Serving Love Itself in Your Business

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Once upon a time, I had the crazy thought that I had to save the world single-handedly. I won’t bother to list the number of ways this thought was misguided. Wait. Strike that. I’ll list a few ways in which I might have been totally off base.

  1. What if it’s only my ego yearning to feel worthy that drives me to feel like it’s my responsibility to save the world?
  2. What if I’m just judging the world as wrong, when on some cosmic level, it is perfect the way it is?
  3. What if it’s impossible for any one person to save the world—yet paradoxically, it’s also the only way the world can be changed?
  4. What if Margaret Mead was right when she said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has?”
  5. What if it really takes a village to create a movement—and movements are what we need to really shift consciousness and lead to genuine change?
  6. What if we can’t really change the world from the same egoic consciousness that created the problems in the first place? What if global transformation is only possible with a radical shift in human consciousness?

Certainly, you can make an argument that there are many things in the world in need of changing, but if you dive into the non-dual teachings of the spiritual realm, you can also make a case for how everything that is falling apart has cosmic significance, how as a species, perhaps we have chosen to journey this far into the disruption of Oneness, this far away from Love Itself, just so we can choose as a collective to participate in a revolution of love. (Listen to Charles Eisenstein and I explore this issue in a free teleclass The Revolution Is Love).

Perhaps Love Itself is yearning to reclaim its role as the central operating principle of our lives, and when we let it, it leaps us into inspired actions that change the world.

How Change Happens

I don’t know how the world works, but I have been in deep humble inquiry about how we create change that is motivated not by ego, but by the yearnings of the soul. I think that underneath all the ego’s dressed up “do-gooder” desires, the soul just yearns to serve Love Itself. And when your soul yearns to serve Love Itself, you align with your life’s purpose and allow yourself to be an instrument of Love Itself, whether you’re a teacher or a doctor or a janitor or a politician or in the corporate world or a stay home parent. When you allow Love Itself to take you over, you become a pure instrument of this love, and it becomes your new operating system, which infuses you and runs through your body as a sort of Shakti that leads to actions that might, indeed, change the world.

But how can we facilitate this change? What does it mean to become an instrument of Love Itself in our work? How can we let our hearts lead in our businesses? How can we align with our life purpose with such purity of intention that we find ourselves smack dab in the center of our purpose?

The Value of the Village

I was once blessed to participate in a mastermind group with Amy Ahlers, Christine Arylo, Mike Robbins, and Steve Sisgold. We were all aspiring authors and teachers of spiritual principles, but our businesses were struggling, and we were all at risk of getting swept into the mindset of the well-intentioned but ego-driven do-gooder entrepreneur. Our mastermind group met monthly to create a high vibration container of business support as we navigated our life purposes, and over time, our gatherings became more overtly personal. In the beginning, we used the container of the mastermind to talk about book ideas, teleclass visions, workshop curriculum, and such. But as our trust grew, we started asking each other for marital advice, parenting advice, and help illuminating the blind spots of our shadow selves. Our masterminding grew so deep we renamed it “SpiritMind.” We grew so profoundly, in very rapid ways. All of us wound up with book deals. We all grew into six and seven figure businesses that felt deeply aligned with our purpose. And we kept finding ourselves stripped of everything that didn’t feel true to our essence, in ways that left us reeling in the wake of a lot of loss, but also in ways that opened our hearts in jaw-dropping ways. We were humbled by what happened.

We couldn’t have done it alone.

It takes a village.

Visionary Ignition Mastermind

This is the kind of container we intend to create in Visionary Ignition Mastermind, a village of inspired visionary entrepreneurs who are letting their souls leap into actions that serve Love Itself. You can read more about this program here, and if you’re not certain whether it’s the right fit for you, Amy Ahlers, Bruce Cryer, and I are hosting a Q&A call for anyone who is considering participation. Register here for the Q&A call.

We are on the brink of a critical time in the history of our species, which is also a crucial time for Gaia. How we navigate this transition will determine whether or not we will be stillborn during this New Earth we are birthing. There has never been a more important time to gather together the tribe of people who have gathered here on this planet at this time and place in order to serve Love Itself.

If you’re one of them and this opportunity to mastermind together resonates with your soul, we’d love to serve Love with you.

Grateful for this blessed time,

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