How To Bend Very Thick Silverware


In the blog I wrote about horse whispering with Martha Beck, I shared with you some of the magical experiences my business manager Melanie Bates and I enjoyed when we visited Martha’s ranch in preparation for the opening workshop of the Whole Health Medicine Institute Physician Training. But those stories were several among dozens. In this blog, I’ll share another story – about a fork, a handful of spoons, the “energy internet,” and the awesome power of your belief system – and how it shapes your reality.

In her book Finding Your Way In A Wild New World, Martha teaches the 1st Technology of Magic – Wordlessness – which is all about moving from left-brain language-focused consciousness to right-brain “wordless” consciousness. She likens this state of consciousness to tapping into the “energy internet.”

The 2nd Technology of Magic – Oneness – builds upon the first and is all about communicating via the energy internet, which she likens to sending emails. One of the exercises she teaches is about how to become One with inanimate objects – like flatware.

How To Bend A Spoon

To bend metal you wouldn’t otherwise be able to bend with your own strength, Martha recommends getting Wordless, using a series of meditation techniques. She then suggests asking a spoon or fork if it feels like “playing.” If the silverware says “yes,” you use your hands to gently bend the metal as if it’s putty in your hands.

Easier said than done.

I spent six effin’ months with a spoon on my altar, asking it if it wanted to play. Even when it said “yes,” that metal just wasn’t budging, no matter how much muscle I put behind it. And it definitely wasn’t bending like putty in my hands. 

When Martha Gave Us Forks

So I was skeptical when Martha handed two quite thick forks to Melanie and I at the ranch and demonstrated how easy it was to bend her fork. (I have to admit that the words “Bugger off, Martha” lovingly floated through my mind.)

Melanie and I closed our eyes.

We got Wordless.

We asked the forks if they wanted to play. Mine said, “Why the hell not?” (Or at least I thought it did, though I’m realizing I’m not very fluent in Fork.)

But those forks weren’t budging. No fork for you, Lissa.

Martha told us to take the forks home with us, to keep practicing, to believe in Magic, and to wait until the forks told us they wanted to play. I pocketed my fork with a bit of a chip on my shoulder.

The Limitation Of My Belief

The other Oneness exercises in Martha’s book focus on communicating with animals, or even people.  And I realized that I had no limiting beliefs about the fact that animals and people have consciousness on an energetic level and that, perhaps, we can communicate on that level. So it didn’t surprise me when I had no problem calling in whales or coyotes or kitty cats.

But I did have a limiting belief about communicating energetically with forks or spoons or trees.  I get that everything is made of energy and that a metal fork is just as much made of energy as a human or a dolphin.  But to me, inanimate objects just felt, well, not to diss forks, but they feel less conscious. When I got honest with myself, I realized I didn’t truly believe I could bend metal.

Maybe Martha could. Maybe she’s just more magical than me. But me… well, I think not.

The Four Minute Mile

photoThen one Saturday night, shortly after we returned from Martha’s ranch, Melanie texted me a photo. It was her fork – folded all the way in half like a sweet little yoga forward bend.

Suddenly, my belief shifted. If Melanie could do it, surely, so could I! I was at a party when I got the text. My fork bending effort would have to wait until I got home. But as I noodled the fact that Melanie had bent her fork, I thought of the four minute mile.

Nobody thought the human body was capable of running a mile in four minutes. Then in 1954, Roger Bannister proved the sports physiologists wrong by running the mile in three minutes and fifty-nine seconds for the first time in recorded history. Suddenly, the worldwide belief that running a sub-four minute mile was physiologically impossible disappeared. Shortly thereafter, several other runners went on to run a mile in less than four minutes. In one famous race only forty-six days later, Roger Bannister and John Landy both ran the mile in under four minutes, with Bannister winning the race.

Now, with the limiting belief that it was physiologically impossible shattered, virtually every athlete that competes in a world-class event has run the mile in under four minutes. Today’s world record time for the mile is 3:43:15, more than 15 seconds under four minutes.

What Happened To My Fork?

When I went home from the party, I approached my altar, got Wordless, and asked the fork whether it wanted to play in a different way now that my belief had shifted. The fork said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

Then I picked it up, closed my eyes, and bent that fork in half effortlessly. It was like cutting into softened butter.

I then went on a rampage around the house, finding increasingly thicker and thicker silverware. All of them wanted to play, and I was bending forks and spoons willy nilly until my husband banned me from the silverware drawer and declared me the flatware’s nemesis.

Why bother bending silverware? Is it anything other than a cool parlor trick? What I experienced led me to a state of awe, in which I reveled in the glory of all I don’t understand and can’t truly explain. If forks decide they want to play, and if it’s possible to call in the whales, who’s to say that miracles can’t happen every day?

What Do You Believe?

The whole experience not only reinforced the sense that we really are energetic beings, capable of performing magical, unexplainable acts when we tap into the Oneness, but that our beliefs shape our reality.

If, for example, you believe a health condition is “chronic,” “incurable,” or “terminal,” it probably will be. If, however, you’re willing to shift your belief system, ask your body if it wants to play, and surrender yourself to the idea that spontaneous remission could be possible, you just might make miracles happen.

So tell us, what do YOU believe? Does this all sound like crazy talk? Or have you had similar magical experiences in the energetic realm?

With faith in miracles,

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