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When I signed up to attend Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit in Portland, I was motivated mostly by the desire to connect with my blogger friends. I had no idea I’d come away from it noodling how I will change the world with $100.  But before I share my ideas about how I might do this and invite you to share how you would change the world with $100, let me give you a little back story.

An Investment In Community

In 2011, the first World Domination Summit was kicked off at a loss of about $30,000, which Chris felt was totally worth it, as an investment in bringing together his online community live. He viewed it as a way to give back, to bring people together, to thank his online community, and to experience the joy of witnessing the tribe that unites around his Art of Non-Conformity message.

Nonetheless, as a savvy businessman and author of The $100 Startup, he knew it would be good business to at least break even the second year around.  So he raised the prices a bit.

In the interim, Chris, whose business is famously non-commercial and sponsor-free, was approached by corporate sponsors who offered to offset the cost of the summit, in exchange for banners, sponsor announcements, and the other kind of hoopla you often see at large conferences. But, true to his integrity, Chris made the decision to stay aligned with his policy, even if it meant running the conference at a loss again.

The Anonymous Donor

Then a private donor, who asked to remain anonymous, showed up and offered a large sum of money to help fund the conference in whatever way might be of service. At this point, Chris had several choices. He could pay himself back from 2011’s loss. He could put the money in the WDS business pot and enjoy a big profit this year. He could save it for future events, and with more revenue, expand the conference to make space for the 4,500 people that wound up on the waiting list because there was no room at the inn this year. Or he could pay the volunteers who donated their time to make the conference a reality.

Then he did the math. As it turns out, the donation, divided by the number of attendees at the conference (1,000), turned out to be just enough to give every attendee an investment of $100. (Remember, this is the guy who wrote a book called The $100 Startup, about how to start a microbusiness on a shoestring.)

Sign from the Universe, anyone?

The way the math turned out left Chris with an inspired idea. When he looked at the books, it turned out that World Domination Summit 2012 not only broke even, but turned a small profit. Which gave him the freedom – and courage – to pay it forward.

The Surprise

After telling us all day that there would be a surprise at the end of the day, the end of the day rolled around, and Chris told us this story.  He also told us, in a moving, inspirational speech, that, as we left the conference, we would each be given an envelope with $100 bill in it, along with a note that challenged each of us to use the $100 to go change the world. Under the words “The $100 Investment,” the actual note reads, “We’d love to see how you can put these funds to good use. Start a project, surprise someone, or do something entirely different – it’s up to you.”

I was awe-struck, and I wasn’t alone. The room was silent before it exploded into wild applause.

How To Dominate The World

The whole experience moved me to tears. I have to say, I’m well acquainted with Chris’s work. I’ve read his books. I read his blog. I’ve heard him speak. I also consider him a dear friend. I know he likes to travel and is almost done visiting every country in the world. I also know he likes to talk about world domination, which, I have to admit, always struck me as a little… I don’t know… aggressive. In fact, I met a few people at the conference who came from other countries, and when asked at customs why they were entering the United States, eyebrows were raised. (The consensus – next time you’re traveling to something called World Domination Summit, tell customs you’re visiting friends.)

Personally, I consider myself more of a world-changer, a world-shifter, maybe a world-illuminator, though even those feel a bit grandiose and unattainable. But world-dominator? Nah. Not so much.

Until this weekend. Now I’m a convert. If this is what world domination is all about – opening our hearts and being vulnerable, as keynoter Brene Brown challenged us to be, proving that one man can bring clean water to hundreds of thousands of Africans, as charity: water founder Scott Harrison has done, making peace with who we really are, as introvert Susan Cain inspired us to do, and living in service to others, as Chris challenged us to do, sign me up.

By the end of the weekend, Chris, the other speakers, and the whole WDS team restored 1,000 people’s faith in the inherent goodness of the human spirit and the capacity for one person to make a difference.  But as was often said at the conference, it’s not enough to get inspired. To change the world, you must take action. And through his grand closing gesture, Chris made sure we had no excuses.

How To Use My $100

For the past few days, I’ve been marinating on how to best utilize the $100 investment.  Like Chris, I don’t want to just deposit it into my bank account to pay myself back for any world-illuminating work I’ve done at a financial loss.  I too want to pay it forward.

I could give my $100 to charity: water, as I suspect many World Dominators will do. I could give my $100 to, one of my favorite nonprofits that provides microloans to businesswomen in developing countries. Or I could give it to one of my favorite nonprofits,, who I’ve been helping with fundraising since I started blogging three years ago.

But in the spirit of Chris’s generosity, I want to pay it forward in a similar community-rallying way so we can all pay it forward together.

How Will You Use $100 To Change The World?

So here’s my idea. In the comments below, tell me the story of how you would use $100.  From the stories you tell me, I’ll choose one person and pay my $100 investment forward.

But let’s not stop there. I challenge the rest of you. Read all the comments with me. I’ll give people 24 hours to tell their stories, then, on Friday morning, I’ll announce in the comments section who will get my $100 investment. Then I’ll choose 5 runners-up to receive a copy of Chris’s book The $100 Startup.

But I suspect we’ll have more than 6 people who could use $100 or a book about achieving a visionary dream.  That’s where the rest of you come in.

Help me out! Who in our community might you invest in? Are there others willing to send $100 to help support someone else and their dream of a better world? I suspect we have investors and visionary world-changers among our readers. How can we help each other?

So tell me, how would you change the world with $100?

PS. WOOT! People are donating! If you’re one of those who has offered to donate to fund someone else’s dream, please  give your donation here, and we’ll handle distribution of the funds. (So far, the top donator has given $500! Are you next?) Thank you for reminding me how many beautiful hearts and souls are out there in the world. Stay tuned while my team makes arrangements for distribution of the donations, and I’ll be announcing who will get my $100 tomorrow.

With $100 ready to give,

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  1. Monique Kovalenko

    I teach workshops in my city that teach people how to make their own personal care products and am currently in the process of launching an online business (Marie Forleo’s B-School shout-out!) that teaches others how to to live in a mindful, modern and simple way.

    I really enjoy teaching these workshops and am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned. One thing I realize is that for some people paying for a workshop of this nature is frivolous which ends up being entirely contrary to what I want to teach. I’m in the process of creating a DIY – DIY Personal Care Workshop Kit I’ll give away on my site as a way to support and inspire others to teach in their communities.

    If I had an extra $100 I would offer a workshop teaching people how to make their own face cleansers, deodorant, lotion, etc. I would use the $100 to pay for the ingredients and packaging so I could offer the course for free to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend. I have a number of friends that work for local non-profits so I don’t believe finding the participants or location would be any trouble.

    Hey, thanks for asking. I just had an “aha” moment just typing this up. I’m going to look at how I can make an ask at my regular workshops for donations for workshops of this nature. How exciting!

    PS- Thank you for sharing this post; I can’t help but get all blubbery when I read of people doing such generous selfless acts!

  2. Allison Crow

    I will give a $100 and contribute to a second venture.

    There was some one who once believed in me. He didn’t know how to say it, but in college, when he saw me, he would say, I believe in you. I hope this helps you some way….and it was always a 100$ bill.

    I’m able to pay that forward now and will join you.

    • Mishel

      This is beautiful.
      I desire to do that someday for someone.

    • Julie-Anne

      What a beautiful story! I have thrived despite 3 1/2 very dark years and now share my story to help others. I managed to thrive only because there were a few people including my parents and a few close friends who always told me they believed in me and that I was destined to help a lot of people! Now that I am standing on the precipice of that greatness, I simply cannot wait to do more to “Pay it Forward!” Thank you for sharing your story!
      Much Love to you!

  3. Katrina

    That is such an awesome thing to do! I’m sure this is spreading like wildfire and really he couldn’t have done anything better with those $100 bills. I would use it to build a rain barrel. I’ve been wanting to (not only be more sustainable), but I want to write about this experience and teach other people how to do the same. Thank You!

  4. Jessica McMahan

    Aloha Lissa!

    Wow, what a generous and wonderful idea this is! Thank you for sharing this as it was extremely inspiring to read. I moved to Hilo, Hawaii 6 months ago with my fiancee in order to leave the rat-race of the city and live a simpler and healthier lifestyle which includes eating a clean, local, organic and high raw vegan diet. I also moved here with the idea to create a simple raw vegan e-cookbook, youtube recipe videos, and a blog/vlog to show 100% natural beauty tips and how to incorporate the aloha spirit into everyday living. I have healing techniques to share including sound therapy, crystal healing, yoga/breathing/meditation techniques, detoxing methods, past life regression healing, astrological natal-chart readings/interpretations and lifestyle coaching. I would also like to show that in order to live this way one does not have to have a lot money or monetary wealth. My fiancee and I currently live on an income of $2,000/month and we simply make conscious choices on how to put our overall health and wellness (physical, spiritual, emotional) in the forefront. This allows us to live in our highest vibration and manifest what we need while shining light and inspiring others through “being the change” and not allowing fear to be a motivator.

    In addition, since moving to Hawaii I have learned about and have starting making my own Hawaiian flower and gemstone essences/elixirs to help with healing of the emotional and etheric body. Since starting this therapy I have noticed and am excited about the overall subtle and positive changes that I feel and that have been noticeable to others. For this reason I am completely inspired to start making these healing flower/gemstone elixirs in order to help others. I would use the $100 to purchase the needed supplies to bottle and label the healing flower/gem essences and then I would offer e-workshops regarding the healing essences. I am in the process of creating my website/blog and have been taking Leonie Dawson’s Goddess Circle e-courses to learn more about manifesting my business, helping others and connecting with other like-minded Goddesses.

    Many mahalos to you sister for your generosity, inspiration and light 🙂

    In Friendship & Kindness,

  5. Debbie Sayre

    Women of Pokot could use $100. My Golden Sister Jenn Tod is working with women and children in the Pokot region of Kenya. Here is info about Women of Pokot from the FB page.
    “The mission of this program is to empower and equip women and girls of the Pokot, a tribe in the bush of NW Kenya, to have sustainable businesses and income, personal and spiritual growth and expanded opportunities for their lives, families and communities.

    The greater purpose in uplifting women and girls in an area plagued with deep poverty is to shift the norms oppressing females that lead to a continuous cycle of poverty such as: child marriage and pregnancies and the brutal practices of female circumcision.

    When we contribute to the education of girls and women in Africa and around the globe, we offer opportunities for them to contribute to their communities, generate income and raise healthier and self-sustaining families.

    The United Nations has recoginzed empowering women and girls as one of the best strategies for breaking the cycles of poverty in all underdeveloped countries.When we empower women, we transform our communities and our world.

    Join us in a movement to bring hope, purpose, and prosperity to the Kenyan bush and learn more about global women’s empowerment and how you can make a difference in the world. ”
    Thanks, Lissa

  6. Molly McVay

    I watched CBS Sunday Morning last week about a woman from Jordan who went to college here in the states. Quite by accident she found many children(mostly teens) in her area playing a game of soccer with out any equipment. So the next day she brought them a soccer ball with the proviso that she be allowed to ref for them. What she discovered was these young people were sent here from refugee camps all over the world. They were put into public schools with little success because of language and cultural skills they did not possess. Long, long, story shortened she started a soccer team and then a sort of school to help these children. She is now building (she has been given 19 acres of land) a 5 million dollar school for these people. She does not know how she will get that money. Only that she will. And last week she just got her American citizenship. This is a very young woman who is making a huge difference. I would give that $100.00 to her school.
    Molly A McVay

    • Julie Anne Jones

      I watched that show too, Molly, and I was inspired to donate to her cause. What an incredible woman and project!

  7. Julie-Anne

    I have committed to getting free copies of my book “Nothing but Respect – A True Victim to Victory Story” into the hands of those who cannot afford to buy them. I currently have about 100 copies of the first edition in my possession and have numerous requests for free books. I would use the $100.00 to pay the postage to send these books out at no charge. Once I’ve met the current demand, the remaining portion of the $100 would be used to send free copies to Women’s Shelters, Outpatient Treatment Programs, Suicide Prevention, and Fibromyalgia Support Groups.

    In this moment, I am still living on Social Security Disability, have not yet turned a profit on the book, and am struggling just to pay the postage to send out free books. I know that this will change in the next few months as I am being featured in the “A Victim No More” series 2nd book; “The Faces Behind the Pages that Inspire” which is being released on August 1st. I will then be a featured speaker on the “A Victim No More Women’s Victory Tour” starting in mid-October.

    These opportunities will allow me to come off of Social Security Disability and earn my own way again. Once I’ve done that, I will donate all remaining copies of the 1st edition of my book to the charities and libraries that would most benefit from them. I will also pick at least 2 people from each tour stop and “pay it forward” giving them $100.00 to change the world. What a FABULOUS concept! I LOVE this idea and really look forward to being able to do it myself!

  8. Pat Grissom

    I am publishing a book based on a failed relationship, Too Much Gold to Flush: The gift of Infidelity. In it I take the reader on a journey from a place of living a life of victimhood to realizing that I have the power to create an incredible life – which I have. The book will be sold as a fund raiser for women’s shelters. One-half of the proceeds from the book will go to the shelter of your choice. So with $100, you are investing $50 in a shelter – that you select – and the other $50 will go to pay for setting up the book and the actual publishing.

    For every dollar given to a shelter, it makes a $7 difference long term because the money is used to help women become independent, self-supporting individuals.

    My dream is to sell 1,000,000 copies of this book over the next 10 years, which translates to $12,500,000.donated to shelters Your four copies will take me that much closer. You’ll be benefiting a shelter that you know of and/or care about.

    Go to to learn more about Too Much Gold to Flush.

  9. Emily

    I would donate the $100 to the San Pedro, Belize humane society, Saga ( in order to help them prevent the inhumane dog poisonings with Strychnine that are currently being carried out in our community to eradicate stray dogs. You can read all about this town board-sanctioned poisoning here:

    With ample donations, Saga will be able to round up strays, spay or neuter them, adopt them out if possible; or if not, conduct humane euthanasia instead of allowing them to die painful, cruel deaths.

  10. Sara

    My idea for making the word a better place with $100 makes me smile!

    I would visit the hub of my community—a diverse and eclectic population of approximately 40,000 people—and spend an entire day meeting 100 people, talking to them about the project, and giving them each a single dollar bill, asking them to think of ways they could use that $1 to make a difference for someone else. I would ask them to be creative with it—for example: buy a stack of note cards and spend time writing heartfelt notes to special people; buy a homeless person a hot, comforting cup of tea on a cold day and really listen to his or her story; buy a packet of seeds to plant and then give the seedlings away to people to plant in their own spaces; buy one dollar’s worth of bird seed and give it to children in a park to scatter; buy a small ball of yarn and spend part of a day visiting and knitting with an elderly person in an assisted living facility; buy a single blossom and give it to someone who looks like she could use a lift … whatever they can come up with. The possibilities are endless!

    The idea here is to exponentially augment the impact of the project by involving everyday people in a mission of greatness … and, much like the pay-it-forward concept, perhaps the people those initial 100 people interact with will respond in kind and start thinking about small, simple ways they too can help make a positive contribution to humanity. Because, as most of us know, it really feels good to extend a warm and loving hand to someone else.

    And imagine the conversations those 100 people I will meet will have with the people in their lives? “I was walking down the street today when this woman approached me, gave me a one dollar bill, and asked me to find a creative way to spend it in a way that would help make the world a little bit better.” Imagine the spin-off conversations? It might become a contagious ambition!

    So that is my plan for the $100. What do you think? 🙂

    • Jessica

      I really like this idea!

    • Sofia

      This is a Beautiful idea.

  11. Julie Anne Jones

    Hey, Lissa,

    I’m riding in our motor home on the way to a remote lake in Central Oregon as we speak and won’t have internet access to see your results tomorrow. Since I’ll be out of touch, I’d love to donate $500.00 and ask you to decide which 5 people to give those $100.00 gifts to for me please. I adore you and completely trust your judgment.

    I learned about tithing from Edwene Gaine’s book “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.” In it she teaches that the first spiritual law is to tithe 10% of everything you earn to whoever or whatever inspires you. I’ve been looking for inspiration for some of the money I deposited into my savings account to give back in June and your blog post was the answer I’ve been looking for.

    Color me inspired and completely thrilled to be able to participate in this. And grateful to have found the place I’m supposed to “re-deposit” those funds!

    Let me know in a private e-mail how to get the dough to you and I’ll have my bookkeeper make that happen. Thanks so much!

    Much gratitude and love,

    Julie Anne 🙂

    • Sara

      You rock! Way to spread the love, Julie Anne!

    • Mishel

      Love love love love love this.

    • Jessica McMahan

      This is beautiful Julie 🙂 Your generosity will surely inspire many wonderful blessings in the world.

    • Sara ODonnell

      JAJ….you again inspire me! I love you, lady, and I’m blessed by all you share!

  12. Cynthia Hanna

    Hi Lissa! What a wonderful post to find in my inbox!! I knew the conference was going to be wonderful and oh, how I wish I could have been there!

    I’d like to put a new project that I’m involved in forward for your consideration. It’s called Gifts Of Compassion, and we are a group of 11 artists using creativity to survive illness/challenges. We offer others a creative, heart felt way to plant seeds of healing, connection and joy within their lives via art postcards available in our new Etsy shop.

    You can read about Gifts Of Compassion here: and here:

    We’ve been in business for less than 2 months and I am already earning a very small income. It’s our hope to grow enough to allow each of our artists to become more self-sufficient.

    If you choose Gifts Of Compassion, I would use the funds to purchase sponsorships/ads on a very popular blog with a tremendous and varied readership/audience. Growing our business and getting the word out to as many people as possible is essential at this point!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to be considered!

  13. Mishel

    Thank you. You’ve inspired me to sit down and think. Really think and explore the possibilities.

    I would buy 7 copies of the $100 startup and send it to 7 people, anonymously.

    Love big!

    • Mishel

      Ps- 7 copies because with shipping, it would come out to $99.75 😉

  14. Nancy Collins


    My heart aches for Lamia in Greece who cares for stray dogs and cats on the island of Amorgos.
    I would love for you to send her $100 to show that someone far away notices her work and cares to help her. She has worked tirelessly for years with no local encouragement. Now she has even lost her job. I wish for her to know someone else cares and is willing to help her. Look at her story here:

    Personally I thank you for your encouragement and bravery in telling us of your struggles. It makes me a little braver and more encouraged.


  15. Ken Jaques


    What a wonderful idea, and thanks for sharing. First off, how do I get you the $100 to contribute to someone else? I’m in for that.

    And for my ask, hhmmmm? My journey is taking me down an unbelievable path of learning about the mind-body-soul connection and how dis-ease manifesting in our physical bodies is connected to our minds and souls. I have learned a lot and met a lot of people along the way. My journey of healing from my own autoimmune dis-ease diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is continuing, and I am learning a lot about how to treat the root cause, rather than just treating the symptoms. I currently share a blog highlighting my lessons and beliefs, and I look forward to sharing my journey as well as my ultimate success to a much larger crowd, as lots of people are looking for these types of answers.

    What would I do with $100 if I were selected as your winner? I’d do two things.
    1. I would run quickly to the bank and deposit it in my bank account. That would represent the first $100 that I had taken in for sharing my story, and it would serve as the reminder to me that there is value in the story that I have to share. It would be my constant reminder that someone believed in me and encouraged me to keep telling my story. The deposit slip would be posted on my wall as that reminder.

    2. I would repeat the type of thing that you are doing right here. I would put another $100 out as an offer to others to do the same 2-step process. Heck, I might even decide to put out 5 different offers.


  16. Lindi

    I would seek out Ten people in a grocery store, a grocery store here in America where unemployment is high. I’d give $10.00 each to 10 people. Ok, granted not a life changing or earth shattering way to change the world, but I guarantee 10 happy people will leave the store and perhaps spread a smile & be kinder to another human being. The goal is 10 people to spread a bit of cheer to 10 other people they encounter in the world, which is a 100% return on investment….

  17. Daniela

    few years ago I started supporting a six year old girl living in India. She is from Tibet but she was born in a refugee camp in Orissa India, so she has never seen Tibet.
    Well, trough an organization we have been helping the family a lot. And they are now making the big move from the refugee camp to Italy, where she will start first grade in September. We found them a house, furnished it, we found a job for her dad.
    I am sooo excited becouse now all possibilities will be open to her.
    So I could use 100 $ and add 400 myself for a total of $500 to put in a bank account on her name. She will have to use that money hopefully to go visit her homeland Tibet one day, when she is old enough. In case that will not be possible (due to political reason) she can use the money for her college education.
    Daniela (from Italy)

  18. Lissa Rankin, MD

    Oh my goodness! I’ve been catching up on phone calls all day after getting back from Portland, so I’m just now reading all your stories of generosity and inspiration.

    And WOW! So far, we have the $100 Chris gave me and $700 of additional offers for donation! We’re sorting out the logistics on our end, so stay tuned. But WOW! Bless you, precious ones! Way to pay it forward. And keep ’em coming!

    Much love and boatloads of gratitude,

  19. Michelle Hanisch

    Thankyou. This has been so inspiring. I realized I don’t want to compete for the $100 but I do want to pay it forward. My goal has been to help people improve their lives. One of the ways I do that is I run a positive psychology course on how to be happy. I usually charge a small fee but this has inspired me to offer a course at no charge. What better way to make a difference in the world than to show people how they can be happy & how they can spread happiness! Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Claire

      ah Michelle…. perfect! what greater power can there be but to learn how to use your own mind….

  20. Sunny Hemphill

    This is a fabulous idea. I’m in awe of the amazing and global things people do to make the world a better place. I operate on a much smaller scale. I make quilts — mostly art quilts. It’s not exactly a money-making venture but keeps my soul on straight. With $100 I could make three or even four beautiful (truly special) baby quilts from high quality fabric to donate to local moms in difficult situations. I often make baby or child quilts and give them to different help organizations in the area. I even send some off to another state to an organization in rural Mississippi that makes fetal demise wraps for tiny babies — usually of teen moms living in poverty — who don’t survive birth. I think moms in hardship situations need to feel their children are as special, loved and cherished by the Universe as any others.

    Thank you for what you’re doing here. The best gift comes to those who give with a free heart.

  21. Ali Kimberley

    This year I started my own business. My dream is that I am mentoring women to set themselves up in business as they work alongside me with mine. My business supports them an theirs supports mine. Theirs will then go on to support others as mine does the same.

    The kind of woman I see myself mentoring comes from an area where thousands of women live, unseen silently suffering and living in horrific circumstances and danger from domestic violence.
    The type of woman I am interested in lives a highly affluent lifestyle making her even more invisible. Her chances of escaping are even more difficult due to the increased power a husband of this calibre has with his money. Only 20% of these women in my country (New Zealand) make any move at all to get out because they are too scared. Another big reason is they would end up with little or no income or home in other words they would lose pretty much everything. It takes time to recover making employment even more difficult.

    My business gives women such as these an opportunity to have equal opportunity and financial independence beyond their wildest dreams. Loving support and recovery is intertwined with the business mentoring.

    The primary focus of this always comes down to coming home to ‘who I Am’. These women often come from wealthy life styles with no hope for a future. My business and mentoring opens out a world of infinite possibilities. I have first hand experience of this journey as I am on it myself!

  22. Midge

    Thank you for paying it forward! Together, we are a world-changing community!

    I teach at an elementary school in a small, rural, and impoverished town. Our children eat the typical, processed-foods American diet that Jamie Oliver and so many of us are attempting to change. Education is what will make the difference!

    I wish for my children to be healthy, happy, safe, and wonder and explore and LEARN! The highly-processed, sugar-laden, nasty-fats affordable foods they eat stop them in their tracks, and they and their families don’t even know it. They don’t know what real foods are, and they have no idea what these fake, nutrient-zapped foods are doing to them.

    Our school has implemented a healthy snack program twice a week (fresh, raw veggies and fruits), but even some of the teachers don’t encourage their children to talk about these foods, try them, learn about them, etc. I have seen teachers actually throw the unusual fruit or vegetable out! We also have an on-campus food bank, but it’s only non-perishables, of course. What if we could add fresh to that food bank?

    Yesterday, I met with a retired colleague and Master Gardener who video recorded my thoughts on their wonderful life science, hands-on investigations for students. The Master Gardeners are hoping to be awarded a grant to expand their reach into the classrooms of our community. We talked about how we could combine our healthy snacks program with food education. The Master Gardeners are planning to add another great workshop for students this year—basic food safety and preparation. They want to show children real food, and teach them how to make simple snacks and meals, as well as educate them about food preservation and safety. They don’t know if they’ll get this grant because there are so many competing needs.

    I would use the $100 to help educate our school community about healthy foods and change the ways in which our community eats. A couple of ideas I’ve been kicking around are to establish a larger school garden, and create a family cookbook with simple, whole-foods recipes, complete with student-generated recipes, testimonials, research about healthy foods, art work, etc. I dream of changing our minds about our health!

    It’s not a start-up, I know, but my hopes are that it would be the start of something truly healthy in our community. Everyone deserves to eat healthy and be healthy in every way!

    Many thanks!

  23. Marvela

    Dearest Lissa, You are such an awesome role model for so many of us! Thank you and also thank you for opening up this forum as an opportunity to pay it forward with the $100 you got at the seminar. I live in Austin, Tx. It is a wonderful city, full of fun and diversity. Like lots of cities in the US we have a good deal of the “haves” and the “have nots.” Ironically Interstate IH-35 serves as a cultural barrier and the part of the city on the east side tends to be a poorer section of town. As gentrification spreads its borders into these areas, we have what we call the “McMansions” next to smaller, older, houses in the barrio. This week in Austin, we have had two fatal house fires. In one case a 95-yr. old woman died. In the other, a recalled auto part started a fire in the middle of the night (even though there was no key in the ignition or the car was not running.) Unfortunately, the family had converted their garage into a bedroom for their sons, who were 5 and 7 yrs. old. Even though there were 7 people in that house, the boys did not make it out. This is the kind of story that strikes fear in every mother’s heart. Neither of these homes had fire alarms. As I saw these stories on the news, I told my husband that we needed to start a campaign to distribute and educate those on the east side about their importance. Even though our local fire department will make fire alarms available to those who meet certain income criteria, many never take advantage of it. While I couldn’t change the whole world, $100 could be the start of that campaign to raise money, awareness, and hopefully save lives in the long run. I’d love to start out with your blessings and your money.

    Thanks to you and all the rest of these innovators that have responded. It is good remember the words of Margaret Mead: “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

  24. Jean-Pierre Ruiz

    $100 is not a lot of money in the “developed” world, but it can make a world (pun intended) of difference in “under-developed” world, which may include our own Native American communities. or example, $100 will plant 100 trees in South America; $100 will buy $200 of rice, enough to feed 800 people…once, or enough to feed a starving child in Ghana 3 meals a day…for a year!; $100 can buy 50-200 paperback books for children who have none (2/3rd of low income families have no books of their own); $100 will buy 10 mosquito nets (every year nearly 2 million people die of malaria, a mosquito-borne disease); $100 will buy 1 toilet, 2 hard hats and 3 hammers for Habitat for Humanity.

    I will take up the challenge and will anonymously donate $100 to Global Giving to prevent poaching in Africa’s forest (

    May all find their paths.

  25. M

    I have always had a heart for homeless folks. Here on the Northern California Coast there are many. I have this idea that has been taking shape in my mind. I call it “Shelter from the Storm.” It targets homeless folks who don’t sleep in shelters due to overcrowding, etc. I thought it would be great if they had a tent and sleeping bag. $100.00 would probably only be enough to help one person in this way, but it’s a start.

  26. Madeline

    If I were to receive $100 to help change the world I would put it towards my education. I’m currently 16 and I’ve known for a long time that I was put on this earth to make an impact and change it in some positive way. Knowing this of course I’ve had to think a lot about how I’m planning on doing this. At this point I have plans to become a certified holistic health coach as well as a yoga teacher. I hope to spread the things that I know and will learn to many many people and to help them learn to live a whole life.

    Many people try to “sell happiness” but my vision is to teach people how to take care of themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically with aliveness being the real goal as opposed to happiness . In life always being happy is not realistic or attainable as ups and downs are inevitable, but if you can learn to live whole in everything you do, you will have a truly authentic and worthwhile life. Spreading that message and teaching people how to live that way in every area of their life is what I know I’m supposed to do with my life.

    As soon as I figured what I was going to do with my life out I knew I had no time to lose so I’ve been working hard to graduate early from high school. I will begin my yoga teacher training and education in holistic health coaching as soon as I raise the funds to put myself through the programs. In addition to funding my education which will in the long run change the world, if I received a $100 donation, I would spend the 14 hours it would have taken me to earn that money working for minimum wage creating, decorating, and putting up lovely Take What You Need posters.

    An example of a simple one
    here =>

    The posters are inspired by the Take What You Need Project. If you haven’t heard of it you can read about it and join the project
    here => httpss://

    Whether I receive $100 or not, I am determined to make my impact along with everyone else participating in this endeavor. Thank you so much for doing this and giving me an opportunity to share my dream. I wish everyone else the best of luck with their dreams and visions for changing the world.

  27. Joy

    Hi Lissa,

    This invitation is so beautiful! Chris work is so inspiring, as is yours..and what happens when people choose to amplify anything is *change*…with all of the seeds being planted, this change is already gaining momentum. Thank you!

    When I chose to step out of a life full of abuse and chaos to learn, then teach presence to others, I had tons of courage and moxie, but little external encouragement or inspiration. I didn’t know people who worked online, or who lived “impossible’…so to allow expansion in my world through genuine connections…and exploration through these connections has been wonderful 🙂

    The simple act of sharing gratitude and active listening changes lives. To say thank you to those whom have touched you and inspired you to create or move throughout the day is a blessing. I build my life, and my business, upon love and gratitude.

    I use minimal resources while creating, because I have become accustomed to minimal resources…yet presence is empowering and essential to transformation. Asking someone to leave abuse feels impossible to that someone, teaching them how to use presence (free) as a catalyst for transformation offers tangible hope and a ‘way out’. It is my pleasure to teach and share in such a way.

    I had a wonderful techie who could do in minutes what it takes me hours to do. We were dating, and when our relationship crashed, his removed his skills…I am sitting on a few programs that would allow me to share my gifts in a bigger way, because I don’t have the technical skills, or the money to pay for the skills, at this time. Living my dream, assisting others to live theirs, is a blessing…to live it in a bigger way would change my life, as well as continue to enrich others.

    When I say I do not have the money, it is not an a single mom of two children, there are some weeks I can barely cover groceries…it is a joy to live a rich life full of spirit, and after leaping to this vocation a few months ago, I am transitioning to receiving abundance in all forms. Much like your article about signs from the Universe…I am listening to and living based upon those signs..trusting fully in flow…(thank you for the article, what an affirmation!).

    Thank you for the opportunity to share. That in itself is empowering. Thank you for your beautiful spirit, and for sharing the spirit of WDS. I didn’t attend, but listening to the attendees reports is wonderful in so many ways!

    That some of your readers offered donations as well is a beautiful gesture…what we focus on grows..thank you for focusing on the blossoms 🙂

  28. Zuzonna Huot

    Wow, Lissa, how wonderful.
    When I received your email and read what you are doing, it gave me goosebumps and confirmed that there are no coincidences. I had a beautiful friend, TIm, who committed suicide 2 years ago tomorrow, July 13th at the age of 47…I am an artist and he was my muse. Missing him horrifically can’t even begin to express the loss of his human presence in my life. He believed in me more than I could even comprehend and he knew I had something special to give to the world and never let me forget it. He thrived on paying it forward and would do so at every opportunity he would get. He helped everyone he touched believe and follow their dreams.

    I have been following an intense calling all my life to create healing art for all life….for some reason it is always my financial situation that seems to keep me from touching this haunting dream. I no longer cannot do it and have resigned to letting go and trusting. No longer will I let it stop me from sharing what I came here to do. I know the way will come as needed. For the first time in my life, I truly trust this.

    In November of 2008, I had a life changing dream of following these amazing black butterflies and it has never left me. It is all about transformation. Birth and rebirth. It’s true meaning eludes me, but as I trust and continue going forth with the energy, it is revealing itself in incredible ways. I am in the process of putting together a performance piece that incorporates animating my paintings, which I do in an ancient technique, adding chant, voice, movement which includes sign language and storytelling. Bringing forth my deepest passions of protecting and loving our environment, its people, animals and all life. I have been afraid of going forth with my inner power and passion and revealing my true being and now I am facing it all head on because I know what I need to do is so important. It is all about love.

    If I were to receive the $100, I would use it to buy more materials to make as many prayer and herb filled butterflies that I can with this amount and walk the streets and give them to everyone I can find to remind them that we are one, we all matter and to always have faith, trust and belief in the awe of life. Another portal to follow the butterflies. In memory of Tim, who lived the love I could only dream of in hopes of passing it on to all.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to share! Blessings to all…Zuzonna

  29. Lissa Rankin, MD

    Wow- I’m so touched by all your stories! I so wish I could give $100 to all of you who have told us how you’d use it…

    May we all be inspired to realize that it takes so little to make profound change in a world that needs us more than ever.

    With love and restored faith,

  30. Dawn Peloso

    Wow, everyone is posting such wonderful ideas here.

    Here’s mine: I teach drama to a group of kids at my local park district. Most of the kid in the program are between 9 and 14 years old. It’s a very diverse group that includes a few kids who have trouble making friends at school. These unique kids come to the theatre and find friends and like-minded souls and makes my heart so happy to see a kid finally have a friend and fit in.

    With the poor economy and some other factors, the youth theatre program has been cut back from 5 or 6 to just 2 plays per year. The kids approached me recently to ask if we can do more and to tell me about an idea they have. They would like to form their own theatre and performance company. Since many of them have been bullied, and there is so much bullying going on in schools these days, they would like to write short plays with an anti-bullying message, perform and film them and post them on a website for other kids to see. An online forum where other children could share their experiences would be included. They would like to use proceeds from live performances to donate to causes that are important to them. They have even thought ahead to future projects: and anti-cruelty to animals theme play that they would perform as a fund raiser for our local animal shelter and hosting birthday parties for kids living in shelters, complete with cake, a performance by the troupe and a karaoke jam for all the kids living at the shelter.

    These are a remarkable bunch of kids I am blessed to work with. The $100 would be their start up money for the first project.

  31. ali asghar

    i have used for the support of poor people for grow the education and also use in health because these
    are the major problems in this area. ali asghar from pakistan sindh district tharparkar.

  32. Wren

    I would contribute toward the fund being collected by my local no-kill shelter (where one of my kitties came from) for surgery for one of their dogs to give him back his sight. He came to them with out-of-control diabetes, which made him blind. But with surgery, they can restore his sight. Even with a discount from the vet, the surgery costs a few thousand dollars – so every bit helps. 🙂

  33. Jennifer Williams

    With $100, I will go onto Donors Choose and fund as many projects as I can that will expire soon and aren’t too far from being fully funded.

    I love the idea of those teachers learning that others support them!

  34. Lucie D'Alessandro

    Hi Lissa,

    I love the love that you’re generating! I’m in the very beginning stages of creating wellness workshops, with the intention of helping people understand how to nourish their bodies and souls – whole living. After a cancer diagnosis last year I chose to heal naturally, and it’s been the most amazing, transformative journey that’s not just healing my body, but deep emotional trauma and old, limiting stories. If I can do it, anyone can. I’ve had a lovely offer to use my local yoga studio as a space, and I’m creative + resourceful enough to be able to pull together a beautiful room and materials. I would use the $100 towards hiring the chairs and tables needed – so practical, but necessary. I’m so excited to see who you pick, not even worrying if it’s me, just happy that the right people will get the boost they need!

  35. Monica Ruiz

    Totally inspired by each and every one of you right now. Love love love to you all. These dreams will happen, they are real. Manifest away, loves. Spread your light like wildfire…

  36. April

    I am one of those people who, due to being a single mom for most of my adult life, is usually on the receiving end of some sort of charity, whether its from an individual or an organization. And it hurts. There aren’t many things that will put a bigger dent in your pride. So I promised myself a long time ago that I would work to put myself in a position to be on the giving end. And I want to do it in a way that allows people, particularly other single moms, to work towards self-sufficiency and also get themselves in a position where they never feel like they have to rely on charity to get by.

    So what would I do with $100? I would use $50 or so of it to set up an online “employment agency” type of business, matching up startups and entrepreneurs with single parents for part time, work-at-home jobs, something that offers a flexible schedule, new skills and experience, and a little bit of extra income, like paid internships but for parents rather than college students. Then I’d use the other $50 to set up a workshop/seminar to teach parents in my area some (legitimate) ways to find work-at-home jobs (and how to spot the scams.)

    I know it’s not much but it’s something I wish I’d had available to me as I struggled to balance work and kids.

  37. Melanie

    First, Lissa, you are my hero and so blessed to be able to attend the World Domination Summit! I know you were meant to be there so you can reach more people with your beautiful messages of inspiration!

    Second, a huge hug to everyone for sharing wonderfully awesome ideas for the $100! I am deeply touched by your compassion.

    Finally, I would choose to give the $100 to which works to reunite victims of child trafficking with their families in Nepal. I recently learned about a related program, Little Princes Orphanage here: and can’t stop thinking about it.

    I wish I was able to go to Nepal or any other place and help the children myself. Hopefully one day I will! But hearing about the World Domination Summit and the ideas on this blog has inspired me to go visit local shelters and offer my time and energy.

    Light and Love!

  38. Kim Lampe


    The Universe (God) has been putting women of a certain age, who are in the midst of divorcing men to whom they have been married over 20 years in my path. Such a huge affirming sign I best not ignore, but that’s a 1000 word blog post in itself for a later time.

    I have become quite close to 2 of these women. These women have not become my clients, even though they completely align with my audience. Our experiences together affirm the act of true sisterhood.

    Leaving their marriages mean their financial futures are uncertain. They are courageously moving forward and embracing their love for themselves. I am honored to bear witness to such transformations.

    Within these sisterhood relationships we are learning to give, to ask and most importantly learning to accept the gifts offered to us.

    I couldn’t think of a better surprise than to give my 2 friends each $100. I would match your $100 with $100 of my own. But I do believe the story you have provided impresses the most impact. After the $100 has serviced it’s worldly purpose the story will continue. I would even venture to guess that they will be inspired to bring an offering of goodness to another and another and so on and so on.

    Together we WILL dominate the world.

  39. Kimberly Kambiss-Smith

    Last year, I graduated from college with a BFA in Art. It had been a lifelong dream and at 44 years old, I finally achieved it.

    Recently, I went back to the college to visit and have breakfast at one of my favorite cafes. While on my way to the cafe, I was stopped by a young, homeless woman who asked me to buy her a cup of coffee. I told her yes and she began to follow me to the cafe. She was unkempt and shoeless, with scars lining up her arms. When we arrived at the door to the cafe, she stopped and told me she would wait for me. I asked her to please come in and sit with me. She shook her head saying no. I told her I was hungry and would really enjoy some company. She hesitantly walked in with me, ordered and we sat in a booth.

    Until that moment, it had never occurred to me how painful it must be to be in that situation. Not only was this young woman struggling to make ends meet, but she was not “acceptable” to walk into a restaurant to have a meal. This is something I take for granted, and I now cannot get it out of my mind.

    As we ate, she shared her story with me. She has had some painful struggles, but is desperately working to be in a “good place.” We began to talk about art, and I was very impressed with her knowledge of art processes and artists. She reached into her bag and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and told me she was a collage artist. A huge smile filled her face. She opened it up to reveal several bits of “treasures” she had picked up on the streets which were attached by numerous tiny bandaids. Her life story was expressed on that piece of paper.

    In that moment, I realized that my everyday petty “struggles” and “fears” are not what matters. We have to stop and look past ourselves and genuinely care for others and reach out to let them know that they matter. This woman has desires and dreams, yet she lives in a world where she cannot walk with dignity into a cafe and have a hot meal.

    After leaving her, I ran to the college and gathered up some art supplies (leftovers from the end of the semester). I returned to the area where I had met her hoping to give her some treasures to use to create her collages. I was unable to find her, but cannot stop thinking about this enlightening experience.

    I would use the $100 to start a program where i provided small art kits to homeless individuals and possibly some art instruction where they could create some pieces to be sold so that more kits could be purchased. The ability to communicate artistically would hopefully raise awareness and allow these individuals to share the “beauty” that lies within their hearts, bridging that gap that lies between us.

  40. Karen Newman

    Lissa, $100 would mean SO much to SO many.

    I would use $100 to open a Kiva account at and help four people alleviate some poverty or hardships. To create an opportunity for someone who has nowhere else to go.

    The money would keep revolving, eventually helping many more than originally started.

    To empower and to make a difference…something we all aspire to!

  41. Maya Hanley

    How wonderful to read all these ideas! And such generosity too.

    About 15 years ago I gave a gift of £300 to a friend I’d met in Tanzania so she could start a small shop in her village of Marangu, on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. She opened a paper, pencil, pen and stationary shop, which was much needed. With the money I gave her, she was able to buy enough supplies to turn a profit and then buy more supplies. Eventually, she was able to send both her younger brothers to university and they now have great jobs and can support their mother and other family members. She told me recently that it was the one thing that changed all their lives after their father had died of cancer. I was stunned and thrilled that such a small gift could make such an enormous difference.

    I know a few other people in the same situation and I would use that $100 and match it with my own $100 (I don’t have the money I had 15 years ago!) and help someone else to set up a small business that would allow them to get a decent education and get themselves up out of poverty. My own Kiva type business, I guess. For me, it’s personal and I like to know the people and keep up with them over time to see how they’re doing.

    It’s so amazing what people can do when someone shows a little faith in them.

  42. Sofia

    Dearest Lissa,
    What an inspiring story you have told here and what INSPIRING entries you have received. So much love and beauty is expressed here, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every person who has taken the time to comment. What a way to start my day, thank you.
    As I read each person’s idea for the $100 I was catapulted into another world, a world where everyone truly sees, hears, cares, loves, has compassion for everyone they meet and this was/is an extraordinary feeling, one I believe I will not get out of my body anytime soon nor do I want to.
    “Paying it Forward” is not a new idea and I am sure you know of the movie by the same name, but to read what these readers are writing and their ideas puts it in the real world context and it is uplifting to know that there are people, ordinary everyday people, who truly want to make a difference in this big beautiful world we live in.
    Thank you for starting this chain reaction . . .
    I’d like to be a donor of $100. You can pick the person I will donate $100 to.
    Most Appreciatively and with so much LOVE in my Heart for you and your readers,

  43. Carolyn

    Hi Lissa,
    I would use the $100 to buy “Why Vegan?” booklets from Vegan Outreach ( ) and then I would distribute them. I’d love to bring a little more compassion to the world. Animals are NOT human slaves.
    I love the idea of this!

  44. Susie

    My neice has a blog friend who is going through the unimagineable, a toddler diagnosed with a neuroblastoma near her spine and the mother just had a tiny son via emergency c-section, he is making steady progress. I would love to see the $100 go to their paypal account, here is the link to her facebook page httpss://!/PrayingForTaylor

  45. Lesley

    I would donate my $100 to Sue at Cavy Corner guinea rescue in the UK. I’ve had the pleasure getting to know her over the past couple of years while selling my artwork, and I’ve been able to donate some of my work to her to help fund raise. It’s been an amazing experience feeling like art I’ve made is helping provide shelter and food for needy guinea pigs, all the way in the UK!

    Sue is one of the most hard working, self-sacrificing people I’ve ever encountered. She has taken in dozens of guinea pigs into her sanctuary and gives them all love, care, and she and her husband have sacrificed pretty much everything to be home and able to take care of them all with the help of volunteers and donations.

    This spring, Sue told me that her ‘pignics’ that she’s orchestrated as guinea pig get-togethers for enthusiasts and as a way to raise money was inspired by one of my paintings, and it touched me so deeply. Guinea pigs are an often under-recognized animal in the pet world, but they have a thriving following. Sending the $100 to Sue to help provide hay and pellets and other supplies for her rescue would be a way to help not just one person, but the welfare of dozens of small, sweet animals.

  46. julie

    This is so all around Lovely! Thank you Lissa and everyone who has posted so far.

    One of my Dreams is to open Flourish Youth Centre in Georgetown, Guyana, S.A. Guyana is my second home, has beautiful people and breath-taking intact ecosystems of rainforest and savannah. Children are a gift, but some children and youth are still marginalized. I have previously volunteered with places that meet the kids’ physical needs for food and shelter, and are run by loving generous people. But it is still difficult to make sure every kid gets the attention and enrichment she or he needs to truly thrive.

    Enter Flourish Centre, which will provide a safe, loving, and enriching place for children and youth to come for both after school programming or just to hang out. The opportunities there will be to spend time with animals, learn gardening, learn arts and crafts, and learn the life-skills that help kids Flourish.

    I will use the $100 to buy the domain name for Flourish Centre to set the Intention and provide an online Home for this Dream. With the remaining money, I will hold the first in-person meeting with stakeholders in Georgetown in January 2013 to build the Dream Team there. Along with brainstorming about Flourish Centre, each of the 8-15 participants will leave with a “Flourish Kit” that will enable them to conduct a Community Needs Assessment in their neighbourhood (Fourish Centre should respond to existing needs, not impose solutions), including a handout on how to conduct the Needs Assessment, the form to fill out, cell and internet credit to empower them to make calls and send emails, and tips for using the internet for research and reaching out (few people have regualr access to the Net there). I also already purchased three copies of Chris’ $100 Start-Up book, one will be a fun prize for one of the participants at this first meeting (to help generate a festive, inspiring vibe), and one copy will be loaned out to members of the growing Dream Team in Georgetown as one of our resources.

    Thanks for reading this, Keep Shining!

  47. Lissa Rankin, MD

    Dear ones,
    I am so RIDICULOUSLY moved by your inspiring stories and generosity. If I’ve counted correctly, so far we have my $100, $700 in other pledges to support 7 more stories, two who have agreed to match the $100 with their own money if they are chosen, and several others who have been inspired to donate on their own to other causes. WOOT! You all ROCK!

    We have to wait until we actually receive the pledged money in order to dole it out, but stay tuned. We’ll be doing that next week and will announce how it all shook out, hopefully in next Thursday’s blog post. We’ll also be announcing the 5 people who will get Chris’s book then. But as promised, the first $100 is going out today.

    First, let me just say that this was an impossible choice. Oh my goodness! There are so many beautiful stories of generosity and world-illuminating. Choosing where to put the $100 Chris invested in me was like Sophie’s choice.

    With that said, I’m sending the first $100 to Sara, who said she’d do this with the $100:

    I would visit the hub of my community—a diverse and eclectic population of approximately 40,000 people—and spend an entire day meeting 100 people, talking to them about the project, and giving them each a single dollar bill, asking them to think of ways they could use that $1 to make a difference for someone else. I would ask them to be creative with it—for example: buy a stack of note cards and spend time writing heartfelt notes to special people; buy a homeless person a hot, comforting cup of tea on a cold day and really listen to his or her story; buy a packet of seeds to plant and then give the seedlings away to people to plant in their own spaces; buy one dollar’s worth of bird seed and give it to children in a park to scatter; buy a small ball of yarn and spend part of a day visiting and knitting with an elderly person in an assisted living facility; buy a single blossom and give it to someone who looks like she could use a lift … whatever they can come up with. The possibilities are endless!

    The idea here is to exponentially augment the impact of the project by involving everyday people in a mission of greatness … and, much like the pay-it-forward concept, perhaps the people those initial 100 people interact with will respond in kind and start thinking about small, simple ways they too can help make a positive contribution to humanity. Because, as most of us know, it really feels good to extend a warm and loving hand to someone else.

    And imagine the conversations those 100 people I will meet will have with the people in their lives? “I was walking down the street today when this woman approached me, gave me a one dollar bill, and asked me to find a creative way to spend it in a way that would help make the world a little bit better.” Imagine the spin-off conversations? It might become a contagious ambition!

    So that is my plan for the $100. What do you think?

    My email back to Sara, announcing that I’m sending her the $100 said this:

    Your submission for how you would use the $100 Chris gave me made me smile too, not just because of its creativity, but because it’s so aligned with the spirit of Chris’s intention in how he invested in all of us.

    I just love the idea of sparking little fires, igniting little Inner Pilot Lights, and spreading the message of generosity to 100 more people. As I’ve learned just from reading the comments on this post, one small act of generosity really can change the world.

    So please- go forth and give. And report back! I’d love to hear the story of how this experience goes for you.

    Thank you for reading and thank you for spreading your light.

    With love and $100 coming your way,

    Stay tuned. We’ll be giving away more $100 investments when we sort out all the details. So keep telling me what you’d do with $100. And if there are any more investors out there, please donate to the beautiful causes our community is passionate about supporting.

    • Nancy Collins

      Awesome choice Lissa!

      Terrific idea Sara!

      I may just go out and do this in my community!

  48. Lauren Hale

    I would use the $100 to pay for therapy or related medical bills of one of the participants of #ppdchat on Twitter. Or use it to surprise one of the moms with a cleaning service, etc. Regardless, I’d use it to support a mom battling Postpartum Depression in whatever way she needed. I love my #ppdchat mamas and would do anything for them. But because what I do is a labor of love and not supported financially in any way right now, all I can do is offer them my personal support. I know that’s a lot but I also know how needed in person support like meals, cleaning, or medical help is to these families.

  49. pauline (aspiringmama)

    Is there still time? If not, I commend you for this post and your desire to pay it forward. It’s beautiful, motivating, and inspiring. If there is time still, I will try to voice my thoughts in a way that makes sense. Because right now, I’m not entirely sure how I’d use that money to change the world. I’m in the process of launching a new site called Girl Body Pride and hope to help those of us who were broken by society’s weight obsession and mean kids on the playground and our own expectations. Body image, mental health, and just learning to love ourselves as we are now as we are instead of not thinking we are worthy unless and until we meet whatever goal it is we have set up for ourselves. I want my daughter to be able to come to the grocery store with me and not try to sound out the words on the magazine covers showcasing the latest celeb doing the latest diet or the newest sensationalized reason to promote teen pregnancy because she is five and too young to understand and process what she is reading. And I want to tell every single young woman and growing girl that I see to ignore the world and its ugliness so they can grow up whole and strong and confident.
    What would that $100 do for these goals? It would allow me to pay ten writers $10 to share their messages of pride and self-love with the world. It would offset the cost of site maintenance as I empty my pockets to build it up from nothing. I could use it to fund the cost of an iTunes app that will compliment the site and allow girls and women to sing their own praises.
    I could do any of those things and more. but because I wasn’t sure exactly how I would use that money to change the world, I hesitated to enter. I’m still uncertain, but I’m no less committed.
    Whoever wins, I love you, Lissa, for being the change you want to see in the world.
    But I think I’d use it to launch a contest on the GBP site once it’s launched for

  50. Lissa Rankin, MD

    Yes, Pauline and others- there’s still time. We have $700 more in pledged donations to give away- we’re just waiting to receive the funds before we give them away. So keep telling us your stories!

  51. Kim

    What a great way to pay it forward! I would like to help change one little corner of the world. During the recent Waldo Canyon fire here near Colorado Springs, CO, we lost not only a local icon of entertainment, but a very important piece of local history. The Flying W Ranch was burned to the ground when the fire crested and overcame the eastern ridge of Queen’s canyon on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 racing down the hill and into the ranch and the surrounding neighborhood of Mountain Shadows. You can view pictures of the historical ranch and the devastation the fire wreaked on it on thier facebook page, httpss://!/pages/Flying-W-Ranch-Inc/276161053504.

    The working ranch has been a fixture in Colorado Springs since 1953 when Russ Wolfe opened it and was filled with unique historical items from the murals, to the antique lights, lamps, and fixtures, to reclaimed building materials from and old schoolhouse that were meticulously numbered, disassembled and reassembled at the ranch and stained glass from a local funeral home. The western town attached to the ranch included indoor and outdoor areas where chuckwagon suppers were served and the Flying W Wranglers entertained guests with authentic western songs ( As a native of Colorado Springs I found the destruction of the ranch heart wrenching, to say the very least.

    If I had $100 to change the world, I would donate to the rebuilding of the Flying W Ranch so they could bring joy to millions more people in the years to come.

  52. Meadow Leigh Brooks

    Single moms, single moms. The first thing I thought about when I read your post was “how can I use $100 to help low income single moms make better lives for themselves and their kids?” And I had a good idea but thought, oh, no, it would be too hard, I couldn’t do it, etc. Old tapes playing old stories in my head. And then I read through the comments and saw that so many women were identifying their struggles with being a single mom and I thought um, okay, if I am feeling called to do this and this offer is here, I should at least put it out there.

    I am working on a creating a coaching practice right now. As part of that process, one of the things I realized was that one of the groups I most want to support is single moms (I was one myself for several years). The catch is that most of them don’t have money to access coaching and are already struggling with debt and financial stress. I don’t want to make that worse by selling them something, even if it will help them in the long run. Even if they can access credit, which many can’t, I’ve seen too many who end up never getting their heads above water because they have to borrow money just to survive.

    So here’s my idea. I want to start a non-profit to help low-income single moms get out of survival mode and create beautiful, sustainable lives for themselves and their families. One of the ways I thought of yesterday to do that is to access the amazing resources and genuine good intentions of the online business community to help these women. My idea is to have different coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs offer some of their info products and other materials and/or access to courses or coaching sessions to highly motivated low income single moms for free or a reduced fee. I would set up some kind of low barrier but thorough screening and have a certain number of spaces available for each area of coaching (ie: health/wellness, business, relationship, etc.) and help match women with the coaches and products that fit their needs. With so many women entrepreneurs out there doing good in the world, and with these info products out there and ready to be used, I think it could really make a huge difference in the lives of many women.

    What I could do with $100 is to pay for the incorporation fee for the organization, which is $100 here in British Columbia, Canada (plus a $30 name search fee which I would cover – any good ideas for names anyone?). I have a friend who can make a website and I can add it to the webhosting for my other site, so then the main thing would be to get a board (non profits here need 5 board members, only one of which needs to be a BC resident) and start networking with coaches, etc, to get people on board. One of the ways I might do that is to start with the Martha Beck coaches, many of whom I know are single moms.

    So there it is, my big $100 idea. I know it could go pretty far and so many more ideas are coming up for me out of it. Loving everyone else’s ideas too and I agree that $100 can go so much farther in the developing world, but I think there are things we can do right here at home that can help many people too. Thanks so much for the inspiration, whether or not my idea is chosen, I feel inspired to carry on with this idea in whatever way I can.

    Blessings <3

    • Meadow Leigh Brooks

      I’m thinking about as the name, and that I would have both a domestic and an international branch.

    • April

      Meadow, you and I both have a desire to help other single moms. If you’d like to collaborate on something, feel free to contact me via my website.


  53. Kathrine Blake

    Isaiah 61:1
    1 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

    Many people want to work in a career but have not the education to do so . Careers need to be started with higher education. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a program called the “Perpetual Education Fund”.

    Individuals borrow the money from this fund to obtain a college or trade school degree. Once employed they begin paying back the money borrowed, so that another person can do the same again!

    !00$ will help the individuals to obtain well paying careers to support themselves and their families to do much good in the world. Teach a person to fish rather than give them a fish for one day.

  54. Amy

    What a beautiful thing you are doing! The world needs people like you!

    The world also needs people like me. I have a dream. I have a dream that needless euthanasia for cats and dogs is a distant memory, not a current tragic reality for HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of animals every year. In this day and age, with billionaires among us, people spending millions of dollars on useless crap, Kim Kardashian’s million dollar wedding that didn’t even last 6 months, it is a travesty that this is even a common problem in our society. But it’s not just about the money, it is also about the fact it is not in every day conversation. You can’t turn on media without knowing what the Kardashians have done now, but are we talking about the dog who is being carted to the room about to be put to death because there are no other resources to save his life?

    We need education out there, not only about the problem, but the solutions. There ARE solutions! There are pet food banks, rescue groups, no kill shelters, low cost spay/neuter, and more.

    I honestly don’t know where I’d start with the $100, but that is my dream, a big change revolution – a widespread message, increased solutions to save animals lives, community involvement and education. They do not deserve the fate that we humans place upon them. We CAN make a bigger difference.

  55. Dawn Peloso

    I know we were supposed to post yesterday, but I just read the following and wanted to share it. This moved me to tears. I plan to go out and spend $100 on supplies to donate. I am going to hit all the local resale shops looking for as many towels as I can buy. I’m sharing in hope that others might join the campaign to send a thank you note, as explained in the story.

    If anyone is on facebook and wants to see the photos the link is: httpss://

    From the Trio Animal Foundation:

    I would like to take a moment and recognize a very special woman that exemplifies compassion, respect for life and all that is good.

    Diane is the manager of the Animal Welfare League’s intake facility. AWL’s intake facility is an open access satellite shelter of the AWL in Chicago Ridge, IL. This intake facility is where many police officers, local residents and quite honestly the scum of the earth dump their animals. This is also the facility that many “no kill” rescues find animals to transfer into their programs.

    Diane works with three, four or even sometimes only two kennel staff while running the front desk, which often means dealing with an uneducated and sometimes verbally abusive public, dealing with the animals’ medical needs, clean up, tracking down rescues to take in her animals, never ending phone calls, running a food drive for local underprivileged citizens who cannot afford pet food and running a low cost spay and neuter clinic once a month.

    Many times Diane has to make some hard decisions regarding the fate of the animals in her care and I have seen how it has broken her down. Tears will well up in her eyes, she will hold them and then do what lack of funding and cage space force her to do. The amount of love and respect that Diane gives these animals is insurmountable.

    In all of the time that TAF has visited and or assisted this intake facility, Diane has continually shown a compassion for these animals that many times goes unrecognized. I have shown up only to find freshly cut up vegetables for the rabbits, special food for the injured and juvenile squirrels, special meat concoctions for the dogs that are not eating do to stress/illness and kitten formula with medication for the abandoned kittens. All of this, many times, comes out of her own pocket and is in addition to her normal workload.

    At times, Diane has gone out of her way to help individuals/volunteers if they have fallen in love with an animal at the facility only to have it thrown back in her face. It is shameful when this happens.

    As I was visiting the shelter on Trio’s birthday I happened to catch a glimpse of just how special Diane is and the relationship that she has with these animals. I snapped this photo when I noticed this dog gazing into Diane’s eyes about to go in for a kiss. I later found out that this dog was to be humanely euthanized the week prior and Diane just didn’t have the heart to do it. This sweet pooch must have known that she had a friend looking over her. Upon finding this information out, TAF and Project Rescue Chicago decided to take this dog into our programs. It was the least that we could do to take some of the burden off of Diane and show her how much we care for her.

    I do not think in my lifetime I will ever meet another person like Diane. She deals with situations that most people run from and always takes into considerations an animals’ quality of life. It was Diane’s judgment call that allowed TAF to get Hudson immediate medical treatment. When Hudson came into the facility, Diane washed the caked on blood off of his body only to discover that he did not have gashes on his forehead but burns. Diane didn’t follow normal protocol and called me directly. She knew that TAF would make sure that Hudson received the specialized burn treatment that he needed within the hour.

    I can visit AWL’s intake facility for a day and in turn not be able to sleep for a week. To witness the constant abuse cases that come in or the animals that appear to have lost their will to live is often just too much. People throw around the term “angel on earth” quite a bit but this is a case where it has never been more fitting.

    I know that it brings great joy to Diane’s heart when people donate towels so that all of the animals can have something soft to sleep on. Also, donating hotdogs and TAF’s special meatballs that are fed to the dogs. These treats help the scared dogs put on weight and bond with Diane so that she can get them out of their cages and socialize with them. This greatly increases the dogs’ chances of getting pulled by other rescues.

    TAF will be posting a date that all towels, supplies and food donations can be dropped off that will help Diane run the facility, make her life easier and put a smile on her face. Any questions about how to make TAF’s meatballs, volunteering or donations should be sent to

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could all send Diane a note to say how much we appreciate her and to hang in there? If you would like to let Diane know that she is not alone in her plight to help these animals, please send a note to:

    Animal Welfare League
    C/O Diane Spyrka
    6224 South Wabash Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60637

    Diane has made it so easy for TAF to go in and assist the animals in need. She keeps the politics out of it and knows that the only important thing is the welfare of the animals. This is the reason why TAF gravitates towards AWL’s intake facility and why so many animals are saved.

    Diane… we are all so lucky to have you!


  56. Signy

    Wow. What inspiring ideas and stories!! This lights me up on fire again (off the sofa, back to real domination). I love the “What’s Next?” of it all. I will stay tuned in for more.

  57. Ashleigh

    Hi Lissa and world changers!

    I have been challenged to revise my life purpose in the past three years. When my youngest daughter was 3 months old, I had a massive tonic clonic seizure that has left me with an uncontrolled seizure disorder. I experience daily seizures. They affect my memory, concentration, and physically limit my abilities.

    As a result of these challenges, I show up for life EVERYDAY!

    My manifesto is as follows:
    1. Never take yourself too seriously: laugh first!
    2. If people know you for one thing, let it be your kindness, because through kindness one person changes the world

    With $100, I would establish WILD Wellness (Women with Illness Living Deeply), an online community that exists to serve as an outlet for women dealing with chronic illness, disability, or pain.

    This is a not for profit network, so the $100 would be a donation to get the site designed and to go live.

    Women need a place to feel angry, victimized, guilty, inspired, peaceful, empowered, without feeling like a burden to their family, and care providers.

    I trust that by sharing their experiences, we could build a network of resources that would provide many choices for coping, and moving on. That is the gift of experience, and it is priceless!

    Much love to all you maginificent moguls!


    • Tamara Epps

      Hi Ashleigh,
      I couldn’t find any other way of contacting you but I feel compelled to let you know that I have a chronic disability (M.E.) that is often not seen as ‘real’ although it has left me practically housebound for the past year. Not only would I love to see WILD happen and hopefully get much support from it, but I would like to know if I can be a part of your dream? I am a writer and would love for you to get in touch if you think I can help in any way.
      Tamara (email:

  58. Rizo

    I had to send you 3 e-m w/ my Powerpoint, Business Plan, and part of the Business tie inn that I’m doing for a Sustainability MBA, Because there are 3 parts to my project, I don’t know which one would be most appropriate for the blog.
    So inspiring seeing some of these thoughts here…
    May angels be looking down on us and making sure that we all get to do our well work in the world.

  59. Sophia

    I was fortunate to attend WDS and already invested my $100 (I matched it with $100 of my own and supported a baker and farmer through Kiva and a farm project through Kickstarter).

    If I had an additional $100, I would donate it to Ashley’s Prints with Love.

    My friend Janessa is a jewelry designer and she donates her time to make fingerprint jewelry for families who lost their child at the Pediatric ICU or Oncology Ward at Rady Children’s Hospital (in San Diego). Each family gets two sets of fingerprint charms, so they can keep their little angles close to their heart. I can’t event imagine the grief of losing a child, but I so love the work that my friend does to help others in their darkest period.

  60. Jeff Smith

    If I had an extra $100, I’d put it toward starting my cupcake business. I’ve been trying for awhile, but the regular monthly bills just never seem to leave much left over.

    With an extra $100, I would make dozens of cupcakes as samples, attach a business card, and hand them out in my downtown to the business people on lunch.

    Who wouldn’t smile when be a little happier when handed a cupcake??

  61. Sarah N

    There are a few things I support/work on/give to/follw that are grassroots based, serving people in their immediate community.

    The first is Robyn Devine, Robin takes her talent for knitting and uses it to make hats and other items for charity. She has inspired me to do the same, although I don’t blog about it as eloquently as she does. She takes donated yarn, but I am sure would love a donation of $100 to buy yarn to keep on going. Or to cover postage to ship her completed projects to the places she sends them. (Full disclosure – I work for a community action agency , and she has made an appeal on our behalf for hats/mittens for our winter wear project.)

    The second is the Down East AIds network,, a small local nonprofit which works to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, and make the lives easier of those who have already contracted the virus. I know they are feeling the new economy very much, and could always use such a donation.

    The third is the Mary D fund, on Block Island, Rhode Island. I don’t think they have a website, but you could google it and read all sorts of articles about Mary Donnelly, the island nurse, and how she has helped people on the island through hard times for something like 60 years, all through private donations. Donations to the Mary D fund can be made by mail to PO Box 323 Block Island, Rhode Island, 02807. Not everyone who lives on an island is wealthy.

    I find these all worthy of my money/time, adn hope others will feel the same way.

  62. celikermakina





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