stethoscopeHeartYesterday, the physicians in the inaugural class of the Whole Health Medicine Institute graduated! I feel like such a proud Mama Bear I can hardly contain myself. The women in this program are so unbelievably brilliant, wise, open-minded, intuitive, creative, compassionate, spiritual, and- dare I say it- sexy!  These light workers in white coats took a huge risk by participating in this new program, knowing that I had no experience running an institute and that I would be asking them to push far beyond their comfort zones both intellectually and personally. We all learned a lot about ourselves, about each other, and about how to be revolutionary forces for healing our broken health care system through the process of spending the past nine months together, and I credit these women with teaching me so much. There really are no words for me to express my gratitude to these pioneering physicians, but I can at least thank them- and help all of you- by showcasing what some of these visionary doctors are doing to heal health care in their own unique ways so those of you looking for doctors like this can connect with those who can serve you.

I can’t recommend these doctors highly enough! Seriously, if you’re dealing with a chronic illness, facing a scary diagnosis, or just interested in preventive health, these are the doctors you can trust with your body and your life. They have my whole-hearted endorsement, and I know you will be safe, nurtured, and truly loved in their capable hands.

I remember feeling frustrated a few years ago because I was looking for the doctors who were my contemporaries, the ones who would join hands to heal health care together, arm in arm. I feel so heartened now because I found them. We are the ones who will join arms with others (I know you’re out there!) to be the village that will help mend our broken system. I’m so relieved to have found my sisters…Let me introduce you to some of them!

Meet The Visionary Doctors!

Madeleine Castellanos
Madeleine Castellanos, MD is not only a Whole Health Medicine physician, but she is passionate about people getting the truth regarding their health and their environment. She focuses on sex therapy and hormone replacement, but will always weave in mindfulness, responsibility to yourself and your environment, and spiritual freedom into her work with her patients. Her blog is a great source of information for both couples and individuals. You can also follow her on tweeter,  as well as other contacts on Facebook and Google+. You can pick up a copy of her book A Woman’s Guide to Male Sexual Issues or find her working on her new site, as well as collecting ideas for a new book. She is well worth the look.

Tara Coles
Tara Coles, MD, a practicing Emergency Medicine physician, integrative health coach, wannabe interior designer, writer, speaker, and mindful mama to 4 little people, is a voice for social justice, gender equity, and compassionate leadership in health care. She is dedicated to public health and safety and is also passionate about teaching women and families how to stay vibrant, healthy, and joyful through nutrition, mindfulness, communication, and creativity. She launched as a forum for gentle health guidance and inspiration. She has particular interests in migraines, mental health, food as medicine, positive parenting and meditation for healing. In another life she would have been an artist so she also pursues her passion for photography, art and design through Health Gems by Dr. Tara Coles is her gift for friends of Dr. Lissa Rankin – download it here.

Kay Corpus
Kay Corpus, MD’s approach to medicine involves uncovering the root cause of illness and disease, which, she believes, is essential to living well and in full vitality. In her clinical practice, she and her patients work together to illuminate how pathology occurs as a result of emotional, psychological, and spiritual imbalances. She elicits the act of personal story-telling from her patients through deep self-inquiry in order to help identify stuck emotion and energy beneath the pain, fatigue, and anxiety. Consequently, this clarifies their truth then liberates their soul. Dr. Corpus is in the process of certification with the Whole Health Medicine Institute with Lissa Rankin, MD whereby she will join the new generation of visionary physicians in healing patients, communities, health care and humanity one person at a time. ‘Like’ Kay Corpus, MD on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and contact her today to share your healing journey at:

Starla Fitch
Starla Fitch, MD is an oculoplastic surgeon who has seen the changes in medicine and felt her heart strings pulled to remind doctors why they went into medicine in the first place. She shares wisdom from other doctors and helps remind us why the cup can be half full, rather than half empty. Check out her free ebook on 5 Simple Steps to Put the Magic Back in Your Medical Practice at and sign up for her free weekly newsletter to get even more value.

Carol Gunn
Carol E. Gunn, MD is a board certified occupational and environmental physician, who is an expert on resiliency and total worker health. She partners with small businesses and large corporations to improve workplace health by providing clinical expertise and developing health and wellness programs. Dr. Gunn’s passion is to share her expertise in rebounding from life’s inevitable setbacks and in navigating the complex healthcare system. A captivating speaker, she shares inspiring and humorous personal stories combined with medical expertise to motivate corporate audiences to take charge of their health. Learn more about Dr. Carol at: and You can contact her directly at 503 542 0080.

Marla Kokesh
Marla Kokesh, MD is a visionary Stanford trained board certified psychiatrist and founder of the Center for Complete Health. She is part of a growing health care revolution forging ahead in the journey of wellness and the practice of the art of medicine in awakening your own healing powers. She is passionate about creating a platform of trust and ownership to facilitate change in a positive manner using evidence-based practices as well as the Enneagram to become the best ME, YOU and WE possible in a collaborate partnership. Her unique Native American background provides an intimate understanding of the importance of community, spirituality and individuality in becoming the best that you can be. Anything is possible; let me be your humble guide. Find out more at:

Carrie Magill
Carrie Magill, MD is a board certified and holistic Pediatrician who provides health and wellness coaching to parents and children. Dr. Carrie has had intensive “on the ground training” raising four amazing children, now ranging in age from 14 to 20. She specializes in Natural Parenting including controversial topics such as homebirth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, co-sleeping, home schooling, world travel, nutrition and more. She loves children and their parents at all stages of development. By helping you to tap into your heart, soul, and body compass, you will be able to navigate your way through all stages of parenting and any medical concerns along the way. Contact her for a free “get to know you” introductory session. She will be taking new clients in January 2014. Until then she is hiking Macchu Pichu and Patagonia with her four rocking kids and husband! Contact Dr. Carrie at: or check her out at

Sue Mathison
Susan Mathison, MD is a double board-certified holistic surgeon, TEDx speaker and organizer, physician mentor, newspaper columnist, social entrepreneur, proud mama and part-time farm-wife. She founded the award-winning multi-specialty clinic, and DreamPracticeMD mentoring program. She blogs about wellness, empowerment and creativity at where you can download her widely acclaimed Beauty Manifesto. Ultimately, all of her work is about helping people remember one thing: That you have the power to create a more beautiful + purposeful life. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook. If you’re a healer looking to create your Dream Practice and serve with your heart, mind and spirit, email:

Romila Mushtaq
Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq, MD is a holistic neurologist, mind-body medicine physician, certified yoga/meditation teacher, and a national expert on mindfulness. After recognizing and healing herself from physician burnout, Dr. Romie combines her expertise on mindfulness and her personal journey to help others heal- mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Romie empowers clients to find health and work-life balance by sharing the science and medical evidence behind mindfulness. She is a highly sought after national speaker, corporate consultant, and certified health & wellness life coach. Dr. Romie works with corporate and coaching clients on preventing career burnout, dealing with chronic disease, and reducing stress. Her guided meditation CD featuring music by Karen Drucker will be released on iTunes in January 2014. You can follow Dr. Romie on facebook or learn more about Dr. Romie and contact her for health and wellness coaching at:

Susan Ortiz
Susan Ortiz, MD is living in Bangor, Maine where she maintains a private medical healing practice The blessing of being both a physician and a healer is that she can order an MRI if necessary, but is also comfortable in matters of the spirit. Acknowledging and clearing the blocks which keep us in pain and suffering is critical for true healing. In September 2013, she founded Maine Holistic Center with the support of her community. The mission is to provide a safe and neutral space for healers of all types and the general public to take part in events that uplift and inform. Using the principles from Lissa Rankin’s Whole Health Cairn, the Center highlights areas of health and wellness that are not part of the health care dialogue in her neck of the woods. She is a better leader because of her WHMI training.

Marne O’Shae
Marne O’Shae, MD is offering individual patient sessions based on the Whole Health Medicine Institute’s wellness model. She has an Integrative Family Medicine practice in Ithaca, New York, as well as an online wholistic practice. You can reach her at:

Please Support These Wonderful Doctors

I hope those of you looking for the right physician to invite to your Healing Round Table will consider consulting with some of the physicians who have spent nine intensive months training to apply the principles I shared in my book Mind Over Medicine and my National Public Television special Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine. And if you know others who need physicians like this, please spread the word! It is doctors like these who are forces for healing, not only individually with patients who need them but for the system as a whole. I feel incredibly grateful to call each of these physicians friends and esteemed colleagues.

Find Out More About The Whole Health Medicine Institute

If you’re a physician interested in participation in the Whole Health Medicine Institute, learn more here. And if you’re a health care provider who is not a physician, stay tuned! We’ll be expanding the program to include other licensed health care providers in Summer 2014. We know that it takes a village to heal health care, and we’ll need all of us to help revolutionize this system and reclaim it as our own.

With love and gratitude to you all,

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