with Lissa Rankin, MD

Do you feel called to participate in your own unique way in the revolution of love that will transform this planet?

Do you need to heal whatever lies in your way so you can be ready to say yes to this calling?

For the past seven years, Lissa Rankin has been leading visionaries on a journey of transformation intended to prepare visionary leaders for stepping fully, authentically, courageously, and unapologetically into their true callings. Each journey is unique and precious. Such callings rarely come with business plans. Instead, they require attuning to spiritual guidance in a way that leaves you receptive to instructions, as if you’re following breadcrumbs on a mysterious cosmic scavenger hunt that leads to deep fulfillment, inner freedom, and true purpose.

During the next nine month gestation of Visionary Mentoring, you can prepare the ground for:

  • Walking the path of finding and fulfilling your true calling.
  • Uplifting the world and help others step into their truest selves.
  • Deepening your healing process and your spiritual journey.
  • Clearing whatever unhealed traumas might sabotage your mission if left untreated.
  • Cultivating the faith and courage to surrender to the mysteries of love and life.
  • Doing what it takes to make your relationships healthy so you can have the support you’ll need to fulfill your purpose.
  • Learning how to give your gifts in service in a way that not only doesn't drain you; it actually restores you.
  • Interrupt patterns of codependence that can impede your progress and leave you feeling empty and exhausted.
  • Doing the deep transformational work that will help you upgrade your entire operating system so you can handle showing up for what calls you.
  • Transforming your vision into a thriving business that helps people while fulfilling and sustaining you.
  • Learning tools for turning your vision into books, teleclasses, workshops or public speaking.
  • Preparing yourself in all ways to serve love on this planet as only you will.

Join Us For The 2019-2020 Visionary Mentoring Program With Physician, Healer, Author, And Online Entrepreneur Lissa Rankin, MD

Bless you for reaching out and showing interest in the Visionary Mentoring Program we are offering to no more than 15 carefully selected visionaries. If you’re like most of the people I’ve worked with one-on-one, you probably have a strong sense that you’re here on earth at this exciting time in history for a reason, and this reason has something to do with helping the planet, healing others, and participating in the shift in consciousness that is currently underway. You sense that there’s something more for you during this lifetime, something you’ve been preparing for your whole life, and your ability to fully live out this possibly unspecified purpose feels increasingly urgent. Yet you may feel frustrated with the challenges you’ve faced trying to realize this purpose.

If you’re like many others who are being called to step forth in service at this particular time in history, you probably share some characteristics with the other like-minded visionaries.

If you’re on this Visionary Path, you may feel like:

  • You’re committed to your spiritual path and your integrity will not let you run your business in a way that feels out of alignment with your heart.
  • You’re feeling pressured to conform to some niche that feels too constricting for you.
  • You know there’s a more feminine way to bring your vision to life, but you’re just not sure how to inhabit this new way of being.
  • You can’t handle witnessing how narcissistic our culture has become, and you feel deeply called to commit yourself to service in a way that sustains you without depleting you.
  • You care deeply about Mother Earth and the natural world and it pains you to see Her in crisis.
  • Your heart goes out to your fellow humans and other animal and plant species that are suffering on this planet and you feel called to DO something.
  • You sense that all of our systems—our medical system, our legal system, our economic system, our political system, our education system, our corporate system—have been corrupted by the out of balance patriarchy and you yearn to help restore balance and harmony.
  • You get the feeling that you have blind spots that are sabotaging your efforts to bring your gifts into the world, and you’re ready to do the work on getting out of your own way.
  • Your tribe just isn’t finding you, and even though you know you’re on this earth to be of service, you’re worried your vision will not be brought into being.
  • You’re a creative type, not a techy, but building a visionary business these days depends so much on the internet that you worry you’ll just never figure it out.
  • It’s so scary to make your visionary desires known that sometimes you’re tempted just to throw in the towel and give up on your calling.
  • You know you have a book in you—maybe many books—but you’re just not sure how to build your business as a visionary author.

This Unique Nine-Month Mentoring Program Offers You:

  • The opportunity to mentor with someone who have navigated the challenges of launching entrepreneurial visionary business based on the feminine principle so you can avoid making the same mistakes most visionaries make.
  • A way to pick the brain of someone who can help you clarify a vision, bring the vision to life through books, blogs, public speaking, workshops, one-on-one coaching, an in-person practice, online programs, and other ways to change the world while generating revenue.
  • Psychological and spiritual guidance to help free you from any traumatic patterns, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, or core wound that are coming between you and your vision.
  • Transformation of your visionary business-building journey into an opportunity for emotional, personal, physical, and spiritual awakening.
  • Support in honing in on how to live a life of heart-centered service in a way that uplifts you and that which you serve.
  • Spiritual counseling that will help orient you to a more trusting, surrendered way to bring your vision into being by aligning with Divine Will rather than forcing your personal will.
  • Support with the inevitable relationship challenges that tend to accompany deep transformational inner work.

You may have spent your whole life serving others, but right now, you are being called to fulfill your purpose. The world needs you to bring your vision to life NOW. Time is of the essence.

This Program Is For you If:

  • You’re fed up with getting in your own way. 
  • You’re in what Charles Eisenstein calls “the space between stories,” when one story has ended and another has not yet begun, and you’re feeling anxiety about all the uncertainty in your life.
  • You know your calling, you’re passionate about what you’re called to do, but you feel like the world’s best kept secret and you’re bursting to get your message out into the world.
  • You’re ready to do whatever it takes in order to fulfill your purpose.
  • You’re prepared to let go of limiting beliefs, victim mentality, small-minded thinking, old stories, and childhood patterns so you can do what you must to become who you are at your Essence.
  • You’re willing to get uncomfortable, knowing that any discomfort is meant to wake you up and uplift you.
  • You’re willing to bust through your upper limit blocks that keep you from true pleasure, fulfillment, and receptivity to Divine support, abundance, community, and unconditional love.
  • You’re finally ready to devote yourself to your own unique and authentic hero’s/heroine’s journey as you commit yourself to the spiritual path.
  • You’re willing to cast your vote with your deepest longings and then surrender all of your desires to Divine Will and trust that whatever is in the highest good will come into being.

We Know You Are Really Investing In Results

I understand that you might be curious about the kinds of outcomes you can expect from this program. You will be in charge of what we cover in this program, so it’s hard to predict exactly what you’ll get out of it. Many of my clients wind up being beleaguered doctors, lawyers, creative types, and corporate executives with aspirations to transform their service work into something more fun, fulfilling, flexible, aligned with the feminine principle, and spiritually “out of the closet.” But don’t be discouraged if you don’t fit that mold! Anyone from any background qualifies.

You might choose to ask for my help structuring and writing a book. You might need relationship counseling. You might need guidance developing a structured spiritual practice or navigating challenges that arise mystically as you transform quickly without appropriate grounding. You might need help monetizing a passion that you can’t seem to get off the ground financially. You will be in charge of guiding your journey. Part of the interview process helps us ensure that I am the right person for what you need. If I think someone else will serve you better, I will refer you to the right person.

Here’s a sampling of what some of my mentoring clients have gotten out of this journey. While many benefits are numinous, ineffable, and hard to describe, the following describe some of the more concrete results other clients have experienced.

  • A physician who was dissatisfied with her job and struggling in her marriage. She embarked upon this journey and quit her job halfway through. Then she addressed some core wounds in therapy, cleared those traumas, and flourished quickly. She started a microbusiness practice that is resulting in radical remissions for patients whose illnesses did not respond well to conventional medicine. Her marriage is thriving, her spiritual journey is accelerating, her business is bringing in seven figures, and she is touching the lives of many people who are infected by her Inner Pilot Light.
  • A husband and wife, both lawyers, activists, and spiritual seekers who serve underserved Native American communities, decided to take this program together. They spent a lot of their mentoring time focusing on restoring the joy and harmony to their relationships and healing from codependent patterns that played out destructively in both their personal and professional lives. They also restructured their service work and their priorities so family came first for them both without losing the fulfillment of the humanitarian aid work they continue to devote themselves to. He is preparing to write a book, based on connections he made with Lissa’s publisher after coming to a workshop hosted by the publisher for Lissa. She is studying mediation as a way to incorporate peace-making work into her humanitarian work and practice.
  • A professional artist who was burned out from meeting the demands of ten galleries and six solo art shows per year wanted to travel less, paint less, and leverage his business. Knowing that Lissa was both an artist and online entrepreneur, he sought her help to strategize a way to transform his talent into a sustainable business that he could do from home, with less art show deadlines and more flexibility. He now runs a seven figure online business, which includes online art classes and his own mentoring program, similar to this one that he experienced with Lissa.
  • A therapist who had just been ordained as a minister chose to participate in the program primarily to receive spiritual counseling. A few months into the program, her house burned down in front of her eyes and she found herself on the side of the road, calling Lissa to ask for an emergency session. While unexpected, this sudden, dramatic loss catapulted her into an accelerated spiritual path that allowed her to make a Herculean leap in consciousness so she could step fully into her calling.
  • A corporate coach was grieving the loss of her father and decided to take a six month sabbatical during this program to sit by the lake in her backyard and feel all her feelings. She wound up writing a book about her pause time and returned to a coaching career that blossomed after the inner work she did during her brave, badass heroine’s journey by the lake.
  • A woman who had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and had decided to decline conventional cancer treatment read Lissa’s book Mind Over Medicine and intuited that this program would be part of her Prescription. She came in asking for help either clearing what might have predisposed her to cancer or assistance in dying with grace, ease, and inner peace. Four years later, she is thriving and feels called to support others who feel called to choose an alternative path after a “terminal” diagnosis.
  • A real live shaman who was trained as a physician and didn’t know she was a shaman yearned to step more fully into her indigenous gifts, coming out of the closet as the medicine woman she is. She focused attention on healing childhood traumas that tended to land her in abusive relationships and is now married to a man who adores her. She shifted her work to “come out of the closet” and combine the indigenous wisdom she learned from her ancestors with her knowledge as a conventional physician serving underserved indigenous populations.
  • A therapist who had completed her PhD coursework but had not yet written her dissertation sought support finishing her thesis, requesting accountability and help creating structure. She completed her thesis, earned her PhD, built a virtual clinical practice that she can do from home, and is now teaching online classes so she can see fewer clients and still fulfill her calling to help people heal from trauma.
  • A mother of four who had left corporate life many years earlier felt reluctant to join the program because she didn’t know yet what her next calling, beyond being a mother, might be. After identifying and clearing blocks that were interfering with her ability to tune into her inner guidance, she discovered that her calling is to be the wind beneath the wings of other visionaries, as well as to find contentment and fulfillment in her life as a mother and wife.
  • A lawyer who was a long time meditator and deeply spiritual being grew discontented with her legal job and had already left the law when she took this program. At first, she thought she wanted to lead retreats focused on cooking, wine tasting, and getting back to the earth. But after healing her traumas related to the legal system, she is now successfully serving other lawyers who feel as devastated and helpless as she felt when she quit her job.
  • A mother with a corporate job had a vision of taking feminine empowerment teachings to her home country, where women are very disempowered, but she was entangled in a relationship that limited her ability to access her own power. After a lot of healing work and a difficult divorce, she is now working as a coach and teaching workshops, preparing to go back to her country to fulfill her original vision.
  • A physician and meditation teacher who expressed a lot of masculine energy felt called to focus her mentoring journey on reconciling, activating, and enlivening her relationship to the Divine Feminine. For her VIP day, she requested that Lissa teach her how to go on “Goddess Quest,” and their one-on-one time was often focused on the gifts of the feminine principle, which had been suppressed during medical school and diminished by her family and her culture.
  • One skilled couples therapist with a full practice wanted to get out of trading dollars for hours, spend less time seeing clients, and focus on some of her long-delayed creative projects. We strategized a way for her to do all her work with clients only on weekends, all while allowing her to hang out at her favorite weekend resort, giving her most of the week free to get creatively down and dirty. She made more money than she had been making in her conventional practice, and even better, her clients were thrilled, because she offered them exactly what they had always wanted and didn't know they could dare to request.

You have a choice about how you live the rest of your life.

Your Vision depends on you stepping fully into what you're called here to do.

If you are selected as one of the Visionary Mentoring Program clients, your commitment to showing up bodily, mentally, energetically, and spiritually are integral to your success.

This mentoring relationship is a commitment. We are entering into a transformational sacred contract together that is capable of radically changing not just your visionary business, but your whole life. The intention of this program is not to create dependency between you as the client and me as the mentor; it is to solidify your relationship with the mentor within, which I call your “Inner Pilot Light.” With that inner mentor taking the wheel of your life, your possibilities are limitless.

The real question you’ll need to ask yourself is “Are you ready?” I can meet you on the other side of the portal into this transformational experience, but only you can open the door and put both feet all in. This will be a deep and sometimes triggering experience. Big dreams often come with big blocks, and it will be my responsibility to help you see, address, and heal these blocks so your natural life force can flow through you unimpeded. Because traumatic blocks will impair your ability to co-create what you wish to create in this program, I will help set you up for success by asking you to see a therapist with expertise in clearing trauma as an adjunct to this program. The willingness to examine and heal what may be hard to face is part of what will help you get the most out of this program, regardless of what impels you to apply for it.

Why Is Lissa Leading This Program?

When I took a leap of faith and left my stable, lucrative, and miserable job as a full-time physician in a busy managed care OB/GYN practice, I knew I was called to be a healer, but practicing medicine that way was sucking my soul dry. Seeing 40 patients a day just wasn’t what I was called to do. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was suffering from “moral injury.” Harvard physicians Simon Talbot and Wendy Dean explain that doctors aren’t just burned out; we have moral injury. “Failing to consistently meet patients’ needs has a profound impact on physician well-being—this is the crux of consequent moral injury.” It’s not just doctors who feel this way. Many other service professionals—therapists, lawyers, educators, politicians—feel called to serve but wind up feeling like they’re failing the very people they are here to help.

But if being a doctor wasn’t what I was here to do, what was? I wound up pregnant and suicidal, feeling trapped and helpless. The pain grew until I couldn’t bear it anymore, so I quit my job, even though I was the sole breadwinner in the family with no plan for how to make a living.

I had no idea what would come next. I was in the space between stories, and I just had to wait until my next move became clear.

I yearned for a mentor, but I didn’t know where to turn for help. I spent two years of what I came to call my “waiting and becoming” years, during which I crystallized my vision—to help people heal, connect, wake up and thrive, not just in their physical health, but in all aspects of their lives. As a physician, I knew that it wasn’t enough to treat only the biochemical elements of a healthy lifestyle. Sure, diet, exercise, a good night’s sleep, and taking your vitamins are keys to a healthy life. But if you’re in an abusive marriage, you hate your job, you feel spiritually disconnected, you feel creatively thwarted, you can’t stand where you live, and you haven’t found your people, no drug, surgery, supplement, or diet plan is going to save you. The body is a mirror of how we live our lives and carries the imprint of all of our traumas. I began to see a path that would take me to whatever was next, but all I got was one breadcrumb at a time on this mysterious path to God knows where.

What ensued was a burning desire to create a revolution in health care, to change how we think about health and healing, and to start a grass roots campaign to shift the paradigm of modern medicine. But how?

After leaving medicine in 2007, I dreamed of becoming a professional writer, but four years later, I had gone from owning a house and having a cushy retirement account to having sold my house and spent every penny of my home equity and savings account in order to fund my dream, and I still had no plan for how to get back on my feet again. I had a newborn baby and a stay-home Daddy husband to support, but by January 2011, I was $200,000 in debt with no real hope of fulfilling my purpose or generating revenue in sight. I dreamed of being a career writer, but I had lost my agent, broken up with my publisher, and hung out a shingle as a “life coach,” although nobody was really calling me. Things were grim, and I got very scared and depressed. When you’re that frightened, it’s easy to get seduced off purpose, which is what began to happen. I felt tempted to compromise my soul’s integrity in order to pay the bills because I didn’t trust myself to be able to get us out of debt. I was making fear-based decisions and feeling pretty desperate, but who wants to hire someone who gives off a desperate vibe?

When I was at my darkest moments, I was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of several mentors who helped me rise from the ashes of my wounded ego. I managed to climb out of the fear, desperation, helplessness, hopelessness, and debt in order to build a successful seven-figure business that offers me financial stability while I fulfill my true purpose. And because I remember how scary and challenging it was to get from there to here, I’m committed to serving those who, like me, know they are here to serve humanity and need a little help from someone who has learned everything the hard way.

I was guided to create the Visionary Mentoring Program as a reflection of what I wished had been available to me years earlier, when I found myself stuck in the liminal space of uncertainty, which for many visionaries is both terrifying and the gestational birthplace of many miracles. It gives me great joy to offer solace, guidance, practical tools, transformational support, and spiritual counseling to those who need what I needed back then.

As I wrote about in The Anatomy of a Calling, which is the story of my own visionary quest to fulfill my purpose and align with my soul, I now know that aligning with your purpose is a spiritual journey, and it requires illuminating your blind spots, coming face to face with your darkest fears, being willing to look at all that isn’t true about Who You Really Are, learning to hear and trust your Inner Pilot Light, and becoming intimate with all the parts of you that you may have exiled or demonized so your soul can take the wheel, not just in your business, but in your life.

There’s nothing I love more than helping other visionaries do JUST THAT so they can get to work doing what they’re here to do while running a successful business as a side effect of aligning with your true purpose. So that’s why I decided to put this program together— because I genuinely care about visionary entrepreneurs like you, and because the very survival of the planet depends on you fulfilling your purpose. Ultimately, this program is about service—my service to you but also your service to that which wants to be born through you as part of the transformation of consciousness on a planet in need of healing.

The Visionary Mentoring Program Is By APPLICATION ONLY. To Be Considered As A Mentoring Client:

FIRST . . . submit an application. While requesting an application does not commit you to participating in this program, it does express your interest and allow us both to better understand whether this is the right fit for you and us.

SECOND . . . submit your completed application to by July 15, 2019.

THIRD . . . qualified applicants will be personally interviewed by Lissa before the clients are selected. Each application will be carefully reviewed, and if it looks like a potential match, you will be scheduled for a personal phone interview. Your interview does not in any way obligate you to participate in the program. It’s just a way for you to check out me and for me to tune into whether I think I can give you what you need and deserve. Don’t worry! You can’t do this wrong. Trust that the interview process just helps us select the Divinely-aligned perfect clients for this round, and if you’re not selected this time, we may do it again one day. So please trust the process and don’t be nervous.

NOTE: The program enrollment is first come, first serve. Please don’t delay. If this program feels aligned for you, please respond as soon as you can so we have more flexibility with scheduling your interview.

What You’ll Receive As A Visionary Mentoring Client:

A full service, in-person, personalized, anything-goes 8-hour VIP day in the Bay Area with Lissa. Your VIP day may be scheduled at any point during the 9 month journey, depending on scheduling. You’ll arrive in the Bay area the day before the Big Day, where you’ll be met by a driver who will escort you to your luxury hotel so you can catch some R&R before we meet. Before your VIP day, we will have had at least one phone session, and I will ask you to get clear on what you hope to achieve during the day, so we can tailor the day to your particular needs. We can discuss all the possibilities of how we can use that time, so you know my areas of expertise and how you might best utilize our time together. I may have my vision for what is possible for you, but this is YOUR day to structure however you desire. I’ll be at your service, so don’t give your power away to me. I’ll expect you to stand for what you need and participate in making sure you get your needs met. I can help steer us if I know your intentions—or we can go with the flow and see where we land. But it will be your responsibility to communicate clearly about how I can best serve you.

On the day itself, we’ll pick you up at 9:30 a.m. and transport you to Lissa’s home, where you’ll be welcomed into what her friends call the “Transformational Hen House.” We’ll break for a yummy lunch together, resume our meeting during the afternoon, and get you back to your hotel with a take out dinner so you can rest and integrate for the evening without having to worry about anything. By the end of the day, you’ll have a very clear visionary action plan, so you’ll know exactly where to get started when you get back home.

Nine 50-minute phone sessions with Lissa (Completed by April 15, 2020) one per month.

Email access to Lissa (August 2019–April 2020) for questions that come up in between coaching sessions.

2 nights Luxury Room for your VIP day.

Car Service Transportation to/from SFO airport.

Lunch and dinner on your VIP day.

PLEASE NOTE: Airfare and/or transportation to San Francisco is not included.

Program Bonuses

Bonus #1

Visionary Ignition SwitchFire Up Your Message, Money & Meaning in the World—This 8-week program Lissa co-teaches with fellow visionary Amy Ahlers is aimed at teaching you ALL the details you’ll need to grow your platform, network like a genius, publish and launch your book, rock the stage, monetize your vision with online programs, transform your one-on-one business into platinum offerings just like this one, and change your mindset so your money issues don’t get in the way of your thriving visionary business. Because you’ll have access to this program, we’ll be able to skip past Twitter details and book deal hooey during your one-on-one sessions so we can hone in on your personal vision and get specific with what YOU need. You will have the opportunity to ask Lissa direct questions about what you learn in VIS during your monthly group coaching calls. ($2000 value)

Bonus #2

Relationships on the Spiritual Path—Because transformational experiences tend to cause ripples that impact your relationships, we’ve added this 12-week program about optimizing your relationships during spiritual growth experiences as part of the mentoring program. Relationships On The Spiritual Path includes 9, 90-minute teleclasses and 5, 60-minute bonus teleclasses with relationship experts with a particular area of interest in Relationships on the Spiritual Path. ($297 value)

Bonus #3

Membership in the Visionary Book Club—which includes delivery of our 3 favorite books guaranteed to transform your life. To make sure we don’t duplicate books you already have, we will give you a carefully selected reading list and you can pick your five favorites as bonus gifts.

Please, Only Apply for the Visionary Mentoring Program If:

You’re willing and able to FULLY commit to your own professional and personal growth. It’s fine if you have a full time job and a family. I won’t ask you to turn away from your responsibilities. But you’ll want to make sure you have the bandwidth to invest in yourself so you can reap the rewards this kind of program can offer. You will not achieve the results we know are possible for you unless you show up fully, stand in your own power, ask for support when you need it, speak up and express your dissatisfaction if you feel it, follow through on the actions steps we’ll co-create for you, and trust yourself.

What Will You Do With This One Wild And Precious Life?

Your Investment In Yourself

This personalized, profound, life-changing program is valued at $13,197, but you can save $1,200 by paying $11,997 in full upon acceptance into the program.

Payment Plan 1 (Monthly Payment Plan): $4,997 deposit upon acceptance, followed by 6 monthly payments of $1,166.66, 30 days apart for 6 months.

Payment Plan 2 (One Pay Plan): $11,997 upon acceptance into the program. *You Save $1,200

Simply indicate on your application the plan that works for you.

Mentoring with Lissa Rankin has been nothing short of transformative.

I felt deeply heard and incredibly supported by this brilliant, heart-centered, and deeply soulful woman. Not only did she help me reflect on my personal and professional goals, but also catalyzed within me a connection to what is most meaningful in my life.

Through mentoring with Lissa, I have found and strengthened, a place of profound peace within myself. I now “get,” in my very bones, that I am capable of living my life in alignment with my deepest truth. Words cannot begin the express my gratitude to Lissa. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to enroll in the mentoring program all over again . . . and again.

Joanna Garritano-Roger

Being mentored by Lissa has been life changing in ways I could not have imagined when I first started the Visionary Mentoring Program.

I thought I knew what I needed and wanted to get from spending such valuable time with them and yet, what I got was nothing I was expecting. Instead, it was so much more. And, it was exactly what I needed to transform myself both personally and spiritually. I recently read a quote in a book that describes perfectly what my time with Lissa has been like: “The role of spiritual guides isn’t to help people know anything. It’s to help them not know—to hold the space of not knowing so that the deeper wisdom of the heart space can make itself felt.” (From the book Your Soul’s Compass, by Joan Borysenko and Gordon Dveirin).

Lissa held the space of not knowing for me (which was a scary place for me to be!) so my heart wisdom could emerge and propel me forward on my journey. She is a true spiritual guide. Her mentoring and guidance has been a huge blessing in my life and enabled me to transform my life in ways I never imagined possible.

Andria Corso

When I first learned of the opportunity to be mentored by Lissa, I felt a lightening bolt “YES!” strike my body.

I knew that I was about to embark on a transformational journey. I had no idea the depth of personal transformation that would unfold—and continue to unfold—for me. I was familiar with Lissa’s work having read her books and blogs and having participated in an online course she offered. I related to Lissa because her story parallels mine in many ways and vice versa.

Through the vehicle of the mentoring program, Lissa supports individuals in their process of awakening to Divine Spirit. During the group sessions she weaved together wisdom and understanding in a graceful flow that is only possible when there is heart connection. Lissa is dedicated to radical transparency of herself and her experiences and that opened the door for me to come more into my own authenticity. Guided by her own wisdom, Lissa provided a new perspective on the pain and limitations that are blocking me. She offered loving support along with tools and techniques that I could use to begin to heal my pain and move through my limitations.

Lissa is a spark that ignited a flame of transformation in me and now that the flame has been lit, it shines and it illumines my way.

Deanna De Paoli

My goal was EXPANSION - In my time with Lissa, I have grown my list by 600%, doubled my twitter, and quintupled my Facebook with quality followers. She has shared my offerings with her tribe, and made truly valuable introductions. I've been featured on tele-summits and I'm co leading a live event with one of her connections—a major player in the coaching, spiritual, and self-love world. My online class size doubled and for the first time I had students from all over the globe sign up for my classes. I got such loving support and wise council from Lissa. She has been instrumental in helping me shed limiting beliefs and step into more of my potential. This has helped both my business and my personal life. My investment in her program was completely worth it. I highly recommend a season with Lissa.

Allison Crow

​Right away my Inner Pilot Light (as Lissa calls it) said “Yes please!”

Then immediately my head said “You don’t have the money, you’re out of your league, and you certainly don’t deserve this!”I had recently been diagnosed with stage four cancer and I was starting to pay close attention to my Inner Pilot Light. It was guiding me to follow my heart and apply for the program. So I did! I sensed in my heart that if it was meant to be, the doubt about applying, the money and believing in myself would fall away. It slowly did, as the Universe aligned itself and I graciously stepped into the program.

From the beginning, starting with my VIP day, until the end of the program Lissa always supported me as I began to break the barriers within myself that were holding me back from reaching my potential. I had no idea what my purpose was when I started the program. I just sensed that the dis-ease in my body had a much bigger purpose for me than I could possibly imagine. Lissa helped guide, listen and hold space as I stepped into my power and created a new me. She always encouraged me to give myself permission to follow my heart and trust that my heart would never leave me astray.

Thank you, thank you, Lissa for supporting me as I moved through my process. I now know that my heart holds the key to my happiness and my mind only holds the beliefs that no longer serve me. With this new understanding of self, I have truly been able to heal at the very core of my being!

Diane Kulak

The program has helped me to discover the issues that were holding me back and reaching my full potential in my life.

This is a truly profound and transformational program that provided me with the tools I needed to overcome obstacles and helped me get out of my own way. Lissa is very insightful, nonjudgmental, full of wisdom and helped me to gain clarity and find direction in life with their amazing abilities. Because of this course not only have I healed myself, I have also been empowered to heal others. Thanks again to Lissa for all the wisdom and helping others in their healing journey.

Krishna Khatri


Close your eyes, take a breath, and tap into the wisdom of your Inner Pilot Light. Ask your Inner Pilot Light what is true for you. Be aware of parts inside you that might pipe up with discouraging words like, “You’re not good enough,” “You don’t deserve this,” “You can’t afford it,” “It won’t work for you,” or “You’re not ready for this yet.” Perhaps those voices are telling the truth. Maybe you really can’t afford it without causing undue stress on your family. Maybe you’re really not ready for this and another time might work better. But make sure you don’t take these messages at face value. Take the time to listen to how those voices try to protect you, but don’t let them make your decisions for you. Trust your intuition. Listen to your guidance. Surrender this decision of whether this program is right for you to Divine Will and wait for signs, dreams, synchronicities, and inner knowing. Every client I’ve ever worked with said they just knew by the time they completed the interview whether or not it was right for them.

​I know how scary choosing to do something like this can feel. It takes courage and the capacity to tolerate risk. I remember how it felt jumping off the cliff when I decided it was time to quit living the unhappy, unhealthy life I had created. I remember the quivering in my stomach as I stood at the edge of that cliff and looked down into the abyss. I remember feeling the butterflies, tapping into my discernment, mustering up the moxie, and then screaming, “GERONIMO!” just as I discovered that not only was I not falling—I was being caught by an invisible force that wished me well and wanted to use me in service to Something Bigger.

​This is your chance to leap, knowing that this program will be here to help you trust your own wings.

​I trust your inner guidance. Maybe it’s saying, “Not yet” or “Not ever,” and that’s OK. But if your Inner Pilot Light is screaming, “YES! THIS IS WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW!” then the next step is easy. Just request and fill out the application, sign it and email it to

​This nine-month program has the power to change your life forever, but only if you say YES when you sense that this is aligned for you. Are you ready?

With love and faith in your journey,

Lissa Rankin, MD

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