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May 7th ends more than three years of gestating my next book, Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself. Like any pregnant mama, I’m jonesing to bring this baby into the world, not because my back hurts or my ankles are swollen, but because everyone on this planet needs to learn the shocking data I uncovered proving unequivocally how the mind can heal – or harm – the body.

I promise that once you read this book, your mind will be as blown open as mine, and you’ll want to send this book to every sick person you know, every health care provider who cares for you, and every loved one you hope thrives until they’re 100. (Really, I’m not kidding. When you find out the one surprising thing that benefits your health more than exercise, a healthy diet, or quitting your bad habits, you’re gonna want to shout it from the rooftops.)

Is There Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself?

You betcha. There’s proof that you can radically alter your body’s physiology just by changing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. There’s also proof that you can make yourself sick when your mind thinks unhealthy thoughts. And it’s not just mental. It’s physiologic. How does a thought, feeling, or belief translate into real physiological changes in your cells and organs? Don’t worry, I explain exactly how unhealthy thoughts and feelings translate into disease and how healthy thoughts and feelings prevent disease, increase longevity, prevent aging, and help the body repair itself when it breaks down.

The Media Loves It

This book has been blessed with great national media attention (an O Magazine feature, a special that will be featured on PBS, Health magazine, Shape magazine, Women’s Health magazine, interest from the Dr. Oz Show, and more trickling in every day.)  This kind of attention affirms what we already knew – that learning how to activate your body’s natural self-repair mechanisms for both prevention and cure is something many people are ready to learn, and that healing our broken health care system from the inside out is high on everyone’s priority lists.

Soon, I’ll be debuting a video trailer – and hitting the road to meet many of you in person, beginning with Hay House’s I Can Do It! 2013 in Atlanta on May 3. But first – A SALE!

The Mind Over Medicine Preorder Sale!

Because I’m so committed to helping this book reach as many people as possible in the first week of its birth, I’m offering a special sale for those who’d like to pre-order the book – just for yourself or to share with friends, family members, or even clients who you think might benefit from the self-healing message of Mind Over Medicine.

In exchange for your book purchases, I’m throwing in some extra special goodies meant to help you apply the gems in this book to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

How The Preorder Sale Works

Order 1 Book & You’ll Receive Access To A Live Online Event With Me & Martha Beck ($79 value)

Buy 1 book wherever you like (it costs as little as $15.75 at some online retailers), enter your name, email, “1” copy ordered, and receipt number on the order page here, and get FREE access to MAKE YOUR BODY RIPE FOR MIRACLES, a 2 hour LIVE ONLINE EVENT with me and Martha Beck, PhD. (If you’ve already pre-ordered the book, you can still enter your receipt number and redeem your free gift.) Remember to follow the instructions after you enter your information and you’re taken to a new page to register for the free online event.

In this LIVE ONLINE EVENT, you’ll learn:

  • An easy, relaxing activity that takes only one hour per week and can help you live up to fourteen years longer
  • One simple thing that can benefit your health more than eliminating cigarettes
  • A factor you may consider unrelated to the health of the body which can add more than seven years to your life
  • A gloriously fun activity which can dramatically reduce the number of doctor’s visits you’ll need in your lifetime
  • A specific shift in your mental attitude which can increase your life expectancy by ten years
  • One easy work habit that can dramatically reduce your risk of dying young
  • A pleasurable activity you probably never linked to a healthy life that can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and breast cancer
  • One key factor in your relationship with your doctor that may mean the difference between life and death
  • And there’s so much more

You’ll also learn:

  • How Martha Beck and I both wrote The Prescription for ourselves and healed our bodies from multiple “chronic” medical conditions
  • How you can make your own diagnosis and write The Prescription for yourself


Order 3 Books & You’ll Receive Access To 6 Steps To Healing Yourself, a 4 week teleclass ($297 value)

Buy 3 books, enter your name, email, “3” copies ordered, and receipt number on the order page here, and, in addition to the LIVE ONLINE EVENT, you’ll also get FREE access to 6 STEPS TO HEALING YOURSELF, a 4 week teleseminar series I’ll be teaching to help you apply what you’ll learn in the book. Remember to follow the instructions after you enter your information and you’re taken to a new page to register for the free online event.

In 6 Steps to Healing Yourself, you’ll learn:

  • The secrets to shifting beliefs about your health from defeating beliefs that make you sick to positive beliefs that heal (not just in your conscious mind, but in your very powerful subconscious mind)
  • How to assemble the right health care providers to facilitate your healing journey – and why it matters so much (Your doctor needs more than big shiny diplomas!)
  • Tips for tapping into your intuition – and how to use it for diagnosis and treatment of disease (When it comes to healing yourself, this is your secret weapon)
  • Exercises you can use to diagnose the real reason you’re experiencing physical symptoms (Hint: It’s probably not just genetics or bad luck)
  • A complete program intended to help you write The Prescription for yourself (Your doctor definitely can’t write this one for you)
  • The one thing you must do after you’ve done everything you can to heal yourself (This one’s a surefire recipe for inner peace in the face of any illness)


Why It Matters

I’ve spent the past six years reading both popular mind-body medicine books and the medical literature, proving to my skeptic’s mind that the mind really can heal – or harm – the body. Frankly, what I’ve learned has pissed me off. As a physician who spent 12 years training and 10 years practicing medicine, I have no idea why I only learned these scientifically-proven facts in the past few years. Why in the world are they not teaching what I’ve learned in every medical school? I don’t know why – I can only give my teachers the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s born of ignorance, not malice.

My goal is to change all that – to raise awareness and shift how we view health and health care delivery – but I’m going to need your help.

In the United States alone, patients spent $2.7 trillion on health care – and yet, patients and providers alike are more unhappy with the health care system than they’ve ever been. Our health care system is imploding, and everyone knows it.

But I believe health care can be healed if we all join hands and start a grass roots effort to heal the system from the inside out. It all begins with the healer-patient relationship.

Healing Health Care

Our health care system is in such disarray because we’ve lost respect for the body’s ability to heal itself. As health care providers, we’ve gotten arrogant about our power to control disease, and we’ve forgotten the healing power of love. If every doctor and patient practiced what I’ve shared in this book, I believe our entire health care system would begin to transform.

In the documentary film I Am, filmmaker Tom Shadyac shared that when animals decide to switch watering holes, it all starts with a shift of consciousness. They drink out of one watering hole until 51% of the animals decide to drink from a new watering hole, and then the rest of the animals all move watering holes.

I think our consciousness about how the body really heals is beginning to shift. My goal is to help get us to that 51%.

You Can Help

Please – post the link to this page on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog.  Send the link in an email to anyone who might benefit from what I’m teaching.

Then buy the book for anyone who might benefit.  Give a copy to your doctor. Give another to anyone you know who is battling an illness. Give copies to your loved ones, as prevention and protection from disease. Donate copies to your local cancer center so patients undergoing treatment can read it.

If you long to be a part of the tribe of committed individuals who long to help heal health care, please help me spread the word.  As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”


With love and oodles of gratitude,

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