How To Begin Healing & Milk The Past Year For All It’s Worth

The pandemic is not over yet, and we have so much loss to grieve- lost lives, lost jobs, lost financial security, lost belief systems, lost school days, lost friends, lost feelings of safety, and lost social contact, in addition to things we needed to lose- like losing some of our racial, gender, socioeconomic, or sexual preference privileges or losing political leaders who do not wish our countries well or losing online influencers who do not respect science or truth or losing some of the mobility that is causing the climate crisis.

Although we must not bypass our grieving- and that will take some time- that doesn’t mean it’s too early to begin to enter into a phase of inquiry that can help us digest, integrate, emotionally process, and begin to make some sense out of the intense suffering, loss, and opportunity for transformation the last year has brought. We don’t have to wait for all the phases of our grieving to end before we begin to ask ourselves potent questions, like “What did I lose this year that I desperately want to get back?” and “What did I lose this year that I’d rather be rid of forever?”

If you feel confused or numb or distracted or overwhelmed, that is very normal. We were in shock for quite some time, and some still are. But as the shock wears off and we move into other phases of feeling, embodiment, and coming up for air, physically, emotionally, and relationally, we could all use some help sorting out where we go from here, individually and collectively.

Our leaders are tasked with helping us solve the bigger problems of the pandemic recovery, economic rebuilding, political stabilization, and examining the limitations and social injustices that were so clearly revealed in so many of our institutions- medicine, education, politics, corporate culture, economics, etc.

But we would be unwise to leave the revolutionary actions necessary to help humanity stop its reckless hurdling off the cliff to our public leaders. If we are truly empowered and committed to making ourselves- and this world- a better place, we must start inside ourselves.

That’s why we created Rebirth 2021: Trauma-Informed Spiritual Guidance For Coming Out Of The Corona Cocoon.

This will require deep, ongoing work, and if you can afford the time and money to hire a trauma healing psychotherapist, I would recommend doing so. But we also need to do some of this work in community- and not everyone can afford a therapist. To fill the void, we are offering an intensive but relatively brief dive into how to prepare to come out of the corona cocoon mindfully, heartfully, respectfully, and with through self-examination of your priorities, in an embodied way.

To learn more about what we’re preparing to help you begin to heal from the past year, we invite you to feel into the invitation we’ve prepared for you here.