Honoring Tyre Nichols & Why People With Empathy May Never Understand Those Who Lack It

Once again, we are grieving the loss of yet another apparently innocent young Black man who is crying out for mercy and his mother. Even though parts of me think I should force myself to watch the video of the murder, my empath parts can’t stomach it and just feel helpless and powerless. I know watching the violence will not answer the question I would want it to answer- “Why? Why would five Black police officers murder one of their own? Why would they not stop when they realized they had gone too far? Where are their hearts? Where is their humanity? Where is the dignity for human life? If they don’t care about human life and justice, don’t they even care about getting caught? What possessed these men to do something so violent and horrific? Why couldn’t they stop themselves or at least call 911 right away once they realized Tyre Nichols was dying?”

As a doctor who committed my life to ease the suffering of those in pain, as someone deeply invested in trauma healing and relief of emotional torment, I can’t relate to how hardened someone’s heart must be to just keep beating a dying brother human and then delay getting that man help for as long as these five officers delayed.

I’ve realized only recently that the young, naive, gullible, idealistic parts of me keep trying to understand why ruthless, entitled, narcissistic people who abuse power keep hurting innocent people and don’t feel remorse for what they’ve done. From studying narcissistic abuse and coercive control recovery, I’ve learned that people who have not had their empathy traumatized out of us tend to assume that everyone else is like us. We make the assumption that if we saw someone suffering, we would rush to their aid, and if they cried out in pain, we would stop whatever we were doing and feel intense regret and remorse. If we lost control for a moment and let our rage get the best of us, all it would take is for someone to cry “Mercy!” or “Mommy help me!” and our hearts would stop whatever abuse we might be perpetrating.

But people strongly blended with power-hungry, narcissistic, and sociopathic parts are wired differently. Rather than feeling empathy when someone weakened and in pain is suffering, they may even feel a hit of sadistic pleasure in hearing someone’s pleas for mercy. The more someone cries, the more the bullies get off on the hit of power that inflates them, makes them feel superior, and causes them to justify just beating someone harder.

If I watched the video, I would feel like watching in some way honored the dead, so in some way the death wasn’t completely ignored or in vain. By watching it, it would be my way of showing solidarity for Black Lives Matter and for Tyre Nichols and those who loved him. Maybe watching the reality of the police brutality on video would motivate me more to get more politically active, to protest more loudly, to let my righteous anger fuel me to pressure our government to make these injustices stop.

If I watched the video, I might also be trying to find some way to humanize the murderers so as not to feel the helplessness and powerlessness I feel when I realize how many narcissistic and sociopathic people are abusing power and driving our species off the cliff on the backs of the most innocent among us. I would be trying to imagine these cops as little boys who must have been overpowered in childhood in such a devastating way or so oppressed while they were growing up that they became the oppressors and lost touch with being able to treat a fellow human with dignity and respect, as a way to hate the cops less and empathize more.

I would be trying to avoid feeling the utter powerlessness that Tyre Nichols, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, and all the others like them must have felt and that I feel when I watch them getting senselessly tortured and murdered. Watching the video would be a small way I could show my care and extend my empathy and suffer alongside the man who suffered in the video and later died as the result of the beatings.

But I am choosing not to watch the video, not because I don’t care, but because it won’t bring him back and it won’t answer the “why” questions. Because there is no reason for such an irrational or senseless act of violence.

I’ve realized that humans wired for empathy simply cannot understand why people with closed hearts and no empathy do what they do, and dysregulating my own nervous system by watching violence I’m powerless to stop doesn’t help save Tyre Nichols or his family. But it does help, maybe in some small way, to leverage my own power and privilege by saying his name and honoring his dignity and expressing my empathy for everyone who suffers every time one of our own is treated as if they matter less than those with big sticks and enough power to abuse it.

As Paul Farmer says, “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.”

What does help is fighting for justice for Tyre Nichols and fighting for police reform. Let us hold each other in our collective grief and pressure our politicians to change laws so police brutality and all abuses of power against the innocent and vulnerable are stopped and that the perpetrators of senseless violence and abuses of power are held accountable.

Let us remember that #BlackLivesMatter (and that we shouldn’t have to lose more innocent BIPOC in order to keep that on the tip of our consciousness.)

And let us #SayTheName out loud, and let our hearts break together.

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