To Inner Children Everywhere On This First Day of 2020

First and foremost, you are loved and you are valuable. You are never broken or worthless, even when you make the inevitable blunders children are supposed to make while they’re learning to be human. Your feelings are valid and you deserve to feel all of them—the joy, the ecstasy, the hilarity, the giddiness, the delight, the wonder, the awe, as well as the shame, the rage, the grief, the hopelessness, the hot loneliness, the jealousy, the terror. It’s hard to be human, dear child, and human feelings can be hard to bear when your heart is wide open and you live in a body full of sensation, without any adult armor yet.

You need to know and believe that all feelings are welcome. If someone has exiled any of them because people in your family couldn’t handle them, your family made a mistake. You deserve healing so you can reclaim your birthright—your wholeness, which includes all of you, even the parts we might demonize, medicate, hospitalize, dehumanize, send to rehab, imprison, bully in meditation, or vow to change in New Year’s Resolutions without understanding why you, dear child, lead us to do the seemingly self-destructive things we do, which we always do because we’re trying to protect you and your tender feelings.

You deserve empathy and compassion for all the painful feelings you carry as burdens. You deserve to feel and free from your mind, heart, and body those painful thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. You have a right to be held, loved, and nurtured by the part of you that’s not a part—by your true Self, Your Inner Pilot Light, your Center, your Christ consciousness, your Buddha-nature, or whatever you like to call the perfect mother/father none of us ever got. This essence of your being can love you like nobody else ever will, and this true Self will never leave you, not even in death. Once this part discovers you, retrieves you from the past, and integrates you into beingness, you will no longer feel split off, and your reclamation into wholeness will be an unspeakably precious blessing.

You are held. You are cherished. You have a right to tell your story and have it validated because it makes sense to feel pain when you were hurt as a child, even if other people say your story isn’t true or valid. Empathy for your painful feelings is your birthright, and if you didn’t get it, you deserve compassion. Your true Self can always go back to the scene of the original injury to make it right—at least in your inner world—where you can express your feelings, have them witnessed and validated, experience compassion, and rewrite a redemptive story that helps you heal.

Then when it’s time for forgiveness, you can inch your way there, but not a second too soon. Premature forgiveness isn’t healing. It’s bypassing. But once you heal, dear child self, the adult version of you can start to forgive as the heart opens to those who hurt you because their own child parts were wounded and never got the healing they needed.

You deserve to know that you have gifts and you are valued. On the other side of your wounds are all the blessings that accompany the wounding. Once all the painful feelings unload, your gifts will be more obvious. The unique and beautiful ways you learned to cope are offerings for the adult human you live within. Free of your burdens, you are such a wonderful blessing! You carry playfulness, creativity, resilience, strength, adaptation, and all the other qualities you learned only because you were hurt. Keep the blessings and cherish them! They are what make you a perfect expression of the Divine just as you are.

Never forget that you are loved. You are beautiful. You are not damaged or lost; you are precious and beloved. You are welcome and appreciated. You are perfect, just as you are.

May 2020 be your best year yet.




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