What If The Divine Feminine Healed The World?

Gaia Codex
Five years ago, I met Sarah Drew, who was writing a book that felt so sacred that she couldn’t quite talk about it at the time. We became instant BFF’s, so I had the opportunity to witness the unfolding of the book she was writing, which she named Gaia Codex. Her first descriptions of it came in hushed tones, as if speaking of it too loudly might make it disappear. The transmission she was downloading was tenuous at first, like silver threads slowly weaving themselves into a tapestry. But as the book came into form over the next few years, I began to piece together the mysterious story Sarah shared with me as we met for long hikes in the woods. It went something like this. . . .

For lifetimes, in dream time and through telepathy, the Priestesses of Astera have been preparing for the time when they would gather in the flesh, in real time, in order to save Mother Gaia. It was not safe for them to meet any other way. The risk of having all of these mighty beings together was too great. The Priestesses hoped they would not need to activate their immense power, that we as humans would wake up before we destroyed our planet. But humanity was too asleep. Disaster struck, and everything began to unravel.

Gaia Codex begins in post-apocalyptic Earth. We aren’t told what happened. But it’s not pretty, and humanity is suffering. It’s finally time for the Priestesses to do what they’ve been trained to do . . .

She doesn’t know it but the healing of the planet hinges on Lila Sophia, whose very being is an alchemical experiment that will either restore the balance of human beings on Mother Earth—or wreak more havoc.

Her mother Dominique was preparing a manuscript—the Gaia Codex, a weaving of words and images and ancient codes of regeneration that activates this restoration of balance—when she died tragically.

Lila Sophia is guided to Chateau Lumiere, one of the Temples of Astera, where for the first time the Priestesses are all gathering.  What transpires there changes everything. But I’m not going to tell you what happens next, just as Sarah never told me on those many hikes we took.

Introducing Gaia Codex

You’ll have to find out yourself by reading Gaia Codex, which was just published this week! Because Sarah gave me the manuscript when it was just a Word document printed and bound with rings, I have read this book three times now, and each time I read it, I am blessed with a deeper transmission of truth. Gaia Codex is a work of fiction, but it is also an instruction manual for the Divine Feminine—and we all need to read it in order to prevent the very apocalypse the Priestesses are gathering to heal.

Here is Sarah’s description of the book:

  Both an ancient ‘found’ wisdom text and a sumptuous epic novel, GAIA CODEX reveals the hidden histories and teachings of a world long forgotten. Gaia Codex is a deep exploration into the secret wisdom of women through the ages. Set in a near future of impending societal and environmental collapse, the novel is a tale of hope and remembrance an inspired vision of humanity’s origins and the potential we hold for conscious evolution.

Sensuous in its prose and extensively researched, Gaia Codex speaks to urgent truths of our times for many feel humanity is at a critical turning point and we must change our relationship to our Mother Earth and transform the cultures we live in.

Order Gaia Codex here.

Explore more about Sarah’s vision here.

If The Divine Feminine Took Over . . .

Reading Gaia Codex inspired me to vision a new culture. Imagine if the competition, greed, and fear that rules our culture were replaced by the values of the feminine principle—love, a sense of unity, equality, justice, collaboration and cooperation, mutual respect, truth, and alignment with our integrity. In such a world, our cultural desire for equality and our ability to sense into the suffering of others will inspire us to redistribute wealth more equitably in order to help ease the suffering of others. No longer blinded by the illusion of separation, we won’t discriminate against our fellow humans based on color, gender, social class, religious background, or sexual preference. Instead, we will acknowledge our brothers and sisters, regardless of how they are different than we are, and appreciate the diversity, rather than fearing it.

Instead of competing, we will operate from cooperation and collaboration. Hierarchies will break down and like-minded tribes will unite in service to holy ideas, such as reforming health care, education, politics, law, and even corporate culture. Greed will no longer dominate service industries; instead, attention to the highest good will supercede the bottom line. That doesn’t mean financial abundance isn’t welcome. Capitalist ventures will thrive, but those with plenty will feel generous, inspired to redistribute excess to those in need.

Because of our respect for ourselves and one another, we will treat each another with fairness and justice. Politics and the law will be in service to truth, not money. Nobody will be written off as “worthless” or “evil,” not even those who violate society’s laws, because we will recognize that criminal behavior stems from soul loss, and redemption comes from reconnecting with Your Inner Pilot Light.

Because our priorities are changing, our culture will prioritize less money invested in defending our country’s access to unsustainable energy sources, redistributing this funding towards systems like education and access to quality health care for all citizens. As more and more souls make this shift in consciousness, borders between countries and cultures will dissolve and we will more clearly see ourselves as equal members of the same tribe, the way astronauts who experience the “Overview Effect” from space see our planet. Dissolving the illusion of separation not just between people but between humans and other life on the planet will inspire us to heal and protect Mother Earth so we may all peacefully coexist, in harmony, rather than in conflict, with nature. This will require renewable energy sources, as well as a commitment to protecting our planet, even if it means giving up some of the excessive conveniences we’ve selfishly lavished ourselves with at the expense of nature.

In this New Consciousness, we will care more about truth than propaganda. We will care more about soul alignment than ego gratification, and we will all be inspired to step fully into our purpose as we heal ourselves and one another. As the collective consciousness grows towards peace, we will resist the idea of war and do what we must to achieve unity and resolution, in service not to those with the deepest pockets, but to the highest good. Violence will decrease elsewhere as well. When we remember that we are all One, sexual violence against women, genocides, child abuse, domestic violence, and other violent behaviors will subside, as we realize that we cannot harm another without harming ourselves and the collective.

The New Consciousness

This may sound like some unrealistic, idealistic utopian fantasy, but if we can’t dream it; we can’t create it. I see it coming. I feel it in my bones and can read it in the connective tissue between us all, in the vibration that resonates in us as we lift our consciousness to the next evolution.

This is already starting to happen, and if you’re still reading this, you are probably one of these Priestesses of Astera, helping to facilitate this shift in consciousness. You’ve probably felt this shift coming, and you probably now sense that it is no longer this thing in the future; we are in it NOW. It may feel confusing. You’re likely to feel disoriented. You may feel like all your roots are getting pulled up, your security is dissolving, your relationships are shifting, and change is everywhere. This is to be expected. As unsettling as it may seem (because uncertainty tends to unsettle us), we need to embrace this shift, rather than resist it.

Let’s Dream Together

Let’s not wait for global apocalypse to bring this dream into being. Let’s change course now so that we, the Priestesses of Astera, can rest assured that we’re already activating.  If you share this dream, will you raise your hand and claim your place in this tribe of frontrunners leading the way towards peace and harmony?


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