The Corona Cocoon Healing Meditation

Caterpillars do not just grow wings when they enter the chyrsalis. They literally become bug soup—dissolving, as we are all dissolving right now. Yet we are less prepared for this kind of dissolving than the caterpillar is. As we cocoon during this pandemic, let us use this opportunity for deep transformation. We know the body's immune system can only fend off infectious diseases, cancer, and other illnesses when the nervous system is in the relaxation response—the parasympathetic nervous system. Keeping the nervous system relaxed is just as important as washing your hands, sheltering in place, eating well, or taking your vitamins when it comes to preventing Covid-19 or recovering from it if you get it. This meditation is designed to help you find more breath, cope with your fears without bypassing them, and surrender to the unknown in times of uncertainty. If you do have Covid-19, this meditation is designed to actually help you breathe more, so please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be at risk or already infected. May your time in the cocoon be full of mystery, awe, and wonder in addition to any other emotions you may be feeling and moving through as we individually and collectively evolve into who we must become.

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