Donations To The Inner Pilot Light Scholarship Fund

Your generous donations help us provide a scholarship fund to help cover expenses for those who receive scholarships for the Healing Soul Tribe, the Whole Health Medicine Institute, Mind Over Medicine workshops, and other programs I lead.

Because my work is healing work, many of the people who most need healing cannot afford it. Your donations make it possible for people in need of healing from illness, injury, or trauma to receive what they need to reclaim their wholeness and thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my donation tax-deductible?
You'll have to ask your accountant, but although we do a lot of not for profit work, we are not legally a tax-exempt non-profit organization.

Will you ever make your work a non-profit so I can donate tax-free?
Maybe, but right now, Lissa and her small team are not resourced to handle the bureaucracies non-profit organizations require. If someone with skills in managing a non-profit and funding to employ such expertise arrives through Divine gift, developing a non-profit arm of Lissa's work might be a viable possibility for the future.

I know someone who might want to donate to this scholarship fund. Can I pass this on?
Yes, of course! You'll find social media buttons to the left, or you can email to the link to anyone who you think might want to help make these programs available to low income people in need of healing.

How will this money get used?
We reserve the right to allot these donations where we feel they will best serve the greatest number of people in need. Lissa offers her time, service, and gifts at no cost when scholarships are offered, but additional costs have to come out of her own pocket if donations are not offered to help support those who cannot pay for the cost of the program. Scholarships that are given for live, in person programs like the Whole Health Medicine Institute and in person workshops help pay for the cost of retreat space overhead, food and beverage costs, staffing expenses, and other costs associated with running live retreats. When funds are available, some scholarship recipients have also been granted a stipend for travel and housing costs. Online programs, such as teleclasses or the Healing Soul Tribe, help fund the overhead it takes to manage such programs, including staff hours for customer service and the cost of delivery of such programs.

How do scholarships get allotted?
Typically, we make several scholarship slots available for the programs Lissa's team manages without outside help. We do not typically advertise these scholarship slots because we have not had adequate funding to cover the overhead of both managing a lot of scholarship requests and paying for the cost of running these programs. Most scholarships are granted because someone asks, we are touched by their application and moved by why they feel they need the program, and we have a desire to move this work beyond the realm of a luxury good only wealthy people can afford, into the public health and community service realm. Once we have more funding, perhaps it will be possible to make scholarships a more organized and regular part of our offerings.

Do you offer scholarships for every program you offer?
When we have the financing to do so, we offer a limited number of at least partial scholarships for almost every in person or online program we host ourselves. We do not have the authority to scholarship programs like Lissa's Esalen, Omega, 1440, or Kripalu retreats, for example.

What if I want to receive a scholarship rather than donate to the scholarship fund?
If you are interested in knowing whether we have scholarships available, you can always ask us, specifying which program you are requesting scholarship help with. For most scholarships, we require an application process and when possible, we appreciate people who put skin in the game so we know they're really utilizing what has been granted as a scholarship.

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