Be a Health Care Evolutionary!

Are you sick and tired of abiding by the rules of the broken, outdated, patriarchal health care system?

The time for change is now.  United as a tribe of remarkable Health Care Evolutionaries, we have the power to ignite a grass roots initiative that starts with YOU.

Introducing Sacred Medicine, a feminized, intuitive, collaborative, heart-centered, empowering approach to health care, which expands the definition of health to include not just physical and mental health, but also interpersonal, emotional, spiritual, sexual, professional, environmental, and financial health.

You Can Help!

Whether you’re a patient, a doctor, a therapist, a complementary/alternative medicine provider, or any type of healer, you can be an evolutionary and change the world – one individual at a time. Just enter your email address below to download the following FREE agreements and either bring to your doctor/healer or ask your patients/clients to sign.  You can also join the revolution to Heal Health Care here!


If you’re a Health Care Evolutionary Patient, enter your email address to download the free Patient-Doctor/Healer agreement and ask the people responsible for your health care to sign it.


If you’re a Health Care Evolutionary Health Care Provider, enter your email address to download the free Doctor/Healer-Patient Agreement and add it to your intake paperwork whenever you see a new patient/ client.

Let’s not wait for health care reform to make it through the hoops of politics. Let’s reclaim the heart of medicine where it really matters – from the inside out.

With faith in the future of medicine,

Lissa Rankin, MD

Simply enter your Name & Email Address below to download a free copy of the Doctor or the Patient Agreement and become a Health Care Evolutionary.



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