The Simple Secret To Making The Right Decision Every Time

Should I stay or should I go?

Should I leave my job or even change careers?

Should I take the leap and ask her?

Should I get the treatment?

Should I sell the house and downsize?

Should I have a baby?

Should I confess how I feel?

Life is full of tough decisions you can spend years not making. You might think the answer will never appear, but you’d be wrong. Always – 100% of the time – the right answer lies within you, not sometime in the future, but right now.

How Do You Access The Answer?

Somewhere at the core of you, you know – deeply know – what is true for you. It may not be what other people wish was true for you, but that doesn’t change the truth, your truth.  Your truth might know you’re gay, even though you’ve been in the closet, pretending to be straight your whole life. Your truth might reveal that you married the wrong person. Your truth might admit to you that you’re an addict who needs help. Your truth might confess that you’re done taking the medication and ready to just let nature take its course.  Your truth might bring you face to face with the fact that you spent ten years training for a job you secretly hate. Your truth might tell you that you really don’t want kids, even though you said you did.

Your truth might scare the hell outta you, because the truth doesn’t sugar coat things. It also doesn’t protect you from facing things you’d prefer to avoid.

But – you can trust me on this – your truth always knows the right decision. And it will never, ever lead you astray.

You Can Trust The Truth

You may not believe me, but I absolutely guarantee you that you can always trust the truth. You may not have enough experience aligning your life with your truth to know that this is true, but I promise you it is. Your truth – your real truth – will always be the light that illuminates your path.

What if you don’t know your truth? How can you find it?

This is where your Inner Pilot Light, that 100% radiant, always sparkly piece of divinity that lies within you, comes in. In order to discover what’s true for you in all aspects of your life – your professional life, your relationships, your creative life, your spiritual life, your financial life, your sex life, where you live, your mental and physical health – all you need to do is ask your Inner Pilot Light.

The Guiding Questions

In Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2013), I included ten pages of questions I use in my work with clients to help them discover what’s true for themselves. Here are some of my faves:

  • What traumas from my past still cause me suffering?
  • Am I living where my Inner Pilot Light wants to live?
  • What limiting beliefs about my finances do I need to release?
  • What really turns me on sexually? What really turns me off?
  • What do I consider sacred?
  • Am I clear what my soul wants to create?
  • What does my body need in order to heal?
  • What is true for me about how I care for my body?
  • Do I know my calling? If not, what is it?
  • How often do I feel victimized in my relationships? Am I willing to release the victim role in order to heal?
  • How vulnerable am I willing to be with the people in my life?
  • Am I willing to speak the unspeakable to those I love?
  • What are the repetitive relationship patterns that continue to appear in my life?
  • What truth am I unwilling to face in my life right now?
  • Am I living an authentic life aligned with all that I desire?
  • What within me am I holding back? What longs to be set free?

How To Find Your Truth

If you’re trying to make an important decision in your life, let me encourage you to let the truth of your Inner Pilot Light guide you. If you’re having trouble tapping into that truth, here are a few tips.

  1. Sitting meditation. It’s hard to hear the whispers of your truth if you’re racing through life without ever spending time alone in silence. We tend to run from our truth, drowning it out with busyness, numbing it with drugs, alcohol, sex or love addiction, or too much food. But the truth doesn’t change, and as long as we’re running from it, we’ll never find inner peace. If you’ve never meditated, start by just closing your eyes and focusing on your breath for just five minutes per day. Try to work up to at least 20 minutes. As your mind wanders (it will), just notice without judgment and come back to your breath. If it helps, pick a simple mantra- like “Peace, peace, peace” and keep repeating it to keep your mind still.
  2. Moving meditation. Try going for a walk by yourself, sans iPod, and focus on just being present with what is. Notice the trees, the flowers, the puddles, whatever.  Let your mind be still.
  3. Pray for guidance. If you’re not sure what’s true for you, and the decision isn’t yet clear, pray for clear signs from the Universe that will direct your path. (For tips on interpreting the signs from the Universe, read this).
  4. Pay attention to dream states. Keep a journal by your bed, and if you remember them, write down your dreams. Sometimes your Inner Pilot Light speaks to you this way.
  5. Sign up for the Daily Flame. One of the best parts of my job is writing daily love letters of truth from your Inner Pilot Light, aimed at helping you hear the voice of your truth and your soul. If you’re not already getting these messages, sign up here and follow your Inner Pilot Light for more love on Facebook here. 

What Helps You Make Decisions?

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Share your decision-making tips with us. Tell us what works – or what doesn’t – for you.

Tapping into the wisdom of my Inner Pilot Light,

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