Picture this. In the same way that addicts and those who love them can find 12 step circles almost anywhere in the world to aid in their recovery, imagine that people on a healing journey come together, alongside people who yearn to help others heal, and together, they make magic happen. Picture those who are struggling with physical or mental illness, injury, or trauma having access to an affordable, widely accessible healing circle of fellow journeyers who gather with the intention of healing in community. While support groups are great, what I envision goes far deeper and impacts outcomes far more successfully than your typical hospital support group. Heal At Last could function as therapeutic medical treatment.

Sure, it would be a place to talk about your feelings, but it would also be group energy healing, a place where trauma is cleared and nervous systems are repatterned in a way that optimizes the body’s natural self-healing capacities and helps restore whole health. Imagine art, music, cuddle puddles, dancing, safe touch, and beauty. Imagine doing the hard work of healing trauma, not on your own, but hand in hand with others who are doing the same. Imagine restoring your nervous system with group energy healings that uplift you and leave you feeling nurtured, nourished, and ready to do what you must to make the changes in your life you know you need to make. Imagine feeling supported by others who are doing the same, knowing you’re not alone and you’re in good company.

Imagine if you could go to any Heal At Last, anywhere in the world, and know that you would be received with love, acceptance, healing intention, and a sense of belonging. Imagine that this Heal At Last could be a kind of transfusion. When you’re so depleted that you can barely muster the spark of life force needed to engage in deep healing work, this group could fill you up with all the life force they generate together. Anyone with life force to give could contribute their healing gifts, pouring out any extra into the field so it may be taken in by those in need. Anyone in need of a transfusion can receive what is offered. Those who give also receive a healing in the act of giving, and those who receive are blessing the givers by letting them offer their love and gifts. It’s like breathing in and breathing out, an act of sacred reciprocity that benefits everyone involved.

Imagine if you could get help healing the traumas that underlie many illnesses, which would open the channels for more life force to flow in your own energy system, in a way that would make more life force available to you, not just outside of yourself, but from within yourself. Imagine if this transformation fills you with so much life force that you have extra to give, and now you feel inspired to lead a Heal At Last of your own, as a way to bolster your ongoing healing journey, just as recovered addicts lead 12 step meetings as part of their ongoing recovery. Now the model is self-sustaining. Those who feel healed enough to expand the vision give back and inspire those who are early on in their healing journeys, sharing their stories of radical remission, offering access to the life force they’ve learned to channel, and paying it forward. In this way, those in need of healing and those who have healing gifts to offer come together, create community, play together, heal together, and celebrate the gift of life as they create the lives their bodies will love.

Imagine the Universe is so benevolent and so generous that it hears our plea for help and opens the doors to co-create this vision into reality, assuming it’s aligned with Divine Will and it wants to come into being, not as something we push, but as something we allow.

How Do We Start?

There is a lot of movement happening in the unfolding of my vision, and some very exciting things are lining up. I promise I’ll share more with you as pieces come together. Part of what is happening is that I’m asking for help from all the people I’ve interviewed for my Sacred Medicine research, seeking their feedback about how we could scale healing work in an affordable way that makes this work more accessible to those who need it most.

In the interim, because such things take time and patience, we started as a pilot program an online Healing Soul Tribe in 2017 for those who were interested in joining the experiment. Those who are involved right now are paying to fund the vision, co-creating the vision as it evolves, and training to be group leaders who are seeding in person Heal At Lasts around the world. They are also participating as part of their healing journey and as people who want to be pioneers on the cutting edge of this work. Many have already started Heal At Lasts of their own, and we’re working out the kinks of how to best structure these circles of love and healing.

You Can Help!

Since it’s my birthday and since I’m practicing receiving in equal measure to what I give, I wanted to ask for a birthday present. If you are in need of healing or if you have healing gifts you wish to offer, and if you can afford to pay the subscription fees, please join our Healing Soul Tribe experiment and offer your love, your energy, your care, and if you’re interested in doing so, your leadership skills.


If you have extra financial resources and you wish to donate your financial gifts to create a scholarship fund for those who would benefit from a program like this but can’t afford to pay for it, this would be the best birthday gift ever! We’ve set up a donation site for those who can afford to donate. Anything you offer will help.


In the future, we might have the resources to scale this into a full non-profit, but for now, we’re a small Mom and Pop (well, Mom, Mom, and Mom, since it’s really just me, Pearl, and April). But stay tuned. If there’s enough energy around this vision, and if the Universe wants it to unfold into humanitarian work that serves those in greatest need, a non-profit Heal At Last might come next.

But one thing at a time . . . one small breadcrumb of guidance after the other. Right now, this is the next step in my guidance . . . a birthday announcement about my Heal At Last vision, an invitation to join the Healing Soul Tribe, and a request for donations to support those who are in need of love and healing. For those of you who are resourced to do so, thank you for indulging my birthday requests! For those who are not, stay tuned! We’re trying to build something that will benefit anyone who needs love and healing, even if you can’t afford to be part of creating it. If this comes into being by my 60th birthday, I will know I can leave the planet when it’s my time with the fulfillment of watching a dream come true.

And it’s all because ten years ago, when I put out a call to the community that would become US, you heard the call and we built this together!

Thank you thank you thank you, a thousand times thank you. I am bursting with gratitude as I write this on my birthday, feeling overwhelmed with blessings and so immensely moved by the love of each one of you.

With so much love and appreciation,

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