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Apparently, many of you read last week’s blog about Trevor Hart: Is White Magic Real? Let Me Introduce You to a Real Live Wizard because Trevor has gotten received over 500 emails requesting appointments and inquiring about our new upcoming course, “Reorienting Your Inner Compass.” We are delighted that so many people are open to such an unconventional approach to healing, and we are heartened that Trevor’s insights into the healing process may help us heal ourselves, educate doctors, and revolutionize and expand what is possible in health care on a more global scale.

Trevor and I spent many hours on the phone this weekend, discussing how to attend to this level of need, both from people in need of spiritual mentoring and from sick, suffering people who are desperate for relief. We are only two human beings. There is only so much Lissa time, and there is only so much Trevor time. Yet we feel the suffering of those in need in our own sensitive hearts. The question we were posing to the Organizing Intelligence (OI) is “How can we bring Trevor’s work to a mainstream audience without inciting ‘false hope’ or overburdening Trevor, who already has a 4-month waiting list and works long hours four days a week?” How can both of our healing gifts be amplified to serve more people who are suffering from physical illness or spiritual disconnection? We are both getting streams of downloads in response to these sincere questions, and while we’re still opening to receive those answers, I wanted to share with you some hopeful revelations.

Physical Healing Can Be a Side Effect Of “Deep Soul Embodiment”

Here’s one thing we want you to understand about Trevor’s Sacred Medicine healing work. This is Sacred Medicine White Magic 101. Physical healing tends to be a side effect of spiritual healing. This is not always true, and it oversimplifies the healing process to suggest that an enlightened being would not get sick (I’ll address this later in this blog). We’re not talking about an acute medical event—like a car accident, an acute heart attack, an acute bacterial infection, a fractured bone, or a stroke. If you’re suffering from a medical emergency, we both agree that you’re better off calling 911. But especially in the case of chronic illness, chronic infection like Lyme’s disease, or those who are in treatment after a cancer diagnosis or heart disease, spiritual healing and physical recovery are often linked.

Most of what Trevor does with his healing work (and most of what I am doing when people experience “spontaneous remissions” through my work) is spiritual healing work. It’s what happens to the body when the soul comes home and old patterns, cultural conditioning, limiting beliefs, and past traumas begin to heal through love and wholeness, falling away naturally as a side effect of this reclamation of the wholeness that has existed all along. Yes, it’s white magic, but it’s not actually so magical after all. It’s totally natural for the body to be an external out picturing of what’s happening in one’s inner journey.

Spiritual Healing Does Not Diminish the Sacredness of Western Medicine

Trevor and I both agree that spiritual healing does not necessarily replace Western medicine. Neither of us are “anti-Western medicine.” In fact, both of us agree. Some energy healers and faith healers diminish or chastise Western medicine, failing to be humble about how life-saving Western medicine can be and feeling chastened when they experience medical emergencies that require them to consent to life-saving interventions by the very medicine they have judged. Conventional medical treatments can also be Sacred Medicine when employed in conjunction with spiritual healing, when drugs and surgery are used as emergency interventions but not as a way to bypass the messages and spiritual guidance coming from the body. Medical technology is its own kind of miracle! We must never throw out the baby with the bathwater. Western medicine saves lives. It is a gift from God. We do not have to choose between spiritual healing and Western medicine. Lasting miracles are more likely if we stay in the “both/and” space of paradox.

How Does Trevor Facilitate His Healing Work?

At some point, I will be writing in great detail about this in my Sacred Medicine book. It’s quite complicated and quite simple. He works multi-dimensionally. He receives guidance from the Organizing Intelligence (OI). He’s using “light body engineering” to build light body bridges between the soul in the 8th chakra to any areas that are out of alignment in other chakras using sacred geometry protocols. (If you can’t track that last sentence, don’t worry. My cognitive physician mind can’t really track it either, but my heart knows there’s something legit here that science doesn’t yet fully understand.) Trevor begins by asking a client’s soul for consent to intervene. He asks the soul, “Is this your exit plan?” and if the soul says yes, his spiritual ethic will not allow him to intervene and override the soul’s “prime directive.” If the soul, the OI, and the human self all consent, Trevor merges his consciousness with the consciousness of the sick person and “petitions” to change the timeline. He then installs sacred geometry protocols and light body bridges to help the body heal itself using the soul’s built in guidance system.

Trevor insists that he’s not actually responsible for the healings that happen. It’s a kind of white magic, a healing technology from the future that he is bringing into present time, something science is only just now beginning to be able to track. But it’s not Trevor doing the healing. He is merely the conduit for the OI and the individual’s deep soul embodiment. In fact, he swears that if he was ever arrogant enough to claim credit for someone’s “spontaneous remission,” he would lose the right to practice his healing gifts. Part of his agreement to serve as this kind of conduit requires a deep level of humility, which has made it hard for him to let me write about him in this way. He would prefer to remain anonymous, in his hermit cave, were he not getting clear instructions for the OI that now is the time to bring forth his gifts more publicly.

This is a massive oversimplification, but it’s the closest summary I can share without writing a whole book (which I will!).

Why Does Science Lag Behind Sacred Medicine?

When I asked Trevor why scientists have a hard time validating this kind of healing, he said, “God doesn’t want to be studied.” We know from a historical perspective that if we only believe that which science can validate, we will always lag behind the actual truth of the phenomenology of what is actually happening. I was trained as a scientist, and my mind loves to study that which can be proven. But I’ve also been humbled to see the arrogance of my scientific mind, which wants to know and prove things before it accepts something as “real.”

Yet what is a mystic to do when things happen that science cannot explain? I have personally experienced things that defy basic laws of science. Does that mean they aren’t real? Am I going crazy? Did I only imagine these science-defying mystical experiences? Or is the OI trying to humble me and shatter my world view so I can help to humble those I serve out in the world? I don’t know. More and more, the answer to all my mind’s questions is “I don’t know. It’s a mystery.”

I am not dismissing the value of science. Yes! Let’s study that which is able to be studied. There are genuine black magicians and charlatans out there taking advantage of vulnerable people. First, do no harm. Let’s use science and intuition however we can to protect people from harm. But as long as we stay limited by the narrow framework of what science can explain, we will fail to be open to the limitless possibility of human potential and Divine intelligence. I have chosen to be curious, without discarding my skeptical, scientific mind. Staying open but discerning has allowed me to experience and witness things I never thought were possible. My relationship with Trevor and what I have experienced with him is testimony to that openness.

Don’t Give Your Power Away, but Don’t Carry the Burden Alone Either

The message I taught in Mind Over Medicine and in the Whole Health Medicine Institute has been consistent over the years. Given the right conditions, the body has a miraculous capacity to heal itself. Yet we are once again in the realm of paradox. The body has the innate power to heal itself, but most people can’t do it alone. To project all of the healing power onto the healer is no different than giving all your power away to a drug or a surgeon. When we’re sick, we’re so tempted to seek the quick fix—if not the drug or surgery, then the miracle supplement, the juice cleanse, the faith healer, the energy worker, or the white wizard. It’s only natural. It’s scary to be sick. It brings up all our biggest fears—of disability, of pain, of dependency, of death. Trevor and I understand these fears, and we hold them with compassion in our hearts. Our guidance is telling us that all of these other Sacred Medicine tools can be powerful healing tools—but they are merely tools to open up within you the healing power you already have. Resist the urge to depend on these tools and be open to going directly to the Source of healing for support.

It is also important not to become overly independent, resisting getting help when you really need it. We all have a tendency to swing either towards complete dependence or it’s opposite—total self-reliance. It’s a balance we are looking for—walking that razor’s edge between taking responsibility for your own healing and humbly surrendering to the support of those who can help you when your intuition guides you to do so. The healthy balance point lies in interdependence—wherein we balance working with doctors and healers while also doing our inner work to optimize health outcomes. Ultimately, the invitation is to learn more about how to tune into your own OI—however that guidance appears in your own life.

The Root Cause of Illness

The restoration of the health of the body is sometimes (but not always) a side effect of the return to wholeness spiritually. So yes, Trevor’s one-on-one work has made him a world class healer who tends to some of the sickest, most spiritually curious beings on the planet in order to help them milk their illness for all the spiritual gifts nested within their physical symptoms. But most of what Trevor does with his clients is spiritual mentoring work. Trevor is helping sick people get to the root cause of what predisposed them to a physical illness (not just on a conscious level in present time, but perhaps even related to repressed childhood trauma or even past life trauma).

His work is about “deep soul embodiment,” allowing the soul, which he says lives in the 8th chakra, to drop all the way down into the body on the deepest level. When this happens, physical, mental, and spiritual healing may be a side effect of this merging with the Divine within. One of the reasons Trevor’s waiting list is so long is because many of his clients keep working with him, long after their physical symptoms resolve. Even if their symptoms aren’t cured, many still keep working with Trevor, because they see that healing is happening, even if cure isn’t.

Most of what Trevor does in his one-on-one work is spiritual mentoring. Physical healing just happens to be one of the side effects that sometimes (but not always) occurs. Keep in mind that spiritual healing and cure do not always go hand in hand. There’s a difference between healing and curing . Some people are healed without being cured. Some are cured without being healed. Ideally, one is riding shotgun with the other.

Disease Does Not Equate to Spiritual Immaturity

Neither Trevor nor I mean to suggest that a sick person is less enlightened than a physically well person or that a well person doesn’t have loads of blind spots and dark shadows! It’s not that simplistic. The soul speaks to us in many ways to bring us back home—and the body is just one of many messengers. Perhaps the soul sometimes chooses chronic illness as a life teacher, as it has with my spiritual mentor Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, who has been in and out of the hospital with Crohn’s disease her whole life. Perhaps this has made her one of the most compassionate doctors on the planet, capable of creating a curriculum called “The Healer’s Art,” which is taught in 90+ medical schools in 7 countries around the world. Perhaps this was part of her soul’s plan in this life and in no way marks some sort of spiritual immaturity. As one who has benefitted from Rachel’s deep wisdom teachings for almost ten years, I know how illuminated this beautiful soul is, and yes, she’s still sick. There are many others like her—deeply compassionate, humble souls who have learned their humility and their compassion through the teachings of their illness. I get triggered by those who teach that disease is some sort of spiritual shortcoming. I cannot suggest something so simplistic as “Physical illness means you’re not enlightened enough or you’re not trying hard enough to align your life with your true nature.” The truth is that we’re living in the realm of paradox here . Perhaps it’s true that spiritual healing and physical healing are linked, that physical illness may reflect soul sickness and serve as a messenger to awaken to one’s true nature. But it may also be true that illness may show up as an assignment from the soul, here to grow and enlighten us, and perhaps that illness is meant to stick around as a lifelong teacher.

We All Have Blind Spots—including Healers, Saints & Gurus

Some of the gurus and healers I’ve met are in terrible health. The guru/Hindu high priest/indigenous Balinese shaman I met in Bali spent our whole session nearly hacking up a lung. When I suggested that perhaps he needed to take a day of self-healing, he brushed me off and laughed at his body, as if it were a pesky afterthought.

But I suspect his attitude towards his body also points to a true blind spot in many “spiritual” people—one that says that the body is second fiddle to the soul/spirit and that bodies can be neglected because we are more than our bodies. And yes—we are more than our bodies! But we’re also our bodies! It’s the ultimate paradox, the cosmic joke. We are One, and we are many. We are more than our bodies, and we can’t get away with ignoring the flesh and bone aspect of ourselves. True spiritual growth means awakening to the realization that you are the cosmos, but then bringing that heightened awareness back into this body, in this dimension, on this planet, right here and now.

Heal the Savior Complex, Heal the Body

Another common blind spot I see in “spiritual” people is a subtle if not obvious “I’m here to save the world and heal people and the planet” Savior Complex pattern . This disease-inducing pattern (which is often overlooked in the name of “service”) can predispose you to overgiving, depletion, and physical disease.  Trust me—I know this one personally! I used to take 7 drugs that my doctors told me I’d have to take for life—and I’m now off all of them. This pattern shows up not just in doctors, therapists, and energy healers—it also shows up in activists, stay-home mothers, caregivers of sick relatives, ministers, and gurus. We predispose our own bodies to disease in the name of “I’m here to serve everyone else.” The body ultimately rebels if we do not acknowledge that our own bodies deserve as much tender loving care as all other beings on the planet.

From what I can tell, few get away with neglecting the body for long. This is where deep soul embodiment comes in. When the soul really lands in the body, rather than floating safely outside of it because of unhealed trauma, this is when the soul finally knows it’s safe to re-inhabit the body. It’s at this point that the soul itself becomes the inner healer- healing old patterns, illuminating blind spots, healing cultural conditioning, and repairing disruptions in the body’s physicality. Self-care is a side effect of deep soul embodiment, and that self-care can include a deeper level of service, the kind of service that nourishes rather than depletes the physical body. Paradoxically, the service itself becomes the medicine. (We’ll talk more about that in Reclaiming Your Inner Compass, our upcoming course.)

Call Upon Your Own OI

As I warned in my last blog , Trevor is a white wizard who is also a human being, so he simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to attend personally in one-on-one sessions to the number of people who are seeking his healing gifts in the wake of my “outing” of him as a healer. But here’s the thrilling news! The OI is telling Trevor (and me too) that if you have made a sincere, earnest plea for Trevor’s assistance, if you are truly surrendering to Divine Will, if you are ready and willing to examine your blind spots and do the deep inner spiritual work as the groundwork for physical healing, rather than looking for a quick fix—you are already being helped on the invisible planes.

The OI is saying that all it takes to activate this deep soul embodiment is a sincere, humble plea for help from the invisible forces of love that help Trevor do his work.

Once again, we’re in the land of paradox. Your own soul can heal you. And few of us mortals can actually navigate this alone.

Trevor is in the process of developing groups to help those who are acutely or even terminally ill, so please know that we are working as fast as our human selves can handle without depleting ourselves and falling prey to our own Savior Complexes! Learn more about Trevor’s groups here.

The purity of our motive to serve you runs deep in the compassion that wells up from the springs of our hearts, and it’s hard for Trevor and me to read the stories of all the suffering beings who come to us for guidance. Our hearts bleed for those who are hurting. Please know that we are doing the best we can to help you find your own path—whether it means joining us on this collective journey or journeying into your own process without us.

With love from the bottomless pool of love in our hearts,

Lissa & Trevor

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  1. Gordon Yumibe

    I’d like to describe the work as sacred…as an inner testimony of being able to work directly within the Divine Plan…what the result may be magical or really miraculous… I still have trouble with your description as being white magic for some reason…otherwise it sounds great.. one of the things I have not been able to do yet is to actually meet someone who has dedicated one’s life to serve in this manner and to be able to talk about what we do… it has been something that I have done for a long time and has taken up at least 3-4 hours a night in developing our gifts of healing. It continues to evolve and grow in such ways that many many others now know something “magical” is a part of the inner transformational process…

    Thanks !


    • Gordon Yumibe

      fb page, “The Rainbow Bridge, A Healer’s Gift”…

      • Gordon Yumibe

        I have become fully illuminated, an inner process that has taken me several years before I received a message that it was complete..a rainbow bridge to help others see their own inner divinity…The Father/Mother/Son in all it’s divinity…Mother Mary has become a source of strength…directly. I asked her to come to your aid as well. An yes, I know the correlation between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual as it is directly related to our healthiness…there is still so much to share…not enough time and opportunity yet…stay tuned…lol!

        • Gordon Yumibe

          One last thing before I turn in…I haven’t written much lately…my WordPress site….httpss://

    • Lissa_Rankin

      I do call it Sacred, Gordon. My use of the word “magic” is more playful than anything else. In the world of Harry Potter and fairy tales, it delights me to realize that real live wizards do exist and yes- their magic comes from the Divine. So it’s kind of just semantics. Trevor and I like to be playful in how we navigate the world of God and magic. It’s easy to take ourselves too seriously or to be all grandiose about such things. Calling it magic takes us into the realm of curious children and keeps us humble. But that in no way means we’re not fully aware that this is really serious divine intervention happening here.

      • Gordon Yumibe

        Thanks for clarifying for me Lisa…I probably am still too sensitive to things yet associated with magic and witch craft types of things…I have been privy to some of my past life incarnations…one was being burned alive at the stake..from what I understand there were many who still carry some of those types of things..

  2. tina coates

    Oh my sweet Dr. Lissa, God has given me such a precious gift through your teachings and from bringing special people into my life (my therapist and some doctors) to help me learn more about the mind/body/spirit connection. I have had what you have described above as the Savior Complex Pattern, and have been told by another light worker that I need to let my body know it is safe for my soul to come back. But the more knowledge I am gaining in that respect, the more physical deterioration I am experiencing. I am so hungry to move in the right direction, and so eager for the excruciating pain to dissipate. Thank you for all you are doing to help us understand these things more. I pray I will live to be an overcomer and encourage many others to forge forward in their quest for healing and wholeness. With sincere gratitude and love, Tina.

  3. sabrina

    dear lissa
    thank you so much for writing this blog! this post was the most helpful for me ever. i’m chronically sick and i’m so grateful somebody finally wrote in detail about what sickness can but doesn’t necessarily must mean.
    because i get judged so often around certain spiritual people for ‘still’ being sick and as soon as some people learn about my disease they suggest i go see this or that healer…. which often hurts me and makes me feel judged and not seen or accepted as i am.
    thank you and my kind regards,

    • Lissa_Rankin

      I am sorry you have been treated this way Sabrina. People mean well, but there is often this subtle “if you’re still sick, it’s because you’re not trying hard enough or you’re not enlightened enough” story that floats around spiritual circles. It can be very self-righteous, and those people often wind up flat on their humbled faces when they get sick themselves and realize that sickness can be a wake up call, but it can also be part of a complex and mysterious soul’s journey. Sending love and compassion as you navigate yours.

  4. Marilyn Clulow

    Lisa you say that you are a trained scientist. To my knowledge medical doctors are not trained scientists. They usually have a basic BSc, but even now they no longer need that in many medical schools. My husband is a research scientist with a Phd in Biology, he lectured and did research in a university setting for many years and now lectures in Medical School, so I have been around scientists and science for at least 50 years. I use the allopathic system only when absolutely necessary, I use nutrition, supplements, exercise, soul and energy healing, and a deep spirituality to keep my self well, so far at 81 , I am fit , active, sometimes heartsick at the world we live in, but try to remain focused on the big picture, be always open, stay out of ego as best I can and try to live from the heart always, hard but doable. Thank you for the work you are doing, it is sorely needed. Just wanted to clarify that doctors are not scientists usually although they have been trained to follow the scientific method.

    • Mary Louder

      Dear Marilyn,
      Thanks for your clarification and experiences. As a fellow reader of this blog and as a physician, I can share that we are trained in the basic sciences both pre med and in medical school. As physicians we then take the science and apply it clinically in the “clinical science” of medicine. This is where we understand that the science and the art of medicine come together. As an Osteopath, we call this structure and function, or the mind body or holistic approach. Even if a physician is not mind body centered, they frequently approach things from the bio-psycho-social model which incorporates science, clinical and psycho-social.

      While I hear what you are saying and the distinct line of science you are highlighting, the reality is however that medicine is clinical and scientific as well as artful in its structure and function. We are trained to think rationally as scientist while treating the human patient. This is a tremendous challenge to balance and to accomplish. I think we are living in the time when we can see the true emergence of medical care with both the science and the art of healing. I for one am excited to see this unfold. Kind regards. Mary

  5. Lori

    I’m learning a lot from your posts. This information is awesome…both helpful and humbling! Thank you.

  6. Susan Raymond

    Thank you Lissa & Gordon! Love these posts. The one on paradox is timely. ❤️

  7. Mary Louder

    Lissa, This is simply amazing. This resonates on so many levels for me as a physician and person and healer. A lot of the ideas written about are questions that I have pondered for a long time. So, it feels as the time has come. Collectively, I am with you and Trevor my heart and soul embrace this work and I will learn from these writings and work towards helping to restore the soul in medicine and humanity. Blessings.

  8. Christine Rose

    I too feel the truth of this deeply as an energy healer and pediatrician. My heart and soul yearns to have more tools to facilitate the remembering of wholeness. Thank you for the with you’re doing and I look forward to reading more.

  9. Leah Reynolds

    Lissa, you have a doppelgänger. I saw a lady in Fred Meyer in Klamath Falls Oregon and I swear it was you…any chance??lol

  10. Achama U

    I shared about this similar thing in my Fb group so when I read it my heart tripped over and my breath caught in my throat because I KNEW it was truth. Thanking YHWH for His desire to bring complete healing and restoration for those crying out for it and have deeply buried wounds.

  11. Melanie Stokes

    Hi Lissa I loved your Boulder workshop and really benefited from Trevor’s guided meditations!! Is there anyway he could post outlines of the light bridge exercise and the other meditations he led us through? I am now having trouble remembering the specifics and I want to be consistent with doing those practices daily


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