Social Isolation Brings Up Trauma For Healing

Lots of people are having a rough time right now, and it’s no wonder. There is a strong link between social isolation and trauma, and when so much radical change is upon us, it’s natural that our “stuff” will bubble up. When we do not have the routines of daily work life, the rituals of connection we seek out for everyday support, the comfort of touch, circles of song, dance, and spirituality, and gatherings of friends and community members who make us feel safe, secure, and solid, long buried trauma is likely to come to the surface, often from the shadows. If we have tools and resources for moving and clearing that trauma, this can be profoundly healing. If not, trauma can rear up like a dragon and crush you

For those of us not on the front lines of essential service work, many have been in the crucible personally during our retreat time in lockdown. Healing trauma begins with healing the polarized parts within ourselves. So much outer polarization is erupting because people don’t know how to heal inside, so they look to blame and hate on the outside. Unless we heal the inner war, we will always be baited into outer wars that disturb the peace of our own hearts and our world

If you know how to work with traumatic material, you may have discovered during lockdown long exiled parts that you’ve been able to retrieve, heal, unburden, and integrate with your trauma healing tools (like IFS, AIT, EFT, Somatic Experiencing, shamanic work, etc.). But many people do not have the tools to deal with what the pandemic, lockdown, economic insecurity, and now the protests are bringing up. If you do not know how to work with trauma in a way that facilitates healing, this emergence of past traumas rising to the surface can elicit emotions and negative beliefs that threaten to flood, overwhelm, and paralyze you

We have good news! In the Healing Soul Tribe, it is our community practice to do this trauma healing work in a space of non-polarization, belonging, and commitment to doing our shadow work with great love. Because we know social isolation brings up trauma, and most of us are still isolated, we feel called to bring everyone together who could benefit from these tools to have easy access

You can get 30 days of free access to the Healing Soul Tribe until June 9.

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Whether you’re triggered by the protests, worried about the lack of leadership in the US right now, lonely from so much social isolation, struggling with mental or physical health conditions, concerned about your economic security, or wrestling with the relationship struggles that lockdown brings up, you’re welcome in our Healing Soul Tribe, where we can talk about difficult issues—like trauma—with dignity, respect, and open hearts.

With love for all your parts, especially the hurting ones,



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