The sun was rising over the mountains as I hiked up to the Muir Beach Overlook to center myself and ground into Mother Earth before a full day one-on-one session with one of my Visionary Mentoring Program clients. The ocean was serene, still and waveless, after many stormy days of high winds. The air was silent, pregnant with promise. A few weeks had passed since my mother had been diagnosed with an “incurable” kind of stage 4 cancer, so life had been heavy for some time. Yet something about this morning felt light. A calm quietude fell over the sea.

Two young men stood at the Overlook, enjoying the view. When I approached, both of them were beaming. They had never been here, they told me. They were struck with awe, aglow in the sunrise light, basking in beauty and gratitude. The sweetness of their hearts oozed off of them like nectar. I could feel it. We were smiling at each and enjoying the scenery while I spoke to one man who was there with his friend, visiting from Napa. They were asking me questions about the area. I was making recommendations for where they should hike. His friend was holding his pet pit bull on a leash, and as he responded to something his friend said, I turned towards him, facing him with my body and leaning in to respond.

Just in that second, the pit bull struck me like a snake. None of us saw it coming. The leash had been slack, with no reason to expect what happened next. The 3-year-old pit bull had been docile and obedient, quietly sitting by his owner’s side- until he struck. The pit bull lashed out at me so violently and unexpectedly that everyone was paralyzed at first. As the animal locked onto my right inner thigh, clenching my thigh in his powerful grasp like a vice, time stood still as we all were stunned as if tasered. Then the reality of what was happening struck as, just as I felt the fangs sink into my leg and rip into my flesh. The two young men screamed, trying in vain to pull the dog off me. I don’t remember exactly how they extricated the dog from my leg, but they did. Once the dog was pulled off me, I looked down at my black yoga pants, which miraculously hadn’t been ripped. They were starting to soak through. That’s when I realized I had been mauled.

I was in shock, but lucid enough to respond calmly when the dog’s horrified and terror-stricken owner Brandon cried, “What do I do? Do I call 911? Do I take you to the ER? What’s going to happen? Are you going to call the cops? Are you going to sue me? Will you make them kill my dog? Are you going to die?”

In that moment, Something Larger Than Me took over and said, “Don’t call 911.” It was not a cognitive choice. In fact, my mind argued with that Something. “Are you crazy? I’ve just been mauled by a pit bull!” But it had the ring of truth I’ve come to know from the Something Larger that guides me.

“What should I do? What should I do?” Brandon was panicking.

With blood running down my soaked pant leg, I heard myself speak calmly, as if out of my own body. “Pick me up and carry me to your car. Drive me to my house down the street. Carry me upstairs to my bathroom so I can wash the wound.” I heard my voice, steady, calm, and authoritative.

Brandon did as I asked, hyperventilating, crying and moaning as he carried me to his car. When we arrived at my house, I asked him to go, but he was afraid to leave me alone. He said I looked very injured. He was afraid I was going to die. I assured him everything was going to be OK. I leaned in to hug him, and he held me tight.

He said, “Did he hurt you?” I pulled down my pants, and for the first time, we both saw the 4 inch by 3 inch bloody gore where my inner thigh used to be. He screamed and looked away.

I was equally horrified. I prayed, “God help me.” I asked him to pray for me too. He said he would, and I told him I would also pray for him and his dog.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” he kept repeating.“Am I going to get in trouble?” he pleaded, terror in his panicked eyes.

“It was an accident. None of us saw this coming. Just make me one promise. Promise me that you’ll do whatever it takes to make sure this never happens to another being.”

“I promise. I promise. I swear.”

A wave of dizziness swept over me, and I leaned on him. As he helped me upstairs, he said, “You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met.” There were tears in his eyes. I asked him to leave his number. I told him I’d call him and let him know how I was doing when I knew more. He didn’t want to leave me, but my inner guidance was clear. I needed to do this my own way. I would be shown what to do, every step of the way, as long as I could get quiet enough to hear the instructions. I just needed to be alone for a minute.

The Holy Hour

The next hour was very wondrous, beautiful and mysterious. After stripping and climbing in my bathtub, I filled the tub with warm water while I texted the people I knew could help me—my roommates, my boyfriend, my mother. It took the first person about an hour to arrive, and during this time, I prayed and meditated, chanting the mantra my Sacred Medicine healer friend, Swami, and colleague Trevor Hart taught me to chant during acute trauma or pain. “Thank you for this gift of love. Thank you for this gift of love. Thank you for this gift of love.” As challenging as it is to find gratitude in the midst of acute pain and trauma, I’ve used this mantra before, and I’ve been in awe of the power of sincere, humble gratitude, how it can transmute pain into a deep heart opening that can actually reverse the experience of physical or emotional pain.

As if by magic, the unbearable pain lifted as the mantra dropped into my heart. Even in the midst of the intense fear and pain, I could see the Fierce Grace in this trauma, trusting that somehow this was a gift of awakening, an opportunity to love deeper, to grow my compassion, to practice what I preach, to surrender even more deeply to Divine Will and resist nothing—not even this. As I chanted, the pain disappeared completely. Was it the epinephrine and endorphins, or was it some sort of miracle? I couldn’t tell. I only knew that I was struck with a curious clarity that led me to make many rapid-fire decisions based on my medical assessment of the wound over the next couple of hours.

As I waited for help, I cleaned the wound in the bathtub and assessed that I had been blessed. The dog had narrowly missed my femoral artery. The only bleeding was capillary bleeding from the torn skin edges and the subcutaneous tissue, and some venous bleeding from a visible vein that stopped bleeding after I held a washcloth to it. My quadriceps muscle had also been blessedly spared. The dog had stripped off a huge chunk of skin, revealing all of my subcutaneous fat and tissue, but thank goodness, he avoided injuring much else. I could tell that my nervous system was in acute “fight or flight,” but the threat was over. I knew I must engage my decade long spiritual practice, activating meditation and prayer to quiet my mind and calm my nervous system, which I knew was essential to what must come next. As long as my nervous system was in stress response, I would find it difficult to hear my intuition clearly, and as long as my stress hormones were coursing through my vessels, my body’s natural self-healing mechanisms would be switched off. (The physiology of how this happens is detailed in my book Mind Over Medicine.) In order to optimize the outcome, my nervous system would have to relax so my body’s self-healing mechanisms could get to work—STAT.

The 6 Steps to Healing Yourself: Step 1 BELIEVE

After an hour of meditation and sincere prayer during my Holy Hour, my nervous system restored itself to a homeostatic calm. I began implementing the 6 Steps To Healing Yourself that I teach in Mind Over Medicine, on my PBS special, and in the curriculum of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, the training program I run for physicians and other healers. Step 1 is about believing that healing is possible. As I lay in that bathtub, I examined my beliefs about this dog bite. I could hear the voice of fear barking away. “Dog bite wounds all get infected. This will never close, and you’ll have an open wound forever. If you’re lucky enough not to get a life-threatening wound infection, you’ll have to wait weeks before you can even think about closing this wound. If you’re lucky, you’re looking at months of skin grafts and graft rejections and wound infections and scar tissue. This is going to hurt like hell, and you’re not going to be able to hike for months, if ever.”

Wow! With mind chatter like that, I knew my outcome would be grim.

I practiced the inner work I’ve spent ten years learning to implement, shifting the energy in my mind and my heart and surrendering the whole situation to Divine Will, trusting that we live in a purposeful Universe and that the whole thing is already handled. I could feel a new, more resonant belief emerging. “God is in charge, and it will be handled in accordance with Divine Will. I let go of all attachment to outcome and trust that whatever is most right will come into being with ease and grace. I trust that miracles are possible and that if it is aligned with Divine Will, I will surprise everyone with the miraculous speed, ease, and pain-free nature of my healing. Should God will it, I will heal without surgery. I will return to full function without lasting injury. My healing process will be a beacon of hope and light for those who suffer from illness and injury themselves. And so it shall be . . . ”

My nervous system calmed down even more. I could feel the truth in the new, more awakened belief.

By this point, my roommate April had arrived at home. As I heard her call up the stairs, I announced that the upstairs of my house—now the Healing Haven—was a “Fear Free Zone.” I intuited that protecting my fragile inner peace was essential to my healing journey. Nobody with any fearful energy would be allowed in my healing space. April composed herself until she could hold this vibration of trust and deep calm with me. As someone who once suffered from an “incurable” hematologic condition that required weekly infusions, as someone who then experienced a spontaneous remission after she began working with me and applying the 6 Steps to her own journey, April understands the importance of impeccable alignment with the guidance of your Inner Pilot Light. April was awesome on the day of my injury. I could not have gotten through what I did had she not been my deep ally and trusted tribe member.

The 6 Steps to Healing Yourself: Step 2 SUPPORT

April was the first part of implementing Step 2, which is all about gathering your “Healing Round Table” and enlisting the support of those who you can trust to walk the path of your healing journey with you. Once April entered the bathroom and saw me in the bathtub, she tried to talk me out of staying home, insisting that I needed to go to the Emergency Room.

“No,” I insisted. “We’ll call Dr. Ed in Santa Cruz instead.” April was the first person at my Healing Round Table. Dr. Ed was the second.

April was understandably concerned. “You look gray, and I’m worried,” she said. “Are you sure we shouldn’t call 911?”

I was adamant, standing my ground with a ferocity April doesn’t usually see, the kind I used to call upon when I was barking orders during a life-threatening emergency as the commanding physician in the hospital. April quickly deferred to my intuition. I handed her the phone and instructed her to phone my emergency physician/energy healer friend Ed. Thank God Ed, who was in the midst of an ER shift, picked up the phone. April texted Ed a photo of what had just happened and handed me the phone while I was still lying in the bathtub. Ed called out instructions:

1) Get someone to aggressively lavage the wound with a shower head.
2) Go to the pharmacy and he would call in Augmentin, to prevent infection, which was the biggest risk with a dirty dog bite.
3) Get myself to a Walgreens without 48 hours and get a tetanus shot.
4) Call the dog’s owner and find out if it was up to date on its rabies shot.
5) Report the event to animal control.
6) Start wet to dry dressing changes, moistening the wound with Neosporin twice a day.
7) Take Vicodin if I needed it. He could call it in if I needed pain relief.

“Do I need to go to the ER?” I asked. “I really don’t want to.”

I knew it was a lot to ask of him, to make that judgment call for someone he cared about. I was getting my own guidance, but it helps to seek confirmation of your guidance when you’re sick, vulnerable, and weak.

Ed said, “Stay home. We’re doing all we can do right now.” I would have cried with relief, had I not been so in shock.

The 6 Steps to Healing Yourself: Step 3 INTUITION

Step 3 is all about learning to hear, discern and trust this voice of the inner doctor. My inner guidance, that voice I call my Inner Pilot Light, was saying, “Stay home. There are too many resistant bacteria in a hospital. Keep this wound clean at home, and keep your nervous system calm at home. The hospital will stress you out. You need deep peace, and you won’t find it there.” My intuition felt clear. But I also knew that I am human, and I was in shock. My guidance could have been faulty. I trusted Ed. If he had told me to go to the ER, I would have done so.

But his instincts agreed with mine. “Don’t go to the ER. It’s a dirty mouth wound. Even if there’s enough skin, nobody will close it right away. Try to get an emergency appointment to see a reconstructive surgeon as an outpatient within 24 hours instead. I already did what an ER doc would have done for you. If you came into my ER, I’d be trying to find a good plastic/reconstructive surgeon, and they’re hard to find in most ER’s. The last thing you want is some inexperienced Physicians Assistant in Urgent Care trying to sew up this wound and making things worse. [DISCLAIMER: Please do not try this at home! Because I am a doctor and I am friends with many doctors, and because I was lucid enough to medically assess my own stable vital signs and lack of blood loss, I trusted my discernment, and I trusted Ed’s. I knew what to look for, as did he. If you have a medical emergency, unless you yourself are a doctor or you have access to a doctor at home, please get the help that you need.]

My whole nervous system relaxed. I had just been given permission by a doctor I trusted to follow my intuition.

As my loved ones arrived home one by one, I heard panicked cries of “I’m here! Where is she?”

April stood guard over the staircase to my bedroom like a bouncer. “This is a No Fear Zone. Lissa is OK, but this is a Zen space up here. You may not enter until you’ve calmed yourself down. Only healing energy is allowed in her room.” Only my boyfriend Richard made it through her filter up that morning, becoming the third person at my Healing Round Table. Richard was the loving warrior brave enough to blast my wound with water from a shower head, lavaging all the bacteria out of the wound without any pain medication or anesthesia, while I listened to a guided meditation on my iPod and tried not to scream. He was also the person who has done my dressing changes twice a day for the past eight days. Bless his heart for enduring my wincing and then holding me in his arms to comfort and calm me when the discomfort passes. (Thank you, Richard!)

Enter Sacred Medicine

When the lavage was done, I texted Healing Round Table member #4, my healer, white magician friend Trevor Hart, who I’ll be teaching a ten-month immersion with starting in May. (Learn more about our program Reorienting Your Inner Compass here.) I told Trevor I had an emergency and showed him the photo of the wound. Trevor called me right away and told me a magic story. The night before my injury, his first client of the day had canceled. He has a six-month waiting list, so it’s usually easy to fill cancellations. He simply pulls out his waiting list and asks the Organizing Intelligence (OI) who is meant to fill the slot. However, the night before, when he asked the OI who would fill the slot, the OI told him, “The spot has already been filled.” He was instructed not to schedule anyone during that time. My text came right at the time when his first appointment would have been. I turned out to be Trevor’s first client of the day.

I was still in the bathtub when we spoke for almost an hour. I’ll write another blog post soon about what Trevor and I discussed during that hour. For now, suffice it to say that we talked all about Fierce Grace, a term coined by spiritual leader Ram Dass after he suffered from a debilitating stroke. “The stroke caused me to lose faith, and it was a cold, cold place, and I suddenly realized it was Fierce Grace . . . that turned my life around.”

Fierce Grace is something Trevor and I have been talking about for years. I am a devoted believer in what Rob Brezsny calls “pronoia”—the unshakable belief that everything in the Universe is conspiring to shower you with blessings. So Fierce Grace fits right into this pronoic world view. If it’s a purposeful Universe and everything—even the things we judge as tragic or painful—are blessings in disguise, gifts from the Universe intended to wake us up; then everything is cause for gratitude, even a dog bite. Of course, this doesn’t mean we skip the painful feelings we experience or bypass the human experience of trauma. But it does mean that, even in the grips of pain, loss, and trauma, we can shift the lens of how we experience it, holding a radical paradox: It hurts and it f*cking sucks, but it’s also a gift, and I’m grateful. Such is the framework of Fierce Grace.

I could see the Fierce Grace right away. I was not a victim of a dangerous dog or a reckless dog owner. This trauma was a gift with many blessings it would bestow upon me, my loved ones, and those who I serve with my work. This dog bite was Fierce Grace, as were the six deaths I grieved last year and the recent diagnosis of my mother’s “incurable” cancer. The gifts from the trauma were already revealing themselves within two hours of the injury. Right from the beginning, I saw the first gift. It became so obvious to me how blessed I am with such an incredible community of devoted healers who love and support me. Usually, I’m the strong one, but when I was weak and needy, my community rallied. I have never felt so fiercely loved, supported, and protected by the people I have a tendency to hide my neediness from. Such a blessing the gifted me with- this gift of showing up with all of their love like a sword of protection. I felt flooded with love, even as I also felt overwhelmed with fear and pain.

Over the next hour, I enlisted more support. I called my spiritual mentor Rachel Naomi Remen, MD to ask her to rally our network of doctors so I could find a reconstructive surgeon that would see me within 24 hours. I called my genius integrative medicine physician friend Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, and asked for guidance around immune-boosting supplements, nutrition, and natural wound healing recommendations. I reached out to Dawson Church, who I enlisted to help me use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for treatment and prevention of the PTSD I knew could strike me and the dog’s owner if left untreated. (Listen to me and Jessica Ortner talk about EFT here.)

The 6 Steps to Healing Yourself: Step 4 DIAGNOSE

Because I have such unbelievable support, and because it is my deep practice to enter into spiritual inquiry when something unusual happens, I moved more quickly into Step 4 than I might otherwise have done. Step 4, in my opinion, is the hardest of the six steps. It’s is all about inquiring about the root cause of an illness or an injury, examining the metaphysical diagnosis, if you will.

For example, from one perspective, you could say I was a helpless victim of a chance canine attack. But I don’t believe in pure chance. Sure, bad things happen to good people, and I’m never one to “blame the victim” for a tragic outcome. That said, I do believe we co-create reality. I don’t believe we’re not in control of our reality, as some of the rigid “law of attraction” teachers might suggest. But I do believe we do participate in what happens in our lives. Hand in hand with the Godself, we weave the web of our lives, and our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions affect the tapestry we weave. Step 4 is about examining how we might have made ourselves vulnerable to illness or injury, not just via poor health habits or weak self-care, but by making choices that weaken the body’s self-healing mechanisms by thrusting the nervous system into stress response and perhaps by broadcasting vibrations of energy that attract trauma, drama, and illness, rather than peace, health, serenity, love, and wholeness.

Step 4 required me to ask the uncomfortable but compelling question—“So if I participated in co-creating a canine attack, how might I have done so?” When unusual events unfold, part of my practice is to ask, “Why this? Why now?” If the Universe is alive and communicating with us all the time, if everything has messages embedded in it, intended to help us wake up, what was the message from this dog bite?

When I “asked up” about the message, I heard a clear and rapid answer. I flashed back to my state of mind before I happened upon the two men with their pit bull. I was walking up to the Muir Beach Overlook, kicking myself for something I’d said to Richard the night before, punishing myself for my insensitivity. I’ve written in The Anatomy of a Calling about my powerful ability to telepathically communicate with animals. So what if I was attacking myself and unconsciously putting off an “Attack me” vibe? If the pit bull was attuned to me in Oneness consciousness, as I’ve described in that book regarding the whales and the coyotes, maybe the dog simply said, “Well, if you insist on attacking yourself, let me help you—with love.”


Maybe he thought he was doing me a favor? Or maybe he was simply hungry and I was a tasty little Scooby snack, making myself vulnerable to a predator with my own self-punishing vibe. If it’s OK for me to beat myself up, why wouldn’t it be OK for an animal to attack me?

The diagnosis and the resultant inner work became clear. I needed to interrupt that pattern of self-attack. I called Whole Body Intelligence somatic therapist Steve Sisgold and energy healer Brandy Gillmore to ask them to help me remove the self-punishment pattern from my cellular memory and my energy field.

The 6 Steps to Healing Yourself: Step 5 PRESCRIBE

Once you’ve worked through the first four steps, Step 5—Write the Prescription for yourself—is quite simple. Creating an intuitively guided action plan, I made a written list of all the treatments I felt called to implement as part of my healing journey. Here’s what I wrote on my list on the day of the attack.

1. Augmentin for infection prevention.
2. Make an appointment with a reconstructive surgeon within 24 hours.
3. Get a tetanus shot at Walgreens.
4. Follow up with the healers at my Healing Round Table and go deeper into Fierce Grace.
5. Make an appointment with a Peter Levine-trained Somatic Experiencing therapist. I understand about how “attractor patterns” can make us vulnerable to trauma. As Peter says, “Trauma grafts onto trauma.” I sensed I needed help sorting out why I was experiencing one trauma on top of another over the past two years.
6. Astragalus, sun chlorella, and 10 Mushroom Formula supplements for immune-boosting.
7. Wet to dry dressing changes twice a day with pure aloe vera.
8. Apply “osha” bear root tea packs twice a day to the wound, as per my Native American friend Del’s recommendation.
9. Homemade green juice twice a day.
10. Extra sleep to help with healing.
11. Listen to my healing music playlist on my iPod.
12. Make an altar of specific crystals and aromatherapy oils right next to my bedside. Use as intuitively guided.
13. Prayer and meditation to assist in keeping my nervous system in relaxation response, remembering to include prayers of gratitude for the Fierce Grace and insights that arose during Step 4, as well as for the incredible outpouring of love and support from my tribe of healers, friends, and family.
14. Spend time in nature.
15. Daily orgasms to boost healing hormones, such as endorphins and oxytocin (again, thank you Richard!).
16. Ask Richard hold me in his arms as much as possible so my body can relax and assist with wound healing, especially after the retraumatizing discomfort of dressing changes.
17. Increase dietary protein to assist with collagen formation and wound healing.
18. Reschedule clients, so my body has time to heal.
19. Post about my injury on Facebook to ask for prayers and healing energy from those in my community who care.
20. Walk the labyrinth in my backyard at least once per day.

My intention was clear. I would approach every single intervention on my Prescription as Sacred Medicine. All of it is sacred, every treatment equally holy. The antibiotics. The supplements. The nutrition. The surgery if it was needed. The love and support of energy healers, family, and friends. The prayer and meditation. The radical self-care. The crystals and oils. All of it is God. None of it is excluded from the wholeness of God’s glory. I would imbue every pill, every vitamin, every dressing change with the intention of the placebo. I would believe it would help heal me, and I would hold gratitude deeply in my heart for every single holy intervention. This is how Sacred Medicine works, in my assessment. It is not about choosing between Western medicine, alternative medicine, or faith healing. It is about seeing that there is no separation between these seemingly disparate modalities. All are holy when we see them as such.

The 6 Steps to Healing Yourself: Step 6 SURRENDER

When I wrote Mind Over Medicine, I listed Step 6 as Surrender attachment to outcomes. In other words, once you’ve done everything you can to adjust your beliefs, rally support, tune into and discern intuition, diagnose the root cause of illness or injury, and write the Prescription for yourself, you let go and let God, trusting the great mystery of Divine Will and humbly acknowledging that you don’t know what that is. Letting go of your attachment to cure or full recovery when you’re sick or injured is freakin’ hard! Of course, we want to live, thrive, and recover! Yet this is the PhD of spiritual surrender. Instead of praying, “God, please cure me,” may we bow down and pray, “Let what is most right come into being. Help me avoid resisting what is.”

This is no small task, and it’s completely counter-culture out there in the mainstream. Even in spiritual circles, there’s often a subtle vibe that suggests that if only you’re “spiritual” enough, you’ll get what you want—the cure, the million dollar paycheck, the romantic partner, the clear spiritual guidance—whatever it is your ego is grasping for. Step 6 is the antidote to this.

But I got it wrong when I wrote Mind Over Medicine.

Only months after releasing Mind Over Medicine, I met Outrageous Openness author Tosha Silver. After taking a workshop with Tosha, I approached her with my head hung and said, “Tosha, I think I wrote my book wrong. I think Surrender is Step 1, not Step 6.” With her signature humor and quirky eccentricity, Tosha simply said, “Yes dear. Of course.” Then she said, “I think we have karma. We should take a hike.” (Only in Berkeley . . . )

Ever since then, I’ve taught Step 6 as Step 1 in my Mind Over Medicine workshops and in the Whole Health Medicine Institute.

It’s always a challenge for me to remember to practice spiritual surrender as Step 1, but this time, I remembered. Even before Brandon carried me up the stairs to my bathroom, I surrendered the whole thing to Divine Will, putting the injury metaphorically in the “God Box” and releasing attachment to any outcome, praying for guidance and support so that I would sense intuitively what Divine Will might ask of me on my healing journey. Part of my Prescription is to repeat this practice with every step of the journey.

Twenty-four hours after the injury, when I saw the reconstructive surgeon, I surrendered the whole office visit to Divine Will and asked that I be shown that which was most right during the appointment. When the surgeon saw my wound, she told me the wound would require 4–6 weeks of preoperative healing and wound care in order to prepare the bed of the wound for skin grafts or an “advancement” flap a month or two later. The wound was at high risk of infection, she insisted. We couldn’t even begin to talk about surgery for at least a month. Something about her proclamation didn’t feel truthful to me. I respected her expertise, but I also trusted my intuition.

“Might the wound heal on its own,” I asked?

“No,” she said. “Not a chance.” There was simply too much skin missing. I would require skin grafts, either partial thickness, full thickness, or a flap. But I would have to wait at least a month with an open wound before we could prepare for surgery. Everything would depend on avoiding wound infection over the next month. Full recovery would be several months, assuming the skin grafts “took,” which they might not, she warned.

When I checked in with my Inner Pilot Light, I heard, “Nope. This wound will heal differently.”

Trust Your Inner Doctor

I didn’t feel good about this initial surgical consult, so I decided to seek out a second opinion from a wound care expert at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Gatos, a physician who was a friend of Dr. Ed’s, who is also a long-time meditator and spiritual seeker. Yesterday, eight days after my injury, I said the same prayer I do before each healing intervention. “I surrender this appointment to You. Make me a vessel of Thy peace.” As I drove two hours south and approached my appointment, I felt comforted, feeling calm and open in a hospital for the first time since I left working in the hospital ten years ago. Richard, who drove me there, felt the same way. Even the registrar who checked me in was laughing and hugging me. I could tell intuitively I was in good hands. My nervous system relaxed.

Dr. Julia entered the long corridor in the hospital, where I was lying on a gurney alongside many other patients in the Wound Care Center. As she approached, even before she examined my wound or opened her mouth to speak, I knew she would be a trusted part of my Healing Round Table. When she saw my wound, she told me there was no infection and the wound was healing beautifully. She debrided the wound and applied a clean dressing, explaining that she would fit me for a suction device that would draw new blood vessels into the wound and speed up wound healing. Then she said the words that left both Richard and me in tears. “I assure you that this wound will be healed in 4-6 weeks and you will not need surgery.”

I hadn’t dared to pray for such good news, but the minute she said it, I felt the truth of it. My wound will be healed in 4-6 weeks! Yeah! Thank you, Universe!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to take my mother on her bucket list trip on safari in Africa in 17 days—though that too has been surrendered to the God Box, and we are both willing to let go of attaching to the Africa trip if that’s what is aligned with Divine Will. We will see what the Universe has in store for us.

The Epilogue

My recovery has been speedy so far, and for this, I feel tears of gratitude as I write this. The first day, I could not bear weight on my left leg at all, unable to get to the bathroom without two people holding me on each side. The second day, I could get up and down the stairs and go to the bathroom by myself. The third day, I slowly but steadily hiked by myself about ½ mile up the hill from my house to the Muir Beach Overlook where the pit bull attack occurred. As I stood there at the scene of the injury, experiencing flashbacks and feeling my heart race, a man drove up in his car, opened the passenger side door, and let his unleashed pit bull jump out onto the pavement. I flinched but stayed put. The dog ran around playfully. The man took some things out of the trunk of his car, then opened the driver’s side door, and the dog jumped in. I sighed a breath of relief. As I looked up into the sky, I saw clouds in the form of angel wings. I took a photo and felt a wash of relief.

On Day Four, Richard and I walked back to the same spot together, and a cheerful, chipper poodle sniffed my injured leg. That same day, we hiked four miles without a problem. I move slowly, because I can’t handle impact on my right foot, so I have to place my foot very deliberately, but as long as I take my time, I can do anything, even my very clumsy yoga practice.

What About YOU?

As you read the story of my healing journey, I invite you to reflect upon your own journey. Whether you’re sick or injured, depressed or anxious, in recovery from trauma or addiction, or dealing with heartbreak, the loss of a loved one, a financial struggle, problems with your kids, trouble at work, crisis in your family, or war in your country, pain and struggle are part of the human experience. How are YOU dealing with your challenges?

The Buddhists say that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. I don’t know if I believe that. I’ve never met a perfect human, and I don’t really believe such humans exist, so I’ve also never met a human who hasn’t suffered. Maybe suffering isn’t optional. Maybe it’s part of what we sign up for the minute we take on that Original Wound of incarnation. Maybe the minute we separate ourselves from God, from each other, from nature, from our bodies, from magic—maybe in that very moment of birth, we sign up to suffer, and maybe that’s OK. Maybe if we bypass suffering, we also bypass the depth of aliveness that comes with being fully vital, fully human, milking every last drop of the human experience for all it’s worth. Frankly, I’m in it for the whole shebang. Give me the glory and the gore, but let me live ALL THE WAY. I am here to turn my life up to full volume. If that means I have to endure a canine attack, then so be it. Let’s do this thing called life!

I may not believe that suffering is avoidable, but I do believe that healing and redemption are available to every human, if only we have the courage to dive into the deep end and milk adversity for all it’s worth. I’m not suggesting that we employ the “spiritual bypass” and use our spiritual principles to avoid feeling the pain, fear, anger, frustration, and grief that accompany such traumas. By all means, feel what you feel—and feel it all the way down in your guts. I have cried my tears and screamed out in pain during this journey, and I am seeking a therapist to help me clear the trauma. Don’t skip it. Feel it. But let the energy of those painful feeling move. Then . . . even if it’s slow and awkward . . . DANCE YOUR HEART OUT!

Here’s the invitation, Dear One. Go ahead and feel victimized if that’s what you feel. Rant and cry and punch a beanbag. Feel helpless and hopeless and pessimistic if you must. Carry on and complain and rally others to share your sob story if it helps, and don’t judge yourself for doing so. Love every ounce of that adorable victim who wants to blame and shame and lash out and feel helpless. But Darling Friend, don’t get stuck in your victim story.

Here’s the invitation, should you choose to accept it. Use every painful experience to wake up, let go, and grow closer to your own soul and God. Learn what there is to learn. Get curious and inquire deeply. Grow in self-awareness and ask yourself “What do I need in order to heal?” Lean on your loved ones and allow yourself to be needy and vulnerable. Be humble and let go of thinking you can control your life. Open to the mystery. Surrender to guidance. Come into right relationship with uncertainty. Trust the invisible forces of love that surround you all the time. Allow the Original Wound of separation from the Divine to heal as the gap closes between “you” and “All That Is.” Feel the Oneness in all things and open yourself to the healing that arises when you merge your individual consciousness with the Collective Field of Consciousness Itself. Then experience the awe of unexpected miracles. Don’t forget to say the mantra. “Thank you for this gift of love.” Fake it till you make it, but don’t just say it. Feel it in your heart. Mean it all the way. See how it transforms you . . .

Prayers for Healing

Please keep me, my family, you, and everyone who is reading this in your prayers. Consider all of those who are hurting in Syria and elsewhere, all of the people all over the world who are suffering and in need of healing. Lift them up. Pray for their inner and outer peace- in your own unique way.

Limitations of the physical body are part of the human experience, and our bodies are the gorgeous vehicles through which our souls navigate this dimension, yet we are more than our bodies. We can do hard things with great love when we trust, believe, open, surrender, pray, get curious, inquire about how we participate in our traumas, find God in our pain, find gratitude when we’re scared, and hold one another in our vulnerability through our challenges.

With love and healing,

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  1. kim

    Um, whoa. You…are…I have no words… I wish you a lightening fast recovery and thank you so much for sharing and shedding light and devine wisdom on so much…just So Much within this retelling of your experience. I think I need to read it again & again & again…

    • Cecilia Lewis

      Thank you Lissa, for being my spiritual guide! Though your experiences are very different from mine, your words are a wisdom that resound with my inner being! Hugs!

  2. Barbara Windsor

    Wow Lissa! Hugs & healing to you. Thanks for sharing your story of surrender & trusting your inner wisdom. Many prayers for you & your mother. Thanks to all of those who have helped you & are helping you. I am going to go pick up & read again your ‘Mind Over Medicine’ book starting with surrender. Sending smiles, laughter, and love to you. Barbara

  3. MLHE

    You “took one for the team,” Dr. Rankin. This is the clearest, most comprehensive record of healing at ALL LEVELS I have ever read. May your healing continue with appreciative feedback for your story. Although I do not know you, I am sending love in this moment for you, your healers, and The Something Larger.

  4. Judy Kermis Blotnick

    Sorry for your suffering. Sending you love, strength and speedy healing. You already have the wisdom.

  5. Andrea Swiedler

    Amazing journey of awareness, truth and a beacon for all who read this. One of the many thoughts I had while reading this was how generous it was of you to go through this for others who needed to hear this. Your story spoke to me, I am struggling with many things and you have opened my eyes. My own practices seemed to be failing me, and now I understand why. My thoughts and prayers are with you, my gratitude is deep. This post is one I will read on a daily basis for quite a while!

  6. Lorran Wild

    This is a very ‘gripping’ story; by metaphor and reality. To add it to the list of what you have already been through makes it even more extraordinary; directly in your life and sympathetically with people all around the world who suffer; makes it even more extraordinary. I thank you for sharing your story as the gift it truly is. You inspire faith in the biggest sense of the word. Your story binds hearts together. May your journey spiral into ever-expanding freedom, love and bliss

  7. Gitta Sivander

    I am sending you a deep healing hug. Thank you for giving me wisdom by sharing how you handled this incredible situation. There is so much I am learning from your sharing of your many experiences, each filled with so much richness! Love, Gitta

  8. EveRyman55

    WOW! I got attacked by a Great Dane years ago. He bit off my lip and nipped my right breast. When the police got to the place (a public lawn and garden center) to impound the dog, they found my lip on the floor and grafted it back on! I have always wondered what kind of vibe I must have been giving off that day, but I have gotten a lot of mileage from the story! I wrote about it in a creative writing class I took in college, and my professor’s comment was “The assignment asked that you write about a TRUE experience.” He couldn’t believe it, and I really did tell it with calm as the process that took place. You are a brave one, Lissa Rankin! I think the only reason I didn’t faint is that I never saw the damage!

  9. Suzanne Miley

    Prayers for all of us, Lissa. Thank you for demonstrating and sharing your practices and philosophy with the world!

  10. VirginiaGrace

    Love you.

    My heart filled with joy at your post. You’re an amazing being, and I’m really glad that you’re starting to realize more of your own amazingness.

    Be well. Heal well.


  11. Nanette Mac Lellan

    Love and respect to you, the telling of this is important, the reading of this is important, re-reading and understanding the many levels is mega important.
    I keep a Crystal Healing Bowl and have put you and your healing into it, I’m part of your silent team out here….smile

  12. Kim Castle

    Incredible. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, strength, and shining example of the truth of our ability to heal with God’s power in us. Holding you in the truth of your swift healing.

  13. Joyce Morrissette

    Dear Lissa, Thank-you for your generative post–and for all the brave and honest ways you show up. You’ve been a blessing to me. Sending you love and healing, Joyce

  14. Ramon

    Truly amazing post. Thank you!

    Best wishes and healing to you Lissa.

  15. Jed Diamond

    Lissa, As always your life and beautiful sharing are inspiring. May you continue to heal in beauty and love.

  16. Maneerat Hyde

    My Dearest Lissa,
    May God Bless You,and make you STRONGER !
    You have my Prayer !


  17. ruth

    I’ve loved your writing and your courage, Lissa….I read your book more than once and gained such encouragement. But, I am so sorry I cannot agree with your decision in this very scary incident. Maybe it’s because I am not a doctor so I would never have assumed I knew best what to do in such a dangerous circumstance. Maybe it’s because I see all potential dangers through the lives of my kids and grandkids so I would always want them to seek the best help should such a crisis occur. I am so thankful you are okay. But, maybe someone else would not have been so okay. I don’t think I would have been. So, while I agree with all you have learned and so courageously share about our medical system today, I find I am grateful for the hard working health care professionals when there are real dangers and I have no idea what the hell to do. Maybe I am just less than you…but, I would have headed to my local ER. Might not have been great…just do not know… thanks for your guts and grace….

    • Lissa_Rankin

      I hear you and respect your feedback, Ruth. But did you not read my disclaimer in the blog post? Here’s what I wrote: [DISCLAIMER: Please do not try this at home! Because I am a doctor and I am friends with many doctors, and because I was lucid enough to medically assess my own stable vital signs and lack of blood loss, I trusted my discernment, and I trusted Ed’s. I knew what to look for, as did he. If you have a medical emergency, unless you yourself are a doctor or you have access to a doctor at home, please get the help that you need.]

      I am not in any way anti-Western medicine! I was just following my own inner compass in this situation. In another situation, I might go to the ER I am in no way trying to influence anyone else to behave recklessly. This was just my journey, my path, and it’s only specific to this incident. I AM a doctor, so I knew they would not be able to do anything for me in the ER that I couldn’t do better at home…

  18. Cathy

    Thank you for sharing this Lissa. I’m sending you love, and healing energy from my heart to yours.

  19. Katie Andraski

    There is so much wisdom here. Thank you. I hope Brandon and his dog are okay (whatever that means for them). Your wisdom about animals picking up on the vibes we’re throwing off is very helpful to me and my work with my own animals. I used to think my horse could hurt me but I realized that she never did when she could have, so my perception of her slowly changed. I began to see the deep bond we have.

    We just let our cat go this week. Onyx adopted us when he wandered onto our field and worked his way up to our house. He became a very good friend. He had bad lungs and crashed quickly. I had an impulse to lay my hands on him for healing but held back. (This cat has come back several times.) My vet’s words that he was amazed he’d lived this long and my husband’s words that he thought it was his time were very comforting.

    So glad to hear you’re healing, that you were able to listen to your inner pilot light. The peace of the Lord be with you always.

    • Lissa_Rankin

      I’m sorry for your loss of Onxy, Katie. But of course, that’s only the part of me that resists loss and knows the pain of such loss speaking. May you, your family and your cat rest in Beingness and know the peace of it.

      • Katie Andraski

        Cleansing tears have helped. And thanksgiving that we were given the gift of this cat for the years we had him. He was a grace. Thank you very much for your condolences.

    • HeatherK

      Hi Katie,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your horse. I recently broke my foot. It’s been extremely painful. Thankfully it wasn’t due to a riding accident, but I’ve noticed “fear” thoughts pop up when I think about riding again. The perspective you shared is really helpful.
      Many blessings, Heather

      • Katie Andraski

        I’ve noticed that my fear levels with riding have increased when there was physical pain. I get those fear thoughts a lot. (My horse ran away with me some years ago and she will occasionally bolt, though since then she’s always come back to me.) I breathe a lot when riding, unlock my back, breathe some more and invite her to eat when she feels tense, because that’s a calming thing for horses. Here’s a piece I wrote about this realizing my horse never did hurt me…Maybe it’ll be useful…https://wp.me/p5BlDo-jS4

  20. Lissa_Rankin

    Here’s how I responded to Brandon: Thank you Brandon. I’ll tell you what. When I am through the hardest part of this, we’ll get together so you can see I’m okay and I can see that you’re okay. And if there’s anything you can do and want to do, I promise we’ll find a way to communicate about that. But know that I am at peace in my heart and that nobody blames you or your dog- and if others do, certainly, I don’t. What is your dog’s name? I’m so glad he’s off quarantine. And I’m glad you are okay. Let’s keep in touch, okay? Love, Lissa

  21. Michelle Simonson

    I was also attacked by a dog when I was out hiking in Scottsdale, but fortunately the bite barely broke the skin and the owner came to my rescue –she was also worried about what I would do. I wasn’t going to report it, but was convinced by others that Animal Control needed to be notified so that the dog’s owners could be monitored to make sure nothing like this happened again. I always wondered why that dog attacked me, because I am an animal lover and dogs typically love me. This was shortly after my entire life had imploded in a “perfect storm” and I was still feeling like a victim, so perhaps the dog sensed that. Prayers for your healing and gratitude for your story!

  22. kat scanlan

    Bless you, Lissa. I feel a radiance emitting from your being and those surrounding you as I read this. I am so glad you have these wonderful souls with you. I have been going through a different kind of “attack”, and I had already started to look at my own participation in it. Your admitting of your part in your attack brought more clarity to my own . I am my own pit bull, in many ways, and also, I had made my own prison with the help of fear. Being a witness to your attack and its aftermath is helping me slowly dismantle the bars and climb out of the dark hole into the sunlight again. I shall go back to your book, and at the same time I am garnering help from Martha Beck’s writings and teachings, as well, which go hand in hand with yours beautifully for me. Continued woundrous healing to you. Thank you for your transparency and the beautiful sharing that you have made of yourself and your soul. I also want to thank you for the way you handled Brandon and his precious pup. I know he is grateful and will learn from this, as well. Much love to you all.

  23. Kerry harrison

    Wow. What an amazing lesson. You sure are fast tracking. And so blessed to be able to navigate through these incredible experiences. I’m sending love, light, peace, joy and clarity to of you. I know you’ll heal. You did the right thing. It’s all energy anyway! The part about calming your nervous system so your body can work in its powerful parasympathetic way. And if we could apply this to chronic illnesses and addictions and depression….. imagine?!? These 3 dimensional physical wounds are both the hardest and yet the easiest to heal. Thank you for sharing in your unique and engaging way and I know you’ll be completely fine. Your leg will morph back to its original perfect self.

    I do send love to your mother… that is a different journey. And I ask for it to be a beautiful learning experience whichever way it turns out.

    Hugs and respect


  24. Joan D'Argo

    Many thanks Lissa for speaking your truth, following your guidance, and sharing your experience. Your story brought me to tears . . . tears of joy and gratitude! Thank you for being the teacher you are. May the love and light of who you are radiate out to all the corners of the earth. May we all shine our lights as bright as we can!

  25. Suzanne

    Sending you lots of love, light, and prayers. You’ve really been through the wringer, LIssa. I don’t know how you maintain such self-possession, especially in such scary circumstances — you radiate such grounded-ness and strength, even in your own time of need, while still being incredibly honest about your feelings and vulnerabilities. I wish you a very efficient and loving recovery, and will visualize you in Africa with your mom (and sending an extra specific prayer that the safari vehicle you travel in will have a great suspension system, because there is a lot of bumpy terrain…).

  26. Susan

    You are a uniquely brave woman who seems to make every effort to “walk the talk.” I have a lot of personal experience with spiritual healing since I was raised in the Christian Science religion. I don’t practice it now, but I was healed of advanced stage (under the skin) melanoma over 25 years ago. I know ANYthing is possible, and I think you are on the right path at the right time and paving a trail for others to follow.

  27. Fran Bachmann

    God is Love, Love is All, All is health and holiness, there is no opposite!!! Therefore you cannot receive anything but love from any living spirit. You are already whole and complete. I have had and been a part of so many healings knowing this Truth I know it is True for you here and now!!!

  28. Dawn Ahrndt

    You bless me with your messages. Both my husband and I are experiencing all that you describe….and have not read up on these things. We are simply Slowing Down. Slow & Easy is our new montra! Be blessed Lisa, and all who seek such. Miracles surround us, if we just take notice.

  29. Marie

    Lissa, I have read and followed you for some time now. I am glad you are ok. This story absolutely stuns and disappoints me on so many levels. First, the dog’s owner actually asked you, will you sue me, will you make them kill my dog? Unbelievable! He’s concerned about himself and his dog right after your attack, while you are bleeding ?!! I am an animal lover, but draw the line with vicious breeds. I think the worst part is that you and some in your community think it’s so nice that the dog has not been put down. Maybe you are willing to let it live, but what about future victims that may not be so lucky? Does anyone care about them?

    • Lissa_Rankin

      Dear Marie, I hear your disappointment and concern. I did report the event to Animal Control and I trusted the system to do what is right. It is not for me to approve or disapprove of this situation. I trusted the authorities to do what they’re here to do.

      With love

  30. Andria Corso

    Lissa – you know I adore you and am grateful for your impact on my life. You are in my prayers always, in good times and difficult times. Thank you for continuing to share your journey.

  31. Darlene Bakur

    Lissa, your honesty, authenticity, courage, and faith are a balm of healing to a fearful world. As you allow healing for the wound you experienced, you facilitate a healing in the rest of us! Blessings in this journey, and “Thank you for this gift of Love!”❤️

  32. Penelope

    Thank you for sharing this powerful incident and its aftermath. I doubt I could or would proceed in a similar manner but I am touched by your journey and I learned a lot that I can put into practice when and if needed. Heal well and fully.

  33. Barbara Nelen

    I too have followed you for years and enjoy your inner pilot light series. What a powerful journey you shared here. Your alignment was stunning and served you well. I would posit that these techniques would be equally supportive and effective in dealing with post-election “trauma” from results some still do not see the grace in. God has Everything. Bless you.

    • Lissa_Rankin

      I agree. I think these technologies of healing work not just for physical trauma, but for emotional, mental, and spiritual sickness as well. There is so much trauma in the world right now. It’s almost impossible to be human right now without feeling the collective pain in your own heart, if not your body.

  34. BB

    This is so stunning and moving and I’m beyond inspired to keep gong with my own healing journey. Thank you so much Lissa!

  35. M.L.

    Your post reminded me of a book I read years ago called “why a suffering world makes sense.” The cliff notes is the premise that we can’t experience the good things in life if we don’t the bad. We can’t know what it feels like to be forgiven if we don’t mess up and feel guilty. We don’t know what grace is unless this happens. That even the angels don’t fully know God because they haven’t experienced this. It was an interesting perspective and goes so much deeper and more eloquently than what I just said. It’s basic message is to “lean into” the “bad” and see the gift that it can be if you let it. This was such a good reminder. Thank you 🙂 wishing you well and a safe and speedy recovery if that is what is meant to be.

  36. Lily Z

    Hi Lissa,

    I chance read this post at a crucial time for me (as I am currently going through a lot of pain and anguish). Thank you for sharing your experience, reflections and your immediate response to the accident step by step. Your experience made me think about a concept known as posttraumatic growth where core beliefs about the world are shattered and further questioning is required to make sense of it and integrate the new experience into the way that we view the world. Your response to the accident has helped to remind me to listen to my inner wisdom and gather my supports around me. Thank you again for sharing your experience and conveying your strength and compassion.

    With love,

    • HeatherK

      H Lily,
      I felt similarly when reading her post. I’m experiencing a painful health circumstance and her post made me evaluate how I’m approaching and perceiving it. I am going to learn more about “post traumatic growth” because it sounds like exactly what I’m doing now. Sending you healing vibes on your journey!

  37. janetm

    Wow, that was powerful! Let me add my own good wishes for your recovery. You have done so much for others, so you deserve to be cared for in return.

  38. mktoronto

    My mother has been avoiding dealing with her prolapse and it’s now to the point that the only solution is surgery. She’s terrified of it. In conversation today I talked about the importance of accepting where she is so that she can change things, focusing on the benefits she’ll receive from the surgery instead of what can go wrong, and surrendering to a higher power. (I too am a student of Tosha.) She said that was her biggest challenge.

    So I’m going to read her your story in the hopes that she might find some tools to help her on this journey. Thank you so much for sharing.

  39. Rebecca Townsend

    Thank you dearest Lissa, this post is so timely! …so much relevant guidance layered in your personal sharing!
    Here’s a song to add to your recovery playlist
    May we always find the truth from deep within our hearts!

  40. Philip Ycasiano

    I am teary eyed……… so much love….so beautiful

  41. Roopa Karayi

    Dearest Lissa,
    What a beautiful post! First of all I’m so glad you are well on your way to recovering completely. I don’t know how to express my gratitude and how blessed I feel today. Thank you for the post and I wept with gratitude as I read it. I re-lived the emotional trauma I have experienced and which I have not completely moved past and I felt myself go deep within to that quiet place as I read the 6 steps to healing yourself. You are such a beautiful soul. Bless you Lissa! Thank You for being you. <3

  42. Karen Elaine

    O.M.G. THANK YOU Lissa for sharing this beautiful experience of transmuting dark energy into Light. I am so inspired.
    Karen Elaine

  43. Ellen M. Gregg

    The goosebumps (Godbumps!) were right up there with the holy tears in my eyes as I read your post, Lissa. Even though I knew (because I was shown) beyond all shadow of doubt when you shared your experience on Facebook that you were going to be more than okay, the “reality” of it through your words is soul-provoking in the most beautiful extreme.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Thank you so much for inviting us to support you. Thank you so much for showing us what Fierce Grace looks like, and what mind over medicine looks like. Peace. Blessings. Continued healing. <3

  44. Eileen Anglin

    Lissa, it’s been a while! (I was a guest blogger on Owning Pink ages ago) Life happened and I have been away. I thought of you this week, and decided to come onto social media to see what you are up to, and I saw this. There are no coincedences. Sending you healing energy, asking my spiritual team to assist and affirming a complete recovery in all ways, with ease and grace. <3

  45. Allison McCabe

    A good message. But I think it would have been more powerful without contributing to “pit bull” propaganda as many dog breeds have attacked people, but its a better story when we only talk about the “pit bulls” that do.

  46. RubySkye

    Thank You Lissa. I get your newsletters but have not been reading of late though was drawn to read this one today. Beautiful spiritual medicine. You are a super gem, such a gift to this world. So glad you are recovering beautifully. I sense your full awesome recovery. Thank you for updating on the dog as well in the comments. Dogs are pure love and pure energy, so much to learn from one another. What an incredible lesson for us all. I’m resting with the wisdom and energy of your experience and gently applying it to areas I am struggling in. You are an incredible way seer and teacher of divine healing. Having faith that one day Medical Schools, Psychology / Psychiatry Training incorporate your incredible spiritual wisdom. Thank You Again!

  47. Carl Woodall

    Dear Lissa. So glad to know you are doing well. Praying for you and your family. And Brandon and his dog. I am going through my own journey with depression and anxiety. You have given me hope. Getting your book. Love to you.

  48. Nancee

    Wow. Thank you. Prayers.

  49. Vilasini

    Lissa, what an amazing experience, and how inspiring for me to read how you dealt with this. The article put into words my experience from 21 years ago of how I dealt with breast cancer at the age of 35. I had been working with spirit for over a year, and looked at the whole experience as a spiritual exercise. I didn’t have the round table of caring people though. I had caring family and friends, but most were in another state. So I had to find depths of myself, that i had never known before. Surrender was the first thing (I know that by reading it) but as you experienced words spoken and experiences experienced at key moments were signs for me that I was on a road to healing, not ill health. I have not told my story much as I have held onto it, without the words to express it. But reading your article, I understand it more. Many thanks Lissa

  50. Lana Tillis

    I’m a LONG time follower but just read this article yesterday while my son was in surgery, whilst sitting next to his father who I am in divorce proceedings with. The timing was amazing on so many levels.
    I wanted to recommend Kasey Varga, MFT – she is one of a kind, and def one of the tribe. Office in SF Mission Dist & Oakland near Lake Merritt: https://www.kaseyvarga.com

  51. Lisa Viscardi

    Bless you Lissa. The whole world could learn about faith, forgiveness and healing from this singular incident. Sending love…

  52. ana

    Hi! This a beautiful story – and courageous! Thank you for sharing it. I wanted to add that actually, in Buddhism, the existence of suffering is the FIRST of the Four Noble Truths – which are at the foundation of all Buddhist teachings. One must acknowledge that suffering exists and is part of the human experience before continuing on the path. Many people see this as morbid, but it is actually quite freeing (in the same way accepting death makes living more vivid). If people try to avoid suffering or deny its existence, indeed more suffering ensues. I think that quote you mentioned must have come from another source;) Have an amazing healing journey, Lissa, and may your story inspire others.

  53. Alison Hersey

    Hi Lissa,
    Just wanted to send love and best wishes to you and your mum with your recovery journey, thanks for all your inspirational writing and the Daily Flame posts, they are very comforting. Blessings to you both, sincerely, Alison

  54. Cheryl Lani Nehls Jacot

    Divine, Almighty! Blessing you! Thank you for sharing your story and miracles , and of course, your gift wakes many of us !

  55. Lisa Trujillo

    Wow, now if all the poor little children attacked by pit bull type dogs daily could rationalize and think as you do. This is seriously the most insane argument about a pit bull attack I have ever read. Well, I’m glad you weren’t killed by the dog, but I guess if you were then it would have been meant to be, right?
    My dear, you were a victim of a dangerous pit bull, like so many before and after you.

  56. Denise Duirway

    Perhaps some good can come from this in that you now see the need for preventive, muzzling BSL? These power breeds can kill with one bite to the femoral or carotid artery and often attack unprovoked. As Shakespeare says: “All’s well that ends well” with BSL.

  57. Becky

    Dear Lissa,
    I am sorry this happened to you and happy that it was not worse and you are healing and at peace with the incident. I am very disappointed that you took the opportunity to further malign a breed of dog which already struggles with a bad reputation. I have permanent scars from being mauled by own small Pug dog, so I know how upsetting and painful a dog bite is. It was not necessary to focus on that one fact obsessively. All dogs bite. All dog owners need to be vigilant in protecting their dogs and protecting people from their dogs.

  58. e small

    Fierce bloody horror. This is an attack by a dangerous dog, and its not the only one by far. Anyone reading, support BSL in your communities. Pit bulls were originally bred to kill, and that is what they do, time and time again. You were lucky this time Lisa. Next time, I suggest crossing the road when you see a pit bull. There are other ways to have spiritual experiences:

    In 2016, pit bulls accounted for 71% of all deaths, just over 7 times more than the next closest dog breed.
    2016 U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities by DogsBite dot org, 2017

    In 2016, family dogs inflicted 45% of all dog bite fatalities. Family pit bulls accounted for 86% of these deaths.
    2016 U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities by DogsBite dot org, 2017

    In 2016, 42%, of all dog bite fatality victims were either visiting or living temporarily with the dog’s owner when the fatal attack occurred.
    2016 U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities by DogsBite dot org, 2017

    More than 1 in 40 pit bulls killed or seriously injured another animal in 2013-2014. By comparison, only 1 dog in 50,000 of all other breed types combined killed or seriously injured another animal. (National Pit Bull Victim Awareness).

    Pit bulls kill 66 dogs per day (National Pit Bull Victim Awareness).

  59. JP

    I am glad you did phone animal control and they investigated. I hope he will muzzle his dog in public for safety’s sake. This dog is dangerous, even though he did not maul you; he could bite a child in the face next time with a similar approach to pet, and that child would suffer for life.

    If you were angry, yes, the dog could have picked up on it and reacted fearfully. Dogs can smell anger. But not everything others do is about you.

  60. Weaver Eric

    Thank you so much, your clarity and sincerity are profound. I will share this with my friends and family as I have never been able to explain the experiences so well – – – death, illness, or other calamity – – – . Your STORY will bring such clarity to the challenges we are facing now in Florida with Climate Change and Political Reforms. We are finding the same vibration and insight comes through everywhere and I would love to connect you with others scientists beginning to measure and document these vibrations carried by trees for us. . . I’m HERE with you in the Life of FULL Volume. . . Let the Most Right come into Beeing by this!


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