a woman debilitated by phobias and anxiety, who failed to improve after a year and a half of intensive psychotherapy, even after hypnosis had uncovered a suppressed memory of childhood sexual abuse.

Then one day, under hypnosis, Brian invited Catherine to go further back into young childhood, to see if there was a repressed memory even younger, and much to his surprise, Catherine went back 4000 years to a memory of a past life! After many subsequent sessions during which Catherine remembered 86 past lives in great detail, and after her fear and anxiety finally resolved, Columbia and Yale-trained Brian had to face an impossible question- could any of this actually be true?

Brian was initially very skeptical. Certainly, these were just elaborate fantasies created by a wild imagination. But then, under hypnosis, Catherine started revealing personal details of Brian’s life that she couldn’t have possibly known. And her clinical improvement was undeniable. While under hypnosis, Catherine would experience a life, find for herself a lesson she might learn about her present life from the wisdom she gleaned from that past life, and then Brian would progress her forward to the time of her death in that life. After “dying,” every time, Catherine described floating peacefully as her soul renewed itself before incarnating again to learn more lessons. During this time of soul renewal, Catherine’s voice would change and her physical body would be taken over by what Catherine called the “Master Spirits,” and these Master Spirits would share with Brian truths of the Universe that Catherine wouldn’t remember after she was brought out of her hypnotic trance.

Is It Crazy To Believe In Past Lives?

As Brian was sharing all of this with me, he was conveying how shocking it all was to him. After all, he was a highly respected psychiatrist heading up the department. He feared for his reputation should he tell anyone about what had transpired between he and his patient. Yet, after seeing thousands of patients, his clinical judgment led him to believe Catherine. She showed no signs of delusional thinking, schizophrenic behavior, bipolar disorder, or other tendencies towards psychiatric diagnoses other than her phobias and anxiety, which were resolving. Catherine was raised Catholic and was secure in her faith, so like me, she had never been raised to believe past lives exist. And yet- here they were. Real as ever, in great detail, in her memory.

Many Lives, Many Masters

After lunch with Brian, I gobbled up Many Lives, Many Masters and read all of Catherine’s story, which kind of blew my mind.

When I was researching Mind Over Medicine (order it here) and finding seemingly unbelievable evidence of spontaneous remissions in the medical literature, I was very skeptical, and yet the evidence was right there in the medical literature I trusted. Why had I not been taught that spontaneous remissions are not only possible, but that we can be proactive about increasing our chances of experiencing them?

Similarly, Brian was equally shocked when he started digging into the medical literature and discovering that there was copious data about past lives in the psychiatric literature. Why had he not been taught about such things? Why are we in the medical profession so reluctant to teach what we may not understand? Why are we so uncomfortable with what lies outside of things we can prove with the scientific method?

My Past Life Regression

Although I have been curious about such things, I have never done a past life regression, but I figured I was here with the master. As Brian writes in Many Lives, Many Masters, quoting his Hungarian grandfather, “Vat the hell.”

I was skeptical. Brian said that about half of those who try a past life regression the first time experience a past life, the other half don’t. I figured I’d be in the half that didn’t. But I was game to try.

A Childhood Memory

He started with a guided visualization in which I allowed “the light” to enter my body, filling me from the inside and surrounding me on the outside. Then he counted backward- “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,” and when he said “1,” I was invited to see a memory from my early childhood.

I saw myself as a 6-month-old baby in a yellow jumper, nursing at my mother’s breast. The walls were fake wood paneling. My mother was crying because my father was a medical student, always gone, always working, and my young mother was lonely. My baby self made a vow to never leave her feeling lonely like he did.

A Prenatal Memory

Next, I was invited to remember a time in the womb. But all I saw was pink light. Nothing else came through for me.

My Last Life

Then I was invited to go back further and to look at my shoes. I saw black shiny men’s shoes and the sleeve of my jacket with a swastika on it. I was twenty, young and scared to be away from home. My superior had ordered me to be the one who turned on the gas to kill a room full of children who were begging me not to do it. One little boy was crying and telling me I didn’t have to listen to them, that the people ordering me to do this were wrong. I was crying and he begged me not to hurt him, but I was afraid to disobey orders. I didn’t want to do it, but I was scared for my own life, scared for the lives of my family, afraid to speak up.

So I turned on the gas and all the children died. I watched that little boy’s body go limp. The little boy was someone I know from this lifetime, someone with whom I’ve shared a difficult relationship.

Then I flashed to a scene twenty years later, when I killed myself with a gun after decades of shame and remorse.

The Lessons

Next, I was invited to identify the lessons I could learn from the past life I experienced. What came to me is that this explains my sometimes pathologic drive to heal the world in this lifetime. If I really did kill children in my last lifetime, it would make sense that I had some karmic debt to repay in this lifetime in order for my soul to progress. And it would make sense that I would have reincarnated in this lifetime with that little boy to somehow pay him back for what I did. (Brian says we often reincarnate with the same group of souls so we can work things out, lifetime after lifetime.)

This could explain why I felt such a drive to be a doctor, even though I experienced many traumas and had to sacrifice my own health and happiness in order to become one. And perhaps this is why I was given the cosmic download (link to the post about downloading) of Mind Over Medicine, so I could heal even more people and allow my soul to progress.

Do You Believe All This?

Maybe this is all just fantasy. Maybe I just have a suggestible imagination capable of wild storytelling. Or maybe there’s something to this whole past life thing. I don’t know. I still have a hard time believing things I can’t prove. But I met Brian Weiss in person, and he has now worked with over 4000 people doing past life regressions. He is one of the kindest and gentlest souls I’ve met. And I didn’t get even a lick of the “woo woo” vibe from him. We spoke, doctor to doctor, and he struck me as credible and trustworthy. Clearly, he believes what he is teaching and practicing, and I’m inclined to believe it, too.

I’ll be exploring all sorts of healing phenomena we can’t easily explain with the scientific method in a future book. But for now, tell me what you think!

Any of you gone through a past life regression? Have you had any past life or suppressed early childhood memories? Do you think I’m crazy or that past/future lives are just wishful thinking?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Many lives later,

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  1. I learned of Dr. Weiss through the Oprah show. Not coincidentally, a friend was compelled to share “Many Lives, Many Masters” with me about the same time, even though I didn’t mention my interest.
    In February of 2010, I went for my first past-life regression session here in New Hampshire. I was careful to have no expectations. In the space of an hour, I hopscotched through four lives. In two of them, I was a powerful (“heard” word, not self-assigned) healer, and in the earlier of those two (1200s?) a condemned witch because I “knew too much.”
    My second foray yielded four more lives, and I’ve had a few spontaneous regressions during meditation that have yielded still more. The one I am itching to explore is from Jesus’ time.
    I was brought up Episcopalian, which, like Catholicism, does not allow for reincarnation. My spiritual practice, born of discovery, knowledge, and deep intuition, does.

    • I might add, because I still find it fascinating, the first of the four lives I explored in that first session turned out to be the source of recurring dreams I’d had since I was a very little girl. That lifetime was in Ireland, in the 1800s. I haven’t had the dreams since.

      • Hi Ellen, I’m also in NH! small world! as they say. I’m glad you mentioned a past life as being the source of recurring dreams. I had awful nightmares as a child, and they gradually lessened over the years to where now there is just a fleeting “feeling” I can identify as that nightmare. Maybe I will find out by exploring previous lives what is was about and where it came from.

        • I love that it’s a small world, Kelly. 🙂 Interesting about your nightmare. I bet it would be worth investigating.
          For what it’s worth, I went to Michael Hathaway at White Mountain Hypnosis Center because I found him through a link to certified past life regression therapists on Brian Weiss’ site. He’s very good at what he does, and I look forward to seeing him again one day.

  2. I’d be very interested to know my past lives. The first psychic I ever saw said I was both Hawaiian and Japanese in past lives, male and female. I’d love to understand my current life better as a result of past lives.

  3. I’ve done (and continue to do) my “homework” as I like to call it. I’ve also seen the connections that needed healing with certain souls in this lifetime. It’s eye-opening, mind-blowing, and life-changing for sure, in a wonderfully liberating way. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Gosh Lissa, I am so grateful I found your blog! To answer your question, yes, I “stumbled” across two past lives and was shaken/shocked by the first experience as I had no warning and no way to frame or process the experience. In short, I was visiting a friend in the hospital and when I was leaving, I turned around to say something comforting, when the room completely changed and I was in another body! A thought ran through my head in another voice that was ALSO my own voice, saying,”I’ll never see her again,” with an overwhelming grief. And even more “weird”, I was in a man’s body- short, thick, really strong. I could feel the clothes, smell the smells in the room, all of it. Crazy!

    It happened another time but it was different “person” and a slightly different time (I think?). So yes, I do believe in what I refer to as “recycling”. After all, would a truly compassionate God only give us ONE chance to get it right? It seems much more reasonable that a loving God would give us infinite chances to learn, grow and love.

    Peace and joy!

    • Hey! Love your reply here, had such a peeking along situation while awake once in the same way, i used to call it a little hickup of my psyche where I seitched momentarily to one of the other tracks of my personality, its the first time I read about someone else having such a similar experience so thank you for sharing (in mine i was reading a book one day, didn’t fall asleep but found myself galloping a horse being a teenage boy being chased because I had stolen something falling of my horse. Boy the feeling of that mud i fell it to was as real as life. I was really there for a sligjt second. Then back in my room again, the book I was reading was totally non related to the experience and certain I didn’t fall asleep.

  5. Lissa — This is so synchronous! I just finished reading Dr. Weiss’ latest book, “Miracles Happen,” and I LOVED it. I’ve always believed in past lives, and have always felt a strong pull toward certain periods in history that I think I experienced in some capacity.

    While I was reading the book, completely “coincidentally” (but I don’t believe it was coincidence, obviously) I began suffering from one of the worst bouts of a chronic, ongoing medical issue of mine. I contacted a friend of mine, who happens to be trained in past-life regression, and I told her I was finally ready to do it. I want to know if my medical issues, which I’ve been experiencing off-and-on since childhood, are related to a particular past life.

    My regression is a little over a week away and I’m SO EXCITED. I’ve been wanting to do this forever, but I’m glad I’m doing it now, otherwise I don’t think I would have gotten as much healing power out of the experience.

    Thanks for being brave enough to discuss “taboo” issues like this, Lissa! More people need to be exposed to all kinds of healing power!

  6. Well, Lissa,
    NOW you’ve gone and done it!!
    Welcome to the OUTER LIMB!

    Good for you!

    While past lives and the great work of Brian Weiss is ancient history to many of us, I think it’s wonderful you are giving it due credence.

    It’s a game changer,isn’t it?

    Thanks for taking the LEAP!

    • I know. Just when I think I’ll finally be accepted into the mainstream with the other stuff I’m talking about, I have to go public with this. #shakeshead

      Thanks for the validation! Geronimo!!!

  7. Yes I believe in past lives. Most of us were not raised to have that level of awareness but 1 billion people on our planet believe in reincarnation. We just happen to live in a predominately Christian environment and are not exposed to seeing the world through that lens. But there is no time like the present to shift our paradigm and change our beliefs based on a new way of looking at the world around us! When you really sit and think about it….coming here for one lifetime (which passes really quickly in the whole scheme of things) doesn’t really make much sense. The universe is so much more magical and expansive then we give it credit for. At one point, people had to shift their belief that the world was flat…and looking back we wonder how they could ever think that? The same will happen with multiple lives as we move forward in our soul’s evolution and wake up to the truth. My background is in Psychology and Business and I had a similar path as Brian. I had a little girl premature at 7 months and she passed away 2 weeks later from a hospital borne infection (Pseudomonas). I carried a lot of guilt around about her loss and during a trip to San Francisco to visit a friend that I had lost contact with for many many years, her husband, a medium (who I had never met and he didn’t know anything about me) conveyed messages from the other side from my daughter and 2 uncles who had also passed. Very detailed information that he couldn’t have possibly known. I was given a lot of wisdom about my life, relationships, soul purpose and encouraged to leave the job I hated (corporate) and embrace my calling as a healer. Fast forward 3 years…I now do Akashic Record Readings and Coaching to help people move past the energetic blocks and restrictions from Past Lives…and connect with who they are at Soul Level. Our Soul is infinite and has definitely had more then one ‘opportunity’ (as Brian says) to get it right. Embrace the journey of your soul! The whole point of our existence is to be expansive in our experiences…lifetime after lifetime. And there is nothing woo woo about that. : )

  8. I’ve written a book about my first, reluctant foray into regression and the experiences I had and what they helped me heal. I’m a hypnotherapist now and I’ve had skeptical clients who went through a regression, like me they felt they tried everything else to no avail, and after, they are moved. They say, usually with tears in their eyes, that they understand something about themselves they never considered and that what they saw made sense on many levels. Then they ask me if it’s real. I always say the same thing, do you feel you resolved something in your heart and do you now feel lighter? They answer yes, and I point out that what matters is the healing aspect of it. Dr, Weiss is one my heroes. Thank you for bravely sharing this experience with us. You are following a similar path. J.L. Luton

  9. I know of some of my past lives and wrote about 3 of them on my first blog article on Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker. Most of what I write about is healing from incest which has been a spiritual journey for me but I also occasionally write about other stuff that interests me.

    I do believe that we remember our past lives because of the lessons to be learned from how they are still affecting our lives today. I am an incest survivor in this lifetime. In the first life that I remembered I was raped by the man that I worked for and gave up living after that until one day I went to bed and stayed until I died of neglect and starvation. The next lifetime I remember, I was a Frenchman named Emile. I was a soldier and not well liked by my comrades of the day. I was hurt and they left me on the side of the road to die. I didn’t die. I became embittered and took my rage out on women because I saw them as weaker than me. I raped and killed until the day I died.

    My best friend of the last 15+ years is the reason that I believe in reincarnation and she is the reason that I read Dr. Weiss’ books. When I first met my friend, she looked at me and smiled and said, “We were twins in a past life.” I laughed and thought she was crazy but dangerous. I listened. I had only just started reading about reincarnation and hadn’t made up my mind about it yet. We found out later that yes we have been twins together and triplets with another person. We have been nuns and priests together too at different times. We have both been Geisha girls at different times.

    I died as a Union soldier at Marye’s Heights in Fredericksburg, Virginia during the Civil War. I got that information while watching the movie Gods and Generals. I had to leave the movie at half time and walked home. I was sobbing because of the visions I was getting of bleeding to death, a slow death, on that battlefield. I have been a soldier for many, many lifetimes. I died at the bombing of Pearl Harbor, maybe as a Marine, on board on of the ships in harbor that the Japanese sank. I have always honored the battle of Pearl Harbor in my thoughts without knowing why until I received this information.

    Do I have any proof that reincarnation is real or that I really lived those lives? Nope but in my gut, I know it is true.

  10. Yes. I have seen and felt past lives. We might only “see through a glass, darkly”, but there is something there. The insights I’ve gained have all had a ring of truth. I’m so glad, Lissa, that you shared your insights. Thank you!

  11. I was intrigued by your article. Although I don’t believe in reincarnation I had a regression many years ago. I was told that in a previous lifetime I had imprisoned my current ex-husband. That made no sense to me at the time. Now I wonder if this has something to do with my interest in “freeing” people from both physical and emotional pain. I’ll ponder this further.

  12. ARGH! Just wrote a long comment with my past life story and bamm…signed in and it is gone. 🙁

    Very short version…my recent ex of 6.5 yrs and I had a past life together. I saw us getting married in Morroco long ago. I was several mos pregnant. I never told him about it.

    about 3 yrs into our relationship he had a sudden vision of us meeting in a market in Morroco. He was enchanted by me.

    Our relationship was intensely passionate from the start. I often thought we would both combust when we were close to each other. Kissing him made me feel like I was high on some drug. He felt that too.

    Unfortunately he was afraid of commitment, so much so that he had several crushes on other women throughout our relationship, yet never acted on it for a fear of losing me. I finally ended things when he was no longer able to “see” me and be my partner. We are close friends a yr later. I am one of the only people he trusts. He is a great support to me…now.

    I mention his health issue because I can’t see such a glaring example in my health to correlate with our past life together. Throughout our whole relationship he was dealing with a prostate issue, although he was in denial until it became a crisis situation. His prostate had enlarged so much that he had to have two surgeries. The surgeons told him it was the largest prostate they have even seen. The first surgery changed his sexuality forever. Not impotent, but forever changed physically. “diminished” compared to the man he saw himself as before.

    The irony and profundity of his health issue when looked at through the lens of our relationship struggles and his past relationship issues with women is kind of trippy.

    I hope one day to do a regression and possibly explore the life we shared in Morroco further to see what healing can be found is the memories. Your post has really made me think.

    I truly appreciate the chance to look at past lives with this new perspective. I am very glad that you incarnated at this time and in this space to breach this subject.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for sharing even the abbreviated version. Know that it is helping someone cope with feeling that heat and explosiveness that leads to discovery of a past life with someone and coming to grips with the knowledge it is not meant for this life time. Just a chance encounter for me to awaken to the magic behind the veil. Be well.

      • Thanks Shawna. I think it was meant to me, for both our healing. Just not a lifelong romance. Although it is a lifelong friendship. 🙂


    • I can totally relate to this!!! I found the most intense and endearing spiritual connection of my entire life with a man I happened to meet offline a lil over 2 years ago. We could talk on the phone for hours at a time (first time we talked on the phone it was almost 10hrs!), our intimacy, kissing was explosive and almost unbearable on how incredible and intense it always felt between us; I could never fully understand it but it was profound and undeniable. Anytime i’d see a picture of him I instantly would feel things I had never felt before, etc etc. There were so many “things” and it was like we were split in half from a whole. We both knew we were connected beyond what most would dare to find in a lifetime but yet even though I could and would have took the risk to dive in head first into this relationship (which I would usually never do) and felt he really was the one, he was also not as ready to be with me as he/I thought he was. It killed me that after everything up to that point he wouldnt/couldn’t make the commitment for us to move forward and I thought we were supposed to have eachother in our lives no matter what and that he wanted what I did. After a brief time together and realizing he wasnt meeting me half way I decided to walk away even though it killed me. I hoped he would come after me (he did once after a few months) but eventually he stopped trying. Its been about 1 1/2yrs since we spoke last and I still cant shake him from my core. I cant believe its already been this long but my heart and soul still ache for him, but what can I do… I feel him with me at times, even thinking I can hear him talking to me in some way and I wonder if im going nuts finally lol. But I would have gave almost anything to keep him in my life in any way as a friend or more and lately its all I can think about. Seeing your post really blew me away as it sounded so very familiar and in turn it helped to give me an inkling of hope that maybe one day he’ll return. 🙂

      • Wow Nee! Thanks for sharing. I am glad my comment/story was helpful. I often hear or feel my ex. I have to shield sometimes as to not get caught up in it and/or invade his privacy. We are so connected that I almost always know when he is about to text, email or call me.

        I am grateful to have been able to remain friends. It was by my doing that we are still friends. When I ended it I told him that he will always be a dear friend. He was shocked, but is also grateful.

        Makes me wonder if you and you ex could forge a solid friendship from the pile of of sand.albeit beautiful sand…that you now have. 🙂

        When things ended with my ex, I had to mourn what we could never have, more than missing what we did have. That was the hardest part.

        Many blessings to you!


        • Thanks Tatyanna and same to you. Yea when we parted ways for the last time, even though I was pretty hurt I told him I would rather have him in my life as a friend as opposed to not having him around at all. But I think things were still so heated in a sense that he just couldnt deal and it was easier to walk away which was even harder. Its definitely been saddening to think/feel that I could be so lucky to have this wonderful connection brought to me but yet have it ripped away so quickly. Sometimes I just dont get it…

      • btw: I am also in SoCal. 🙂

        • Oh really? Wow, totally crazy.

      • Many years ago, somewhere in East Germany, I was on a university trip for foreign students. It was four of us sitting together gossiping and giggling. One of them suddenly pointed at young man who was reading a newspaper and said something like ‘what a cutie’. I looked at him and felt mesmerized. ‘He’s my boyfriend’, I said, ‘you have no chance’.

        It turned out he was also an exchange student and was part of our group so we walked about this little town the hole day and I have no idea of what we saw because my eyes were only for him. A weird thought came to my mind, ‘we are from the same tribe, we are of the same kind’. Later in time he would confess that on that very same trip, I stood next to him for a little. I remember this exact moment. We were on this little hill overlooking the town and I took a few steps ahead from my friends to get a better view, and to deliberately stand next to him. ‘I sensed you before seeing you’, he said months later, ‘you were one of mine’.

        We didn’t say a word to each other on that trip but the word had spread that he was my boyfriend and my friends were making jokes about it all the time. A few days later I saw him at a party. We walked towards each other and started speaking like we knew each other from forever, with the little German we could both speak.

        Long story short, he was a difficult one to get! But oh I felt so drawn to him it was impossible for me to give up. Later I found out that he had a girlfriend and it wasn’t until they broke up that we could be together (fair enough). I was more in love than I have ever been. I would get physically ill when he was around. I would avoid him in the corridors of our faculty because, literally, I would have to vomit if I saw him. It was so freaking intense and we hadn’t even kissed yet. The most magical things happened. Once I opened the door of my dorm room at 3 am to leave the garbage out (I had been tidying and cleaning because I couldn’t sleep thinking of him) and I found him with his fist up ready to knock on the door. He had a tattoo of a dragon. A dragon of immortality. I had been obsessed with immortality since I could remember. The more I spoke with him the more I realized we were incredibly similar. We were both trapped in our own minds and had a bit of a tortured soul. We both had recently been in a deep hole and we both had found ways to come out.

        Our love story was the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. I moved to Moscow with him. He then came to Spain with me. I would like to say it was easy but hell it wasn’t. I fell ill many times whilst in Moscow and we argued a lot, but we also loved each other so much. So much. So much. Too much. I used to believe in those two years we used the love of a lifetime.

        I used to have nightmares all the time where I couldn’t reach him, or couldn’t find him, or he was gone and noone else remembered, or he would turn into something else and I couldn’t get him back. I would wake up in tears and hug him or give him a call to make sure he was still there for me (we were apart for a few months). I once had a really bad nightmare and woke up in tears and reached for the phone and…

        …before even dialling his number I realised I had lost him. The nightmare was real. I couldn’t reach for him any more.

        Nothing tragic. We spent a really difficult month in Spain while I was doing the final exams of my degree. A really difficult summer on the whole. Then his visa expired and mine had expired too. It was the beginning of the recession and we couldn’t meet anywhere in Europe because there were no jobs for him any more. He was desperate to leave Moscow (for many reasons) and found a job as an English teacher in China. Within a week he was gone.

        A couple of weeks later, after communicating mainly per email, I received a call from him at 6 am (he miscalculated the time). It was to say we could no longer be together. ‘We can’t live on illusions’ he said. And spoke beautifully of how much we had loved each other but it wasn’t working any more and it was time to let it go.

        He was at a call centre and I didn’t have a chance to say much. I fell asleep immediately and as I woke up, I had completely forgotten about it all. I had a normal day. I went to class as I was doing a short course, went for lunch, had the second part of the course, and it wasn’t until I left the school that I acknowledge what had happened. My heart had been holding up the whole day but at this realization it gave up and turned into dust. It had been smashed and it would take it a good 4 years to partially heal, and beginning to love someone else. I heard from him a couple of times earlier but never again.

        I don’t know why I’m saying all this here. I have no idea about past lives but your stories resonated with me and I felt like putting mine in words too. I’ve tried to make sense of it all. Have gone through all the faces: idealizing him, hating him, being grateful to him (sometimes I think he was an angel that put me back on my path, like a Mary Poppins that had to leave me once his job was done, as I have lived the most incredible experiences of my life since he left me), etc. As much as I try to deny it, we are the same.

        “He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”
        ― Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

        P.S. I am moving in with someone next week (eeeeek!). A beautiful soul that loves me in the most generous way, whom I love to pieces. It is a different relationship though. This one is new, refreshing, we have had to learn from each other a lot. It hasn’t been an explosion of crazy love but more of a discovery journey. A beautiful beautiful journey.

        • *phases

          Sorry for the millions of typos. I was too excited. Writing all this down has been so cathartic.

  13. Hi Lissa,

    Wow! I’ve only been following you for a couple weeks and already you’ve blown my mind over and over. I’ve just started you book and am loving it.

    I haven’t considered past lives much but as I was reading this article my heart felt like it wanted to jump out of my chest as if to say “Yes! This! Pay attention to this!” I actually found myself reading with both hands over my heart as if to hold it in place. Looks like I’ll be getting Dr. Weiss’ book too 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your work and yourself with us over the interwebs Lissa. I’ll continue to be a regular visitor.

    • I’m reading all of the beautiful replies and yours made me particularly joyful… truth resonates deeply… cheers 😀

  14. Brava to you, Lissa for bridging science and the stuff that is
    “more.” I have had two past life regressions. I went searching for it
    because I could never shake the feeling that I have layers to me that go deeper
    than this one life experience could explain. Not only did it help me understand
    myself more – how and why I tick the way that I do – it strengthened my
    awareness for this marvelous life, and that we are truly never victims. in one
    past lifetime, I was a holy man in a very ancient land, dismayed at the
    disconnection so many had with their inner self. In another, I was a pre-teen
    princess in the 16th century in the northern European continent, stabbed during
    a revolution but in it I remember not understanding why there was such
    disparity between classes. Doing the regressions has strengthened the
    confidence I have in my unique individuality.

    Keep up your good work! The overwhelming feeling i have for you is PRIDE. 🙂

  15. Even if it is silly or wishful thinking, it’s evidence of the astonishing capacity of the unconscious for creativity, organisation and affecting our physical bodies.

    And that’s the worst case scenario.

    I’m open to the idea that my current working theories about the soul are mistaken in part or in whole. That room for doubt is precious. It’s the fertile zone of growth. Total certainty, meanwhile, is quite sterile.

    Overall, I tend to feel that reincarnation makes sense in terms of the conservation of energy, the cross-cultural and historical experiences of past lives, and some of the peculiar information in my family. Perhaps I’ve made an error. That door must be kept open.

    Still, I’m not convinced that reincarnation’s a one-for-one substitution. Like my Saxon and Norse ancestors, my sense is that the soul is made up of many parts, some of which go to the Ancestors, others to some form of heavenly afterlife, and some of which may go on to be reincarnated.

    My working theory is that we are a small but essential part of the Cosmos’s consciousness seeking to know itself; that our multi-part souls are a network plugged into ever-larger networks; that our past lives may be the remembrances of many soul parts from many others which have been recycled to create new people. In my model, we are parts of local and wider ecosystems (just as our bodies are ecosystems with smaller ecosystems within – as above, so below) with blurring, overlapping edges, each affecting the other.

    It’s a working theory. It may be wrong in part or in whole. Knowing that it might, and being prepared to shift my theory if it proves not to work, or if there’s another that seems to me much more likely, strikes me as the most important part.

    Does your belief system encourage integrity, compassion and joy? Does it foster an openness to other beliefs? Does it facilitate growth? Does it nourish your soul?

    • I love your thoughts here! Thank you!

      • I love Embodhi… and wish I’d thought of it:) …I teach embodiment through yoga and often use embodied intuition to teach. Your combination of embody and the Bodhi tree I just love! xo

        • Thank you both 🙂

  16. Thank you for post. Your story is powerful.
    I have used Doreen Virtue’s Past Lives with the Angels tape, to experience several past lives. Each time, I came away with a greater awareness about a person or event in my current life, that was “payback”, both good and bad, for my behaviour in a past life. One session helped me get over feeling victimized by a former boyfriend.
    It that is only my imagination, I don’t care. The learning was valuable.

  17. Thank you for your great post and sharing! I have seen Dr. Weiss twice. He is amazing!!! I totally believe we have past lives. That was a hard one for me to initially accept because of my Luthern upbringing. My new beliefs have set me free!

  18. Hi Lissa, I have been seeing a Kinesiology practioner for the past 2 years who also does Spiritual Response Therapy. The past 2 sessions I’ve had we have gone into past lifes. It has been incredible and very powerful. The issues in my past lives have carried over into this life. It has taught me a valuable lesson. Therapy, personal development, medicine and any other healing practice will only get you so far. Sometimes you have to dig quite a bit deeper. Of course, I have shared these experiences with very few people. Those I did tell, gave me a very funny look 🙂

    • Kelly, I have read on Lissa site for the last 2 hrs and you are the first person to mention kinesiology. I am going to a person that is helping me with allergies. I am not talking about a few allergies–I am allergic to or sensitive to everything!!! The lady I see is a PT and studied NAET. In the treatment she uses kinesiology, acupressure and gate points while I am holding a vial of whatever allergy we are working on that day, emotions can also be added to the vial. Don’t ask how it works because I can’t explain it but for me it does. For so long I would eat anything and all I wanted to do is sleep, my body would react in different ways to other stimuli. Since I have been going to her life has become life again. On one of my resent treatments she hit on my past lives, in the last 10 past lives I have been murdered because I was a healer or seer

  19. I am an Indian, by origin and we do believe in past life and karma – it is something we – as a people- have always believed in.

    That said, there are many who will refute any theory of ‘this sort.

    Oh, I believe in past lives !!!

    I have often wondered about my behavior towards people, there are some I just like, instantly and some I loathe, for no reason! Could this be something to do with these people being either friends or foes in my past lives? I can only guess!

    I also share a very strong bond with my BFF( doesn’t everyone?) but she came into my life when we were students and we just bonded, though there was NOTHING we shared in common during those days, but I am insanely protective about her and will stand by her, thru thick and thin, this sounds normal, but the depth of how we feel for one another is astonishing and I often think, she must be someone I have known and loved in some other life and we do feel that bond..

    I want to try past life regression an hope to discover some more about why I feel the way I do about the people around me and if anything fits into the theories I have. I hope I will be able to attend Dr. Weiss’s session one day, if he has one in Dallas.

  20. Lovely story! Thank you for sharing. One day I hope to be past life regressed as I believe in this profoundly after a chance encounter with someone I have known previous lives. I can’t explain it, it’s just something I came to “know” innately. Previously I was a died in the wool Christian with some concerns that my Christian faith didn’t quite sew up for me, then after a vacation and encounter with this person I came home with just this knowledge that there are past lives and that I knew him. I thought I was cuckoo, but a friend steered me toward Brian Weiss and now my world is an explosion of learning and this new knowledge sews up all the loose ends and makes life make sense after all. I love how masterfully you’ve taken to balancing the Kharma and look forward to seeing your future works.

  21. I’ve never done a past life regression, but have always joked that because I don’t like things around my neck I must have been strangled in a past life. I’ve also always had an fascination with Lizzie Borden and happened upon a person in college who owned the house she lived in after the trial. This was all while I was reading a book on her. It felt too big to be a coincidence.

  22. I believe this. I’ve never done a past life regression, but I’ve been around enough people who believe in it and have been to their past lives. For example – I love fog. When I was child, I’d run out into and walk for hours. It would almost hug me – like a fluffy towel out of the dryer. But my sister not so much. She was a soldier on a battle field in a past life and it was foggy and still – and she says there was so much blood. I don’t know why I love it, but even today – I’d rather walk in it than anything. I believe God uses us in many ways and if we are to be his messengers, then humans are better equipped sometimes than angels who never walked earth. We’ll just have to ask him about it when we get there. As for my emotional problems coming from that life, sure – why not. Although my anxiety is from this life time events I’m sure. Oh, and I believe in the past I was the mother of, or took care of, many children and this is why I have chosen not to have any this time.

  23. Hi Lisa,

    I was highly skeptical about past lives but when I started my ‘intuitive career’ a an be couple of decades ago, past lives would appear in my readings for my clients. I asked that only the ones that were relevant to this time and place in my client’s life, would appear for them.

    In my experience, after thousands of readings, I have learnt that past lives show up when there is some commitment to completion in this lifetime or if the experiences and lessons learnt in another lifetime – read ‘time and place’ – are contributing to what is and can be achieved and experienced in this lifetime.

    While I cannot explain ‘past lives’, I have been regularly shown in my readings that time as we have been taught to experience and live it, is not linear or necessarily even consecutive!

    Food for thought, isn’t it? And so wonderful what happiness, relief and fulfillment it can bring into our daily lives.

    Thanxx heaps for your stimulating sharing!

  24. I love the topic of past lives! For years (from as young as 17) I was searching for insight into my past life, I knew that it would answer many questions of why I am who I am, and why I feel the way I feel. No medium could uncover my past life, but that was because this was for me to discover. When I was 22 years old, I had a glimpse of being a soldier in the first world war, I was young, perhaps the age I am now, 24. I was saying goodbye to my love, before walking onto a ship that would take me to war. This was a 30 second glimpse, but 2 years later, the story was completed. In a very sacred massage (KaHuna, a hawaiian massage) I was invited back into this life. I really felt this strong, caring man. I felt loyal to my fellow soldiers, I felt I wanted to carry them through the war, and realised how deep and profound my need to protect and serve others is still to this day. I also had so much love in my heart for my wife, but I realised that I died at war. While I did not have much imagery for this, I really felt this persons presence, and now, I feel this soldier lives on inside me. I now know why I have such a fascination with the army and their honour to serve and protect. I know now why I am so drawn to be a paramedic, for it is physical and we help people in the community. I know why I feel so much strength and courage and now I also know, why I feel so drawn to protect my people: my friends, my family, my collagues and even my patients. I serve
    and protect.

  25. For most of my life I’ve had the awareness or memory, I guess you could say, of a very specific young man around me. Since he did not seem to fit with my current life at all, I eventually figured out that he probably belonged to a previous one, and in fact seems to be with me in spirit still.

    Several other intuitives have seen and described him in detail without me even mentioning the subject, and he’s so distinctive-looking (down to his clothing) that it’s difficult to explain away. There have also been some VERY odd manifestations around me that I attribute to his presence. We seem to have a strong emotional connection, and he’s just kind of part of the family by now.

    So yes, I do believe in past lives, and still seem to be living one, in a way. I don’t think such connections ever really end, even if we forget about them temporarily. I suspect that when we get to the other side, we’ll greet all sorts of people we’ve forgotten about for a while. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

  26. I did PLR about a year and a half ago. What fascinated me was being able to observe myself telling the story, like remembering a dream. The scenes came out of order chronologically, but it was like having a tiny flashlight and trying to illuminate a tapestry — it was all cohesive, even if the sequence was nonlinear. It started in a small, rustic room. There was tension. There was a man just a bit older than me, and an older woman, and they were both irritated and trying to persuade me of something. As more scenes came up, I realized that I’d grown up in a life of privilege in upstate New York, raised by picture-perfect parents who couldn’t stand one another, scrubbed with lemon juice if I acquired freckles, and perpetually jealous of my younger brother, who was allowed to run a bit wild. To escape a society marriage, I went west to live with an aunt and teach in a small schoolhouse. When I arrived, though, I found myself under the same pressure to marry for position. I didn’t like the proposed candidate, who went out of his way to bring me down a few notches, once upsetting a rowboat and knocking me into a river. My father died, and my brother headed west by train to collect me, and the two of us planned to go to France together. My brother was killed en route. Suddenly without support or options, I married the man I detested. I had a daughter by him, who we called Sophia. When my husband was about 40, he died. Somehow, this made it possible for me to receive my inheritance from my father and brother, and I returned east with Sophia. Sophia became a dancer, and she married happily. I used my modest wealth to start an educational fund for girls who wished to study the sciences and the arts. I died in Sophia’s solarium, surrounded by plants and sunlight, my journal in my lap, contented.

    I was amazed by the strength of the emotions. I cried. Snot ran down my face, and I found mascara tracks in my cleavage after I left. I was also amazed that the clothing made sense when I started working out the linear time line later (I used to be into costuming), without any effort to make it fit. Whether it’s literally a memory or not, though, seems irrelevant to me. Even as allegory, it’s no less valuable. My life shifted significantly afterward. I became more courageous, more independent, less afraid of being limited by my circumstances. My relationships with men changed, as well. I allowed myself to be more selective than ever before, and chose to experience a year of celibacy just for the self-understanding it brought. I quit my job about two months after, and started my own practice. My whole life changed, and I’m grateful.

  27. I absolutely believe in past lives — years and years ago, I enjoyed reading books by author Taylor Caldwell, then read the book about her being regressed by Jess Stearn. Through those sessions, she learned how many of her past lives had been the inspirations behind her novels — including one about Atlantis. I think she remained skeptical, however. Anyway, the question is how to find somebody that you can trust who has the ability to take you through the experience. That you were able to work with Dr. Brian Weiss, Lissa… wow! Serendipity, synchronicity — all of it came together for you. How wonderful. 🙂

  28. Oh boy…goosebumps all over, while reading your story maybe, because I’m jewish and I lost big parts of my family in the Holocaust…..

    I wonder how one feels, after realising such a past life…..

    Since I’m in the healing profession myself, I’m not sure I’d like to know what I did in my past lives…..

    Thank you for your openhearted sharing

  29. I have to believe we have past lives whether there is proof or not cause there are too many “coincidences” that are far too unexplainable. I was raised catholic but as an adult started to open my mind to other religions, cultures, various spiritual, holistic, even astrological things that I feel all somehow go hand in hand in one way or another. I even feel in the past 5 years ive been advancing more rapidly in my own spirtual journey, intuitions, knowings, etc. I have been wanting to do a PLR for a few years now but dont really know how to go about finding a legitiment person to help me do so. I am however finding though that as ive become more open minded and explorative spiritually that I have in essence opened a huge door into seeing who I am and who I have been. I even believe that ive been able to see into some of my past lives through my dreams (if thats possible) which can be very detailed, intense, lifelike and sometimes even prophesying . I really hope I can find out more info so I can not only verify what I believe I already know (like for example I know I was a man in my most recent past life and I think kinda a jerk lol but im paying for some nonsense in this life, thats for sure!), what I have looming feelings over and what I still have yet to learn about my past. Its pretty neat also to hear everyones stories about their past life journey.

  30. Hi Lissa,
    Being an Indian and a Hindu , my belief in the soul’s immortality and rebirths was as natural as believing in God and going to the temple. But the belief was just that…. a belief . I didn’t really care about it till a couple of years back when I met two people who I bonded with instantly. A little shy and introvert, I don’t mix with people easily but the connection I felt with them was at a different level altogether. Was it just a coincidence that I met both of them and stumbled upon Dr. Brian Weiss’ “Many Lives Many Masters” more or less during the same time period? I still don’t know but at least the book explained the inexplicable affection and connection that I felt for both these people. I have not yet gone for past life regression but will surely do so sometime in the future. I want to reassure myself that these two have been a part of my past lives and so will surely be there in my future lives too. This belief in the soul’s immortality surely takes away the fear of death and losing our loved ones because we know we’ll always be there together …in some other life if not in this one.

  31. I have to believe we have past lives whether there is proof or not cause there are too many “coincidences” that are far too unexplainable. I was raised catholic but as an adult started to open my mind to other religions, cultures, various spiritual, holistic, even astrological things that I feel all somehow go hand in hand in one way or another. I even feel in the past 5 years ive been advancing more rapidly in my own spirtual journey, intuitions, knowings, etc. I have been wanting to do a PLR for a few years now but dont really know how to go about finding a legitiment person to help me do so. I am however finding though that as ive become more open minded and explorative spiritually that I have in essence opened a huge door into seeing who I am and who I have been. I even believe that ive been able to see into some of my past lives through my dreams (if thats possible) which can be very detailed, intense, lifelike and sometimes even prophesying . I really hope I can find out more info so I can not only verify what I believe I already know (like for example I know I was a man in my most recent past life and I think kinda a jerk lol but im paying for some nonsense in this life, thats for sure!), what I have looming feelings over and what I still have yet to learn about my past. Its pretty neat also to hear everyones stories about their past life journey.

  32. Dear Lissa,

    thank you for sharing this story. I find it so very courageous of you to tell all of us of this particular past life. It means a lot to me. Just these past weeks I have been thinking about this topic: how can anybody handle it, when they come across a past life scenario, where they were the perpetrator. And being a German, guilt-ridden by my countries past, I could not imagine to be able to live with the shame. Now you come along and handle it beautifully.

    Because I always wanted to be so “definitely not racist”, I have sometimes thought maybe I was a slave-owner in my distant past. My own past-life regressions – via Doreen Virtues CD – have been comparatively harmless: Once I saw myself as a fishmonger in Holland and once as a shepherd in the Mediterranean. Maybe I didn’t have the courage to go deeper than that.

    But your post has really moved me. I can see myself giving up these neat “good” and “bad” categories now, acknowledging that we all are both. Or drop this labeling altogether. Thank you, again.

  33. I’ve had glimpses of past lives, but like you, I’m not sure if it’s just my overactive imagination. However, I became a believer in past lives when my niece was born. Between the ages of 2- 6 she would tell incredible stories of her past life experiences. She gave such precise details of her life as a young woman living in the 1800s and about how she drowned when her boat overturned. She spoke about how she missed her “other” mommy who died with her as a baby in a house fire. And, about living as a monk with other monks in a monastery in the mountains. She spoke of these experiences with unwavering certainty. She could remember songs, details of the clothes she worn, the weather and who was with her. When asked about death she would giggle and describe that it was fun “you go up there like a cloud and then you come back down”. Her parents did not allow her to watch TV, so there was no way she could’ve heard about what she was describing. She’s now a young adult and has no recollection of her past lives.

  34. I must admit the idea of past lives has always seemed a bit far fetched to me. And I viewed it as science fiction or fantasy.

    I can see now that there is a lot more to this for many people. I never thought of it as a healing therapy. A way for people to resolve problems in the present by going back to past lives. It makes sense to me now.


  35. I know I was here many a times not because my religion teaches me so. There is a need to know so many whys.The answer to the fact that despite having everything that a normal human being desires what am I yearning for. Why I experience a slip between the cup and the lip whenever some important decision for my life is taken. I really need the urge to go in for PLR but somewhere something tells me that will also happen when it will be the right time to unravel the mystery of my previous lives.”Waiting to know wanting to know”

    • Me too in the same boat as you, why i always have bad experiences of slip between the cup and lip…this is my situation tooo..any one who can help me out with PLR for me..or can predict my PLR..is that possible…

  36. Hi Lissa,

    I always had a gut feel about past lives, it’s become more real for me since learning to read the Akashic Records for clients. The healing stories could not be made up or fantasized, since the stories that have come through for clients have been specifically healing for them in ways I could not possibly validate in any other way as somebody simply connecting with a person on the phone, or via Skype. I consider that validation enough…How else could I know that somebody couldn’t bear things around their neck (past life story of strangulation), or felt trapped in their life (past life story of arranged marriage). These people in any other way are complete strangers to me.

    Also with this practice I work with my own past lives. I have difficulties being a woman in this life and regulating my menstrual cycle…you name it, I have EVERY symptom, including a rough time during ovulation.

    Recently worked with a colleague and a past life came up on the US Plains (and weirdly or not now I’m a Brit living in Wichita KS!). I was a farmer with a wife during the dust bowl period. My wife suffered terribly with menstrual issues and I gave her a total of 8 children. I was very tired and impatient a lot of the time because I needed help on the farm and she wouldn’t help me. When it came for the last child to be born, I wouldn’t help her with the labor and she died. Another example of a karmic load for you.

    I believe that just knowing or learning about your previous life helped change things, since I have learned that ‘describing the energy moves it’ during these readings. The next question is, does anything else need to be done? I have a gut feel my acupuncture practitioner can help me clear the rest of the physically stored trauma, already she’s balanced my cycle more.

    Past lives – many people will never have a reading, never look at themselves this way. For those that do, it’s an enormous step forward on the spiritual journey IMHO.

    Love n light!


  37. Hi Lissa,

    Like you, I am a scientist with a mind trained to seek out (mostly research-based) “evidence” to support much of what I believe to be true. That being said, I have become increasingly open to other ways and forms of “knowing” as part of my own journey of self-development over the past few years. Through different forms of energy work (reiki, guided meditation) and past life regression, I have become conscious of several past lives in detail (specific moments in particular), and a few others more generally. What always amazes me about connecting to these lifetimes is how “me” I feel, even though the circumstances, my gender, etc. are so different. The core essence of my soul is the same. And while the experiences I have and the lessons I learn in each lifetime are different, a very simple piece of wisdom keeps coming through to me: it’s not what we do or experience that matters so much, but how we choose to think and feel about it that impacts the journey of our soul during our human lifetimes. If we beat ourselves up for mistakes we make or hold on to pain and suffering, we’re going to have a lot of crap to work out in the future. But the more we are able to live with love and compassion for ourselves and all others, no matter what the circumstances, the more fully our souls are able to shine, pure and true, in each lifetime.

    One of my spiritual teachers once commented that we have all been all things (perpetrator and victim, soldier and innocent child, master and student, etc. etc.), therefore there is nothing to judge in ourselves or others. Our only task is to love and accept it all. And… wait for it… not take everything so seriously 🙂

    This has been hard for me. And I imagine you’re probably struggling to make peace with your memory of murdering the children. But if it’s at all helpful, here is another piece of wisdom that has come through to me time and time again: we all come from and return to a place of great peace, love, and understanding after each lifetime. In that place, there is no guilt, no shame, no grudges, just a great deal of compassion as well as the knowledge that we are all connected, we are all just doing our best in each human lifetime, and everything is always okay.

    Lastly, I have come to appreciate that things are more purposeful in a grand sense than we necessarily get to know about during particular lifetimes. Maybe you were supposed to murder those children in the past in order to come back in this lifetime as the person you are. Maybe all of those children agreed to be killed by you in the past in order to create the conditions of possibility for you to become Lissa in the here and now. Maybe great “evils” help to bring about great “good” in the world.

    Who knows? But thanks for starting such an interesting conversation!

    And as always, be gentle with yourself. You’re doing great!

  38. Dear lissa,
    I always write down my dreams already for years, they often were very realistic. One night before going to sleep I gave myself the following suggestion: if there is such a thing as multiple lifetimes I would like to have a dream about one that is practical for my life right now. What followed was a very specific dream in which I was a blind man who played the organ in a synagogue and then time shifted and I found myself dying in a hospital having tremendous bowelpain. (as this man) worried about my wife. I woke up with the name Oskar Baum in my head. I did a google search and to my great surprise all the details of my dream were confirmed, a man with exactly this name did excist, he was blind, used to work as an organist in the synagogue amd died of complications of a bowel operationin 1941. Over the months that followed I had more dreams about this man. I went to Prague where he used to live and was allowed to see the heritage of his wife that is stored and contains all his work,letters etc. all details of all the dreams I’ve had were described in the letters etc. and he wrote articles for the newspaper about dreams (my deep interest).
    In my current lifetime (already before having these dreams) I work as a signlanguage interpreter specialised in the deafblind. Doing exactly the kind of activities Oskar Baums wife did for him during his lifetime. In 2006 years before having the oskar baum dream I wrote a fiction story about a jewish man who was a newspaper journalist theater and music critic who loses his job due to the war and who was a cantor in the synagogue as well as a poet. Oskar Baum experienced all of this. There was no way I could have heard about this man before the dreams since he is not very well known. His life and my own fit together like a puzzle pieces in a way I could never have thought it up.

    • I’ve had people tell me for years to write down my dreams, but usually I forget them in the morning – or they are so terrifying, by the time I get over the panic, I can’t fathom writing them down. Suggestions?

      • There are some excellent books on the subject, some authors I especially like are: Patricia Garfield, Robert Moss as well as Robert waggoner. I always have a cheap notepad next to my bed so I can write the dreams down immediatly (othetwisr I forget them too). suggestions to give yourself prior to sleeping really work well too. For instance: my dreams come to me in a form I can deal with them.

      • Jo Post, would it work for you to voice-record them?

  39. I’ve always been interested in plr stories, life lessons and how people resolve issues with this kind of work. As a yoga teacher and mind/body/soul writer I don’t doubt its authenticity but I do wonder how it affects people afterwards i.e. does it change relationships, dreams or create feelings of anxiety (though I know it can also alleviate anxiety)? While Lissa writes of Dr. Weiss’s patients undergoing this type of treatment (assuming some of these people suffer from mental illness) I wonder are there certain people or groups of people who should not try this…. and if so why?

  40. Lissa, I most definitely believe that regression therapy brings us back to lives where there is something that we need to understand. Having said that, I’ve only done it three times, each time as part of a group session where there wasn’t enough time for everyone to talk about their experience and ask questions so I’m not quite sure what to make of the stories I remembered!

    I think it would be really interesting to be able to do some more work in that area. You also mentioned early childhood memories. I don’t have any. I’d like to be able to find out if there is anything I need to learn about that.

  41. hey,i am a medical student and great admirer of Dr.Brain Weiss and at times i become really gloomy,i cry feel pricking pain but usually am a cheerful self.I read Dr.Brain Weiss book many lives many masters like 6 years back when i was in high school and during the time my great grand mother was serious we were quite close,she as a beautiful giving soul and even during that time i cried a lot while reading.I really don’t know whats happening why i go sad when otherwise my nature is bubbly.Hope you can enlighten.Thanx

  42. We could have a casual but interesting conversation about this at the IoNS conference, Lissa. I’ll be attending as a journalist. You might find my personal researches about this to be interesting. You might be impressed with Jim Tucker’s book, “Life Before Life,” and also the work of his predecessor, Ian Stevenson, both from University of Virginia. There are more, but those are lately two of Western culture’s favorites in addition to Brian Weiss. As of a few years ago when I looked it up, it seemed at least a quarter of the world subscribes to reincarnation.

    • I’ll see you at IONS Michael!

      • Hey Lisa, do you have any knowledge of out of body exsperiences , I have a friend that has this happen often but never knows when it will happen, she says its the most amazing feeling.

        • I am studying these sorts of things now, Lisa, but my knowledge is limited. Try reading Larry Dossey, MD’s new book One Mind. It’s riveting- and quite confronting to a mind that works like mine…skeptical but wildly curious!
          Merry Christmas

  43. I used to be into this and Robert Monroe’s books but now I believe this is demonic deception. I believed the Bible was deception and it was just another solar religion. Then one night I said a prayer: Jesus if you are real and really created everything of course id serve you just show me something.
    A month later while driving my jeep after mocking and scoffing my wifes church it was as if my spiritual eyes were opened I knew I was on the wrong side of things as if god was sitting in the passenger seat. I stopped the car got out and knelt and prayed for forgiveness and was hit with the most intense feeling of power and love engulfed me that you could mentally, physically and spiritual feel. I wept and wept. To think that I walked and talked against the one that created me and he still had this insane amount of love for me, it’s beautiful.

    • lol…thats funny…I’m not trying to mock religion, but i’ve been right where you are. Its sad to live a lie your entire life, then one day finally wake up to see it for what it truly is.

    • I believe you went through this Ivan to learn truth. To be able to see who God truly is. I took the long route too. I was shown things that helped me to understand my Savior and to call out to HIM during this time. There is BUT one truth and that is John 1 “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. This is God in the flesh (Jesus) who came and dwelt among us. Amen.

  44. Lissa, you have no idea how funny your “past life regression” was. I would love to know the name of the person who instilled this “memory” into your mind (probably starting with the suggestion of “black shoes”). Open your mind to a truth that is not allowed to be discussed in Europe (against the law and one is jailed) or here in the USA (without being demonized and losing your employ).

    Learn the truth about WWII and the lies that are brainwashed into people today; as religious Holocaust monuments are built in every US State and Nation and Earth. The so-called “Holocaust” is a DECEPTION Lissa, that is spread by the International Jew Marxists and International Jew Bankers who won WWII. This deception is used to demonize their enemies who rose up to fight them and attempt to save Western Civilization from their control. Today, the 9/11 DECEPTION is used to demonize their current enemies, while furthering their agenda of Global control.

    If you have not woken up to the “BIG LIE” propaganda technique that is used by International Jewry (identified by Adolf Hitler), then you are so far lost it is truly sad. Regarding the Holocaust, I would highly recommend a movie created by an honest Jew named David Cole, “The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz”, which can be viewed on YouTube. Use your brain Lissa, to discover this deception that will in turn lead you do so many truths that you are just scratching the surface of today.

    I look forward to the day that your mind explodes with enlightenment and understanding.

    Ps. The only “Holocaust” (death by fire) of WWII was the one performed on German & Japanese citizens as they were incinerated by the hundreds of thousands when we created “Fire Storms” that incinerated dozens of their cities. The true criminals of this Earth blame their crimes onto their victims.

    • You frighten me with your delusions. May God grant you the insight to see the truth.

    • You must be certifiably insane to believe what you wrote here. There is more documented evidence of the holocaust than any of this reincarnation deception bullsh*t. Hint: Holocaust–real, reincarnation–demonic deception, denying the holocaust–psychosis.

  45. Follow up on my comment below:

    As I thought. Dr. Brian Weiss is the chief of psychiatry for Mount Sinai Hospital, whose clients time after time regress back to “Holocaust” stories. Do you understand who Brian Weiss is? Do you understand what Psychiatry is? Do you understand what Mount Sinai is?

    Please Lissa, open your mind to the truths of history and overcome the deceptions that humanity is drowning in. Do not allow “name calling” to prevent you from investigating all subjects from all sides.

  46. Hi Lissa,

    You should learn Bhagwat Gita at least one time in which lord Krishna explained about soul which is immortal and can’t be destroyed by any mean. it only transferable from one body to another just like we change our old cloths and wear new cloths. Everybody is present in all the way but dissappered in some time that is before birth and after birth.

    Vivek Srivastav

  47. Unlike the others, im not a scientist, or half as smart, i have P.T.S.D!, But have many memories, That i shouldnt, Do to my age, But i know, deep inside, I have lived several lives.One, was a soldier in past wars, And i have this nagging fealing, To change in one way or the other, Reliving events i must have failed in one way or the other!

    • Hi Joel, I think you may benefit from PLR. It may give you the energy you need to be successful in this life. To stop reliving the perceived failure. Hold true to that you have a purpose, there are people who love you. Please stay with us and believe in your success in this life. Prayers and blessings are wished for you this evening. G

      • PLR? Whats that, And whos this?

      • Death seems so much easier!

  48. I am confused as to how each of us can have a past life, as simply there are more people on the planet now than ever before!

  49. Have you ever come across the concept of familiar spirits? It is a biblical as well as pagan concept. What you experienced is not actual memory. It can’t be. If it was, if reincarnation was real, karma would simply not allow you to go unpunished for the murder of innocents because of fear or pressure. The only explanation I see is that there are spirits who have inhabited the earth for some time (demons) and Weiss guided you in opening yourself to their suggestion (even though he may not realize he’s doing that. That’s how deception works). Although you, for some reason, would like to believe you were a mass murderer in a past life, I don’t believe you were. I believe you are a unique soul that was designed for a unique body and a unique existence. People may find me crazy for thinking that these “past lives” are suggested by spirits or people, I rest in knowing that my thoughts are no less insane than yours. So please consider what I am saying. When you open yourself up to “past lives” you are opening yourself up to lives and memories that aren’t your own. That is simply not healthy or safe.

  50. thanks for sharing your experience. It’s very interesting. Does anyone know an iPhone app for past life regression?

  51. Hey Lissa,
    I’m 16 and I’ve been drawing the Lambda (A sign that looks like an A but no line in the middle) in my papers in school. I know its odd. So today I searched up ancient Spartan weaponry and it showed the Lambda in their shields. I suddenly started to shake. Is it possible that my past life could have been maybe a Spartan? I train like theirs no tomorrow, I run a lot, I had interests in ancient weapons and modern weapons and I have a lot more to say but I can’t mention them all. But to get to the point, can the soul skip a couple of thousand years?

  52. I always had this feeling of being loved by someone and the most amazing or dishearting part is everytime the person i like very much or little slips out of my hand.. and i have started believing that this is something wish unfullfilled for me since my past life..or lives…from the age of 12 or 13 ..i know that i wanted to be loved by someone..after so many failures in my life.. i want to train my soul not to crave for any more love..and i should die without having any regret that i didnt get love..as in next life i am might be still wandering about love..etc while that wouldnt happen and i might regret like this..dont want to repeat lives for this..
    i feel i am very close to my mom even from my previous life..i used miss her so much that i used to get her in vision..when we are miles apart…same is the case with my brother-in–law..may be he is my friend in past life..or so.. if i think of sometihng about him ..i get the response from my sister though i didnt ask her about anything related to him..and i saw him in my dream that he is marrying my sister 2 years or so before her marriage with him..

  53. How do you go about getting PLR done? I am convinced of past lives since I have memories of deaths. I suffer from severe depression and I think I need to understand what is holding me back.

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  55. What a remarkable read. I believe in past lives. I have been seeking a hypnotherapist that could take me back into a past life. I feel the NEED to do such a thing. I have for several years. But I also fear that what I find will be very sad and traumatic for me. I live in Austin. Do you know of any hypnotherapist, specializing in past life regression? Please help me find someone that can help me open up past lives, so that in this life I may move forward and find out whats really eating away at my soul.

  56. I am a past life regressionist, many years ago, I too was a skeptic when I first found myself conducting a client into a so called past life. Astounded I spent 7 years trying to prove to myself that what I had witnessed was indeed real. I am pleased to say after many other past life regressions and life between life regressions that I learned to trust the things my clients tell me as truth. Most often things stated in session become reality for myself and the clients. The amazing thing is however that a clients belief is not a necessary component of the healing the therapy brings them.

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  58. Hi Lissa, thank you for sharing you experience. I came across this as I have recently been receiving hypnotherapy to deal with allergies and other issues. This lead me to two past lives, one which had a clear connection to allergies due to accidentally poisoning myself and the pain and saddness felt very real, and another where I committed a very violent act against an individual I blamed for the death of someone close to me. I am not a violent person and the idea of this left me confused and feeling vulnerable. Knowing I’m not the only one and that there are lessons to learn from this insight is most encouraging. Even if they are not past lives as such, they are helpful stories from my subconscious that are helping me to heal. I am also on a path for healing, caring and teaching in this lifetime. Kind regards.

  59. We have past lives and most likely will still go through many more ahead to grow and redo karma to go home where we came from :). I seen a glimps of my past life when I turned 30, the funny thing what happened before I saw it was me confronting my inner child and going to visit myself as a small child, later I saw my previous life. I was with my mother and step father, they somehow looked different and yet same, I knew it was same people from this life, I was still pretty young, I would say around 16. I had a very, very bad feeling that something not good going to happen, I told my mother and she tried to soothe me, then I came out into the living room to eat breakfast (i noticed that we were wealthy and had beautiful house with big windows), next thing someone knoked on the door and I begged my mother not to open because I knew it was very bad, next thing I saw some figure appearing out of the door, I am falling to the ground and seeing my mother lying dead in front of me, my father jumps up and I am starting to black out with a very peaceful feeling, I knew everything was okay, it got darker and I was saying to myself “It’s okay I am still here”, there was no pain at all, it was peaceful, then I woke up with a hyperventilation and panick attack because I thought I was having a heart attack. Unfortunately it left me with a trauma on which I am working at the moment.
    Thank you for sharing your experience!

  60. So I was just laying down half an hour ago and wasn’t fully asleep I was still conscious and awake ( I think I had just started to slightly doze off) and I just saw a quick flash of an image of a teen/ boy . Mainly the same skin complexion as me and he was wearing glasses, I think he had on a black shirt and had a bush of hair on his head. The image only lasted for about 1 to 2 seconds and I woke up instantly, I only saw his head and shoulders, his facial expression seemed to be looking at
    Someone or
    Talking to a person, I also saw that he was inside of a building.The image did not move at all, I heard no sound either. I dont know if this has anything to do with a past life or anything, but it sure was weird.

  61. I think past lives can mirror real life. I’ve always felt I was a warrior in a past life. Suprising thing was, I became a soldier in this life. My recruiter told me that he didnt think I could make it being 20yr old underweight female in 1980. I felt the strange need to join on my 20th birthday. I had never really had a fascination toward the military. Funny thing was, training came naturally to me. Graduated in the top 5 in Basic Training (the only female to make it in the top 25.) and top 3 in AIT. ( The only female to make it in the top 15) This was when females and males trained side by side. I was amazed how easy it was. It was like I had done something similar in the past.

  62. I believe this and keep up the good work.People are born to heal who themselves gave experienced torture or grief in their last life.

  63. I’m kind of relating to Bianca on how she said “What always amazes me about connecting to these lifetimes is how “me” I feel, even though the circumstances, my gender, etc. are so different. The core essence of my soul is the same.” I always wondered that, if you are reincarnated as another person or whatever it may be, how do you know you we’re? If your reincarnated into something else or another person wouldn’t your mindset change or would you have the same personality and mindset as the person you we’re previously. I’m 17 years old and i’m a Pisces sun, Scorpio moon, and Cancer rising. Am I going to still take on those traits as that reincarnated person? Is the core essence of my soul going to be the same like Bianca stated? We can’t remember physically living those past lives so how will we remember physically living the next life? I know I have a lot of questions but this topic really gets my mind cranking and rolling out thought after thought haha. Any legitimate response to this would be appreciated!

  64. No worries, i think i’m your George Harrison, back when i i first found out about the beatles i felt a strange familiar feeling and i had always liked George, because hes spiritual and , like guitars,hindu things,and we have about 97% the same personality, and his first wife looked much familiar to me the first time i saw her, not going to go into any more details here but i might make a post somewhere, anyone interested in this just email me

    Haters you see.

  65. Hi everyone,,
    I’m a buddhist from Srilanka. According to my religion we believe about our past life. Although I have no evidence to prove it I strongly believe it because there were many incidents in my country that some young children about age in 3/4 told about their past life.. According to my religion until we have desire for everything we born again and again “we call it sansara gamana” . The good and bad things which we have done in our life effect our next life.. It means “karmaya”. Unti we achieve “Nirwana ” we have a birth. If we don’t want a birth again we have to achive “Nirwana” But it is very difficult to achieve because we have to eliminate all our desires which is very difficult to do for a normal person. Eventhough we think that we need a life again it’s only suffering because we are always going though a circle of becoming old, get disease, and death. There are many things..but I cannot translate them in to English as it is.. I’m don’t try to dominate my religion or something. I have no any intention like that.. I wrote here what I believe about past life according to Biddhism.

  66. I’m interested to know Lissa, if you have access to the information, what universal truths were conveyed to Dr. Weiss by the ‘Master Spirits’ during those sessions with Catherine?
    The reason I ask is because, with regard to the more mystical aspects of experience and reality, it can be difficult to find or understand real, useful information.
    I am a 22 year old male, and I’ve always been able to remember my dreams in extensive detail, though usually only a couple a week. Yet, at this time in my life, I’m recounting two or three dreams each night, which not only interconnect with each-other, but with waking life as well. I get the distinct impression that I may be experiencing memories of past lives through dreaming, especially since I’m currently going through a period of intense personal transformation.

    Eager for your response,

  67. I’ve had many past life dreams. One where I was a school teacher in love with another named Catherine. We ran from the Nazis to a bunker. With the children. But Catherine was caught behind with a few children. She was shot with a machine gun in the back & as she fell into my arms I turned to take the rest in mine. As darkness fell on my vision of her dying in my arms I swore to her I’d love her forever.
    I found this site because I just woke up at 4 in the morning after having a dream of a life I lived in the future.sounds weird. But that’s the only way I can describe it. I was old, married into an Italian family, watching a play dedicated to my life. Sorround by my family & off spring. At the ending of the play I started coughing. I was taken to a little chapel like monument & layed face down on a plate tablet with a picture of a skeleton. With rags on it & one hand raised higher than the other. I than spoke in Italian.

  68. last time I was alive I was born in the year 1480, I was a dancer and poet in India and the start of machinery for fields. that’s all I know but I want to know more, Please can someone help me find more about my other life’s.

  69. Hello…
    I also do belive in this…it happend to me 3nights i a row part by part while i was dreaming…
    All i can see and remember that i was somehow covered in something warm and white…one beautiful woman was stareing at me and crying…i saw dead people arrmored and dressed like the people in the 1000BC and horses shoted with half-black arrows we were in the middle of some Wood with high trees and then i fall somewhere…then i woke up in my bed and never dreamed about that anymore….

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  71. One thing for sure I noticed is that we all have an insight of what “past lives” might be when really it’s all a learning experience. God is in all the things that we see, touch, hear, and feel.
    Lissa I have had numerous dreams of seeing my self as white dark haired women, a blond white woman, and a white red hair woman, and I’m currently a black haitian woman. Not clear about the connections but at the moment in my life I’m helping my dad deal with his liver cancer and I have been asking God how do I deal with my father’s cancer and how do I prepare for him to die. Just yesterday I finally read Dr. Weiss’ book “Many lives, Many Masters” and it all became clear, and then I stumbled on your page as I looked through the internet for more answers.
    My phone constantly sends me messages indicating I’m being “connected” all of which I’m clear is connected to the bigger plan. I am a child of God and I am clear that God is preparing me for a HUGE mission. What I thought was the reason for living…success…career…money…is no longer it. Its bigger than “me” I believe! Inside of doing many affirmations with Louise Hay I have declared writing a book about my journey with my father within a year from now.
    I believe as Christians and children of God we will be given all sorts of tools to reach the purpose of God and all will be clear soon. Thankyou for sharing and I oneday look forward to meeting you.

  72. It’s been recently revealed to me that my soul goes back to the biblical times…5 + times I have lived. I am a very old soul. I know that this Is all true I am a lightworker. It’s the truth and the truth is easy.

  73. A friend of mine has the idea that we just move on after our current life is over, I tend to believe that as well, yet this dream I used to have (it happened many times, I don’t know how many, but was always the same) haunted me for years. I don’t know what it means, but here it is, condensed as I can’t remember it entirely.

    It starts off as I’m riding in a vehicle, I don’t know if it’s an auto or could be a carriage, and as we are going down the road, I’m tossed out of it, like an old piece of rubbish or old toy, and I can see this vehicle keep going down the road. My head is cocked to one side as if to ask, why are you leaving me here? Are you coming back? I don’t know any more than this, this is the point where I woke up. Could I have been orphaned in a past life or even worse, killed or victim of a accident on this stretch of road? As I said, I don’t know any more, but the dream used to frighten me as a child. I haven’t had it in some years, but I don’t remember dreams the way I used to as a child.

    Just thought I would share. Thanks

  74. Personally Lissa, I can see how we can live multiple lives for whatever reason. For me, its not crazy thinking whatsoever, its just how things go.
    Everyday I live my life (currently 19), I naturally protect people close to me. Everytime I go to a store with my mom, family, family friends, best friends, I naturally trail behind them, watching everybody’s movement, with a down right scary face. I can’t control it, everytime I go to walk next to them, it feels completely outa place, so I go back to trailing them.
    For a long time, I would have these visions off and on every so often.
    1) I’m standing outside of a medieval castle, standing guard, sky clear, wind blowing through my long brown hair, chest heavy and I’m scanning a certain section area of woods. After that, I don’t remember anything and I wake up.
    2) I’m standing out in a field of what appears to be wheat, theres the sound of a diesel truck or some other vehicle behind me. I’m holding some sort of fire arm, looks like something that will be used in the future, no helmet, again I’m scanning the area again. Then I wake up.
    I know that’s a future type vision but the first past vision is not the first one I’ve had. I tend to see a lot of Deja Vu’s also. I’m currently unsure as to what this means for me. Maybe you have some sort of answer for that.
    My email-Stephenbabcock257@yahoo.com

  75. Dustin does need help, but I think he has more Autism than Schizophrenia in him, but I could be wrong about that. He does talk with his hands, he babbles, he talks about random things at the wrong time, he doesn’t understand people’s facial expressions too. Dustin has a lack of motion because I have been with him less than a year and I can see that too. Dustin has major depression and anxiety disorder because his hands show it. He has social problems and he is homeless, so he struggling with that right now. He has thought about killing himself, but he hasn’t thought about killing himself lately. Dustin hears voices, hallucinations and often bizarre or persecutory in nature and disorganizing thinking and speech. He does not know how to take care of himself and I have to remind him that he needs to take a shower. He does have paranoia. Dustin has a little emotion, poverty of speech, inability to experience pleasure, lack of desire to form relationship and lack of motivation. He does have some memory problems too. Have a great day. Talk to you later. See ya. Enjoy the weather too.

  76. I have experienced a past life memory in a dream. Or, at least I believe so…I saw myself as the help of a priest in a city called Narunga in Sweeden. I remember there was a war going on and I remember the name of the city as a voice in my head was calling it. I was quite angry because I wasn’t named a priest yet. I was watering some flowers in the garden outside the church. I woke up and I did a little investigation. I found out there is a small city called Narunga in Sweeden and when I saw the picture of the church I realised it was the one I dreamed about. I digged up further and I found out that a priest served there when young, as the help of another priest. Then he became a war priest in the 30 years war. His name was Michael Suesonis. So, well, that’s my story.

  77. This will be short. Somehow I have lived three different days twice. I don’t know how. The problem is this, I can’t understand it at all and having a real hard time convensing myself I’m not crazy

  78. I went back and fourth with it .. Cause it seems like I have I guess the only way I can say it is to say a very comforting feeling when I walk in certain homes or even when I see pictures of the past.. . This is the one reason I finally decided to try and look it up about past lives. Sometimes I can walk into a home and have a very strong feeling about it .. very safe and comforting feeling like I have been there before. I want to know so badly what this is cause at times I feel the urge to cry when I feel it .. And for some reason I am looking for this in my life .. I have jumped from home to home .. N there is a certain place I am looking for . I am never comfortable no matter what home I am in .. I keep looking for this certain home .

  79. In listening to Adyashanti’s book “The End of Your World”, he suggests it’s possible that these are not past lives but rather others’ lives that we are somehow “entangled” with. Jung’s concept of synchronicity might play into this; perhaps we are the karmic balance for those others lives and that’s how we get linked. (After my own sudden awakening in 2015, my “gnowing” is that we are all expressions of All That Is and that we are really all One, so this kind of “crosstalk” might be understandable.

    The other possibility is that maybe Elon Musk is right: We are actually living in simulated worlds 1000 years from now where we get to dive in and “play parts” with our friends in “ancestral simulations.” For the experience, for the growth potential, for entertainment? The possibilities are staggering….

  80. Hello
    I am curious.I wanted to know about my past as I am always inclined towards chinese or korean ppl rather on indian.I wanted to know is there any karmic debt left for me to progress


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