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Love Bigger With Trauma-Informed, Non-Oppressive, Anti-Racist Spirituality

Have you been using your spirituality as a way to avoid conflict, protect yourself from abuse, hold perpetrators of abuse accountable, and avoid taking a firm stand against oppression of yourself and others?

Learn more about Internal Family Systems (IFS) as a practice for compassionately loving and comforting “parts” of you that may be afraid of getting flooded with painful feelings so you can be more in touch with your true Divine Self.

Spirituality Bypassing Recovery 101

Are you ready to start living your authentic life?

Learn what is meant by “spiritual bypassing” and examine whether you may have been practicing it in your spirituality, relationships, or work as a way to protect yourself from painful feelings or avoid conflict.

Become more trauma-informed and embodied so you can hone your discernment and recognize more integrated teachings that include as part of any wellness practice or spiritual teaching a more complete spirituality that includes trauma healing, scientific discernment, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, embodiment, and intuition.

Spirituality Without Bypassing

IFS As A Spiritual Path 

A live recorded transformational online workshop with Lissa Rankin, MD and IFS Founder Dick Schwartz.

Many trauma survivors are drawn to spiritual seeking, but can wind up in spiritual cul de sacs that prevent them from bringing healing to the “parts” that have been burdened and are in need of healing.
Join IFS Founder Richard Schwartz, PhD & Physician/ Author Lissa Rankin, MD for a weekend online workshop about the natural spirituality of self, that doesn’t bypass our “parts”.

The Mysteries Of Spontaneous Healing

The Science & Practice Of Optimal Outcomes With “Incurable” Illness

A live recorded transformational online workshop with Lissa Rankin, MD and special guest Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv.

This experiential Zoom workshop gives you the chance to explore for yourself the options you might not be aware of to give every possible chance to have the best, realistic outcome grounded in real hope and real science.

Becoming Unf*ckwithable

Finding Your Sacred “No”, So Your Yes Is A “Hell Yeah”. A transformational online workshop with Lissa Rankin, MD & Guest

Sign up for this 6-part online program with Dr. Lissa Rankin and pre-eminent faculty for a transformational training on becoming Unf*ckwithable – the art of becoming emotionally stronger and using clear boundaries to develop your relationships to new depths.

Heal Your Wounded Boundaries

An Internal Family Systems (IFS) Approach To Relational Boundary Negotiations

Get support in setting, negotiating, and respecting boundaries using Internal Family Systems, so you can protect yourself and others in order to enjoy deeper, safer intimacy, trust, empathy & respect in all your relationships.

The Medicine Of Opening Your Heart To Emotional Intimacy While Keeping Yourself & Others Safe 

The Six Steps to Radical Self Healing

Understand how to optimize your body’s innate ability to self-repair.

Step One: Believe that healing is possible.
Step Two: Connect and surrender to your Inner Pilot Light, letting your inner knowing guide your healing journey.
Step Three: Surround yourself with healing support.
Step Four: Diagnose the root cause of your illness.
Step Five: Write The Prescription for yourself.
Step Six: Treat your fears and resistance.

Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light

If you’ve been yearning for more connection to your Inner Pilot Light but you feel stuck, this robust, nuts-and-bolts, completely practical online audio & video program is chock full of easy-to-apply tools and practices to help you connect to your divine essence. You don’t have to meditate for 30 years to tune in and you don’t have to wait for guidance. These playful, fun, miracle-inspiring practices will help you proactively receive the guidance you’ll need to start to live an Inner Pilot Light-led life.

Relationships On The Spiritual Path

Relationships on the Spiritual Path is a 9-module teleclass featuring Lissa alongside guest teachers: Anne Davin, PhD, Joan Borysenko, PhD, Robert Augustus Masters, PhD, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Ted Esser, PhD, Tosha Silver, and Charles Eisenstein. This class is perfect for those who have embarked upon a spiritual path and find that when they start transforming old patterns, open their hearts, and busting old beliefs, their relationships may get shaken up! It’s also an invitation to upgrade your relationships, let your relationships be your guru, and open yourself to deepening illumination as you go to “the plane of love” and experience the Divine through the eyes of other human Beloveds, whether they are lovers, friends, colleagues, your family, or strangers at the coffee shop.

The Fear Cure Program

The Fear Cure Virtual Program is designed to deepen the experience of Lissa’s book The Fear Cure. This 8-module teleclass features Lissa offering a teaching regarding the Four Fearful Assumptions and how to shift them into the Four Courage-Cultivating Truths. Each teaching is followed by a guided meditation and closes with a relevant song by Karen Drucker. This program is for you if you have a tendency to avoid uncertainty at all costs, you’re so afraid of losing what you cherish that you’re paralyzed and afraid to take risks, you’re in the midst of major life decisions that have you feeling confused, and you feel like you keep getting in your own way.

The Shadow Of Spirituality UNCENSORED

Straight Talk on How Spirituality Can Harm You & How to Heal Those Wounds

This virtual workshop will explore 10 popular spiritual teachings that may be harming you—and invite you to consider 10 healthier alternatives.

The spiritual path is no joke, and if you’re not aware of the landmines it’s easy to feel blindsided. This class is intended to hone your discernment, sharpen your awareness, help us all laugh at ourselves, grow our compassion for those who harm us inadvertently, and protect your all-powerful, wide open, ever-loving, vulnerable heart so you can grow even more deeply in love with the Divine in all forms.

Find Your Calling

Awaken Your Life Purpose, Clarify Your Vision, and Do Your Soul’s Work

Lissa Rankin, MD, Martha Beck, PhD, and Amy Ahlers teach how to awaken your calling and life purpose and make peace with the process of bringing your vision to life.

Medicine For The Soul

Reconnect with Your Soul’s Wisdom, Guidance and Healing Power

Make the commitment to yourself and your soul and give Lissa and Rachel Naomi Remen, MD the chance to help you find within you what is needed to reclaim your true life. With Medicine For The Soul,  Lissa and Rachel will help you discover what is already true—that you are worthy, that you already have within you a unique spark that makes you inherently valuable, and that your love matters.

Visionary Ignition Switch

Fire Up your Message, Money & Meaning in the World

Attn: Visionaries who are ready to change the world. The world needs your vision & your unique voice. Getting your message out there doesn’t have to be a struggle or out of integrity with your heart . It’s time to SHINE and amplify your message while staying in alignment with your heart and soul! Join Lissa and Amy Ahlers for this power-packed go-to business program for Inspired Visionaries. You’ll learn the story of how they are realizing their visions and accomplishing everything they ever dreamed of achieving . . . and you’ll learn how you can too.

Your Inner Pilot Light

Connecting with the Infinite Source of Love, Guidance, and Healing

Rekindle Your Connection to the Divine and Ignite Your True Power

Tune Into The Wise Voice Within That Knows Just What You Need, When You Need It.

When we tend to our Inner Pilot Light—that flame of consciousness that is uniquely us yet part of a greater Divine fire—we tap into an unlimited source of wise guidance and unconditional love. In this seven-part program, you’ll learn to kindle your own Divine spark and bring greater alignment to your relationships, health, job, purpose, and more.

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