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I was researching a future book Sacred Medicine when a friend who knew about my interest in spiritual healing suggested I interview Trevor Hart, who offered remote healings over the phone from his home in New Hampshire. My friend was hosting Trevor as he offered his first public workshop about aligning with your soul’s blueprint in California. I attended the workshop and listened with rapt awe as Trevor spoke. I approached him afterward, and there’s a whole magic story that I won’t get into about how we came to be fast friends. From November 2015 until June 2016, Trevor and I spoke nearly every week, diving into spiritual inquiry together, discussing our healing work, and sharing magic stories. By June, we had developed a sweet fondness that lead us to want to spend more time together in person, so I flew to New Hampshire to spend the week with Trevor. Trevor feels like my spiritual father, the way Rachel Naomi Remen, MD feels like my spiritual mother. I feel incredibly blessed to have both of them in my life. Most of you have heard many stories about Rachel’s influence on my life, but until now, Trevor wasn’t prepared to have me talk about him publicly. Now, we are preparing to teach together this year in an online program Reorienting Your Inner Compass: Spiritualizing Your Life’s Work While Sailing Through the Rough Seas of Change. So, in preparation for expanding who his message reaches, Trevor has finally given me permission to share with you some of the mysteries we delve into together and some of the revelations I have learned through my relationship with Trevor.

Before I share with you some of the spiritual wisdom I’ve learned, let me share with you some of Trevor’s back story.

While lightning struck all around him during a flash storm on top of a 14,000 foot Colorado mountain, Trevor, who was a young man who did not consider himself even remotely spiritual at the time, pleaded with God to save him, vowing to become a “man of God” if he was spared. He narrowly made it down the mountain alive and promptly signed up to attend a Lutheran seminary, the only way he knew to become a man of God. After following a hunch into an African-American gospel-singing charismatic church, Trevor asked the tall pastor to baptize him, not realizing that a baptism in this church means being forcibly held underwater in a trough until you almost drown, when a near death experience is simulated. Right as he was pulled out of the water and saved just in the nick of time, a powerful rush of energy flooded his body, inducing what he later came to understand was a “kundalini awakening.” This disruptive, ecstatic experience led him to the feet of an Indian guru in Boulder, Colorado, who understood what was happening and took him under his wing as a disciple, recognizing a gift in him and fast-tracking Trevor into advancing as a Swami. A whole ashram was in the process of being built around Trevor before he hit 30 years old, but his inner guidance told him that he would never achieve enlightenment as long as everyone was making him special. Turning down the opportunity to live the royal life of a guru, Trevor withdrew into a hermetic life, where he worked as a healer, practicing a variety of conventional and unconventional remote healing practices.

Over the years, as his “siddhis,” or yogic spiritual superpowers unfolded, Trevor was able to work with sick people in increasingly mysterious ways that often lead to cure of seemingly “incurable” illnesses, like untreatable stage 4 cancer or intractable Lyme disease or chronic pain syndromes. When I first heard Trevor describe the healing modalities with which he works, I had trouble as a physician tracking what he was saying. I listened with open, curious ears, but my inner skeptic rode shotgun. Trevor listed the twelve layers of the body, parts of the energetic anatomy that they never taught me in medical school, starting with the physical body and moving through the chakras and etheric body, all the way down to the “flower of life matrix.” He explained that there can be disruptions at any of these levels and that these disruptions can be repaired through sacred geometry protocols, something I still don’t fully understand.

He also explained to me that he gets information about how to help a patient heal from what he calls the Organizing Intelligence (OI).He can ask binary questions to the OI, such as “Is the disruption in the etheric body?” Based on a feeling he gets in his heart and a light that goes off in his pineal gland, he has learned to interpret the OI’s “Yes” or “No.” Tuning in, he gets information from the OI about what lies at the root of someone’s illness, then using sacred geometry codes, he transmits these mathematical codes remotely in ways that often result in unexpected cures.

Trevor is not your average human. In addition to his healing work, Trevor also navigates multidimensional realms effortlessly, and when he does, he experiences phenomena that might seem impossible or miraculous to most of us. Trevor tells stories of time travel, dragon-slaying on Boulder, Colorado mountains, and dancing balls of light that guide the way to graveyards. When you hear stories like this, you have a decision to make. Is he lying or crazy? Or is the world much more mysterious than you once thought? With Trevor, I’ve chosen to believe his magic stories, especially since I have many of my own. They say we only know 5% of what is knowable about the universe, so why not believe that dragons are real and dancing balls of light can act as flashlights in the dark? As my 11-year-old daughter reminds me, it’s certainly more fun to believe in real-life magic.

Lake Abiquiu, Pedernal and the Milky Way-X3

Sometimes I wonder if Trevor is from another planet. He doesn’t seem fully human, although he loves and feels deeply in the most human way. He even looks a bit alien, as if he’s some benevolent being from a more evolved planet than ours, here on a rescue mission to help wake us up, bringing with him knowledge about healing that is so far removed from what they taught me in medical school that it makes Western medicine seem primitive. But Trevor is not anti-Western medicine either. For some conditions, he recommends it over the healing technologies he uses, and for his own son, who is autistic and suffers from seizure disorders, he has stood by humbled and helpless, while surgeons operated on his own son, saving his life.

Trevor sees the body like an electron microscope. Using a superpower he calls “microclairvoyance,” he is able to scan the body and then zoom in on an affected area, all the way down to the intracellular level and lately, all the way down to the flower of life matrix, to the unmanifest ground of being where all matter begins. He is then able to repair disruptions at this primary level in ways that patients may experience as miracles.

Trevor is not just a powerful wizard. I have met many such powerful beings during my research for Sacred Medicine, but many of them are mere sorcerers whose powers don’t interest me. I learned from some of the other healers that just because you have spiritual power doesn’t mean you have spiritual ethic. I hadn’t realized magic was real until I began doing this kind of research, but what I also hadn’t realized is that a lot of magic is just plain old black magic or what my spiritual counselor calls “grey magic,” performed by healers who mean well but are driven by the ego’s desire to use magic to get what it wants.

Trevor’s magic strikes me as the pure white kind, which my spiritual counselor calls “Bodhisattva magic,” the kind that co-creates magic with the forces of love that we might call God. My 11-year-old daughter Siena and I have taken to calling Trevor “Dumbledore,” nicknaming him after the white wizard in Harry Potter. What impresses me most about Trevor is the purity of his integrity. He is a being of pure love. You can see it in his eyes, feel it in his peaceful, open heart, and hear it in his words.

In his sixties when I met him, Trevor is one of the most advanced and ethical spiritual beings I’ve ever had the privilege to meet in person. Because of my work, I have met many celebrity spiritual teachers and authors, many of them with huge spiritual communities and bestselling books. I appreciate and have internalized many of the wise teachings shared by these powerful beings. But perhaps the OI was right, because many of these beings seem oblivious to how they abuse their power (sleeping with their students and clients, using their spiritual power to pad their bank accounts without integrity around money, showing off their spiritual superpowers to impress and attract disciples, and in some cases, even committing rape in the name of sexual healing). If they’re not abusing their power, they often seem to practice what Robert Augustus Masters, PhD calls “spiritual bypassing,” spreading a message that suggests that the quest for enlightenment should mean the end of human pain, rejecting some aspects of the human experience and selling a promise of pain-free living.

From what I can discern, Trevor neither abuses his power nor preaches any kind of spiritual bypass. He devotes his life to being a messenger of the OI, following instructions with an intention of impeccability, but he’s also deeply human, demonstrating the ability to be with me and my human suffering with great empathy and compassionate space-holding. In Trevor’s presence, I feel safe to be my full self, in all my glorious light and all my darkest, most shameful shadows, which hasn’t always been true when I’ve been with other spiritual teachers or healers, who leave me feeling like I’m supposed to bypass my pain through spiritual practices.

After Trevor had come to San Francisco to spend a week with me, we began talking about collaborating on a program together. One of the topics we discuss most commonly is what it means to live our lives in alignment with what Trevor calls “your soul’s blueprint,” or what I might call your “calling.” Trevor had spent the last year teaching his first teleclass to his private healing clients as a pilot for a larger audience that the OI was instructing him to prepare to reach. As we began talking, we realized we had a lot of overlap in this area. While I may not have a direct link to the OI like Trevor does, and while I certainly can’t claim to perform miracle healings using sacred geometry codes, I have been teaching for many years about finding and fulfilling your calling, including publishing my book The Anatomy of a Calling. Now more than ever, all of us are needed to participate in the revolution of love that will require all of us to step fully into our gifts and service with pure hearts.

Doing a program like this would require Trevor to pull back a bit from his one-on-one practice and stretch out of his comfort zone. He admitted to feeling hesitant to make his work more public, given the OI’s warning thirty years earlier that having people make him “special” could interfere with his own spiritual development. Yet the OI was now saying the opposite, giving Trevor clear instructions to broadcast this work around life purpose and aligning with the soul’s blueprint on a larger scale. After a year of getting to know me well, Trevor confided that I was serving as a living crack in his belief that being made “special” would lead to an ego-driven life. He saw in me someone who was devoted to letting the Divine take the lead, and while I’m far from an enlightened being, Trevor knows I would quit before I let my public life turn me into some egoic, entitled diva who only eats green M&M’s. He also knows I have a whole circle of counselors and spiritual mentors who would kick my ass if I ever let my achievements go to my head. After we had talked about it, Trevor was able to relax into this next phase of his calling, and we agreed to proceed with plans to co-teaching together. I’ll be telling you more about Reorienting Your Inner Compass soon.

Now that I’ve had the chance to introduce you to Trevor, who has never even had a website until this past month, I’ll be sharing with you more about what Trevor and I discuss together during our weekly debriefs. I’ll be blogging in the future about his insights on the co-creation process and how it’s vastly different than the “law of attraction.” So stay tuned if you’re curious to learn more!

Trevor was nervous about having me blog about him to my audience of 100,000 because he already has a very long waiting list for one-on-one appointments, and he didn’t want to disappoint anyone who needs a Sacred Medicine healer and doesn’t know who to trust. But I told him I’d warn you. He’s preparing to try to scale up his work so he can help more people who need help without making himself sick or overwhelmed in the process. You can learn more about Trevor Hart here.

The most exciting part of my relationship with Trevor is seeing what’s possible. Perhaps he’s a glimpse of the future of medicine, offering us insights into ways of healing they never taught me about in medical school. He has also helped me see that conventional medicine is Sacred Medicine too. It’s downright miraculous that my ex-husband Matt cut two fingers off his left hand with a table saw, and Dr. Jonathan Jones in San Diego was able to sew them back on so he has ten functioning fingers today!

Stay tuned for more about Sacred Medicine in posts to come and for more about Trevor Hart’s wisdom teachings in future blog posts. I’m just getting started here, and there is pure gold in what Trevor has to offer.


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  1. Julie Fifer

    Wonderful…. can’t wait to

  2. Rosie

    This is wonderful and heartening. I look forward to this course, and perhaps it will help me understand my own other-worldly experiences. Ever since I heard the word Organizing Intelligence it felt more real to me than many other words I have used for the essence of God. I can feel the OI seated in deep love. Thank you both for being brave and putting this out here!

  3. Rebecca Stahl

    I love this. Absolutely love it. But I want to point out one little thing – calling Dumbledore purely white magic leaves out some of what makes him so powerful (and I would expect likely what makes Trevor so powerful). Dumbledore, we learn in the final book, had a dark past. But he integrated that darkness, held his shadow, and eventually turned it into good and power as presence (as opposed to control) in the world. I love your writing, and I love watching your growth as it then helps my growth, but I think we can all get caught up in thinking white magic has no darkness, and I want to ensure we all recognize the shadow even, or perhaps especially, in people like Dumbledore. So thank you so much for sharing this. You mention your own shadow in it (which I find amazing and powerful in itself), and I hope we can all begin to honor and respect the shadow that we all must integrate into our highest spiritual practice. With much love! — Rebecca

    • Lissa_Rankin

      You’re absolutely right. And I’m definitely not suggesting that white magic doesn’t require coming into right relationship with darker shadows. I’m wary of those who are all “love and light.” The shadows give us humility and discernment. Read Mariana Caplan’s Halfway Up The Mountain: The Errors of Premature Claims to Enlightenment and Eyes Wide Open: Cultivating Discernment on the Spiritual Path. It’s good to know what dark forces are in us and out there– because we’re all vulnerable, even the Dumbledore’s of the world. One of the things that made me trust Trevor is that from the beginning, he said, “I know you’re very intuitive and you’ve seen a lot of shadow. If you see a shadow that seems to be in my blind spot, will you please tell me?” I said yes- and I asked him to do the same in me. It’s one of our core agreements…nobody is immune.

      • Rebecca Stahl

        Beautifully said, and thank you. I will definitely check out those books.

  4. Erwin Wittocx

    Beautiful. Love to read this. Also in contrast to all the gurus you immediately promise all the luck. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

  5. Jerome Freedman

    I send an email to Trevor to see if he knew of my teacher, Father Eli who trained me in “White Magic” back in 1972-74.

  6. Indumathi Balasubramanian

    Loving you so much…
    I am deeply touched by your work withTrevor…yes, it’s heavenly and exciting to experience purity…me and many others blessed with such pure guidance from Mahatria,who through His wisdom,mentoring us Not to bypass pain but discover us through the pain…wishing you experience Mahatria’s wisdom And His sacred work to experience purity in spirituality
    Thank you so much for your sharing

  7. Andryea Natkin

    Definitely looking forward to hearing, learning and experiencing more. I’m enchanted and captivated.

  8. Lesley

    This is so enlightening, and one of the best of your offerings I’ve read. I feel the joint work between you and Trevor is a very special blessing for us all. Thank you for your continued inspiration.

  9. Sandy

    I am LMT, and I practice CranioSacral therapy. During sessions I get information from my guides on how to proceed. It’s interesting to hear about the methods of treatment Trevor practices. When I work with clients there are times when it feels as though the body becomes a soft cloud of light beams. When this happens I know that healing is occurring with the help of the unseen realm. I hold a place of safety for this to occur.

  10. Gordon Yumibe

    I have practiced my healing modalities for quite some time….Trevor’s techniques are quite profound and surpass some of the things I am learning…I wish you two the best and I will continue to send my highest blessings to the both of you…Love the work….gordon yumibe

  11. Marta

    Thanks for sharing this story. I would like to translate it into Spanish in order more people know about it.

    • Lissa_Rankin

      Yes, of course Marta. Feel free to translate this.

      Much love

  12. Lissa_Rankin

    Oh my goodness dear ones. Trevor has received over 500 emails since I sent this out. Please understand if he is not able to respond to you all. Let’s hold space for him to do his work for the collective while also tending his human body and human limitations. He wants you all to know that he has spoken with the OI and every one of you who has reached out in earnest prayer is being held by invisible forces of love, and even if he is not able to respond or do sessions with you, you prayers are being heard. But you do not need to email Trevor in order to have these prayers heard. His call for help to those multidimensional beings who help him applies to all who feel drawn to him. Please also understand that this is why we are doing our group work together, starting very soon- so we can deal with the demand of all who come to both Trevor and me seeking healing, spiritual mentorship, and shepherding through the veils of dimensions so that we may know why we are here and how we can best serve our individual and collective missions.

    Thank you all for responding so lovingly to Trevor. It touches us both deeply.


  13. Kerry Harrison

    This is such amazing news! We need more Trevors! What he is doing sounds slightly similar to a therapy I am currently learning called ‘bodytalk’ – working with the divine/innate/soul to allow the body to heal itself. Bodytalk references the holographic nature of the universe. But it’s much more than that. I’ve also learned Bowen therapy and whilst it’s more ‘physical’ (I call it accupuncture without needles), I also know that the moves don’t matter – the healing will happen within the person anyway.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the ‘higher’ dimension lately. I’m part of an old old but very small group of ‘white witches’ here in malaysia, the Malay name is ‘bomoh’. (I’m originally English, been here for 17 years). We spend all our time talking about these things We have our own ‘ubat’ to heal ‘darker’ things, as well as smaller things. But ultimately it’s all about the connection to the inner you and all the way down to the flower of life energy that is everywhere. I think! What Trevor is doing sounds like another level up. Can’t wait to hear more about the groups. I’d like to join as a spark of positive energy.

    The more I learn and read and look about, the more connected I see it all becoming, from so many directions and on so many levels and in so many dimensions. So important to spread the word! Thanks for the incredible work you are doing. Your energy and intention is very powerful.

    Love, light and shadow 😉


    • Kerry Harrison

      Written in a traffic jam so not quite as eloquent or precise as I’d like!

    • Lissa_Rankin

      I’d love to hear more about what you’re doing with the “bomoh.” All of this is still relatively new for me, so my brain is still trying to grock it all. (I keep telling my mind, “relax mind, you’re not going to figure all this out.”) So I remain curious in my “I don’t know” and my “I don’t understand.”

      • Kerry Harrison

        Yes it’s been a real life changing journey for me (over the past 6 years and more so the past year) and even though I’ve seen things and understand it’s all more real than real – it can’t NOT be – my left brain is a bugger for trying to convince me that my nice western bubble of ignorance is a far safer place to be. And in some respects it is. But there is a battle coming apparently and we are the healers who need to hold the space for the ‘light’ ‘beings’ ‘source’ etc. I’m having to ‘understand’ certain things. You can’t learn apparently. It has to be a knowing. I’m in the process of moving to a different level (there are levels of understanding) and it’s been quite dark but I’m coming out of that phase now thankfully. My mother almost died recently and my reaction to that was a huge thing – or rather the reaction I CHOSE. I’d love to share more. It’s a long long story though!! But certainly fascinating. Perhaps you could travel and meet our teacher. We prefer to call ourselves shamans. And in fact the South American shamanic traditions originally came from the Malay peninsula. Before that from India. I’m fortunate to have people close to me who seem to know things about our past that we have forgotten. About our history. It’s so mind bending! As I said. Would love to share more. Not sure best way how!


  14. Dr Carolyn McDougald

    Brilliant! Thank you Lissa – you are doing all of the hard work for me! I am a physician who has been searching for the something more that medicine wasn’t able to give my patients or myself. I have read your other books, and have been waiting for you to finish “Sacred Medicine” with much anticipation. I am fascinated by Trevor’s work from what I have seen so far. I do a special energy medicine that sounds similar to Trevor’s that was given to while doing remote Reiki sessions not too long ago. I can’t wait to learn more – I have felt a bit out of place and not sure if the world was ready yet for this kind of medicine. Now I see that it is – and that gives me hope. Thank you and Trevor for sharing.

  15. Jennifer Tilley

    Not to over-simplify… Although, with all of the information that we now have at our disposal, it might be a necessary starting point… So, with that said… Is it hitting even remotely ‘close to the mark’ to suggest that most, if not all, disease can be avoided and/or reversed simply by just finding or re-discovering what truly makes us happy… And then giving ourselves permission to ‘be’ that?


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